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Wired868TV Presents (Video): South Zone contenders, Fyzabad Secondary

Wired868, in conjunction with Expression House Media and Subaru, takes you behind the scenes of South Zone challengers, Fyzabad Secondary.

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Expression House Media Limited is a video production company that combines expertise and passion to produce innovative cinematography, editing and motion graphics.

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  1. I can’t understand y is only the sch in south alu doin dat checked the other sch it hv undercover thing that u do not know

  2. Has this Principal been suspended for registering football players in 6th Form with FALSE PAPERS?

  3. ah don’t understand wat u mean by dat about my email

  4. How come I ain’t see signal hill from Tobago own as yet

  5. Most schools has there own ground the league is 7 games old last league game to go wich is valencia home game and you move it base on a once sided report from Arima north with out informing valencia secondary

  6. I have no respect for ssfl officials they are unfair to certain school and there officias are a law within there own rules very advantougus to the smalker district school .

  7. That’s a big break for school football players stay focus work hard play hard be skilled pray hard