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Dear Corona: A poetic look at a deadly pandemic

“Social distancing now in effect/Isolate and quarantine to keep you in check;
“I’m angry with you for all you’ve done/Wondering if the worst is yet to come…”

The following poem on the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic was submitted to Wired868 by Kaius, an employee at the Port of Spain Magistrate’s Court:

Photo: The world is in the midst of a Covid-19 pandemic.

Dear Corona,
You don’t know me but I’ve heard about ya
What you’ve done
What you’re doing
Don’t know truly where you came from
Where you really going
Everywhere you’ve been or are
You cause grief, social status doesn’t matter
You move in silence, without violence
Tearing loved ones apart, breaking hearts
Leaving many with lasting hurt and pain
Loved ones never to be seen again
You’re on the lips of all all over the world
Definitely you’ve changed the world
Social distancing now in effect
Isolate and quarantine to keep you in check
I’m angry with you for all you’ve done
Wondering if the worst is yet to come
Simple freedoms now restricted
So many things in life I realise I take for granted
But how can I ever thank you?
I will never thank you
I’m thankful only
For the time to look within me
A time for us to take a united stand
Although we cannot hold hands
After all we’ve seen surely we must understand
We are not gods but only human
Now we remember and can never forget
For that you have my respect

Yours respectfully, Kaius,

Without fear or bias.

About Kaius Fordi

Kaius Fordi
Kaius son of Cleopatra

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