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TTFA “concerned” about USSF tweets; hits back with photo from SnowClásico

The following press statement and accompanying photograph from the United States’ infamous 1-0 World Cup qualifying over Costa Rica—during a snowstorm in Colorado last year—were issued by the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA):

The Trinidad and Tobago Football Association has noted with concern several social media posts by the US Soccer team’s official Twitter account.

Photo: A USSF tweet shows players being given piggy-back rides to the Ato Boldon Stadium field on 9 October 2017.

These posts highlighted rain water around the track which was the only area so affected at the Ato Boldon Stadium, the match venue for Tuesday night’s World Cup Qualifying Match between Trinidad and Tobago and the United States.

The posts however failed to note the adverse weather patterns which the country faced over several days leading up to today.

General Secretary for the TTFA, Justin Latapy-George confirms that “the Stadium Management and the Sport Company of Trinidad and Tobago were aware of the situation and at that time were working on pumping the water off the track.”

Further, although the water basin on the track around the field was visibly high, the decision to use or not use the field is at the discretion of the Match Commissioner.

TTFA Media can reliably report that, despite the high-water table, the US team used the field for training following which the stadium management expressed concern as to the condition following this training session.

Photo: An image from the United States’ infamous 1-0 World Cup qualifying win over Costa Rica during a snowstorm in Colorado on 22 March 2013.
(Courtesy TTFA)

However, The Trinidad and Tobago Football Association continues to work alongside Stadium Management to prepare the facility for tomorrow’s planned game and all parties are confident the game will be contested.

Editor’s Note: Click HERE to see ESPN’s counter-claim that the TTFA and SPORTT have released “fake news” over state of the Ato Boldon Stadium ground. 

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  1. You have to be kidding me. They fretting over some water, look at snow! Wth.

  2. TTFA don’t make allyuh self ah jackass. Allyuh cyar be taking medicine for Costa Rica cold (no pun intended).

  3. Snow and high altitudes are all acceptable standards in football. A water soaked field won’t benefit us neither them. Are we so ashamed to say that we lack proper standards and have once again exposed our mediocrity to the world? What is wrong with the HC Stadium in Port of Spain? Isn’t that our flagship?

  4. Did the response fix the field
    Fire everybody

  5. It eh go have snow or be at high altitude.

  6. But wouldn’t the poor pitch affect our players too?

  7. Our last match against USA was played in Colorado or something like that…..
    They tend to take us warm weather countries up to the cold zones to play in order to enforce favor……..
    Likewise central American countries take us to altitude….
    It’s called home advantage….
    At the same time I’m not for playing in deplorable conditions but there are ways to apply technique to favor your venue…

  8. Mahadeo Sookoo this is a trend America likes to set, they like show they do people what they want, but they want the best for there players

  9. Some of all you really f….ing good . So because they play a match in the snow it ok for we to play a match in a below standard field. No wonder this pack of players can’t win a game. Always looking for excuse to take the blame away from them.

  10. ‘DJW’ the Trini Donald Trump…

  11. The jammetry by DJW and TTFA is ridiculous

  12. Nice we should beat dem now and let den stay home and watch world cup wid we