T&T set for Japan friendly, TTFA board member claims Warriors schedule has become DJW’s exclusive business

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The Trinidad and Tobago Men’s National Team will travel to Japan for an international friendly at the Toyota Stadium in Aichi Prefecture on 5 June, one week after the Soca Warriors play Venezuela in Caracas.

The two outings are part of head coach Dennis Lawrence’s warm-up for the 2019 Concacaf Gold Cup, which kicks off on 15 June. Venezuela and Japan are preparing for the 2019 Copa America tournament which starts on 14 June in Brazil. Japan and Qatar both appear in the South American competition as guest nations.

Photo: Japan defender Yuya Osako (centre) celebrates his decisive World Cup goal against Colombia with teammates on 19 June 2018.
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Lawrence will not have his full team for the Venezuela friendly as it falls outside the FIFA international match window but should have no problem in getting his best players to face Japan.

The Warriors, who are ranked 93rd in the world, are on a three match losing streak at present, after friendly losses against Wales, Iran and Thailand. Their last win came on 6 September 2018 when they downed the United Arab Emirates 2-0 in Spain.

Lawrence’s troops will not have an easy time against Japan and Venezuela either with their upcoming sparring partners ranked 26th and 29th in the world respectively. Trinidad and Tobago have played only once on home soil in the last 17 months, which was a 1-0 loss against Panama at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva on 17 April 2018.

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There was a note of concern sounded by Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) board member Keith Look Loy, who revealed that the Warriors’ international schedule has become the exclusive business of president David John-Williams with games announced without any discussion at board level.

“The board knew nothing at all about the games,” Look Loy told Wired868. “For instance, who knows if the board may have decided that Venezuela is too unstable and volatile at the moment and we don’t want our players to travel there—but we never had the chance to discuss it.

Photo: TTFA president David John-Williams and Men’s National Senior Team head coach Dennis Lawrence enjoy each other’s company during the Football for a Cause charity match at the Hasely Crawford Stadium on 26 October 2018.
(Copyright Nicholas Bhajan/CA-Images/Wired868)

“When the national coach can be talking about a game being financially beneficial to us and the board knows nothing about it, it shows that there is an inner circle running football and the board has no real power and is nothing but an encumbrance.”

Last month, Look Loy won a High Court judgment against John-Williams, which ordered the TTFA president to make the financial information of the football body immediately available to the dissatisfied board member.

John-Williams did not respond to a query from Wired868 on why the TTFA board continues to be omitted from negotiations on the booking of national football matches.

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    Well I have asked this question long time before and had asked Mr Live Wire to investigate so here goes again The Dutch Coach that Leo Benhakker brought on board that sued Mr Oliver Camps the ex president of the corrupted TTFF RIP-for his plenty of monies which means he was the owner of the then TTFF and maybe along with other signatures since this isn’t a government organization so after it was changed back to the present corrupted TTFA who are the owner or owners with the signatures involved and maybe now we all will understand why my dictator president continues to operate in this manner so again Mr Live Wire or the fearless #2 Keith Look Loy can you guys explain? Them really good yes

  2. This is because the TTFA and its board is a bunch of small minded individuals that making a mockery out of the importance of the sport while taking a political approach to the beautiful game. When the TTFA and its board starts to seek the interest of the sport and its athletes rather than power and spite, only then will change take place. Until then, keep the bullshit coming.

  3. “Trinidad and Tobago’s Concacaf Gold Cup-bound national team has missed out on a pivotal warm-up match against South American improvers Venezuela but the local association (TTFA) is seeking a viable alternative in the build-up to the Confederation’s championship.

    The friendly international, carded for May 29 in Caracas, has been cancelled due to the volatile situation in the South American nation. The match was one of two warm-ups planned for the team before it heads off to the United States for the Gold Cup, carded for June 15-July 7. The Soca Warriors also play Japan in a friendly international in Osaka on June 5, before taking on Panama, USA and first-time qualifiers Guyana in the preliminary round of the Gold Cup. …”

    • Brent Bennett and Kurtwyn Baird, turns out that the concerns by the Board that this friendly required proper discussion wasn’t nonsense eh?
      Smh. There is a reason why we have procedure in place yes.

    • Lasana Liburd the association did the right thing by canceling the game. I’ve got no issue with that.

    • Brent Bennett the issue is that the Board was NOT consulted to set up the game in the first place. As far as I know, the game was agreed to by ONE man and cancelled by the same one man.
      And that is not how our football is supposed to be run.
      But people were not understanding that if you check the comment thread.
      From the start, Look Loy, for one, pointed to security concerns. And people cried him down for it. Now they are “scrambling”.
      When one man wants to do everything himself, you are denying yourself and the whole of football of alternative view points that can only help.

    • Lasana Liburd Well that is how all dictators operates and maybe he should contact the Brazil Football Association and organize a game against our greatest team in the universe 3 rd string team national team Them really good yes

    • How can anyone (ANYONE) accept what is now representative of our Football Association? Even if one is buddies with the head a “true friend” MUST tell a friend when his/her actions are unacceptable. Why is divide and rule acceptable? If anyone is genuinely concerned about our football, we must recognize that the divide and rule of the current administration is NOT serving or benefiting the interests of all of our football. We cannot continue to call “s..t” sugar. Bless up.

    • As ah people we always complain about systems on the outside only to have said administration removed and replaced by one doing the same thing or worst. Not a fan of DJW style of administration. ?

    • Lasana Liburd I always believe in team work and a democratic system so I understand what you are saying ??.I don’t like using the word but because it could be deemed I am not in total agreement with your view,But because of the Damn if I do,Damn if I don’t with this Board I don’t think anything would change

    • Kurtwyn Baird Read your own comments earlier in this thread. While I was objecting to the unilateral decision by one man to go for this match, you were asking what was the problem as long as the team got a good match. Now you talking about “team work and democratic system.” Steups..

    • Keith Look Loy I hear you?So I went back and looked and it’s probably hard for you to keep explaining what is happening at board meetings,I see an argument in not what is been done by the president but how it’s been done and as I said if the board isn’t being told of things,then vote him out in a democratic way which is the elections but if our team got two good games I taking that and hope it benefits our players

  4. If the TTFA was better run the Venezuela game could have been played safely in T&T.

  5. Shaka Hislop comments on Japan and Venezuela friendlies

  6. If the team getting good quality opponents in preparation for the Gold Cup,Why complain?If the board majority don’t know what going on they can vote in due time,
    If DJW stealing money let the law handle it,If the Coach is a puppet,I have seen my fair share of them in my time on this forum,but if the footballers getting good games and some incentives,why complain about that?

    • Nobody is complaining about the opponents or the games per se. It’s just another illustration of a one man show and a total disregard for process. Might was well rewrite the Constitution and disband de Board. Apparently dey eh have no use.

    • Nigel Myers Sir I understand the argument of poor or no transparency with the board but if the issue is that TNT is playing 2 good preparation games why can’t we say something positive towards the opportunity presented?

    • Kurtwyn Baird I repeat. My people don’t understand and/or appreciate PROTOCOL and PROCESS. The issue is not if the team gets a couple matches. We glad for them but matches come and go. The issue is who arranging these matches, who negotiating the deal, who benefitting financially, and where the money going. So you can’t see that?

    • Keith Look Loy Sir I would also want to know,so keep asking??but I am also looking for small positives regardless ??‍♂️

    • Good. But brother, small positives in the cesspool that is the TTFA today bring little comfort.

    • Kurtwyn Baird you want to know but why you not asking? You will ask in November? SMH!!!

    • Timothy Rochford you or I are not board members to be available to hear what is being discussed so I don’t waste my time asking,if a board member asked a question I am willing to hear like anyone else,are you a board member?

    • Kurtwyn Baird My
      Baller for life we getting games alright but against the third string teams from these countries and our Soca Worries continues to loose and then after the games the bootleg Coach always talking ah set ah ta ta it seems that he does be watching a different game and it seems that it will take about another 20 yrs until they get it right once again the same like back in our days eh so you need to hurry up and come back and coach the team eh Them really good yes

    • Timothy Rochford I have being living in the USA for 13yrs,what have you done in your time home?

    • Earl Mango Pierre we are also not at a top tier level,so these games should show us where we are and how much is still needed to get to where we were in 2006,but anything to do with the board and DJW,they were voted in by our own and if a change is needed then so be it, we all want to see football rise??‍♂️

    • Kurtwyn Baird Now yuh talking but it will never rise with the wrong coaches and administrators on board eh Them really good yes

    • Earl Mango Pierre since the so call black list we started a steep decline and never regained a high level after,but remember also you criticized Leo also for not playing D magician he bootleg too? but I know what you’re implying but I have said it before that DL is not my choice but I don’t have that say??‍♂️

    • Kurtwyn Baird Of course Leo was bootleg for leaving out the Magician and for the reasons that I was told for if it was true that The Magician was like a God to our players and he smoked to much cigarettes, what madness is that or maybe it was for another reason that wasn’t told because I don’t care if we had gotten a million goals my greatest player has to play especially when he was the reason that we made it to our very first ever World Cup and just imagine that we didn’t even score a goal farless going to the second round and I will bet a million dollars had the Magician started all of the games the results wudda be different especially against our mother country England and yes a few folks wudda die from heart attacks including myself Them really good yes

    • Kurtwyn Baird i have helped to keep hundreds of children off the streets and on the right path in LIFE.
      Whats the purpose of your question though.

    • Kurtwyn Baird thats the difference pal. Our representative on the board divulge all relevant information to the members. So we are well informed. The info is not a secret. But i hear you.

    • Timothy Rochford I want to know if you are a board member because if you are not and haven’t put yourself in a position to be able to change what is necessary to help T+T football then commenting on my post about me wanting to also hear an answer to the many questions that have been asked/asking!
      I don’t live home??‍♂️?
      The information that is currently no secret as you say,but it seems not every board member wants DJW out and where by it’s understandable that it may seem unethical and incomprehensible to some it appears to others it’s on the right track??‍♂️l cannot cast any votes and I am not sure how many of us on this forum can also,but healthy dialogue do come out??
      Just my opinion padner ??‍♂️

    • Kurtwyn Baird loud and clear pal.

    • Timothy Rochford keep fighting the good fight in saving young lives??

    • Timothy Rochford has been an FC SANTA ROSA coach for decades. And a winning coach at that. He is also a long serving member of the FC SANTA ROSA Board. He is father of two international players and a captain of FC SANTA ROSA, whose number (13) the club has retired because of his contribution to the club over many year from childhood to manhood. No player will ever wear that number in our club again. So that is all.

  7. I was told he cud rel talk…he cud take ur own jersey of ur bac an then convince u dat d jersey isnt urs an sell it to u..

  8. We agree Lasana. How he managed a full term is mind boggling

    • Brent Bennett My dictator president managed the full term because he is an accomplished businessman, is there any other, and just recently I saw a new contestant coming forward from Central , so where are the others from the West, East, North, and South eh and don’t be surprise that my dictator president gets another 4 yrs in the office eh Them really good yes

    • “Accomplished businessman” ?

  9. What is the purpose of the Board then?

  10. in the context of getting in practice for the next tournment i think this is good practice if such is the case…. In general the Team needs to be playing more in order to get better….

  11. Lasana f off the games where put in place long time and the board know about it

  12. Scotty Ranking

    Clearly King David has run the TTFA much like if it was W Connection International. The problem with that is while W Connection is genuinely his personal creation to do with as his whims allow, the TTFA represents so much more and requires much less of the one-man-show dynamic that he clearly prefers.
    In short, his inabilility to adapt his managerial style to one better befitting the TTFA is his greatest failing and has been to football’s detriment since he assumed office. King David needs to go: gets to stepping, DJW!

  13. T&T away to Venezuela, economy shot, anarchy, looting and we think we are getting appearance money to play…. hahaha

  14. Why are we playing Japan in Japan? If they are preparing for Copa America in Brazil why couldn’t we arrange to have a more favorable venue? Why are we going to Venezeula when that country is on brink of major civil unrest? Why spend 3 days traveling back and forth to Japan instead of using time to properly prepare for our Tournament. Whilst I am happy for friendlies, we need better planning, planning that really benefits the team. Wonder what are the financial terms for these games?

  15. November is right around d corner my friends…hold strain…d account has no money in it so no need to worry bout money being embezzled…d membership can write fifa or concacaf about his handling of d TTFA business but den d membership like it soo…cuz they get rid of Timkee…i agree he wasnt d best administrator in d world but u never heard board members complaining bout transparency….he had a marketing team that worked for free to give d team a brand an made sure d team was marketable on d field by bringing in a real coach…he filled d stated to near capacity…something i doh think this coach will ever do…under Hart an Timkee we ranked 53 in d world…under this coach an admin we cant pass 70….we get the leadership we deserve

  16. So nobody asking the big question i.e. how much the TTFA will be paid for these two matches and to what account will the money be deposited?

  17. It seems that they are taking rather long to get the message that my dictator president doesn’t care about them hence the reason why he continues to call the shots along with his puppet on the string Coach Them really good yes

  18. Brent Bennett Really? Man you would fit right in to the Big Boss scheme of things. I suppose the Board doesnt need to know the financial details and arrangements for these matches too?

  19. I’ve never been on a board my entire life but the board doesn’t run the day to day operations of the TTFA. I can understand them being informed but it’s not their decision who the team plays.

    • Brent Bennett Really? Man you would fit right in to the Big Boss scheme of things. I suppose the Board doesnt need to know the financial details and arrangements for these matches too?

    • Keith Look Loy I never said the board doesnt need to know, I said the board doesn’t make the decisions who the team plays. I said as well they should be informed. Sounds like as a board member you want to run the day to day operations and that is not your responsibility

    • Brent Bennett You never been on a Board you said?

    • True but I’ve knowledgeable about their roles. Now, I agree not all boards are the same

    • Brent Bennett the constitution says the board is responsible for all things related to the football body. So it isn’t really a matter of one’s personal view.
      If anyone feels that should be changed, then you need constitutional reform.

    • That doesn’t mean the board runs the day to day operations Lasana Liburd. I dislike how football is running as much as anyone, however, we can agree to disagree on this one. The board should be informed but they dont make the decision who the team plays.

    • Brent Bennett the day to day operations is office staff business which is run by the general secretariat. How can you describe booking football matches as ‘day to day’ business? It isn’t.
      Also the booking of football matches does not fall under the general secretariat either.
      What happens everywhere is the coach forwards a list of preferred targets which goes to the board via the team manager and a system is set up to book matches through a match agent. Football matches are a major source of revenue for FAs and those things would need to be discussed.
      So should the president be able to decide on TV rights deals and everything else by him too?
      Brent, if you think that is how it should be then push for constitutional reform. But it is quite clearly wrong under the constitution.

    • Clearly BB has never been on a board or any sort of committee…regardless of how big or how small

    • BB…u tieing up urself u saying d 2 opposite things in one statement…d reason y u dislike what is goin on in ttfa is d same reason u r endorsing…it is not a one man show…which is goin on an u r endorsing

    • It is like saying you should be able to drive at 120kmh. Okay, I respect your opinion. But the law says otherwise so you can’t just do as you please. You have to try to have the law changed first.

    • Ancil Santana yuh talking but you dont know me, carry on

    • Boards speak in general terms and think big picture. Not day to day operations.

    • Brent Bennett who the national teams plays in a calendar year and the value of those contracts is not big picture? It is the ‘Football Association’ and the most important business has got to be football. If you have no input in important matters related to your flagship team and your main income generator, then exactly what is the board there for?
      Or you don’t think the national team calendar–and revenues for such–is important?

    • The board being so derelict has allowed one- manism to become the norm. The fact is just as Keith sued to receive information regarding the home of football, other concerned board members can sue to get the relevant particulars. It’s just shambolic that many on the board are going with the flow as the organization crashes and burns before all of our collective eyes.

    • Brent Bennett that is providing that there are the relevant committees in place, then each committee would be responsible for different aspect of the association’s operations. In the absence of the committees who makes the decisions?

    • Timothy Rochford, the committees are there to advise the board and not to make decisions on their own anyway. That’s the constitution. Any alterations need to be voted on by the general membership.
      I don’t see how people can just do their own thing and try to justify it.

    • Lasana Liburd my sentiments exactly, this is the core of the business side of the TTFA, amd as such, the Board play a very important role. Lasana, can you advise on the respective Committees of the Board? Are the being allowed to function?

    • You’re missing my point Timothy Rochford. Boards typically provide guidance and oversight. What I see here is the board trying to do the tasks of the staff. I have no issue with them being informed and them providing their input as they should. As I’ve stated earlier. I am disillusioned as everyone else with the running of football. Vote out of President but let’s not criticize 2 games with quality opponents.

    • Brent Bennett I read what you have said and understand, partially, where you’re coming from. However there is one flaw in your argument. If King David was the CEO and not the president, then the day-to-day operations wouldn’t necessarily be a board concern. The board, for example, may not concern itself with the specific minimum stock count of paper clips before reordering. But he *is* the president and a matter of whom we play friendlies against, where and when these games are played and definitely any financial agreements over these games (expenditure and revenue) are definitely the board’s business.
      King David has shown tine and again that due processes, integrity, accountability and best practices are the ‘Goliaths’ that he is ever resolute to slay!

    • Che Abrams Furthermore the international schedule being a major source of revenue for an FA requires Board level long term strategic planning that would drive branding and marketing of TnT as a country, our football and its players. The foolishness exhibited by one-mannism thinking/actions causes people to ignorantly get excited thinking we get Wapes, we get Japan..things happening. International friendlies are opportunities that should include our foreign affairs, chamber of business and ambassador in that country. Football is massive business and international relations, we can not leave such big ticket items tonone man pulling a friendly out of the hat

    • Damian R. Scott your point is well out and I can respect that. I am not for the President to say the least. I can also agree about the costs/spending etc. That said, we have two quality games and the stuff I read in the article about the board may not want the team to play in Venezuela is quite frankly, hogwash.

    • Brent Bennett i think you may have gotten the comment about the decision to play Venezuela wrong

    • Brent Bennett instead of arguing what boards should and shouldn’t do. Perhaps your best approach is to point out that the current TTFA constitution allows the board to run the day to day football operations when in fact a management team needs to be in place to separate the governance from football operations

    • Me eh come here to argue… you guys can have that.

    • Brent Bennett that’s probably why you’ve been asked to be on a Board. That’s exactly how you don’t want a Board being run

    • Reyna Kowlessar Perhaps… everyone is entitled to their own opinion

    • Opinion yes but an i formed one would be well placed. Too be fair to you, they are not supposed to micro manage but totally different to article

      Board members generally have fiduciaries responsibilities to steer the organization towards a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical, and legal governance and financial management policies. There is now issues of Corporate ‘manslaughter’ making directors legally responsible ie jail if breaches are found

    • Brent Bennett the board doesn’t run the day-to-day affairs of the organization, but then again, neither does the president. That is the purview of the general secretary. At any rate the board is responsible for oversight of spending and other activities. You cannot say that the board has no input on who the team plays, when who the team plays could directly impact both spending and other activities, such as legal liability. What if something happens to a player or staff member while away on foreign duty? Should the Board have no say on where the TTFA sends its emissaries?

    • Brent Bennett this is what the TTFA constitution says about the board.
      Article 20.2 and 20.3: The Board of Directors is the Executive body.
      Standing and ad-hoc committees shall advise and assist the Board of Directors in fulfilling its duties. Their duties, composition and function are defined in this Constitution and/or special regulations drawn up by the Board of Directors.
      Article 36 a: [The Board of Directors] shall pass decisions on all cases that do not come within the sphere of responsibility of the General Meeting or are not reserved for other bodies by law or under this Constitution…

      So first, there is not a functioning technical committee at present. Secondary, the technical committee can only recommend to the board and not make decisions even when it IS running. (For example the board overruled the technical committee twice on its choice for national head coach).
      Those are the specific functions of the TTFA board.
      But you yourself said boards provide “oversight”. How can you provide oversight when you don’t see match contracts and are not briefed about what is happening?
      I’m just not following you at all on this.

    • In cricket, associations meet and discuss sending their team into areas like Bangladesh. Sometimes players are asked individually if they want to go to such areas and are assured that saying ‘no’ will NOT incur punishment or mean the coach can victimise them in the future.
      So what is hogwash about the board having a discussion about playing in Venezuela? I’d assume that would mean having a word with the Trinidad consulate there about what’s happening on the ground and seeking security assurances and so on for the team.
      I’d think that is the responsible thing to do. But what can I say…

    • Lasana Liburd You dont have to follow me and I’m no sheep to follow the crowd either. As I said, I want DJW out as much as everyone but those are two games against excellent opponents. Clearly the board as a whole (not individually) and DJW all need to go but that’s a fight for another day, I guess

    • Also, you can’t say they need to have input, but not decision making authority. What then is the point of having input, for the sake of?

    • Poor Brent, i sure he could run a Board now. I think all the info was productive

    • Brent I meant follow your argument pardner. I ent saying ah trying to shadow yuh. Lol. Just trying to get what you mean. I know we won’t always agree.

    • Brent, if you say the games are good warm up matches and the board should agree then I accept that as an opinion. I just don’t get that you say it is right that the board should have nothing to do with practice games if the constitution says otherwise.

    • Sorry Reyna Kowlessar not all boards are run the same way. That said all the talk and none of us cannot affect change. Isn’t that sad?

    • Nigel S. Scott Of course the board should have oversight. I think I said that is the purpose or a board oversight and vision. Should the board be informed, absolutely as well.

    • Brent Bennett you are right, not all run the same but i can assure you board members on any board has core functions. They are not merely puppets. They are there generally for checks and balances. I hear you on change but i do think small steps are being taken at least to bring awareness to effect change. I do think more of the football ‘ community ‘ needs to step up to the challenge, coaches and ex coaches, players and ex players, sponsors and so on

    • Brent oversight doesn’t just mean being kept in the loop, it also means authority

    • Reyna Kowlessar I dont think I said or implied them to be puppets. I understand board functions and also understand people’s concerns about not having committees. So then what our plan to remove the man?

    • Nigel S. Scott Come on, you should know I’m more astute than that.

    • Brent I believe you are, but when you say stuff like they have oversight but “no say” then you contradict yourself and erode my confidence in your astuteness.

    • Brent Bennett no you didnt but they certainly act like they are!

    • Lasana Liburd I think fed up of people complaining in the comments about how local football is down the drain and djw is damaging TTFA, when are one of you guys gonna step up and challenge for the TTFA presidency cause I just fed up of seeing T&T football being mash up from a president who lies and a Pro League that doesn’t represent it’s self in concacaf championships

    • Drexel he will be challenged in November. A couple persons have already indicated that they will run.

    • Lasana Liburd okay just hate seeing Trinidad and Tobago football be dragged down to a laughing stock, the only time we celebrated was 2006

    • Lasana Liburd a couple persons won’t do….they need to get together and support a consensus candidate.

    • Brent Bennett Maybe the Venezuela game could have been relocated to T&T at the Home of Football?

    • Lasana Liburd best news this far that DJW will be challenged in November

    • Brent true. But our results on the field have been catastrophic and off the field have been scandals and mismanagement.
      Yet football stakeholders never even agreed to vote on if he should complete his term.
      That doesn’t tell me we are serious about success nah.

    • It seem that some members of the board is determined to distroy it anyway they can

    • The same people complaining was the same people who was against Mr Tim Kee

    • Lester Felix Yes How dare anyone ask pesky questions. You would think DJW would have shown the books to the board at each meeting and had a treasurer and paid bills on time and settled disputes without court cases and inspired people to work as part of a team and fulfilled his promises in his manifesto and followed the rules and looked after his staff and focused on the athletes development……..

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