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Wendy’s to help combat Covid-19, explains new procedures as take-out and drive-thru remain open

Wendy’s Trinidad and Tobago has implemented a range of preventative measures for its staff workers, as a result of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), and will continue to offer meals and desserts to customers via its take-out and drive-thru services.

The fast-food restaurant has closed its dining rooms and will not permit in-store dining until it is deemed safe to do so by the Ministry of Health.

Photo: Wendy’s will offer take-out and drive-thru services to Trinidad and Tobago customers.

Through a media release, Wendy’s announced that it has intensified its in-house sanitation efforts while sick pay will be provided to all employees who show signs of illness prior to coming to work.

“We are being very vigilant in our sanitation, hygiene and hand-washing protocols, which are a part of our daily operating food safety practices,” stated a Wendy’s release. “To ensure the safety of both our team members and our valued guests, we have also increased virus prevention and sanitation efforts throughout our restaurants.

“Our rigorous daily cleaning protocol throughout our restaurants have been intensified and we’ve increased our disinfecting practices, which focus on all customer contact areas including, but not limited to, tables, chairs, restrooms, door handles and railings.

“[…] Furthermore, we have implemented ‘social distancing’ in our restaurants, asking our team members and guests to maintain six feet from each other, as well as guest to guest, as a further preventative measure.”

Wendy’s said it will continue to follow guidelines set by government and health authorities as it joins in the efforts to combat Covid-19.

Photo: Members of the public are asked to wash their hands properly to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

“It is our personal pledge to our hardworking team members, their families, our valued guests, and our community, that we will get through this together,” stated the release. “Furthermore, as always, we continue to provide safe and quality food, in a clean and pleasant environment, which are part of key tenants to our core values.

“We will continue to take guidance from the government and health authorities and in accordance, we will close our dining rooms for in-store dining; however, our take-out, and drive-thru services remain available for your convenience.

“On behalf of Wendy’s Trinidad and Tobago, we truly appreciate your support, and we send our sincere wishes for health and wellness. We extend this sentiment to the entire restaurant industry, and our beloved country, during this unpredictable and challenging time.”

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  1. As a loyal customer of Wendys, i will like to applaud the efforts made by the company and thank you for that fantastic asiago chicken sandwich i received at the Ana st location yesterday.