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Ready to represent! (Video) T&T Women’s U-20 squad talk to Wired868TV

Trinidad and Tobago Women’s National Under-20 Team coach Jamaal Shabazz and players Natisha John, Amaya Ellis, Ranae Ward, Asha James and Aaliyah Prince speak to Wired868TV before the CONCACAF Championships in Couva, Trinidad:

Editor’s Note: Ellis is injured and will miss the CONCACAF tournament.

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  1. Praising the girls after playing their hearts out is admirable, but will do little to lift their spirit and self confidence.
    What they are entitled to is proper preparation in all respects so when they play their hearts out, they get the results they deserve. Step up and take responsibility TTFA.
    I said before that Haiti is a far poorer nation than us, but they use the FIFA grants to prepare their teams. We MUST do the same.

  2. “I think the girls played their heart out tonight and [I’m] very satisfied that they gave of their best. We know we’ve got to make a better preparation going forward and try to prepare a team that can be more intense in the battles.”
    T&T Women’s U-20 coach Jamaal Shabazz praises his team’s effort after their third straight defeat against Costa Rica

  3. Hoping for a good display of football from our girls and qualification to WC.

  4. Bro “female girls, lol?” Anyway, I wish them all the best. I hope Malaika Dedier is the starting goalie

  5. Love in the house from Shaka FC TNT young lady’s

  6. Nkenge Nedd want a bet on the score later

  7. Under 20 female “girls”……ok then

  8. Well done documentary. Congratulations Wired 868✅✅✅

  9. Well you know that you know the subject eh Ian R Briggs and you have the lens for potentially great players eh.

  10. I like her confidence but imo she needs a little more work technically and tactically to back up the talk and the hype…. dont get me wrong she has confidence and potential to be something special… again I hope I am wrong on this….

  11. Good luck ladies. Keep your shape, team that is, going forward and in defense. But most of all, stay alert between those two phases so that you can transition well and hopefully better than the opposition.

  12. Good luck ladies red white and black all the way

  13. Good luck ladies I wish u all the best give your all for your country we need sumting to cheer to be proud about nothing in country but negatives murders crime do this for the red white and black show the politician corporate Trinidad and Tobago why they should support our sports men and ladies and they should invest in sports heavily red white and black all the way

  14. i like the positive can do attitude of the young ladies. Especially Aaliyah Prince – “you have to come real good to stop this #10”. None of the stupid talk about ‘we just want to be competitive’. These women are thinking winning. I just wish, like the coach. that there could have been more exposure to top class games during preparation

  15. Buh A A the player Ellis is from my second sweetest country…lol

  16. We will replay this at the end of the tournament. And then analyze what was said.

  17. Ah feel it for Amaya. Ah know she wanted to play so bad. She’ll be a massive miss but all the best and good luck to the young ladies