Chasing Greatness868 (Video): MX Prime on childhood challenges, weight loss and going full extreme

In the second of a two part interview with Wired868TV, MX Prime discusses his childhood challenges, weight loss, the Ultimate Rejects and going to the Full Extreme:

Editor’s Note: Video footage by Kyle Walcott via

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  1. Happy New year God Richly bless you and your family and your music stay strong in the Lord.

  2. I always admired this young man.

  3. Chasinggreatness868. Yes! Love a number of things about this. A look beneath the surface, the gems shared, the positivity of it all. Appreciated that the interviewer was relaxed, interview not rushed, light/focus on the guest who was open and deliberate in his expressions. Yes!

  4. Very articulate and humble guy. I wish him continued success. Can’t wait to see what next year will bring

  5. Always admired him. Very humble man.

  6. Lasana I loved this! I love him, and I love that you let him carry the conversation, and show us exactly who he is, and what drives him. As a former teacher I was also fascinated by his understanding of the support structure that helped him develop into the person he’s become.

    • Thanks Pat. He is a man who has figured out who he is and what his goals are. That’s being blessed for sure. Self-discipline is not such a common trait.
      I can only wish Ignazio Mx Prime Thomas all the best and I’d remain a supporter.

  7. Boom.

    Great interview. Meaning, purpose and value.

    Hope some youths hear this out here

  8. Solid youth from the get go. Insightful.

  9. Special thanks again to Kyle Walker ( for the video footage used. 😉

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