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Uproar as Camara gives Look Loy deadline to prove he is valid TTFA Board member; but attorney’s admission could undo exercise

The Trinidad and Tobago Football Association’s Board of Directors was thrown into chaos on the night of Glorious Saturday, as TTFA General Secretary Camara David suggested that Trinidad and Tobago Super League (TTSL) President Keith Look Loy’s election to the TTFA Board of Directors was ‘invalid’.

David used a three month old complaint by North East Stars director Michael Awai and a recent legal opinion by Elton Prescott SC as grounds for his claim, which, if approved, could have significant repercussions on the short-term future of embattled football president, David John-Williams.

Photo: TTFA president David John-Williams (left) shares the stage with board members Julia Baptiste (centre) and Keith Look Loy at the presentation of FIFA refereeing badges to local officials on 23 January 2019.
(Copyright TTFA Media)

Awai’s concern, which he shared with stakeholders on 18 February 2019, is that Look Loy’s ‘election’ occurred at a General Membership meeting without a quorum.

The petition was brushed aside by Trinidad and Tobago Football Referees Association’s Vice-President Osmond Downer; and a week after Awai’s email, the TTFA Board met—chaired by John-Williams and with David in attendance—without a peep about Look Loy’s status.

However last night, David resuscitated Awai’s claim with a legal opinion from Prescott—the attorney for the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC) and one of the framers of the TTFA Constitution—which appeared to support the case against Look Loy’s prior appointment.

David wrote to Prescott on Monday 15 April, seeking a legal opinion on the clause cited by Awai, which was Article 24.3. The article states: “a quorum is not required for the second meeting of the General Meeting unless any item on the Agenda proposed the amendment of the constitution, the election of a member of the Board of Directors, the dismissal of a member of a body of the TTFA, the expulsion of a Member or the dissolution of the TTFA.”

And Prescott, via an email that was shared with the Board, agreed with Awai.

“It appears to me that the cited passage from Article 24 of the Constitution of the TTFA makes it obligatory that a quorum is required at a reconvened meeting which includes on the agenda, the election of members of the Board,” stated Prescott. “[…] And so, in my view, it would have required the presence of 25 or more in order for any decision taken at the reconvened meeting to have validity.

“In those circumstances, the resolution which sought to give authority to delegates present to elect a member of the Board was itself invalid.”

David relayed this information to Look Loy and the rest of the Board, three days later, and gave the TTSL president until the next Board meeting on Wednesday 24 April to present a legal response for ‘deliberation’ by that body.

Photo: TTFA general secretary Camara David shares a taste of Las Vegas with his Instagram followers.

“Further to an enquiry by a Member with respect to the validity of your election to the TTFA Board of Directors, I write to inform you of the legal opinion provided to the TTFA, received in response to the member’s enquiry,” stated the TTFA General Secretary. “This opinion indicates that your election to the Board of Directors of the TTFA is invalid and not consistent with the constitution of the TTFA. The TTFA Secretariat hereby provides you with a copy of the legal opinion for your review.

“You are kindly requested to provide a response by return correspondence on or before the next scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors where this legal opinion will be presented for deliberation and a decision of the Board. Please be advised accordingly.”

Due to the Easter holidays, David’s deadline meant Look Loy would have less than two working days to source a legal opinion. On Saturday night, the agenda for Wednesday’s Board meeting was also adjusted with Look Loy’s ‘Appointment Issue’ as the second item for discussion—right after ‘Minutes’ and ahead of issues such as the TTFA’s ongoing legal woes and the appointment of coaches to the Men’s National Under-23 and Women’s National Under-20 and Under-17 Teams.

The alleged discovery of a US$20,000 payment to John-Williams in the TTFA’s bank account was not listed among the agenda items, although, a week ago, six Board members—headed by Look Loy—requested an emergency meeting to discuss it.

There was one striking omission in the TTFA’s claim against Look Loy’s eligibility. And that is Article 34.1, which read: “the [TTFA] President and Vice-Presidents of the Board of Directors shall be elected by the General Meeting; the other members of the Board of Directors representing the Members of the TTFA shall be elected by the Members they represent and inducted by the General Meeting…”

Photo: A draft of the 2015 TTFA Constitution, which crossed out words “board members”, suggests the framers intended that the General Meeting elect ONLY the football president and vice-presidents.

It was the clause that Downer turned to, three months ago, to dismiss Awai’s complaint. The TTSL—like other bodies under the TTFA umbrella—elects its representative internally, Downer argued, and the General Meeting only rubber stamps this choice.

Since the TTFA president and vice-presidents are the only Board members who are elected by the General Meeting, then, arguably, Article 22.3 could only refer to them.

“That seems to be a good point,” said Prescott, when Wired868 read out Article 34.1 and enquired about its potential repercussions for Article 22.

Did David share Article 34.1 with Prescott when he requested his legal guidance?

“No sir, [the TTFA’s request] was limited to Article 24,” said Prescott. “I was not asked to comment on Article 34.”

Wired868 asked David if he intentionally tried to mislead Prescott, so as to engineer a skewed legal perspective for his Board. The General Secretary did not respond.

David’s legal manoeuvre comes at a time when Look Loy is openly contemplating contempt of court proceedings against the TTFA president and general secretary for their supposed failure to share the football body’s financial documents.

Photo: TTFA president David John-Williams (left) is assisted by Camara David (second from left) during a presentation to a swim club at the Home of Football.
(Copyright TTFA Media)

Look Loy has vowed to return to the High Court to force John-Williams and David to share the TTFA’s bank records. Were he to be removed as a Board member, he would no longer have legal claim to the various financial documents he is demanding at present.

Look Loy, who noted the irony since John-Williams was elected by some non-compliant members in 2015, believes the question of his Board eligibility is linked to his case against the TTFA.

“This is nothing but a transparent attempt at victimisation for the questions I have been asking and the High Court action I have successfully undertaken to force transparency and accountability on the TTFA president and his administration,” said Look Loy. “Indeed, there is more to come as that campaign meets increasingly desperate resistance from increasingly desperate people. This will not deter us.

“In this connection, I call on FIFA and Concacaf, yet again, to rein in the run-away horse that is the current TTFA leadership. Indeed, that leadership, in this latest effort to break my momentum, is demonstrating its lack of ethics and limits.”

Downer, who also worked on the framing of the TTFA constitution, said the furore regarding Look Loy’s eligibility was a storm in a teacup, since the TTSL only needs to send a letter to the Board to confirm its choice as representative.

Photo: FC Santa Rosa owner Keith Look Loy reacts to action during his team’s 1-0 win over Marabella Family Crisis Centre in 2015/16 CNG National Super League action.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868

The TTFA’s new constitution in 2015 stated that a body’s choice for a Board position was meant only to be ‘confirmed’ by the General Membership. However, after John-Williams refused to allow Board members to vote unless their roles were ratified by the General Meeting, Downer proposed an amendment which sought to clarify the issue in December 2018.

Downer’s amendment—which was approved—replaced the word ‘confirmed’ with ‘inducted’ in Article 34.1, so as to ensure there was no confusion about which party had the power to select a Board representative.

Inexplicably, David, the de facto CEO of the local football body, did not share this information with Prescott.

Board Members Sharon Warrick (Women’s League of Football) and Joseph Taylor (TTFRA) questioned the behaviour of John-Williams and David and wondered if they were willing to invalidate all Board decisions taken in the past year, just to be rid of Look Loy.

“Is this again another attempt at distraction from the very important matters that face the TTFA at this time?” asked Taylor, who said the TTFA’s constitutional changes should have already put this matter to rest. “[…] The listing of this as the second item is quite alarming to me and others, as the matters of the financial status of the TTFA [should be paramount].

“The impromptu Thursday meeting [involving representatives from FIFA and Concacaf regarding] suggestions for ideas/plans to deal with the growing debt of the TTFA is more relevant and pressing.”

Photo: Concacaf official Howard McIntosh (centre) makes a point while TTFA president David John-Williams looks on during a press conference at the Hyatt hotel on 28 January 2019.
(Copyright Annalicia Caruth/Wired868)

Taylor, who is principal of Mucurapo West Secondary school, reiterated a call for Board meetings to be moved to a more convenient time. Members urged John-Williams and David to have 6pm start times for mid-week meetings, so they could get to Couva in time after work.

The TTFA president and general secretary have so far ignored such requests.

“There were at least six members who called for an Emergency Board Meeting to specifically deal with the financial situation, after learning of the garnishing of the funds from the TTFA bank accounts,” said Taylor. “We got no response to the request. Where is the Finance Committee?

“[…] Mr President and General Secretary, several Board Members also requested the inclusion of other matters on the agenda. Can I respectfully get a response to these requests?

“And also for the umpteenth time, can I and others who have requested a later start time with reason get a definite response for the Board Meeting on Wednesday 24th April, 2019?”

Article 35.2 of the TTFA constitution states: “the President shall compile the agenda; each member of the Board of Directors is entitled to propose items for inclusion in the agenda.”

Wired868 asked John-Williams to explain why he had not included concerns about his possible commingling of personal funds with the TTFA’s money on the agenda. He did not respond up to time of publication.

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Lasana Liburd
Lasana Liburd is the CEO and Editor at Wired868.com and a journalist with over 20 years experience at several Trinidad and Tobago and international publications including Play the Game, World Soccer, UK Guardian and the Trinidad Express.

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    • Toco Nicky funding is ongoing. There are national teams which currently require funding

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    • Toco Nicky ideally that is how it should be but in teality that is not how it happens. Sport Associations are normally scrambling at the last minute to access government funding.

    • Kion S Williams there is opportunity in crisis.

    • Toco Nicky there absolutely operate on vaps. They hire coaches a month before international tournaments despite knowing about competition up to two years prior.
      However the TTFA can survive in theory without Govt money. In the past, TTFA got US$400,000 a year from fifa. Now TTFA gets US$1.5 million a year since Infantino took over.
      The biggest issue is that some of that money might have been paying debt. And, allegedly, some of that money has been going into Home of Football.
      And if DJW really was operating a foreman and he has a construction company… well, more questions there that should be answered.
      What the Govt can do is stop allowing the TTFA access to its facilities. It can have NLCB take action against TTFA for not fulfilling the terms of its contract for youth football.
      And the Home of Football is built on leased state land. Maybe the
      Govt can check for violations of that agreement too.
      None of those things would constitute state interference.

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  18. Excerpt from the report submitted by Sheldon Phillips prior to the TTFA 2015 election.

  19. Anthony Clarke Lasana
    I am in amazement how many people are turning a blind eye to a possible alleged accidental appointment of one person because he carries their battles but on the other hand seeking transparency ,accountability and a removal from office from another‍♂️
    Also we can see clearly a lot of past and present members know what seemed illegal when appointments are made but decided to stay quiet‍♂️
    If Sheldon Phillips knows about this loop hole thing he is warning about not threading into and Mr KLL knows about some truth to it‍♂️
    May God help T+T

    • Kurtwyn Baird Nonsense. There was nothing “accidental” about my appontment ONE YEAR AGO. VP Ewing Davis, no friend of mine, was in the Chair. And the argument about who didn’t talk before is drivel. So if I see someone breaking into your house and say nothing it means I must say nothing if I see them doing it a second time? What rubbish.

    • Kurtwyn Baird Nonsense. There was nothing “accidental” about my appontment ONE YEAR AGO. VP Ewing Davis, no friend of mine, was in the Chair. And the argument about who didn’t talk before is drivel. So if I see someone breaking into your house and say nothing it means I must say nothing if I see them doing it a second time? What rubbish.

    • Always seems like some folks are trying to either willfully disregard the constant nonsense of this current administration. Time will bear out what the motive for doing so is.

    • Brian Jordan with all of the Information on this thread, that is Kurtwyn Baird’s comment. Or is it that he is commenting without reading the other contributions? Truly amazing though.

    • Mr KLL to you and your followers it should appear nonsensical and far from the truth or a distraction to attack your status and credibility,but the same thing continues on the other side to someone’s else character.
      I believe this bitterness have reached a point of no return,I would always be viewed as if I am not for someone I am against 🤷🏾‍♂️
      But my concerns is that we have to many citizens trying to pick sides and are not seeing our TTFF/TTFA system have tainted and tarnished a lot of people.
      We as a people are still willing to look for an individual rather than a format to solve this dilemma.
      last but not least your example of when to say something is true,but you must not favor a specific house

    • Mr KLL to you and your followers it should appear nonsensical and far from the truth or a distraction to attack your status and credibility,but the same thing continues on the other side to someone’s else character.
      I believe this bitterness have reached a point of no return,I would always be viewed as if I am not for someone I am against 🤷🏾‍♂️
      But my concerns is that we have to many citizens trying to pick sides and are not seeing our TTFF/TTFA system have tainted and tarnished a lot of people.
      We as a people are still willing to look for an individual rather than a format to solve this dilemma.
      last but not least your example of when to say something is true,but you must not favor a specific house

    • Timothy Rochford point taken my friend 😊

    • Brian Jordan one day you would wake up and see that the energy that you put out would be wasted because the administrations will never change the way they do things unless the system or format changes.
      Sorry I am not fighting individuals🤷🏾‍♂️

    • Kurtwyn Baird no energy wasted here. I don’t sit on a side or on fences though. Always believe the man who sits on the fence might as well be on the wrong side of it. Will always call it as I see it ethically and morally.

    • Brian Jordan LoL as I asked many before you,have you put yourself in a position to vote in the TTFA elections?If the answer is No!🤷🏾‍♂️

    • Kurtwyn Baird too busy working in the trenches. Will let others do that. That’s where I spend my time and energy with the youth

    • Kurtwyn Baird That attitude would have black people suffering under slavery still.

  20. I read somewhere that the lawyer was on the Constitution drafting committee

  21. As I said, Camara David is burying himself. I believe I will bring an ethics charge against him for: 1. His behaviour in the Latapy reappointment issue, and now this – his conscious provision of incomplete information to Prescott, which made the lawyer’s tainted response predictable. (Now, Prescott’s failure to seek ALL impinging information, such as other articles in the Constitution, is another serious matter, eh).

  22. It is particularly rich that the current GS and President would raise the issue of no quorum in order to retroactively invalidate the election of a board member when, in fact, the current president and remaining VP acquired their very positions during an AGM that did not have enough members in compliance to reach quorum. Be careful what doors you open.

  23. And another thing can’t remember who posted the link about the UWI courses, but at this point I feel we could nominate somebody and pay for them to do all them courses cause at the end they might be A THOUSAND TIMES BETTER THAN HIS ROYAL

  24. Further to that point, there are board members who want to do right not by themselves but also EVERYONE that pulls on that uniform to represent our beautiful two island nation however it is hard to do so when King Stalin runs the show with a iron first and making up rules as he goes along as though is a afternoon sweat in a car park.

  25. Ancil LeRoy James I believe you well intentioned but u missing the point.
    How would u hear about football when all the president wants to do is duck any and all questions regarding spending and accountability and then wants to appear on radio to blow smoke out his buttocks???
    Tell me HOW??
    Until the president is removed or finds Jesus on this wonderful Easter Sunday NOTHING WILL CHANGE!!

  26. Why would a Board member have to give any account to the GS?

    • Nigel S. Scott I don’t know what to say anymore. I plead with you and Lasana to continue exposing the wrong. Nothing may charge but at least we the people would be kept informed. Keep up the good work

  27. All of this bickering and poor managment but no news about football. Every week is something new and more ridiculous but no news about football. There is always a cry for one board member to go or the other but still no football. Soon we will have no teams to represent us because all energies are being placed in a fight to control the FA but no one is out there fighting for football. Its almost May we have no active leagues but guess what we have active lawyers making a pretty penny from everyone who is involved in this fight. Our local players are at a disadvantage because of no football but what we can hear about today is who may not be an actual member of the board. If this is how we want to run local football i see no way forward. But hey what do i know? Lets keep up this fight and continue to neglect football an lets see how successful we gonna be in the future.

  28. We know exactly what we should do to have the football association run as a business. The fact that we can find people supporting the haphazardly run football is without question the fundamental flaw. To those who support that foolishness keep on. The eat ah food mentality prevails. Keith keep it up be strong. Many may not like you but they supposed to respect your stance . If only we all can learn something. Huuuuuuum. Well done Trinidad and Tobago well done. It is clear as to what we want.

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  34. Camara David is burying himself by attaching his over vaulting ambition to that mill stone of a president.

  35. I always wonder how these fellas get “SC” behind their name? The General Secretary sends you an email and you supply a legal opinion in this careless manner without thorough examination of the Constitution you were part of framing? Furthermore, is Prescott the attorney for TTFA, was he under retainer to supply a written legal opinion on the validity of Mr. Keith Look Loy board membership or just to interpret one Article 24.3? The 2 David’s playing smart by being foolish.

  36. Look Loy should demand Prescott’s legal counsel to the TTFA in writing.

  37. Trevor Bridglalsingh And in any event, my struggle doesn’t depend on Board membership. Fools.

  38. You better prove it Keith ,otherwise they will remove you from the Board …….

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    • Nigel Myers Mr Keith Look Loy is not the only person on the board leading the revolt in my opinion,but the issue is,does he have legal grounds to be in the position he is in?
      If my friend Earl Mango Pierre wasn’t an appointed Police Officer then he shouldn’t legally be able to question and arrest!
      My old friend Mike Awai how?and if this be the case that this article is right,then Super League might have to elect a new President to be a board member or can they nominate the Vice President?
      But Mr KLL seems confident 👍🏽

    • Kurtwyn Baird You clearly haven’t been following. Your thinking is confused. These people are bankrupt in every sense of the word. More to come. Just wait.

    • No bacahnal from me I have respect for all but🤷🏾‍♂️

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  47. Every member of the TTFA board is preoccupied with get someone out but nobody is trying to get FOOTBALL in……………..sad that we keep heaping blame on one side but as i see it all need to go

    • What are people supposed to do when questions are being asked and hardly any answers provided? What are they to do when the ones in charge to do not include others in any kind of relevant decision making? How are people supposed to get football in as you say?

    • What are we to do is put FOOTBALL first! Everyone is fighting who should be in charge, who should go and who should stay but all i am seeing is FOOTBALL suffering. Then we hear a former president saying give him a chance to return to save FOOTBALL………… what we supposed to do is to support none of these jokers and start supporting FOOTBALL. Note none of any of these ppl have had a good history with our FOOTBALL, what happens is someone always comes along to do worse than the one before

    • Ancil LeRoy James Kumbaya….

    • KLL…Hold ur piece an ur tongue an ur sanity…clearly my name sake doesnt understand what is goin on

    • Apparently youll forgot about football. I havent heard about the team or how it has been preparing for Gold Cup but you know what all i hear is about DJW and Look loy. Maybe i dont know or understand but everything thats taking place football is suffering. In this i chose no sides because my support is for football. Nothing that happening here is improving our game. Next week we gonna hear about some other thing unrelated to football but still we wont hear about the team. For some of you who think youre football geniuses remember this the TTFA is in place to manage FOOTBALL not to manage quarrels among its members. If the TTFA cannot function in the way it should maybe just maybe all involve should give it a rest and let ppl who have never had a chance to manage FOOTBALL come in because what we are seeing here is doing nobody any favours. None of our teams are looking like they are ready for the next game but for sure we are gonna get news about some other ridiculous motion or action to remove members. While all this is take place where is the FOOTBALL that the FA is responsible for?

  48. So it has come to this. Is this how King David wishes to take ‘action’? How the hell is this for the betterment of the TTFA?
    When the ultimate day of wrath is visited upon DJW and Crony Crew, just remember…
    Dies iræ, dies illa
    Solvet sæclum in favilla,
    Teste David cum Sibylla.

  49. This is getting beyond ridiculous now!!!!