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Dear Editor: The Penal Papers; a satirical response to proposed doubles taxation

“The aloo pie vending bourgeoisie, the saheena ladies and lords, the noblemen who sell nuts and fruits in traffic—all hiding in plain sight—are the wealthiest of all. Even Anthony Bourdain wasn’t invited to their houses for dinner!

“[…] Ever wondered why there are 30 different doubles vendors called ‘D Original’? It’s all tax planning: loss allocation and intra-group loans. The conspiracy runs deep.”

The following Letter to the Editor, submitted by ‘Baigan Jones’, offers a tongue-in-cheek retort to American Chamber of Commerce attorney and tax expert Angelique Bart’s call to make doubles vendors share their loot:

Photo: American Chamber of Commerce attorney and tax expert Angelique Bart.

The lavish lifestyle of local doubles vendors was alluded to earlier this week by a prominent attorney-at-law, speaking at the American Chamber of Commerce’s mid-year budget analysis.

The attorney stated that she could quit the practice of law for the lucrative doubles vending profession. In her words:

“My husband says of the doubles vendor—if I were to quit law, we could do that. Because you have 200 customers buying at $5 per doubles, in five minutes. How much money would you be making?

“I can’t follow his math, but basically he is saying there is about 200-plus million on average that the doubles section of society generates.”

Math is indeed difficult. Nonetheless, the “doubles section” aren’t the only culprits. (For the uncultured, the doubles section is located near the percussion instruments).

The aloo pie vending bourgeoisie, the saheena ladies and lords, the noblemen who sell nuts and fruits in traffic—all hiding in plain sight—are the wealthiest of all. Even Anthony Bourdain wasn’t invited to their houses for dinner!

Photo: US television personality Anthony Bourdain (left facing camera) has dinner with representatives from Trinidad and Tobago’s Syrian/Lebanese community.

It’s time for them to come out of the shadows and face the ‘Tax man’. Their ill-gotten gains have been sheltered behind blind trusts and shell corporations for far too long!

Ever wondered why there are 30 different doubles vendors called ‘D Original’? It’s all tax planning: loss allocation and intra-group loans. The conspiracy runs deep.

I, for one, applaud the attorney’s disproportionate attack on the lowest income earners in society. The Government must immediately embark on a patriotic mission to expropriate these ill-gotten gains from the street-vending cabal.

Strip them of their Porsches, Rolexes and yachts; these proceeds of crime cannot be allowed to exist in a utopian society like sweet, sweet TnT.

Photo: A customer prepares his doubles meal.

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  1. Mark Lewis I fully agree but let’s not just count how much money they supposedly make without realistically taking expenses into account.

  2. Rishi you not making joke boi! 😆😆

  3. What about the chair renters on the beaches?

  4. Start taxing them nuts man ..toolum man papers people on the highway

  5. Did she ever call out the casino owners,crooked,criminal politicians,the money grubbing businessmen (many in her own Chamber),the drug lords.the doctors and lawyers in private practice?…………

  6. So true Swisha King we fightn down d small man n fightn amongst ourselves n d govt thiefing out all d money n d 1% laughing at us

  7. Just asking ,what do these vendors contribute but they have access to over the yrs of free education free old age pension free subsidies free hospital care, they don’t contribute to garbage collection roads infrastructure. They expect taxpayers to handle the burden ,even if they pay vat,everyone does plus pay 25 percent of their sometimes low salaries in income tax while the increase prices on whim and fancies ,smh.

  8. Why the government don’t collect royality from petrotrin. Mc

  9. Shyam Ramnarine thank you…such a limited view…SMH – not to include cost of raw materials (flower, chana, oil, gas, electricity – have to start prep before sun up). Let’s not forget employee costs…when was the last time you see a single person selling doubles…those employees have to be paid as well

  10. I am a fan of this page but I really hope the editor/s really sit before the put posts up.. unfortunately not everyone would understand the angles in which you take and won’t fully grasp what is being said. Don’t take the gullable for a ride when they don’t know what they riding in…. (Not about this post but just a general observation)

    • What should we do to help people understand?

    • Unfortunately that has no answer. Don’t matter what you do some won’t get it… Even though I would like all to enjoy what is said here the truth is that this is just a fantasy of mine..

    • Your point is valid because a lot of folks who may not have the faculty to truly appreciate the artistry and end up posting negative comments. I for one was very close to losing my temporary wuk from a headline on this site! The stories provoke thought, but the uninformed continue to remain blinded so every now and again one may see a comment from Public Enemy#1 with three points of view to also help different comments.

      One such view is that Doubles is documented as being invented in Princes Town in 1936 and not Penal. Unless there was an inquiry in Penal or a Newspaper from there, I really did not get it- “Penal Papers”. However, this was a decade before the Pan. Panmen dont pay taxes as far as I am aware.

      As far as I see, more people of East Indian descent are buying from sellers of African or mixed descent. A person that looked of African descent brought it up and the East Indian descendant did not know the huge figures from a CNC3 interview. I ask some how can it be racist when the country is coming together to defend something of heritage and a source of employment for many?

      For doubles to be in a conversation in the AMCHAM means that we have value in one of our products. One can be a bit perplexed only knowing that the AMCHAM is supposed to promote free trade in its objectives. I have to take a few more classes to see the link between free trade and internal taxes.

    • Matthew that’s just how it is. If you slow down your class too much, the more educated people would get bored. If you go too fast, most will be left behind.
      We try to have a balance but we know we won’t reach everyone.
      Once you’re trying to provoke thought, you’re always only going to have a niche audience. You’re never going to be mainstream.

  11. According to their own research #Laywers & #Doctors are the biggest #TaxEvaders
    But want to go after the little of the littlest, lowest on the food chain, really?
    Wat about politicians and all their fancy cars…?! we need to open up that can of worms, full✅

  12. Hmmm. They get up at 2am, face the heat and then come out and sell their doubles. Hopefullythey get 200 persons buying their diubles. Tgey are shot at and robbed. Stay all day in the hot sun. Not stealing or begging. In fact I know of one who is a UWI graduate who sells doubles because he can’t get a job with his degree. Now thry want to tax thise who orefer to take the iniative to make an honest living ratger than line up in front of welfsre. Look out pie men you guys are also next.

  13. I like the phrase “…hiding in plain sight…” EVERYONE has to pay their just due via the tax system to help maintain this vehicle that is Trinidad and Tobago. Large segments of public servants and other citizens eke out lives from month to month while others just profiting and prospering without contributing to the coffers. While I applaud the hard working and sacrifical efforts of some of those persons they MUST give their portion like the rest of us…plain talk

  14. How can this be satire ? It breaks the first rule – it is not funny

    • Satire: the use of humour, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues…
      Thanks for your feedback though.

    • It is not my cup of tea for humour either. What in particular didn’t you like?

  15. Check cost of pepper shadow benni mango tambrine cucumber channa flour oil and other ingredients to make the doubles .then sleepless hours to prepare before production .do the maths most a man could be making is a $2 on a doubles.

  16. To the person who did the maths did you minus the capital or the expenditure ?if not then do over the maths and come again.

  17. But 144k is not profit. What about cost ?

  18. First I will like to see all politicians paying their tax stop all tax break on all these ppl that is allowed tax break let them pay their tax after all we are all employed & by rule we should be paying tax

  19. What about cock tax??? Lol talk nah!

  20. There are genuine doubles venders who do everything for them self but if investigated properly people would see there are doubles conglomerates that employs doubles wrappers and cashiers also kitchen workers . Gone are the days when the doubles man on the corner was working for him self , if checked one would see a lot of doubles venders are working for a doubles company , I know because I know a lot of people who does just that . I wonder if that’s why the price of doubles went up , just a thought .

  21. Why don’t the dumbass government start growing food and encourage high tech manufacturing.
    We have brain dead and incompetent minister just bumping their gums.

    Protect farmers and their produce.

  22. Seeraji Ramcharan So how do come you don’t understand how income tax works?

  23. Reouti La Rosa income tax is a tax on income not profit. You won’t believe how many people don’t understand that.

  24. Shyam Ramnarine this is income tax not corporation tax. Tax on income not profit.

  25. Tax everyone till they dead nah man, except government who benefitting from the tax, forget all the big companies who deducting NIS from employees salaries and not paying it, forget the ones who passing a bribe so they will be exempt from paying. Continue to tax the poor man. Oh and by the way, we would be most grateful if the millions being earned from the pitch lake be accounted for.

  26. This is still a developing country. People are still struggling. . Many children do not get milk and eggs,as basic as that

  27. Enightoola I do not sell doubles neither do I have relatives who sell doubles. I have been paying income tax since 1977 so do not even try to judge me.

  28. How about we tax the bandits as well! Inclusive of bandit contractors,1%businessmen and all bandit politicians ! The system is simply not equitable with the lowest earners having to pay a greater % of their earnings.

  29. Well they will have to come down on the nuts man…chow man and the bottled water man by all them traffick lights too….
    Everyone already pay taxes for every thing they buy…added to more is a burden for most of us

  30. calculation iswrong // why? to purchase all the ingredients is very costly plus vat take out all expenses and check what is your profit even you have to pay your helpers plus mangoes

  31. Shyam Ramnarine people tend to forget/ don’t know that the money you take home after selling is NOT profit, it’s gross. Gross money minus expenses equal net or profit. To break it down even more, for every$5 the doubles man get for a doubles at least $3 is spent toward producing that 1 doubles. So he makes maybe$2 on every doubles, maybe even less.

  32. You forgot the cost of the materials for the production of the doubles, the number people who worked daily to produce the doubles! It would be nice if you do some research and then do the maths for each of the worker and then do the calculations again. Love and Light.

  33. Do road side vendors pay any taxes other than vat but still access health care n other tings that taxes pay for like paved roads, free education, etc

  34. What about the lawyers and Doctors who take payment in cash? Do they always declare their full income?

  35. Where are the checks and balances going to come from? If the doubles man say he sold 10 doubles for the day, who is to say that he’s not telling the truth and actually sold a 100? So let the government do their do, and still they are not going to succeed in collecting taxes from any self employed person. What they should try to do instead is get those big business men who owes millions to pay up !!!

    • There is such a thing as a declaration, if found lying on the tax form is a prison sentence that you face. Plus gov can instigate a flat tax that takes into account certain factors that would put different vendors in different categories. Ain’t they finding time to check residences? Why not check businesses? Also, they can use business expenses to determine income and thus tax

    • There is also the fact that if they find a way to tax the doubles man, he has to declare his sales and well, they will question, so you say you sold only 10 doubles on Wednesday, How are you living? The doubles man will also have to show receipts for raw materials – Channa, oil, etc.

    • Roy Isava I understand what you’re saying but food is a perishable item. I can produce all kind of receipts showing that I bought x amount of raw materials, and I made the product. However I could always say that I made the product, stood up whole day to sell and when it didn’t I threw it away. Who’s to doubt him? We all know the mentality of our fellow citizens and they would find any loop hole possible to get away from paying. btw, I am not self employed, company deducts paye whether I like it or not, lol

    • Reouti La Rosa in income tax your losses don’t count. Is income not profit being tax. So Where did the doubles man get the money to buy the ingredients in the first place. Thst is question that will be asked.

    • Emile Adam Enightoola I don’t have a problem with these small businesses being taxed, all I am doing is showing how hard it will be on any government part to collect it. There is nothing in place to monitor these types of businesses.

    • Emile Adam Enightoola it is downright unfair to see people who have not made a monetary contribution to society are the first ones getting their business in order to collect old age pension, and quarrelling that it’s never sufficient, whilst people like me, who pay thousands every year in taxes are give the run-around and basically the same as those who never did

  36. Narish Surajbally You’d never believe my voting history so I’ll bring it all back to my original point. I pay income tax. So why alyuh brakesing for?

  37. Lasana Liburd I have no interest in having anything in common with him. And I make no apologies for my comments. But I will refrain from any further insults.

  38. Narish I haven’t even read the exchange so I won’t pass judgment on Emile. Things get heated from time to time. But we stay away from personal insults.
    I’ve seen arguments end with people finding some common ground. That will never happen once there are insults.

  39. Lasana Liburd Some ppl have it coming. Like Mr. pseudo-intellectual over there.

  40. Emile Adam Enightoola lol not even close. I have zero patience for political sycophancy and feigned ignorance. I know u think ur being clever, but u just come off as transparent and indoctrinated. I already told to gwan from here. Take the advice.

  41. Narish Surajbally please don’t do the personal insults. We do our best to disagree civilly. 👍🏾

  42. Narish Surajbally Why you getting upset for? Are my questions challenging your belief system?

  43. Troy Roberts profit is 300% on cost.

  44. Emile Adam Enightoola 1. Are u fukken serious?
    2. Read d news u braindead sycophant.

  45. Narish Surajbally 1. Who tell you the middle class honest? 2. Where you get your info that imbert own a tax free yacht.?

  46. Seeraji Ramcharan so then they make less money and are taxed less. I see you really have never paid income tax before.

  47. Seeraji Ramcharan you acting like this is new tax. This is an existing tax.

  48. Taxing the lower end is the lazy way out
    Go after the higher end who dodge the taxman , the drug lords, money launderers and the other unscrupulous businesses.

  49. Rain or shine they’re selling? Sick or well they’re selling? Vehicle at the mechanic shop they’re selling? Really?

  50. Easy money for them they can’t get their shit together only robbing people who trying to make a living

  51. Leave the doubles man alone nah , geez man !!

  52. What i seeing on this thread is plenty people who never pay income tax. Talking about profit and not income. Tax evaders all of Alyuh.

  53. Ramohed Mutt if they not a registered business then it’s income tax. And income tax is on income not profit.

  54. Brandon Ramdial if they not a registered business then it’s income tax. And income tax is a tax on income not profit.

  55. 144000.00 is revenue what is to profit. Profit is derived after expenses are deducted.

  56. lol to all the fools on this thread: the problem isn’t enough taxes. The problem is rampant corruption and pillaging of the national treasury by polticians and their cronies. Stop getting fooled by this “we have no money” bullshit. It have plenty. But most of it ends up lining the 1% pockets.

  57. Is Doubles healthy food Mr. Deyalsingh…….your comments please ?

  58. Nice very nice ppl dont be tricked by politics. They are laughing at us saying look how stupid they are fighting amongst themselves and bringing down each other. I understand tax must be paid but really is this an important issue right now? How much money these governments have stolen and are still doing so. Yet we who are onnthe ground talking about taxing the doubles man, taxi driver and so on. Do you ppl really know this was part of the plan to distract, keep them entertained and make them fight amongst themselves while we the government keep stealing and selling out the last little end of our country. Allyuh wake up na plz. Bless up and good day.

  59. Just one little comment here. Everyone who is earning is liable to income tax whether self employed or employed. Retired ppl are also subject to income tax. You don’t have to have a Porsche or live in a palace. Actually those ppl often pay less than the humble security guard or hospital Nurse. But all must contribute. One of the biggest divisions in our society is between those whose salary is automatically tax deducted and those who get their income in cash and feel ‘is mines. I work for it’

  60. Why all yuh watching people money? Go out and do the same thing then.. geez. Good luck with taxing these people, would love to know how you would account for how many doubles are sold lmao. How much money all yuh waste on a boat? A painting?Medical Bills on Ministers?, Vat and duty for personal vehicles for MP’s, Roaming bills, and to pay sexual harassment charges? A&V drilling stole how much exactly?How much d banks robbing all yuh on a daily basis? . All yuh watching the street vendor. Boii Trinidadians really effing dotish..If Impsbert tax Oxygen , many will agree…

  61. Ppl times getting hard plant something in your yard or a bucket exchange with your neighbors because taxing yourself into poverty just won’t do

  62. Clearly many people don’t realize everybody suppose to pay income tax once they make more than 72000 a year.

  63. Brandon Ramdial, Marlene Mnms, even if they minus “expenses” , they would still make an exorbitant “profit” TAX FREE.

  64. Troy Roberts , please note the first word “MINIMUM”. We all know it’s much more than that. At a “minimum” these persons make $144,000.00 minimum, per annum, TAX FREE .

  65. Marlene Mnms but they still have to pay taxes….however small it may be

  66. There are a lot of stupid people in this country…..your calculations are simple……but then again…..there are the idiots……I hope they understand

  67. Well i hope they tax all small shops all bake and shark all coconut vendors snowcone etc i have no problem with that

  68. Timely! Buying doubles in Chaguanas yesterday, and the vendors mumbling bout raising prices again because they may have to pay taxes just now. And as I looked at the four shiny gold teeth smiling as the guy bagged my purchase I told them “there is such a thing as pricing yourself out of business “. Food for thought.

  69. Whenever a person applies for a food bad….some sort of evidence should be provided that they are tax compliant…so too taxi driver at licencing….doctors and lawyers at their respective governing agencies when the apply each year to renew their licences and so on…..so easy…governments come and gone and sticky politics get in the way…….the point is these individuals should come on board instead of being selfish and think about the future of our country

  70. I knew this would eventually come down to race

  71. I heard this logic yesterday on the news. I saw a woman in government stood up and talk about income of the doubles vendor, the side walk vendor and the other small vendors, but what I didn’t hear was one word being uttered about the expenditure for the income. Could you do it? Do you know the hard work it involves?

  72. RM, The doubles vendor on the pavement a registered business?
    I think a lot of people are missing the point about taxation of ALL business enterprises no matter how small. The Board of Inland Revenue needs to do some serious educational promotions, so the public understands the ramifications of taxation.

  73. Minus ingredients, transportation, at least one workers salary and redo your calculations.

  74. Wow doubled people have no business expenses? Or is it that tax revenue is paid on gross amount and not net? Calculation flaud!!! Try again…

  75. Has anyone gone to NEDCO to try to get a loan for a small business lately? Has anyone ever driven a maxi on the Bus Route for an owner? How easy is it to go the bank to get a loan to buy a maxi? How much security is the norm to secure a 10k loan?

    Selling doubles is hard work. Who else makes the effort to wake up at early hours to feed the nation. Spme persons at home wont even fix a sandwich for their sig others.

    How many young persons are involved in this trade as opposed to young persons with longt-term contracts or permanence in the public service? Should they pay taxes on top of the money they pay for a food badge?

    Maybe the working class could get tax exemptions for patronising.

  76. 100 doubles per day? That doubles man is a hobby.

    I can’t image any doubles man selling that few doubles in a day

  77. They thiefing the ingredients and employees working for free?

  78. Jay Zee tax your sno cone man, nuts man and soup lady one time

  79. They can probably get their ingredients as a tax break.

  80. Minimum: 100 doubles per day@$5.00 each=$500. 00 x 6days (1 week) =$3,000.00 x 4 weeks (month)=$12,000.00x12months (1yr)=$144,000.00—$72,000.00 (personal allowance) = $72,000.00 PAYE due =25%=$18,000.00

    • So they getting the ingredients free. And they not paying the people to cook the doubles? Do you think the same person selling is the same one waking from 2am every morning to make the doubles?

    • This is what people don’t get about self-employed persons. They have an undeclared income which is in many cases, above the personal allowance figure.

    • Did anybody notice that Black Bart focused directly on the doubles vendors, who by some strange coincidence happen to be over 99% Indian! Black Bart racism against Indians is alive and rampant today as it was in the fifties when old Deafie Eric Williams called us a hostile and recalcitrant minority, and never apologized as far as I know.

    • Fool, that $144,000 you quote is not income, not taxable income. That is gross sales. In a business like doubles, you deduct all your expenses from total sales, deduct all your allowances as far as Inland Revenue allows you, and what remains is your profit, which is the same as your taxable income. Didn’t you attend any economics class in school?

  81. Just now you will get taxed for beggin in this country!

  82. Clearly there is some truth to this …..they are running an all cash business. It is hard to track the income. Ever wondered why in big cities in the USA there are 4and 5 beauty salon on the same block, some are use to launder money because they cash business. Even though doubles and nut is a legitimate business they can under state their income easy.

  83. Living in New York and Canada every body paying tax for every thing but all don’t to pay tax here all u selling doubles in New York and canada all those food places should pay tax

  84. Saigiwan getting old, Terrence Farrell dust it, nobody ain’t want to hear Abdullah and Morgan Job has passed..Clearly some young female fool senses an opening , never mind how inane and absurd her propositions..Did she mention the vendors who sell roses in Gulf View?

  85. And what’s wrong with the doubles man paying taxes? Aren’t we all subject to paye once we earn in excess of the stipulated pa?

  86. The only reason I am not sharing this article is because the photograph shows spilled sauces. My Doubles man wipes up every drop – clean without fault and delicious to the max!!! If he starts to chinx because he has to pay taxes, I might stop buying.

  87. How much money has been spent on CEPEP contractors – and what is the tax revenue from these en-trap-eneuers? Most don’t even make health surcharge and NIS deductions and payments! At least the doubles man and he whole damn family duhs work hard and supply tradeable goods and service – and is the fastest fast food in the country. Let us tax every damn hardworking person – so we could keep the voter banks going – in CEPEP, in Nha and nha house, on de port, in Petro-Singh, now Petro-Smith….we need more money to spend on more unproductive activity – and the productive must pay for it!

  88. Doh forget dem people who selling punch

  89. What about de pieman?
    Tax dem too

  90. Ppl may not like or agree with me on this but I seriously don’t give a flying fuck…..
    I am no longer paying PAYE from my hard earned money that I, me one work for bc for the first 17 years of my working life I faithfully and dutifully paid it but when I had to access public health care,is long waits, can’t get medication needed at the hospital dispensary, roads bad which made it very uncomfortable to travel, police service really sucks Wit the amount of corruption within, then there came the time that rich ppl, had laws especially for them and fuck the poor ppl….
    The education system kept going downhill faster than usain bolt and those are just A few of the issues that taxpayers money are supposed to be used to upgrade and correct….
    No to pay parliamentarians huge tax free salaries, why the fuck they are not paying taxes they’re working it’s a job…
    Paying to feed and house fucking criminals when they should just be killed and done with…
    So fuck the government and everyone else….I not paying no mudder cunt taxes and who don’t like that could kiss the whitest part of my black ass and I still wouldn’t care

  91. If the government of Trinidad and Tobago were to collect the correct taxes on big businesses, small to medium and on sole traders this country would experience a better level of living. We lose billions to unscrupulous business men and people escaping the tax man. We need to get serious with tax collection.

    • We also need to get serious if we getting “serious ” wit people who not paying electricity bills and wasa bills level d playing field and don’t target some people for trying. Let us all be raised by the tide of prosperity and let us all share in d burden of difficult times

    • Kickbacks will be the death of us, or maybe, it is

    • People in Trinbago have this general feeling that they are not suppose to do things that are statutorily driven. The PH driver feels he has the right to break the law because he has the right to make a living. So the little man feels his right to survive by doing a little thing means he also have the right to break the law by doing so. The big business man feels that he also has the right to squeeze back something because he needs a bigger house, another Benz or to gamble at the casino. The law states ¢26 cents on every dollar you make belongs to the government as tax. Big business has to pay VAT and other taxes, which the claim back. That doesn’t happen! Yet, there are people who pay their taxes and their money are used to support those who are not….that is unfair to me and others like me, who pay a LOT of taxes. So i say big, medium or small TAX EVERYONE, LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD!!!!

    • Junior Jules by law you have both tax concessions and tax allowances so if your profits are below the taxable threshold you have no tax to pay

    • Savitri Maharaj not maybe.
      For sure.

    • And religious institutions, we have so many popping up all over, big $$

    • Junior Jules it’s actually 25 cents to every dollar

    • Junior Jules yes brother yuh preach I myself and others like me pay hefty taxes I mean thousand and up once we are working, so let them also answer the bell

    • Sorry, Reouti La Rosa youre correct. My bad.

    • What people do not realise, a lot of those businesses do pay tax, even the 1% -ers but they also do a lot of tax write offs. When you see an executive in a fancy restaurant or you working for a company and they give you a CC for company expenses, it is a write off. When you approach a company and they sponsor your football team or take a loan when they dont really need to, is a write off, big companies know how to LEGALLY fiddle the system. Hence the reason, in normal countries there is always constant tax reforms.

    • Junior Jules I agree! But I feel hard pressed when I am taxed knowing my hard earned money is being wasted by every government that has been in power! Maybe they should fix that first before going after people’s dollar! They is a lack of accountability by all governments that has ever been in power! Millions are wasted in there political warefare! let’s not forget the stealing in the dorm of contracts! When all these things stop then maybe he citizens wouldn’t try to escape the taxman because they truly benefitting from there paying of taxes!

    • And you are right Dion Rozay Farrell ive been saying in other threads. We have a mismanagement and corruption issue. But when we, the population only issue is colours, PNM & UNC then we encourage it, as a matter if fact we condone it. When UNC does something one set of people complain and vice versa. The politicians win because they feed us their crap and we lap it up because of our biases and not on what’s right and wrong.

    • What abt unscrupulous politicians who just fattening their friends and family?…

    • This has been my ‘song’ all along…and it will NOT change!!! Stop introducing NEW tax…until you can MANAGE (HANDLE/COLLECT) from currently listed entities!!! Do your research and do your job right!!! Faaarrr too many are evading paying correct taxes! But at the same time be sure to give these people value for their money…for example, if your are collecting millions/billions for heavens sake at least provide uptodate facilities, efficient service time and knowledgeable, customer friendly staff…I personally can right a book on the issues just mentioned…but again…manage what you have already in your hands…

    • Nalini Lalla this is not new! Why is everyone claiming this is new, no it’s not. The Board of Inland Revenue is mandated by law to collect ¢25 on every dollar you make. Some people have this done by their employers and some businesses does it for their employees and yes, there are sole traders who pay their taxes. Unfortunately, the BIR doesn’t do their job. There are people who make money and do not pay any taxes, that is wrong. Nobody could tell me fishermen, doubles vendors, etc. do not make money. As i have seen generations of doubles vendors up to this day still selling e.g. Ali’s, saucy in Curepe, Hassanali etc etc. All of them rich and do not pay taxes. You are right there needs to be better management of the thing. But you MUST pay taxes firat the management of it happens when and who you vote for and so far as I am concerned no government has succeeded in doing so.

    • What is the criteria available to establish taxation on these low income generators. Health surcharge, national insurance, yes, no problem. Presently, no administration have been able to harness the wastage of taxpayers money, nor give proper account as to how it was used. Yet everything is being taxed. Politicians only need the population up 6pm on election day. After that day, the population’s voice becomes a nuisance. Very few politicians are actually at work, their portfolio and community.. while others a developing hemorrhoids and testicular blisters….

    • Rewen Murray nice points, however, what makes you thing doubles vendors are low income generators?

    • Do taxpayers receive exchange for payment of taxes. No.

  92. Seem to me that the tax expert attorney Angelique Bart husband is indicating to his dear wife that her monthly income will be at higher level if she made the career switch to selling doubles!…and then he can retire from his day job and check her tax free millions!!Smh.

  93. I pay my Paye. They do not pay Quartely tax every time they have to do something and come to the Bir giving false numbers and that was twenty years when i worked Bir and the cry that is going now was the same cry as now. Why are you in business tofail. Come on people. I asked a sole trader once if you are not making money why stock?

  94. Many self employed persons and small business persons avoiding tax…too many persons escaping the tax net

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  96. Add d bake an skark vendors, d pudding an souse vendors,

  97. Wasn’t vat the tax DAT brought every one into d tax regime, so vat brought in d doubles man, an the maxi an taxi drivers.

  98. I so would mark them when they come by my stand.
    Special sauce!!!

  99. I am often amazed by the logic that suggests that the government is a proper allocator of resources. The fact is that on evidence the taxes collected are currently not well spent but we have no choice but to pay. The question is not who should pay but instead why should we?

  100. She clearly needs 10 doubles wid non-slight scorpion.

  101. There’s some mysterious disease currently afflicting the educated (better yet schooled) experts in our land. The disease causes painful outbursts of drivel. Symptoms appear to resemble “diablemblem “. This disease was discovered in the hallowed halls of QRC by my classmate Colin Flemming. He discovered this in form 2A, after listening to one of our “beloved” teachers. His description was “plenty and flowing bullshit utterances which cause unimaginable pain, to those observing the outbursts.” The cure is to banish the utterer .