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Dear Editor: The problem with Archbishop Gordon’s use of stats to dismiss “gay agenda”

The following Letter to the Editor on religious opposition to equal rights for the LGBTQIA  community was submitted by Kevin Baldeosingh of Freeport:

According to Roman Catholic Archbishop Jason Gordon: “A very vocal minority should not be able to get their agenda through.” He was referring to homosexuals, who comprise three to five percent of the population.

Photo: Protesters march for gay rights in USA.

But this would logically mean that Gordon also does not support the agendas of any of the following groups in Trinidad and Tobago:

  1. Orishas (1%)
  2. Jehovah’s Witnesses (1.5%)
  3. Presbyterians (2.5%)
  4. Seventh Day Adventists (4.1%)
  5. Muslims (5%)
  6. People with HIV (2%)
  7. Sexually harassed female employees (2.5%)
  8. People with PhDs (1%)

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  1. The ‘agenda’ is equal human rights for all.