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Dear Editor: Religious and feminist factions competing to provide sex education—both are wrong

“The Family Planning Association in its own statement on the issue admits that Comprehensive Sex Education covers ‘the same topics as sex education but it also includes issues such as relationships, attitudes towards sexuality, sexual roles, gender relations and the social pressures to be sexually active’. “But why should education …

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Dear Editor: PNM’s race-tinged ‘sari skit’ was exploited by gender feminists and critics too

“[…] The sari skit is also being used by the gender feminists—who must be distinguished from equity feminists and women’s activists—to drum up support for their cause. “Just like the politicians using race codes, this brand of feminist wants to create fear, with men as the demonised group, by raising …

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Baldeosingh: Workplace sexual harassment is ‘a relatively rare occurrence’ in T&T

“The IADB-funded National Women’s Health Survey[…] found that […] fewer than 60,000 out of 463,000 women [had been sexually harassed in Trinidad and Tobago]. The most prevalent type of harassment was ‘in the form of electronic messages with sexual content’, which means that most women who were harassed were harassed by persons …

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