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Who ordered a “Big Mac” in Lent?! “Rottweiler” tries to steal the spotlight from the “Black Panther”

If Marlene McDonald is Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley’s answer, then what the hell is the question?

On Thursday 1 March, Keithos made a surprise move to steal the spotlight from the “Black Panther” as he announced his endorsement of Marlene III—despite the fact that Marlene I was about as welcomed as food poisoning and Marlene II was so farcical that even he walked out after the opening credits.

So barely a week after the Police eliminated “Christmas”, the Prime Minister indulges his unhealthy and unfathomable craving for a “Big Mac” in the middle of Lent.

Photo: Mr Live Wire was unreliably informed that, just to be safe, Cedric Burke (centre) made sure to keep his hand firmly on his OWN wallet!

Marlene’s new appointment as Minister in the Ministry of Public Administration and Communications brought two things to mind. First, Keithos should really consider seeing new people, if he considers the likes of Marlene and Darryl Smith to be so indispensable. And, two, whatever is Cedric “Godfather Burkie” Burke going to wear?

After weeks of haranguing the Opposition into supporting the Anti-Gang Legislation, Rowley then swears in his only MP who has been publicly linked to an alleged underworld figure.

What is the point of campaigning for ‘hot spot’ residents to “snitch” on gang members when alleged criminals can get politicians to hop and skip faster than most citizens can get a police officer to pick up the phone?

Well, Marlene it is anyway. And, unless Maxie Cuffie is on a steady diet of vibranium herb, it seems inevitable that the POS South MP will eventually inherit the portfolio of the ailing minister.

Are we being too harsh on Keithos?

Mr Live Wire tries to step into some prime ministerial shoes.

Scenario: You are the leader of a developing nation who is struggling to curb violent crime, shake off the stigma of corruption and prove to naysayers that the “Rottweiler” is hotter than the “Black Panther” on any damn day of the week.

Photo: Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley enjoys an exchange with the media.
(Courtesy Jyoti Communication)

A Cabinet position becomes available and you have three MPs without substantial portfolios. Which of the following three do you hire?:

(a) D’Abadie/O’Meara MP and Retired Brigadier General Ancil Antoine: a hero of the 1990 attempted coup when he led troops into action against Jamaat Al-Muslimeen forces in Port-of-Spain, and a former deputy general of the Inter-American Defense Board;

(b) Laventille East/Morvant MP and businessman Adrian Leonce: a 38-year-old neophyte, born and bred in an oft maligned hotspot, with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering;

(c) Port-of-Spain South MP Marlene McDonald: whom you sacked twice before because of question marks over her integrity and because she showed up at a swearing-in ceremony with an alleged member of the criminal underworld.

Well, duh…

About Mr. Live Wire

Mr. Live Wire
Mr. Live Wire is an avid news reader who translates media reports for persons who can handle the truth. And satire. Unlike Jack Nicholson, he rarely yells.

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  1. Clearly people don’t like to read the truth. Continue to do your thing buddy, i will continue to read and enjoy it. People have to learn to respect other peoples opinion.

  2. Ah Red and Ready….!!

    Ah guh take Mih Big Mac with Ferries…!!

    60 Years Ah Vote PNM …!!

    Mih house Nice…!!

    Ah Have ah Nice Job…!!

    Mih Community Leaders Have Mih Community Safe… !!!

    Ah living Good….!!

    Ah will Always be Red n Ready…!!

    We in Charge Now…!!

    Get Used to it…!!

    We Red n Ready…!!!

    Deal with it..!!

    This is PNM Country…!!

    Put dat in yuh pipe n smoke it…!!

  3. All I want to know is what secret Marlene holding for the P/M,

  4. when alluh cud see beyond race and party that will be a new day,right now is a mockery on the westminister system,when u can hire and fire ,hire and fire and rehire a minister

  5. Look how long the UNC recycling one set of old thieves and their supporters mouth close

  6. U do it as a Boss Sir let them eat their hateful heart out.

  7. Damian Freeze and Lionel Seeraram – why you so stupid and feel only you two can show your personal prejudices. Let others express themselves – you are not the society police.

  8. Marlene marlene marlene… who cares.. CALL D BYE ELECTION FOR LA HORQUETTA/ TALPATO.. and come clean on maxxie cuffie status and monies spent on him

  9. Once again total disrespect to people of African descent.

  10. I’ll just rest this here for no particular reason at all..

  11. That logic is only applicable if each misstep is treated as a first. I guess the Mac gets a 3rd chance to make a 2nd mistake or is it a 2nd chance to make a 3rd one? Either way… ?? #ThreeStrikes

  12. Everybody deserves a second chance, says Rowley… After giving Marlene a THIRD chance. Lol. Trinidad sweet.

  13. In case you all missed it: A University in Australia is conducting an experiment as to whether donkeys, asses, monkeys are capable of doing the same as humans. Hence the return of the PNM party. Due to the slow learning process the experiment is going to take another 2yrs and possible a lifetime to determine the result.

  14. Still try something than noting god will always bless him and keep him safe amen

  15. Them UNC have short pants they for get everything they do what a shame

  16. The people vote for Marlene snd they will vote for again and again. Eat all yuh heart out.Good decision.Prime Ministet

  17. Most incompetent PM ever.

  18. Of all the person’s he could chose is a recycled has-been with a corrupt past. I guess these are the only kind of people who might have some sort respect for him. That’s saying a lot about our PM.

  19. It’s not over till the fat Lady sings .show them pm that your the man

  20. Wired 868….do you want to be taken seriously? The Big Mac input into your reporting shows a lack of maturity and consideration for persons who might be in a different weight class to the average persons in society. It shows a lack of imagination when the catch phrase for your article deals with someone’s weight. Good reporting is unbiased and void of name calling. Increase your argument….

    • There is a difference between satire and straight news coverage. You are not familiar with the Live Wire column?

    • I am very much familiar….but too many times the puccong causes the truth being reported to be taken too lightly… the average folk is going to be kyah kyah kyah at the piccong and the true substance is going to be looked over.

    • Lol. Well that is true Kern. But then they have about a dozen other places to get the straight news coverage.
      The Mr Live Wire column is supposed to give you a spoonful of honey with your medicine.

    • Fair enough….i stand corrected then.
      Enjoy your day

    • Yuh have to laugh and thanks for the laughter. The other option is slitting my wrists.

    • Kern, If she fat, she fat. Whats the problem? If there is one she knows where the gym is.

    • Mike Penco how old are you sir?

    • Mr Augustin
      They are missing the point. Everything is passed off as picong.Time to get serious Maybe my sense of humor in this regard is morbid.

    • Mr Kern if you wanna speak about piconng why not speak about our Prime Minister making a statement such as the car smells of piss and vomit, then when asked of his opinion on the Camile Robinson Regis and the funds she gave three different sources for he said something to the effect of if he buys panties for his wife he thinks she may find out before he reaches home with them. The whole of Trinidad and Tobago laugh kyah kyah kyah and didn’t realise they were side tracked from the truth.

    • Mr Desmond Medina gm sir….firstly.
      Secondly…. is this your methodology of dealing with a problem or issue? If we have a problem or difference of ideas with an issue does it make sense to jump from one to another and not solve the problem, or sway an opinion or agree to disagree? Independent issues sir…..unless you can show me the relation!
      Comes across to me as a gist of political affiliation…..

  21. Luv ur headline !!! But that’s the big question !!!

  22. Steve when TTUTA has Jack Warner as its feature speaker a year or two ago while he was wanted by FBI and on Interpol’s most wanted list…
    And a teacher came here fighting to the last about why he was a perfectly appropriate choice…
    Well it can be hard to keep a stiff upper lip and carry on at times like that.

    • i saw someone make a very valid point yesterday about Maxie Cuffie…if he is incapable of carrying out the duties for medical reasons, why is he still the appointed Cabinet Minister?

    • It is a valid point. I know Maxie from the media and, from a humanitarian standpoint, of course I want him to be taken care of. But it does make you wonder.

    • This is a country where we have to legislate ethics and morality. Laws need to be changed to ensure at some juncture a by-election has to be triggered and a minister is replaced if he or she is medically or otherwise unable to fulfill their role

  23. All it says is…she has files that cyah buss…

  24. Marlene getting her appointment is no surprise to me politics has a morality of its own ,i was of the opinion Cuffie was on his way back for his job this is why we spent millions on him hmmmmm.

    • Dem eh studying cuffie no more.. such is d pnm supporter.. marlene dis and marlene dat.. pelt rice in d air for chicken

    • You almost hit the mark there bro. Marlene and Darryl are both elected MP’s and therefore can vote in the lower house. With Maxie’s return doubtful, those two votes are critical for the PM to maintain a comfortable majority in the lower house. Members have crossed the floor in the past.

  25. man all i could do was laugh when i saw this happen yesterday. is there really such a shortage of qualified persons for this post? Kamla might as well bring back Jack next election since the PM declare people deserve second chances. what really annoys me the most though is why these investigations take so damn long to complete? is anyone even investigating anything at all right now or is just buried under a pile somewhere because no one has the will power to push it forward?

  26. Do the PNM “til a dead” posters here get paid or is it out of a perverse love for party?

  27. Those condoning the actions of the PM were condemning Kamla when she did the same thing . Those condemning the actions of the PM are the same ones that were supporting Kamla when she did the same thing . SIX OF ONE ,HALF DOZEN OF THE OTHER ! .

  28. Brilliant writing and take on the scandal of the day. Each day our politicians prove to us that there is no morality and integrity in politics; no wonder it’s hard to attract talented persons to the field. At this point I don’t know what’s worse or who have less shame….Keith for offering or Marlene for accepting….smdh

  29. And the lady is quite correct. I disrespect those who earn my disrespect, and she is no different. That’s my prerogative.!

  30. Just can’t fathom this. And all who condone this move just as bad.

  31. I notice Mr Livewire seems to have a lot of pnm supporter input if its Kamla’s fault. My academic training makes me draw some conclusions about the lil problem of objectivity, ie the inability to move beyond ‘PNM till a deddery’ and to think of the real patriotic duty, ie to see beyond race/party affection and really focus on these worrying moves. I mean to say, we will nevah grow up or develop as a nation if we cannot tell the likes of Rowley and the party that the electorate/their supporters are pretty pissed off with these sorts of idiocies that helps to drag T&T further down into the abyss. Yes, KPB and the PP did their share too and were rightly pilloried. I think this issue deserves equal if not more attention than the Black Panther for fairly obvious reasons, surely. Why the lack of noise, Lasana Liburd? Any idea?

    • Wha!!! yuh read through the comments on this thread?

    • I believe the relative silence could be for more reasons than people just being PNM til a dead.
      I do think that because the Live Wire criticized the PP during the last administration, a lot of people thought it was a PNM site and so we built up a lot of readers with those leanings. Most of the one-eyed followers have long since left the group. Funny I saw someone yesterday declare that he realise long time Live Wire is a UNC supporter and how come we never criticized the last government. Lol.
      The other thing might be that people are just getting more disenchanted with politics on the whole and feel more impotent than ever.
      After a while, you just start to feel like you’re repeating the same thing all the time.
      If there was a general election tomorrow, how many people would vote?
      My guess is that most people vote out of fear for the other side now rather than love for their “side”. But that is just speculation of course. Hopefully the political scientists can enlighten us.

    • Lasana Liburd je comprends. I know you do have to do a tightrope act akin to Blondin crossing Niagara Falls on hi highwire. Kudos.

    • Lasana do the poll!!! People will respond because it’s you.

      And for the UNC hacks leaving, they still here just hiding under rocks

    • Kala I don’t focus on those naysayers too much. It is a diversion to start talking about the author rather than the story in any case.
      Other than that, our opinion section relies on what people choose to write us about.

    • Lasana Liburd yeah, but make sure you don’t give too much airing to the wingnuts on either side. Some sensible under 40s generation who want to talk about the future and what they can do to correct the idiodiktats from the older fools who foisted this mess pon dem.

    • It is a tough balancing act. We want to let all sides have a say so we can understand each other. But you hope for sensible stuff and you can’t make it up if you don’t get it. Lol.
      Really is a difficult role.

    • Kala please don’t insult the Gen X peeps or else they will make the system worst for your generation

    • Lasana Liburd Yep. You do a good job moderating. But I would still try to get the yoots involve. Time to put de old fools out to pasture. Them is like broken record now. We all know the problems. Time to fix them. :-p

    • Ravi Maharaj oh I thought I did the opposite Ravi. read it again.

    • Seriously Kala, the only people that can fix this are those in position to fix it.

      It seems as if that part will never happen.

    • Seems as if the PM doesn’t have much support outside of the cabinet and appointed positions to be able to choose someone “better”

    • hmmm not convinced. same old, same old.

    • Kala well I too think it’s a load of hors shit

  32. The haters will always keep on hating. ..

  33. Yes but theh say the man coming bacm soon

  34. The PRIME MINISTER of Trinidad &Tobago,Dr. Keith Christopher Rowley,As you walk your road May each moment be blessed with the brightness of his glory the goodness of his love, May you walk in faith and believe all these great gifts from him will shine forth in your life. God bless you and your family.

  35. Lol; the Pnm fb warriors come out for Mr Liburd…

  36. What did marlene do. It have people who thief billions and roaming free and waiting to get back into government

  37. Some ppl in this country really only see/read and hear what they want to yes ‍♀️

  38. I have come to think of said Minister as ‘a failed state’.

  39. But why not?? Firstly, she was re-appointed the first time because the accusations made against her was false, the second appointed time I have no concrete evidence as to why Burke showed up after all the constituency she serves he lives there. Thirdly no one have privy to the information that our honorable prime minister has. So I am in favor who don’t like it that’s them. I thought you not guilty until proven so. This is nothing compare to what robbery we got from the previous 5yrs so Marlene go forth and represent and do your job. Until the shoes is on either one of our foot then we can relate. The prime minister doing the best job he can with very little.

  40. Mr live wire is one of the biggest supporter of the failed unc check his editorials for a while

  41. Someone posted “There are thousands of others out here who would not mind a short-term contract, even if occasionally.”

  42. http://newsday.co.tt/2018/03/01/marlene-mum-at-swearing-in/

    Minister in the Ministry of Public Administration and COMMUNICATIONS “…would not be entertaining any questions.”…. this country is the greatest lolololol.

  43. That headline tho!
    “Who ordered a Big Mac in lent?” #Win

  44. We really scraping the bottom of the barrel here. Twice fired and resurrected once again. Is this all we have to offer?

  45. Tunnel vision leadership! He needs to remove his blinders.

  46. It genuinely concerns me that he keeps returning her with so many question marks over her integrity. One really has to wonder why he feels the need to continually bring her back . Does he realise his own judgement is questioned when he does things like this?

  47. Can’t wait to see the Burkie memes

  48. My mother always said thing to cry about you laughing
    I just got slapped again

  49. Dr Rowley You are a strong man. They will continue to disrespect. It is part of the DNA. Go brave with the people’s business.Never forget the people of Trinidad &Tobago. One Day is all I would say.

    • Go brave and mess up the country some more.

      Bu 2020 hope wr stll have a country worth redeeming.

    • My question to you Miss Chloe Paul don’t you realize by now your so call strong man already forget the people of Trinidad and Tobago or is it you are so blinded by your PNM juice you can’t see what going on in the contry. Anyways blame KAMLA is she fault Rowley biggest disgrace in T&T.

    • Chloe Paul….I agree with you 100%…the disrespect is in the DNA!

    • Disrespect to women!!!!! WTF who disrespects women more than Rowley?

    • They are not disrespecting Dr Rowley are disrespecting all african by thier comments

    • Devica Maharaj-Ramnath 3 Beautiful Brilliant women in his household . daughters and 1 wife. Nuff Class. I respect all leaders in T&T. Trying to control people like you is difficult. Get my drift.Resort to what you know best. DISRESPECT.

    • MP Marlene MacDonald Economist, Attorney T&T Citizen. Welcome.

    • Shit is shit! Why you all playing “Victim” when the shoe is on the other foot? Disrespect??? Give me a break. If you want to talk disrespect, you shouldn’t laugh when other Leaders are being disrespected on a daily basis. This action is plain and simple hypocritical.

    • Chloe Paul, Camille Marshall, Sherwin Quashie I like how you change the old talk to one about respect.

      If taking about the gross incompetence of Rowlie and the forty thieves, about the absolute loss of hope by some people in TT that this Govt can get us out of the abyss this present regime has dug us into cause you to think that we are disrespecting all Africans or Rowley’s wife and daughters then something is wrong with your logic.

      Or were you just trying to shift the conversation away from this bunch of inept and clueless bunch of ministers called the PNM.

    • Chloe dont have them set of Facking pretender to study to 2010 to 2015 the only thing then in tief is the WIND

    • Kamla respect women every woman she throw out she cabinet

    • Ann-marie Charles I guess you love how they tiefing now and banking in Carliafornia.

      But then again its your people tiefing so you dont mind. Ent

    • Let Chloe Paul collect d $500 in peace..

    • And chloe add criminal and gang member to d list at mcdonalds…. hahaha.. u real sarcastic

    • Kill dem dead kamla eh do nutten…possessed by race

    • Damian Freeze $500.00 for what enlighten me.Is that what you are paid to fog up comments with fake profiles.

    • I really cannot believe that people continue to have faith in this PNM Govt.
      Everything they touch end up in corruption and end up being worse off than before. Everything Stop Running Govt is what the PNM is.

      The only reason that I can see for their vociferous defence of this incompetent and corrupt regime is race race and race.

      Dont you see that when they have nothing more to say in defence of this stupid lying and tiefing leader and his forty thieves they always fallback on accusing people of race race race and accusing people of desrespect.

    • From a young age all trinis become aware that corruption dominates all aspects of government .. many of us would say around election time that it is down to a choice between the lesser of the 2 the evils.. most of us feel there might not be much that we can do about corruption.. but we always hope that the govt we choose has the heart to be less corrupt than the last and has the ability to do alot more to develop tnt.. to handle economic stability and economic growth..law enforcement ..diversification..and all the other good things that will make us a developed.country….right now alot of people feel like they dont know whats going to happen tommorrow.. everything is failing in a big way ..it is very sad.. the hope for a good life for all in trinidad is dimming quickly…going venezuela like.. scary.. many are trying to run to a foreign place where they can be safe and able to exist and thrive…”those who can afford to run will run, but what about those who cant?” does not feel like a sweet tnt anymore..

    • chloe and ann-marie.. it is not about yellow or red..if you all cannot agree in some way to this.. it really hurts my heart..

  50. Lasana I honestly cannot believe he’s re-introduced her to Cabinet after all the crap she’s done! It really doesn’t leave a very good taste in many of our mouths and it only proves to make T&T look more pathetic.

  51. This action is really an insult to the nation.

  52. mr wire please get of we shoulder our very dusty

  53. He is totally void of creative ideas and bringing her back in good standing would give him that extra boost that he needs. I PITY THE DUDE!

  54. Maybe the government misunderstood the slogan: ‘recycling is good’!

  55. Oh Gawd Mr Live Wire

    Yuh sure yuh fax right?… Ah mean facts… Surely the rottweiler hasn’t resorted to sucking rotten eggs to survive… Eh?

    Buh doh stress on the Anti-gang legislation… Is ah government make work programme for Burkie and pals to get a lil kickback without even the show of a contract. You eh see compensation flying out the treasury in a big way?

  56. Pathetic is the state of this country and its leaders!

  57. Can i have fries with that..

  58. You better lend him a suit, LL.

  59. When this government leaves, it would not be for a lack of trying to convince people they don’t care to stay.. SMH

  60. She knows something we don’t know