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Nakhid: Let’s not be hypocrites, the Hill will not forget

As I sit in my home, uncomfortably watching and anxiously waiting for every new video that depicts our brothers and sisters, our children from the east-west corridor hills are forced into a reaction that every single one of us can understand if not accept.

I warned of this, the political arrogance of the gate keepers and the historical neglect and humane indifference that was always manifest—now so writ large. Social inequities cannot be shot at and killed with impunity.

Photo: Morvant resident Joel Jacobs, 37, (background) holds his hands up as do other passengers in the car.
It was not enough to save their lives, as they were gunned down moments later by the TTPS on 27 June 2020.

That beast must be deconstructed with thought and process and it must begin now. Those boys killed by police deserved the same right as George Floyd to judicial justice; but yet we mourn not for them. It’s what I’ve always known, always felt. My heart is broken at how broken we are, I don’t know if my tears are for my people on the hill or because I feel truly helpless.

I know the ‘Washington DC Nakhid’ and I could hear my best friend from childhood Barry Henderson telling me, even now: “David, where you going? Cool it nah. Wait!”

I seldom listened then and don’t know if I could listen now. Three of my children were killed. Let’s not be hypocrites, we’ve seen the video as clearly as we saw the murder of George Floyd.

I won’t make it political. I can’t, although it is. I can only again warn that unless the rest of my comfortable brothers and sisters denounce the historic disempowerment and social injustices meted out against my people on the Hill, the Hill will not forget.

For now, the TTPS is the enemy but the memory of Justice is long and unforgiving.

Editor’s Note: The above statement is an addendum to the author’s initial piece entitled: ‘The streets are talking; fire next time!’ Click HERE to read the main story. At present, David Nakhid is a UNC candidate for Tunapuna.

Click HERE to read Nakhid’s subsequent apology for his closing line.

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David Nakhid
David Nakhid is the founder and director of the David Nakhid International Football Academy in Beirut, Lebanon and was the first Trinidad and Tobago international to play professionally in Europe. The two-time Caribbean and T&T Player of the Year and cerebral midfielder once represented FC Grasshopper (Switzerland), Waregem (Belgium), POAK (Greece), New England Revolution (US), Al Emirates (UAE) and Al Ansar (Lebanon).

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