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Six cruise ship workers test positive; T&T’s Covid counter climbs to 123

Trinidad and Tobago recorded six cases of Covid-19 this weekend and its seventh since 26 April. All were imported cases.

The Ministry of Health confirmed today that six from 308 Royal Caribbean cruise ship employees who returned to local shores on Friday tested positive for the novel coronavirus. The six persons were immediately transferred to the Caura Hospital for treatment.

Photo: A patient is swabbed for Covid-19.

All 308 returnees are due to spend their 14 day quarantine period on the Enchantment of the Seas cruise ship—under the supervision of local medical officials—where they each have their own cabin with bathroom facilities. They were swabbed for the virus on the ship.

“All other cruise ship crew members remain quarantined on the vessel,” stated a release from the Ministry of Health, “and as such there is no risk of local transmission to Trinidad and Tobago.”

Up to this evening, the Caribbean Public Health Agency (Carpha) had completed 3,995 tests in the twin island republic with 123 confirmed cases, eight deaths and 109 recovered patients.

At present, the government’s ‘parallel healthcare system’ is full—according to Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh—with over 700 returning nationals in quarantine, including 142 University of the West Indies (UWI) students.

Editor’s Note: This article was updated at just after 7pm to reflect five additional confirmed cases of Covid-19.

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  1. At this rate if new cases turn up and the 2 week period has to recommence each time, the government could be renting the ship for 4-6 months. Are any of the returning residents who were acting up to be brought home going to pay their share of the cost????
    Or are tax payers going to be saddled with the bill.
    Same goes for the students if they start testing positive.

    • Earl Best

      Bruce, Nuttin in dis political life does come free.

      I think you should address your current comment and all subsequent related ones to the attorneys and their cronies who are trolling T&T citizens abroad and encouraging them to sue Govt if they are refused entry into their home country.

      We was goin good until Govt hand get force and deh had was to bring back people all ah we know is a real threat. In other words, we could spend de money now on renting de ship for half a year or we could spend it later paying client compensation and hefty lawyer fees …

      …because yuh know “pro bono” is just PR talk