Stakeholder rebuts Downer: TTFA Board must follow DJW’s instructions on general secretary

“The use of the word ‘shall’ leaves no room for deliberation or consideration by the Board of Directors.

“[…] The constitution does not give the Board of Directors in this matter any instructions or powers to reject, revoke or consider the President’s proposal. The instructions are quite clear.”

The following interpretation of TTFA president David John-Williams’ legal authority in the selection of the football body’s general secretary was forwarded by former national youth team and W Connection goalkeeper Anthony Clarke—and rebuts a previous opinion offered by TTFRA vice-president Osmond Downer, who was one of the framers of the TTFA constitution:

Photo: TTFA general secretary Justin Latapy-George (left) chats with ex-TTSL general secretary Camara David at the Ato Boldon Stadium, Couva on 10 April 2017.
(Courtesy Sean Morrison/Wired868)

Dear Members,

As we are all aware, the contract of the incumbent General Secretary, Mr Justin Latapy-George expired on 30 November 2018.

Furthermore, I was there and cognisant of the motion accepted by the AGM regarding the meeting’s expression of satisfaction with Mr Latapy’s tenure and its suggestion to take this expression into account when considering the renewal of his contract.

Despite this, it has been falsely insinuated by some that the meeting ‘instructed’ the President to renew the Secretary’s contract until the end of the current administration’s term in office.

I am now becoming acquainted with the TTFA’s constitution and the following is my understanding of the following clauses. Article 39.3 of the Constitution where it states: “only the President may propose the appointment or dismissal of the General Secretary.”

Article 36(f)—regarding the powers of the board of directors—goes on to state, “shall appoint or dismiss the General Secretary on the proposal of the President.”

Photo: TTFA president David John-Williams (right) smiles with fourth official Cecile Hinds before the First Citizens Bank Cup final between Defence Force and Ma Pau Stars at the Hasely Crawford Stadium on 2 December 2016.
(Courtesy Sean Morrison/Wired868)

Now, the Oxford English Dictionary defines the word ‘shall’ as follows: “expressing an instruction, command, or obligation.” The use of the word ‘shall’ leaves no room for deliberation or consideration by the Board of Directors.

Additionally, the use of the conjunction ‘or’ makes the instruction very clear that the Board of Directors may exercise one out of two actions: appoint or dismiss the General Secretary, on the proposal of the President. The constitution does not give the Board of Directors in this matter any instructions or powers to reject, revoke or consider the President’s proposal. The instructions are quite clear.

My research has informed me that this practice has been widely understood, used and accepted by many with similar constitutions locally and internationally. The constitution is very clear despite efforts by others to over-complicate things or even manipulate it.

I think we have to be knowledgeable of the constitution that governs us. As the footballing enthusiast, I am hopeful that my short comments on this matter would generate a discussion and that we can have a fully educated view on this issue and continue discussions on [same].

Yours also, in the promotion of football,


Photo: Then TTSL general secretary (third from right) is tipped to be TTFA president David John-Williams’ new general secretary.
Also in the photo are the TTSL’s then interim executive (from left) Lt Ryan Ottley (VP), Keith Look Loy (President), Minister Darryl Smith, Kester Lendor (Assistant Secretary) and Quincy Jones (Board member).
(Courtesy TTSL)

Trinidad and Tobago Football Referees Association (TTFRA) vice-president and former St Augustine Secondary principal Osmond Downer—one of the framers of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) constitution—explains why football president David John-Williams cannot unilaterally decide on the fate of the TTFA general secretary:

At the reconvened AGM of the TTFA held on 9 December 2018, the following motion was accepted by unanimous vote of the delegates present: “That the AGM expresses satisfaction with the work of the General Secretary during his tenure and will exhort the President to take this into account in considering the renewal of the contract of the General Secretary.”

When this motion was adopted, the President gave the impression to the meeting that [he] has all the say in the appointment or dismissal of the General Secretary. Colleagues, according to the Constitution of the TTFA. This is certainly not not correct.

Article 39.3 of the Constitution states: “Only the President may propose the appointment or dismissal of the General Secretary.”

Now, the Oxford English Dictionary defines the word ‘propose’ as follows: “To put forward for consideration” or “to nominate as a candidate.” ‘Propose’ does not mean ‘select’ or ‘elect’.

To whom does the President put forward a nominee for consideration in a matter of appointment or dismissal of a General Secretary? The answer is, according to the Constitution, “The Board of Directors of the TTFA.”

Photo: TTFA general secretary Justin Latapy-George (right) poses with Panama ambassador Luis Cigarruista Vargas.
(Copyright TTFA Media)

Article 36(f) on the Powers of the Board of Directors states “shall appoint or dismiss the General Secretary on the proposal of the President.” Now, therefore, who considers the appointment or dismissal of the General Secretary? The answer is “the Board of Directors.”

The President only puts forward to the board his proposals for the consideration of the Board and it is the Board that makes the decision whether to accept or not accept the President’s proposal: “The Board shall appoint or dismiss…”

The President’s only—but important—function here is to propose and nothing else. The Board, in this matter, can reject the President’s proposal; [but] the Board cannot, on its own, make an appointment or termination. The Board must then refer the matter back to the President for him to make another proposal for the consideration of the Board of Directors and for its decision.

I trust that this matter has now been clarified for all concerned.

Yours in the promotion of football,

Osmond Downer

Photo: TTFA president David John-Williams (left) shows FIFA official Veron Mosengo-Omba around the Home of Football in Couva.
(Courtesy TTFA Media)

What the TTFA Constitution says:

Article 36(f): (The Board of Directors) shall appoint or dismiss the General Secretary on the proposal of the President;

Article 39.3: Only the President may propose the appointment or dismissal of the General Secretary.

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  1. This motion as above qualifies for the award for foolishness of the year and nay also win for the decade. Seems typical of an individual who is two tongued seeking to censure and praise at the same time.

  2. The word … inadequate…just does not fit in there…. sounds weak

  3. ..Downer expected more and better from the Big Boss? Really? He should have supported FC Santa Rosa’s motion to dismiss him. DJW laughed when Downer proposed his counter motion quoted above. So what does Downer propose now? A third rap on the knuckles?..

  4. no matter how much you flog a dead horse the horse still dead and you aint goin nowhere on it.
    Right now the TTFA is a dead horse.
    Every turn is just going to result in that fact becoming more and more obvious.

  5. Trinidad and Tobago Football Referees Association (TTFRA) vice-president Osmond Downer:
    To the president and all other members of the TTFA family,

    Best wishes for the success in all your endeavours in 2019.

    I note and appreciate the President’s New Year’s message for 2019 and his ambitions for the New Year.
    I am disappointed though that the President did not take this opportunity to signify that he himself will resolve to abide with the resolution that was passed at the recently reconvened Annual General Meeting and to state in his message words to the effect that he himself will resolve to correct his grave fault of non-communication with the members of the Board on ALL matters relating to the Business of the Association, according to the dictates of the Constitution of the TTFA, and the resolution of the AGM.
    The aforementioned motion reads: “Whereas at the General Meeting of June 13, 2018, a motion was passed that the President be complimented on his valiant efforts to improve the state of football in the country, with a special reference to the creation of the Home of Football, and that in the same motion, the President was censured for not properly communicating with the Board, as he should do in all matters, according to the Constitution.
    “And seeing that at present, the President should be again complimented on his continuing efforts as fore-mentioned, but, because of his continuing inadequate non-communication on all matters concerning these football projects, that the president be strongly reminded of that decision of censure and be made aware that any repeat of such non-communication on the part of the president in the future will be treated as serious enough to engender a fulsome motion of no-confidence in the president.”

  6. It is simple logic that since the President is the only one to make nomination or recommendation that his nominee must be accepted.

    • Lennox Sirjuesingh this may indeed be logic. The question however is should the constitution be so worded?
      Football is big business, and in the absence of a CEO within the TTFA, the General Secretary to me as a paid position assumes that role. Having said that, the Secretary should report to the board of Directors and the board should therefore be responsible for the recruitment of the right person for the position.
      I say again this is not a private club or rum-shop.
      This is a National Association funded to a large extent by taxpayers. Proper structures, systems, operating procedures and controls must be in place to ensure transparency and accountability in all aspects of the organization. Let us get serious for once. PLEASE!!

    • Well said Bruce, what you have described is indeed how the organization should be run… by a GS who reports to the President, but who is ultimately accountable to the Board. The Board properly should have final word on appointments and terminations.

    • ..This is the way it is in TTSL. The Board appoints the Secretary..

    • In the absence of this much appreciated clause in the Constitution , what is there is to be followed.
      The TTFA Constitution is based on the FIFA model, which is in Confederations, CFU, and other lower levels.
      How is the Secretary of CONCACAF, CFU elected?
      I imagine other Confederations may well be using the nomination method.
      This is not totally bad. The President cannot claim problems with his secretary as opposed to the one he was given.
      I do not recall Chuck Blazer, Harold Taylor or other secretaries being elected as against being selected at present.
      I was once offered the post of secretary of CFU but declined. I would have had to face no election. The President was the only one to propose.
      In short until we change the Constitution we have to abide by what exists..

    • Lennox, if that is how FIFA and all other associations are structured and run, then people in football administration must understand that they are part of a dictatorial dynasty. If you cannot change it and do not like it, there are options. No use having a board in these situations. It is clearly designed for dictators.

    • A dictatorial dynasty may well be it. My point is that the existing Constitution is the supreme law of football.
      If we are concerned the procedure is to seek to change it. The law cannot be conveniently used.
      This has been the method over many years . It may not be the only concern.

    • ..I agree, Lennox, except yo say that it is the dictators who conveniently use and ignore the Constitution..

  7. Good health and Success to the wired 868 family for 2019 & beyond. Looking forward to the verbal battles that lay ahead, LoL

  8. Reading this thread and seeing ppl saying DJW is the worst president the TTFA has ever had………. when Oliver Camps was president who made the real decisions? Let me answer……Jack Warner! Apparently the only time we see bad is when we dont support it. For the last three decades the TTFA has been plagued by poor leadership none better than the other. I am amazed that persons still seem to think that these problems of poor management, lack of accountability etc start with DJW. I implore youll take a real look at the history of this organisation. TTFA has never operated with transparency, successive governments have had to beg for updated audits to release monies to them. We always hear of persons appointed to positions but nobody ever knows how it happen or who was consulted. Ppl step back and take an unbiased look at this entire situation TTFA is a cancer it has always been one and even if the tumor which is DJW is cut and gotten rid of the cancer is terminal and it will continue to kill local football!

    • Ancil as bad as sCamps was there was still progress on the field. Enough with the ”whatabouttery.”

    • Bad as Camps was it led to what we have now. When things are not corrected they continue to a point of total disaster. If Camps wasnt tolerated do you think others after him will continue the legacy of mismanagement? The blueprint of TTFA is clear an if we dont see it we are indeed being foolish. At present there is no one in the TTFA who deserves to be there or should feel comfortable enough to speak on the failures of TTFA without admitting that they themselves shall leave. From outside looking in all these ppl have been involve in TTFA for a long time and all of them have done nothing to improve our football. Fact!

    • How about you stick to the topic instead of trying to be Captain Obvious?

    • Nigel S. Scott steups. Apparently by point out chronic mismanagement that has us in this position today is off topic. Thats exactly why persons will continue to do whatever they want within the TTFA because we see these incidents as isolated events. All this wrong with TTFA started a longtime ago not today or yesterday. Until persons like you take off your blinders we gonna continue hearing about appointments that nobody knew about or nobody approved simply because youll keep acting as if DJW is the genesis for all things wrong with the FA. If persons were accountable or even have a conscience none would have supported him in the first place. But stick to the topic dont point to the root of the problem

    • We can go all the way back to Spanish Colonialism if you want to be philosophical Ancil. But we are really discussing how to improve the current stewardship.
      I don’t see why you think we would be better off talking about Oliver Camps and Jack Warner instead. But we all have our points of view i suppose.

    • Lasana Liburd and if you really want improvement one has to acknowledge that everyone who sits within the TTFA has played a part to bring it to this point. If we are to ever see any change all these persons has to go. No pretend or mince words. I highlighted the past to draw a parallel to what we are experiencing now. If you dont know your history you are guaranteed to repeat it. If every time we say we discussing the present but we ignore the similarities of the past we are doomed for failure. Take a real look at who are the ppl in the FA 10yrs ago when we had the same problems, the thing is they are still there. How can things change when the same ppl who facilitate bad management are still there today. How answer me that

    • Ancil to me you must differentiate between the people who were abusing the system and those who were victims of it.
      A purge does not make sense in my opinion. What you need is to see who can fit into a new way of doing things.
      Again we are discussing the stewardship of the current president and I’m not sure who or what you’re discussing.
      Some people believe in a purge. I can understand why they do. But I don’t agree.
      This thread is about the powers of the TTFA president though.
      It is all well and good to discuss philosophy but there are players and coaches crying out for help right now and it is a crime to ignore that.

    • The same way this president is doing what he wants Jack Warner did it and he wasnt even the president, now we have the very same ppl who were part of the FA then telling us about how bad this president is now. Until these ppl walk away from football we gonna continue seeing this nonsense over an over again, because DJW will leave but here come another joker from within the FA who main focus is to be in charge and not actually help football.

    • Ancil I’m not trying to be disrespectful or dismissive of your points. You make fair points but they’re just not germane to the present discussion. First It seemed as though you are arguing that DJW was no worse than Camps. Now it seems you’ve shifted the narrative to talk about chronic mismanagement within the TTFA. Be that as it may it does not really address what we’re currently discussing at the moment.

    • Lasana Liburd after 30yrs of following our football i trust none because when camps left we had a perfect chance to change the culture. Jack left we could have changed. But what we did we kept the same ppl a continue to do the same thing. Nobody knows what deals the president makes because this is how it has always been done. Take a real look at all our sporting bodies and you see this same culture in the way they operate simply because we look at whats in front of us now an not the past and the future. We keep these ppl around because they seem to show passion but they are a real part of the problem

    • For those who may think i am just here to talk i have opened my home since 1998 for footballers coming from Tobago to Trinidad to try out for clubs and the national teams and i have seen first hand how poorly they have been treat by all. Not one but all. I could never support any of them in TTFA because they arent really interested in supporting football.

    • Ancil LeRoy James Most of your historical recount and assessment are accurate, however I have not read your suggestions to address today and going forward. We can not sit here and think everyone before was a murder so let’s give the folks today a chance to kill too, can or should we?

    • If you read what i said you will see i said get rid of all, why continue with any of them. There isnt one who i will trust with TnT footballing future. TTFA needs young persons who have real ideas to take charge. I have seen many young footballers suffer at the hands of every version of TTFA since 1998 and since 1998 these same ppl have been recycled from one position to the next. None of the present members are needed if we are to see an improvement in our game any time soon. Clean house and start a fresh

    • Ancil LeRoy James How can we get rid of all? How will the organisation function? The Board is a compilation of representatives from zones etc, are you suggesting we wait until young people get elected? Please help me with your process

    • Get rid of the old, bring in the new and ‘poof’ we are back to good governance. SMH!

  9. The process appears flawed to me.
    The position of General Secretary of TTFA is a key paid position. In all properly managed organizations, the position would be advertised. A professional recruitment company would be hired to manage the process, and be directed to provide the top three candidates based on an agreed criteria to the board of the TTFA for deliberation and final selection.
    This is not a rumshop.

  10. Something seems wrong here. The position of General Secretary of the TTFA is a key paid position within the Organization. If the position is vacant, the constitution should call for the position to be advertised as is done in all other properly managed institutions. A professional recruitment company should then be hired to handle the process and be required to put forward to the board the names of the three top applicants determined by an agreed criteria.
    There should then be deliberations and selection of the best candidate by the board of Directors of the TTFA.
    This is not a rum shop that you are running.

  11. Surely good practice is for full contract review and update prior to new interview/s.

  12. It matters not what Latapy-George thinks, it’s not his money that paid for Camara David to go on the trip.

  13. Just out of interest, has anybody spoken to Mr Latapy-George about the FIFA trip? Reason I’m asking is that, for all we know, the GS May have requested not to go on a trip this close to Christmas, particularly if he may not be continuing in the role. We’re assuming that DJW is making these decisions without discussing them with the GS, (which may well be the case) but do we know for sure? I have worked in plenty of company’s where it is common place to involve a future employee while the incumbent is still in place. In fact, often in key positions, the
    incumbent completes a detailed handover. While we don’t know for sure if Camara is being groomed as the new GS or perhaps a role linked to the Home of Football, we shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Therefore, it would be useful to hear from Mr Latapy-George on the subject.

    • Kevin Harrison You need to keep up. I repeat for your benefit:

      I was alerted to this unethical and unconstitutional behaviour by the Big Boss and Camara David when the latter posted a group photograph of the FIFA workshop participants on his instagram page. He and the Big Boss were prominent in the front row.

      I then spoke with Latapy to find out if he attended the event. He advised me that, as GS, he never received an invitation from FIFA. He further advised that the Big Boss told him the FIFA event was intended for Caribbean associations other than TTFA.

      I then wrote to the Big Boss (and other Board members) to enquire about the identity of the TTFA’s representatives at the event and raised the issue of David’s attendance, pointing out that the good gentleman is neither employee nor appointee of the TTFA. David immediately deleted his Instagram account.

      Naturally, as is standard operating procedure with the Big Boss, I have not teceived even an acknowledgment..

    • Keith Look Loy thanks for the info. Sadly, I spent a large proportion of this holiday period supporting my fiancée in hospital so I haven’t “kept up”. I appreciate the information but a little less sarcasm would be also appreciated.

    • Kevin Harrison Why so touchy Kevin? All I said was you need to keep up. I don’t know your business. And I repeated what what was previously said. No sarcasm. ?

    • Kevin Harrison So sorry to hear about your fiancée’s illness. Hope she gets well soon. All the best to you for 2019. Enjoy.

  14. ..QUITE the opposite. He continues to function. The lying Big Boss continues to respond that “talks are ongoing” when repeatedly asked about Latapy’s situation..

  15. Has there been a farewell for Latapy George? or notice to the board that he no longer holds the position?

  16. ..Good question, if he is, and by whom because he is not a TTFA employee..

  17. How much is DJW’s new appointment being paid?

  18. ..Clarke is a mouthpiece for the Big Boss. He has long standing ties to DJW. Some say he has a vested interest in the Big Boss’ Couva monument. He is a neophyte and pretends to be learned and “objective” but is hardly so..

    • Keith Look Loy them you must be the mouth piece for the failed and corrupt AJW since you have long standing ties with him, one fifa appointment and you stop attacking AJW back in the day, all the so called FIFA post you acquired was due to his Grace and now you’re his attack dog. I am one person that sees through the curtain and understands your puppet master KLL

    • ..Steups. I don’t need a nom de plume to hide behind like you buddy. You played a bit with W Connection and I worked for TTFA and FIFA (and continued with CONCACAF and FIFA on my own merits after Warner fell from grace). Smoke and mirrors. My record stands on its own legs. But we talking about TODAY. Sing bro, sing for your supper. Oh, and the High Court csse re: the Couva paperwork comes up again in early January. We will see if your name call..

  19. Somebody say “Little Tommy Tucker”

  20. Like we hadda go bac to primary school to find out wat is d subject an d verb of this clause….smh….allyuh like it so

  21. Is the TTFA operating under the same constitution that it was when the outgoing Sec Gen was appointed?

    • And how did the appointment of the Sec Gen go then?
      There was all this confusion regarding the powers of the president and the board?
      Or everybody was like… do your thing DJW?

    • Chabeth he had a much more complicit Board in place then so there were no serious questions of his authority then.

    • the wording of the relatively new constitution (about three to four years old I believe) has not changed… so if you (meaning people commenting on this thread) had no objection to it before, there should be no objection to the wording of it and accompanying powers it gives now.
      It’s a new constitution… everybody should have vetted it and raised objections before the TTFA adopted it.
      You can’t come now because you don’t like somebody and object… lol. God….

    • Chabeth had you been following along then perhaps the issue would be clearer to you. If one of the framers of the constitution himself was not clear on the provision, what makes you think that the average person on the street would be any clearer? Second, with the exception of two commenters in this thread no one else had then, nor has now any standing to protest any provision of the Constitution. Nor can the majority of us meaningfully oppose DJW… because we’re not members of the TTFA. Third, the main Board member pushing back against DJW’s excesses, has only been a Board member for over a year, he was not on the Board when the outgoing GS was appointed. Your efforts in upbraiding those upset with DJW’s actions are misapplied, at best.

    • Had I been following along… ???

    • when everybody loved DJW, he could do no wrong…
      We don’t need to look at old threads for me to recall being a minority voice during the early days of his tenure.
      Now that this has become a forum for reliably condemning him, he can do no right.
      But whatever yes… ??‍♀️

    • Chabeth, DJW’s honeymoon did not last long and by the time he hired Justin Latapy-George, he was already being criticised regularly on this forum.
      But are you suggesting that anything was wrong with his appointment of Justin?
      The Board at the time never saw Justin’s contract and had no idea that it was meant to expire before DJW’s term was over, which is certainly an oddity. Maybe DJW wanted to use that as leverage over his general secretary. Who knows.
      But as far as I am aware, DJW proposed Justin and the Board of that time accepted. And that was that. Could still happen with the next general secretary too (who seems likely to be Camara).
      And if so, it will be legal according to the constitution.
      The problem is if the Board disagrees.

    • So I’m not getting into who decided to start criticizing DJW when… the stories and accompanying threads are all there.
      This forum is no longer one of criticism, it is one set out to crucify.
      Whether the board disagrees with DJW’s selection for Gen sec is irrelevant in the same way that the president of the republic’s views on who the govt and the opposition appoint as senators is irrelevant as s/he appoints and revokes said appointments on the advice of the PM and OL.
      That is the same situation here. The board shall confirm whoever the president proposes.
      Anybody trying to make it anything other than that is merely looking for an opening to fire another shot.
      But again, this is a relatively new constitution that had to go through a vetting and acceptance process. I know you wrote a story on it when it was accepted so we can just look back at that thread and see who raised what objections/concerns and asked what questions…

    • I don’t think that’s fair to suggest if people didn’t criticise something then, they can’t now. Particularly when you aren’t talking to a forum full of attorneys.
      According to this latest interpretation of the TTFA constitution, the TTFA president (David John-Williams at present) is more powerful within his territory than the FIFA president is in his.
      I don’t see why one has to be against DJW to believe there is an issue there. So let’s agree to disagree on that.

    • “So I’m not getting into who decided to start criticizing DJW when..”

      Except that is exactly what you’re doing.

    • oh my bad… should have included the word “again” since I was talking to Lasana this time.
      Lucky for me my omission of a single word has zero possibility of leading to a constitutional crisis of any kind.
      But good looking out though…

    • Lucky for all of us your words carry little meaning… unlike, say a constitutional provision where every word actually matters.

    • You agree with the way that the TTFA is being managed?

  22. Nigel Myers and Dominic Lau, the argument seems to be whether you place more weight on “SHALL” or “PROPOSE”.
    If “SHALL” was meant to signify unilateral power, why is the word “PROPOSE” there?
    It can only be a flaw. One of those words should not be there or should be altered.

    • Lasana Liburd it’s the same with the selection of President of our Republic. The government has the majority and we know that whomever the nominate would be President, why then do we go through a week of debate and voting? It’s protocol

    • It’s a clear flaw… the two are in opposition. Cla Tones you are wrong in analogizing it to the situation with the Presidential election. That process is meant as a check on the authority of the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister may nominate, but the Electoral College is the body which selects the President.

      In the case of the TTFA, the President properly has the authority to nominate (they use the word “propose”) but authority to hire/fire, consistent with corporate law, should lie with the governing body, here the Board of Directors.

    • Nigel S. Scott who has the majority? Not the same people that made the nomination? The General Council can then be considered having the same power and influence as the electoral college, Alyuh fuh real?

    • This isn’t about who has majority or what not, it’s not a competition between political parties. It’s about the proper adherence to governance and process.

    • Nigel S. Scott therefore it’s also a flaw in FIFA’s constitution see my post above on FIFA’s article 34.9 and 37

    • Nigel S. Scott same thing in this case, the Board can ask questions I presume on why this choice but in the end they SHALL appoint or dismiss the President’s proposal

    • Cla Tones no, FIFA’s statutes are different… as you yourself pointed out.

      34.9 “The Council shall appoint the Secretary General on the proposal of the President. The Secretary General MAY BE DISMISSED by the Council acting alone.”

      37.2 “The Secretary General is appointed and may be dismissed by the Council, in accordance with art. 34 par. 9 of these Statutes. The Secretary General shall report to the Council.”

      The Powers of dismissal lie exclusively with the Council (equivalent of the Board).

    • Nigel S. Scott I was referring to the word “SHALL” it does not give them any authority on the appointment

    • If that is case why did you bring the FIFA statutes into play? I’ve already agreed earlier that Downer was incorrect and that the Board has no discretion. FIFA has it correct, the TTFA has it wrong.

    • Nigel S. Scott This Jones person is also an apologist for the worst president Trini football has ever had. The Law is the last refuge of scoundrels..

    • Keith I know who he is and of his ties to W Connection. He claims he’s impartial but it’s clear that his statements are biased in support of DJW.

    • Nigel S. Scott if that was the case I would not support Keith when he’s being attacked at TTSL meetings, there is a lot that KLL does wrong which I can highlight but defend him. For bring unappreciated of my support for you I will prove my point on principle KLL, lets see what happens.

    • Cla Tones very interesting statement.

    • .. Cla Jones, I am told, is Anthony Clarke’s alter ego to hide behind. I want Cla Jones/Clarke? to bring any wrongdoing on my part to the attention of TTSL members, TTFA, TTPS, the media, and/or the public. Go ahead Cla Jones/Carke?. Do it. But it is interesting that this joker openly states that he defends “wrongdoing” and will attack me for not being “appreciative” – the sentiment of a political whore..

  23. Then the Constitution needs to be amended for clarity, to prevent the abuse of power, in line with the spirit of a sporting body as it is unable to provide the stated goal of the organisation which is to support athletes.

  24. Lasana Liburd check fifa status 34.9 and 37 and see the difference.

  25. So what he is saying in essence is that if the President proposes to nominate his granny to the position of General Secretary, the board is obligated to install granny (without room for objection) to the position of GS … brilliant.

    Oh yes, and he is arguing with the man who helped draft the constitution on constitutional law … doubly brilliant.

    • The fact that Downer “helped draft” the Constitution is meaningless. The plain meaning of “shall” is that the Board’s duty to act is mandatory, not discretionary. Either Downer’s understanding of the interplay between the powers of the Board and the President is off, or the framers of the Constitution (as seems likely) erred in their wording. Under normal circumstances, the duty to hire and fire lies with the Board, not an individual (the President), so Downer may be correct that that was the intent when the document was drafted, but that is certainly not what the document states. They need to amend that.

    • Dominic Lau read my response above re: article 36 of the said constitution that Mr. Downer helped construct

  26. Mr Anthony Clarke did not give his interpretation of the words may and propose in the article 39.3. Mr Downer’s interpretation of the section of the rules on the issue is in my view more accurate.

    • Lester Logie Mr. Downer’s interpretation of that clause is correct without consideration of article 36.

      Article 36 Powers of the Board of Directors, Section (f), goes on to state, “ SHALL appoint OR dismiss the General Secretary ON the proposal of the President.

      Now, the Oxford English Dictionary defines the word “shall” as follows: “expressing an instruction, command, or obligation.”

      The use of the word “shall” leaves no room for deliberation or consideration by the Board of Directors.

      Additionally, the use of the conjunction ‘OR’ makes the instruction very clear that the Board of Directors may exercise one out of two actions: APPOINT or DISMISS the General Secretary, ON the proposal of the President. The constitution does not give the Board of Directors in this matter any instructions or powers to REJECT, REVOKE or CONSIDER the President’s proposal. The instructions are quite clear.

    • Is the President of TTFA an Executive President?

    • Lester Logie further to which Mr. Downer did give the Oxford dictionary’s meaning of the word SHALL

    • Lester he is not according to the constitution at least.
      But the current president has been instructing staff on several occasions without going through general secretary, etc.

    • The shall and all the reference to the Oxford English Dictionary is comical at best. The Board can simply refuse to appoint without delibertation. President propose and they refuse, tory done! Much to do about nothing

    • Sean Powder it seems that way to the writer and others who takes only a literal approach to the meaning of words to interpret the rules. The literal approach is only ONE rule of interpretation. This should go to court to be settled. My view is that the Court will interpret those rules in line with FIFA rules as both don’t have Executive Presidents.

  27. Fair enough, but what about de Barbados trip?

    • He won’t touch that issue Nigel.. come on now

    • Nigel Myers is a leader allowed to do succession planning? Taking into consideration that the present incumbent’s contract is expired

    • ..The 2018 AGM has unanimously declared its satisfaction with Latapy’s tenure, and urged the Big Boss to renew his contract. Clarke was party to that vote but he won’t touch that. He is an apologist for the Big Boss, come what may. The unethical decision to bypass Latapy and to take a person who doesn’t exist in TTFA has nothing to do with “succession planning”. ,it is sordid subterfuge and an effort to ignore the wish of TTFA’s highest body..

    • Cla Tones, succession planning is one thing. Taking Camara David to Barbados to an official FIFA event when he is not even part of the TTFA is something totally different. How is that justified?

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