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Anthony Wolfe: Vote that clown out of the TTFA and let’s uplift our football!

“I hope this election coming up we vote that ‘clown’ out and vote in someone who can help uplift our football from this deplorable state it is in right now.

“They could say whatever dey want about Mr Jack Warner; he did both bad and good. But under his guidance, our football was never in this state.”

The following Letter to the Editor on the current state of Trinidad and Tobago football was shared with Wired868 by 2006 World Cup player Anthony Wolfe, who was one of 13 players to successfully sue the TTFA for owed bonuses a decade ago:

Photo: Then Trinidad and Tobago football captain Dwight Yorke (bottom) salutes the Soca Warriors fans at the 2006 Germany World Cup.
(Copyright AFP 2014/Patrik Stollarz)

Sometimes I sit and think about a lot of things regarding sports in my sweet country especially football; and to be honest, it’s disastrous.

I may be hated for saying a few things on this but it’s the truth. Our football is at its worst state right now and those who were given the chance to represent us all in office are failing big time. We are not doing things the right way they should be done or the organisation should be run. There is too much corruption and everybody seems concerned about themselves.

KFC Munch Pack

Why is it that every time our national teams goes into a major tournament—at both the junior and senior level—we can’t get the proper preparation as early as possible?

Either we have no coaches; because who in God’s name going to coach a team for free? Country or not, our family don’t eat leaves! Or we don’t have the financial support to prepare for the tournament ahead of schedule, or the players are not being paid match bonuses, etc.

Wowww! So where is all the money that FIFA is supposed to be giving to our federation? Are we not entitled to those things anymore? Or are the heads taking the money and doing whatever they wish with it?

When you look at the things Stern John and his charges had to do for our Men’s National Under-17 Team in order for them to get prepared for the tournament they just played, I say hats off to you bro. You did your best. In life when, you fail to prepare, you must prepare to fail. Simple.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago midfielder Andrew De Gannes (centre) is mobbed by teammates after his goal against Bermuda in Concacaf Championship action on 1 May 2019.
(Copyright Concacaf)

The U-17s tried their best. It didn’t go as expected but, in my opinion, they did well for the little or no resources they had available to them.

I hope this election coming up we vote that ‘clown’ out and vote in someone who can help uplift our football from this deplorable state it is in right now. They could say whatever dey want about Mr Jack Warner; he did both bad and good. But under his guidance, our football was never in this state.

Old people always say you know what you have but you don’t know you going to get. Simple.

Father God, help us and get rid of those people who serve no good for our football. Please!

For David John-Williams and the others who are allowing him to do this crap, the upholder is worse than the thief; always remember this eh.

This is hurting me deep, deep down inside just to see where our football is now. It’s a big shame for us all in Trinidad and Tobago. Sigh.

Photo: TTFA president David John-Williams (left) shows FIFA official Veron Mosengo-Omba around the Home of Football in Couva.
(Courtesy TTFA Media)

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  1. Yeah paid the players alright but not with his personal millions he bambozelled auntie Kams with the government millions in order to pay the players and yes he also sacrificed his two sons to return to my second sweetest country with plenty thousands of monies hence the reason that they were held when they arrived and in order not to go to jail for plenty of years they sang like a canary, so maybe money laundering is involved hence the reason why he will be brought back to my second sweetest country to finally face the courts and then plenty jail time Them really good yes

  2. Why get distracted with the past? Sounds like JW became corrupted at some time and is hiding from justice. If he was innocent wouldn’t he have cleared his name by now. He is one of the 10 richest people in T&T with nearly three billion.
    He can afford the best lawyers. If he is such a good man who loves the game and the players it would be nothing for him to forgive any monies ‘he considered ‘ owed and even donate some more to help pay the debtors. Let’s not get stuck in a JW love fest just because he payed the players their entitlement for a period of time. Even the devil provides free heat to his tenants.

  3. We won’t be seeing another World Cup for a very long time from now no matter who becomes the President and the reason is very simple a matter of fact Steve David the host of Field of Dreams asked this question just recently two Monday’s ago and that is why isn’t our younger youth players are given their chances to represent our senior national team and of course his hosts including Narada Wilson answered his question of course it seemed that he wasn’t satisfied so I myself will be waiting very patiently to see other 16 yr olds the same like Levi Garcia plying their trade in the real professional leagues abroad and of course the other main factor is hiring once again the real professional coaches Them really good yes

  4. No. The fact is that we ALL have two records in life. One good and one, shall we say not so good. What matters in the end, and for posterity and legacy purposes, is the BALANCE between the two. Jack did things he will have to defend forever before the court and/or court of public opinion. He ALSO did some excellent things, both public and private, which are too numerous to mention here. Let no one deny it. And let no one deny that football today is a dismal shadow of what it was when he was in charge. After all, we all jumped and shouted and cried when we qualified for Germany 2006. You think we seeing that again under this joker who now sits in the President’s office?

  5. It boggles the mind how things got this way with the TTFA – is it a FIFA culture inherited?

  6. And never ever forget that he made the whole country cry like babies in 1989 when he and his cronies sold the game to my second sweetest country in order for them to go to the World Cup in Italy 1990 because they were hosting their first ever World Cup in 1994 that made millions of monies Them really good yes. steeuuppss.

  7. Well I guess that it was after the World Cup 2006 it was when the corrupted Jack Warner became corrupted hence the reason why the players had to take him to court to finally receive their millions that was owed to them and what about the thousands of monies that he stole from my Haitain people that was sent to them when they experienced that terrible earthquake that took the lives of plenty people including my coworkers from the UN and what about the bribes for the votes that he conducted when Mr Bin Hamman was trying to be the President of FIFA eh and he himself was founf guilty and he is no longer involved in the beautiful game hence the reason why the white plane will be coming soon to our sweet country to finally take him back to my second sweetest country to finally face the courts and then plenty jail so try your best and try not to compare my dictator president to that corrupted JW eh Bruce Aanensen You really good yes

  8. When people do not know the facts they should remain silent. To ask if Jack did any good, is to show that you do not know. I had the good fortune to be the Manager of the WC team from April 2005 to after the World Cup in Germany 2006. All players and staff can confirm that during the campaign there was NEVER a time when players did not receive their per diems prior to departure for games. NEVER did players and staff not receive after games the agreed payments. Never did players have to suffer inconveniences at airports, hotels or in travel.
    All these payments and conveniences were able to happen because of the man Jack Warner.
    The unfortunate turn of events after the World Cup was disappointing, but I can assure you that Jack was VERY instrumental in ensuring that we got to the finals. An unprecedented achievement.
    Please do not compare DJW with Jack Warner.

    • Bruce Aanensen correct bruce

    • Bruce Aanensen Agreed. DJW is our Dave Cameron. He must go and keep Dave’s company as they reflect on how they enjoyed living fat off the hog at the expense of the sport and players who gave their ALL for the honor and glory of the game and Country.

    • Allan S Noreiga OK did not know that he was quite so bad.

    • Bruce Aanensen I find him tactless and to some extent classless. I find his treatment of people who contribute to be offensive.

    • Allan S Noreiga I will tell you something. About a year after I went to Germany in2006 as Head of Delegation and team manager, DJW saw me in a line at the stadium buying tickets for a game. He made quite a scene about me having to stand in line. I simply told him that I had no problem. He said I should get free tickets to every national team game. I just laughed it off.
      Since he is the President, I have not received a ticket.
      Now do not get me wrong, I do not expect nor feel entitled to any freeness, but it just shows how people see things differently when they are non entities and when they are in charge. The man has no respect for people.

  9. Wait Jack did good? Blasphemy…

  10. It hurting bad bad bad please vote that clown out of office

  11. Allyuh better hope it still have a TTFA when he finish with it!