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July 1990 extra: An ex-Jamaat elder speaks out; how the shot was called on me

“I have earned the right to speak because of my commitment to Islam and because of the blood that gushed forth from me because of speaking out and being critical.

“I speak on the authority of the four 357 magnum bullets from the gun that Mark Guerra gave to Quincy to shoot at me and my home and family.”

The following letter, termed “An open letter to the leadership and membership of the Jamaat-al-Muslimeen,” was shared by Hassan Anyabwile, who is recognised as one of the founders of the Jamaat-al-Muslimeen. In the interest of clarity, minor edits have been made to the original text.

Photo: Imam Yasin Abu Bakr (right) chats with a member of the Jamaat-al-Muslimeen.

Here we are again, 27th of July, and not much has changed except the players.

Those who took up arms to apply corrective surgery to a sick society now have the same diseases as the society. Those whose intention was to change the outta-timing rhythm of society then are now playing mass (or the ass) and jumping in the same band.

That’s why I understand some reasons why Allah took us just to that point and not an inch further.

How did I come to understand this?

By looking at the behaviour of the Muslims who were involved in that militant action—this includes me—you see how the secrets of our hearts have been manifested.

Allah is most wise and knows what he knows before it occurs. He knew that to put power in the hands of a people with certain types of behaviour and lack of spirituality would only lead to dictatorship and destruction.

Photo: Soldiers surround TTT headquarters during the 1990 insurrection.

So I thank Allah that he has not inflicted on Trinidad and Tobago what we Muslims of the Jamaat-al-Muslimeen have manifested.

This is my criticism of us, the leadership and membership of the Jamaat-al- Muslimeen.

I say this without fear or favour, I say this and include myself because I was part of that leadership, part of that Jamaat and I actively took part in attacking a wicked regime to check State terrorism.

I am not pointing any fingers at any group of persons that does not include me; I do not absolve myself because I am no better than anyone else.

So the entire Jamaat-al-Muslimeen, all of us, need to do Muhasabah, or self-criticism if the organisation is not to be relegated to the dustbin of history.

Its membership should stop being a herd of sheep, we who seem to be unaware that Mushurah (consultation) is frank and without fear. This is our political system, which is based not only on obedience and following the leader but also on supporting the leader by consultation and checking him in his excesses.

Didn’t Allah say in the Quran in referring to the true Muslim community “…those who carry out their affairs by mutual consultation…”?

Photo: An insurrectionist surrenders to the Defence Force after the attempted coup on 27 July 1990.

I know that this assessment will not be greeted with approval by many, men and women, but it cannot be honestly challenged by anyone.

Others will say that I don’t have the right to criticise the JAM because I left it. My reply to such people is that I have as much right as anyone else in the history of the Jamaat.

If they are honest, no one can write me out of the history of the JAM (I am already seeing attempts to do just that); no one can blame me for the reasons that I left nor can anyone challenge my critique.

I have earned the right to speak because of my commitment to Islam and because of the blood that gushed forth from me because of speaking out and being critical.

I speak on the authority of the four 357 magnum bullets from the gun that Mark Guerra gave to Quincy to shoot at me and my home and family.

I earned that right by suffering the consequences of that assassination attempt which consigned me to a wheelchair and forever changed my life, affected my family and friends, not to mention affected me as a person.

Photo: Late Jamaat-al-Muslimeen member and suspected gang leader Mark Guerra.
(Copyright Trinidad Guardian)

But a long life  is one that gives you time to amend, to change your ways and to make Tawbah (repent).

The only person who ever asked for my forgiveness was the shooter himself, Quincy; he sent a message to me from prison asking for my forgiveness.

As for my many friends who literally abandoned me, few have asked me for forgiveness or have reached out to help me or just to enquire how I was going. Those who have done so, I thank you.

But I carry no hate for anyone, even the main plotters who know themselves. So far, two have died and three remain in their arrogance and hostility. May they perish in that state if they don’t rectify themselves.

By their actions against me, they dishonoured themselves and opened a door of treachery that they are unable to close.

I ask Allah that the people and members of the Jamaat stop worshipping man; they must fear only Allah and seek his approval.

I wish the JAM success and I don’t want to see all that work, all that commitment and all those sacrifices disappear due to the arrogance of one or two families.

Photo: Fuad Abu Bakr, the eldest son of Yasin Abu Bakr, poses in front of the Jamaat-al-Muslimeen’s mosque on Mucurapo Road.
(Copyright MEE/Amandla Thomas-Johnson)

No 1 Mucurapo belongs to the members of the JAM and the Muslim Community, not to one family. Because men have paid with their lives to ensure that Muslims of African descent have a place to worship without being discriminated against.

A place to build families, to teach our children and to hand down a vibrant Islam that is relevant to the ills of this narco State, with its wicked legislators and evil social customs, a State devoid of justice for all, a State where inequality kills.

A place that will ensure a future for our youths who don’t have to run to Syria behind a false flag or be gunned down in a foolish war with Rasta City or at the hands of corrupt police officers.

We must create that space for the youths to train them to carry this Islamic Movement, not a political party, a place to make them the future leaders of Islam in a world pregnant with the signs of the Last Days.

If we don’t do that, then we have failed our youth, all of whom – not just the children of the leader – are important. Our help and support must embrace all the children of those who sacrificed to establish the JAM with all its faults and successes.

The future is in our hands; failure or success will be our doing and we cannot blame anyone else.

Peace and Bless!

Photo: Muslim pilgrims making the hajj, only one of the responsibilities to be shouldered by devout Muslims.
(Courtesy spa.gov.sa)

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  1. You can do what you want but not for as long as you want.

  2. No one take Bakr or his off spring seriously. They survived by being lucky enough to be Trinidadian. Anywhere else they would have been killed to a man. Their treasonous, ill fated plan was never about the benefit of the people It was about the benefit of Bakr. A greedy narsisistic megalomaniac with the military acumen of a child playing with toy soldiers and the spiritual grounding as deep as a frying Pan. “If they break their treaties against you. Strike at the heads of disbelief.” That was the surah Bakr co-opted to justify “Jihad” Except I can find a dozen Hadith and Scripture that forbids the making of treaties with Gufas. And what treaties were broken anyway and by whom? To who’s disadvantage? Not John public. We never asked Yasin Abu-Bakr to correct anything. Nd for the reccord, taking over two buildings in POS does not a revolution make. STUPIDITY. HUBRIS. NARCISISM. 27 years later we can trace much of today’s violent crime epidemic right back to the Muslimeen’s attempted coup and the romanticism of their unpunished criminality. When I hear people like Bakr speak like they have some moral authority or some hidden insight into how to cure the ills of this country I feel to vomit. Yasin Abu-Bakr is a Terrorist. Just one that got away. He had great legal counsel in a country that is paralised by bachanalia and apathy. He and his off spring should shut up and get lost. How much money in compensation has the Jamat given to the victims they kidnapped and tortured in TTT and the Red House? Bakr is a loser. No right thinking person ever took the man seriously. Yet he speaks with an air of importance he does not have. He makes us all look like citizens of a Banana Republic. I mean really; Where else could a group of armed TERRORIST attemot to overthrow the democratically elected Government, Murder, Kidnap and Touture people, Shoot the sittimg PM in the ass, Traumatizes and plunges a nation into chaos and uncertainty, then gets off scotch free and sues the state for “their” damages? It would be hillarious if it wasn’t so humiliating, sad and vexing.

  3. What kind of insane medic would prescribe a vaccine of bullets to cure his perception of a ‘diseased’ society and be so proud of participating in the ‘innoculation” of innocent lives?

  4. Up to now, nobody has given the public the truth behind the 1990 coup. Even this man who want to talk still protecting people by staying quiet.

    Faud Abu Bakr. You have a long ways to go before anybody will take you seriously and it’s all because of your name and the scars that your father inflicted upon this country. If you and your father spoke the truth about the coup, maybe then people would take you all seriously.

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  6. Your Courts judged this matter and ruled on it. Allah will be the final judge on this matter. But it is instructive that your Courts ruled and said the muslimeen should be free and any further persecution would be an abuse of the process.
    Again when it comes to your democracy you are very selective in your belief. For me as a Muslim any time the law of the land contradicts the law of God….I stand submitting to my Lord

  7. Vernal you water down your position? Actions are judged by Allah by intentions. Intentions are in the heart ….those who fought on July 27th 1990 as a response to a command from Allah or those who fought for lawlessness or personal gain remains in the heart…..But the command was clear ….” And why would you not fight in the cause of Allah of men women and children who are oppressed and whose cry is our Lord rescue us from this town whose people are oppressors and raise for us one who would protect and raise for us one who would help”.
    Among the muslimeen who fought were teachers, businessmen, trade union men, butchers, bakers all vocations. Your view that Islam was not the motivator and lawlessness was ….is yet another nose ….to which you are entitled to but that is a view and despite your emotion it is NOT a Fact.

  8. Maybe for some ,not for all. I’m sure you didn’t expect that answer ?

  9. That coup had nothing to do with Islam and everything to do with lawlessness, Islam is just a cover.

  10. I haven’t given up, but you starting with the premise that yuh teaching me something. Not really sure why you think that is the case.

  11. LoL. I was up for debate you give up so easy

  12. You tilting at windmills fella, save yuhself the effort.

  13. I will give you a quick history course free of charge

  14. The great USA rebelled against the British, the British rebelled against the Romans etc etc

  15. Well the part of history you remember is for the rubbish heap of history if you can’t remember that revolution is inevitable when the people are oppressed by their leaders. Also that Islam came to take men from underneath the lordship of men and to put men under the 1 GOD

  16. I have forgotten more history than you know., and I’m pretty sure I know more about you than you know about me, so don’t flatter yuhself.

  17. The moral of the story of the Trinidad and Tobago Coup of 1990 is “Monkey know which tree tuh climb” because them knuckle draggers damned well knew which fig tree tuh climb.

    Yuh think they would have tried that shit in a real country and still be around tuh be sought out for interviews?

    They would have been in prison or dead!

  18. I was adout to answer that eh Lasana, but then I realized that it’s irrelevant.

  19. Vernal are you as passionate about Labour Day? And the murder of policeman Charlie King? You do know the story right.
    A policeman following the law tried to arrest Buzz Butler and was burnt alive. We recognise the day of his murder as Labour Day and it is celebrated by unions, prime ministers and political parties for decades. Not so?

  20. Yeah I signing off of this one…Solomon was a friend/co-worker whose hustle led down the path of being a police officer. We all know how that ended for him, yeah being shot and killed and burnt…know what i just can’t. Steups.

  21. The jokey thing about the warped reasoning of this cult’s members is that they reject and accept the law when it suites their needs.

  22. I just go to say and laughed at myself, like i talking to myself in this thread, and I Am!! you the only name I calling and citing, yet no response.

    But people who I not even studying here coming after me.

    In any case, I would gladly read, edit and be editor and support you finishing such a manuscript.

  23. I have started deceased Keith Smith insisted I did and then Louis Lee Sing urged me to complete it ….but by now and year’s end God willing.

  24. The other thing I would bring up at that dialog, how we pick and choose which trini criminals are acceptable.

    Some would drink champagne with duprey and Carlos, but won’t shake hands with Yasin. Where the former robbed blind a whole Caribbean of massive millions, how many billions, and live to return to ask for their booty stash back.

    Folk who fbriends with thieves who robbed the treasury in the greatest one five year time wealth transfer of one ethnic group to another, no one pauses to consider the future effects of that action on a nation.

    There is a lot of dissonance to align.
    And to betray the defense that these are unrelated experiences. They are not.


  25. Jamaal Shabazz, you ever wrote a book? On your personal experience and journey? On your political legal view of 1990? To integrate the elements you raise here?

  26. The Muslimeen are the neighbours of someone the fellow employee of another ….I not going SYRIA ….so those who have to live with me and I have to live with them….we can debate…..those who run away….it easy to say no dialogue….I guess you all living in US it was Bush who said no negotiating with terrorists…..

  27. Self defence is human nature if you are attacked Vernal you have a right to defend yourself you family and property. Whether the attacker be the state machinery or a bandit people have a right to defend themselves when their rights are trampled upon. But if the courts say that occupation by the state on jamaat property is illegal and they disobey the courts….then the matter is no longer a LEGAL issue ….it then became might is right….which then was a MILITARY issue. Vernal said nothing when the jamaat rights was trampled upon ….her democracy was tongue tied them….we defend ourselves which is just one part …..
    Then the state of the country at the time and the role of SOPO which was the trade union coalition at the time. But that is another angle

  28. Steupssss

    No one has the right to commit treason particularly in a democratic nation with laws. I don’t care if Jesus Christ himself and the Twelve Apostles took it upon themselves to take up arms against the democratically elected government because of real or perceived persecution and procede to shoot and blow up innocent members of the protective services no matter what any of today’s spin docters want to say.

    Murder is ALWAY murder and treason is ALWAYS treason. I wouldn’t even lower myself to talk football with any of them if I could help it.

  29. I do not think they fully knew

  30. Both of you show me how the muslimeen are terrorists and I will show you how the state terrorized the muslims and let the readers decide

    • Looks like you will not be taken up on that…

    • I think the society needs more frank discussion on touchy issues. I am often guilty of getting emotional on matters on Wired. But I remain committed to open discourse. I am one who took up arms on July 27 1990 and lived to coach 3 National teams in Caribbean football and have offers to coach 2 others. Yet I stand muslimeen some see me as a terrorist others dont but I am ready to state facts about the Jamaat actions ( of which I am a guilty part) . And I am ready to listen and debate differing views on the issue. If at any time I go off feel free to bring me back on track.

    • Quite commendable the willingness to frank discussions, Jamaal Shabazz

      I am neither for or against , or have angst, unresolved issues over July 1990.

      I do, however see it in a revolutionary attempt and historical context.

      I would love to be on such a panel discission to bring one thing to the fore.

      If the banner and characterization of “terrorist” is to be used, I would present the endless reams of records. Persons and professionals terrorized,marginalized, robbed and banish by the establishments called Trinidad society in the last fourteen years I have witnessed. At the hands of politicians, elite gatekeepers, academics, various cabals, tong and society folk, activists of a kind. Starting with me.

      I find that the greatest folly. Regular folk who think they are so upstanding and righteous have killed dozens, a myriad ways here. I want to pull That out of the closet. Integrate and Air. Stop pretending your hands are clean to those who hold guns.

    • Maven my hands are clean.. no pretense there at all, so do, speak for yourself.

    • Why you all colonial Nero’s does always absolve yourselves when NoBody talking to allyuh. ????

      Is your conscience and heart eating your brain so.????

      As far as I know are you a politician, gatekeeper, tong elite, pretend activist, or in a cabal that I mentioned?

      Water does flood allyuh easy easy eh
      Even standing on mountains.

    • Nigel S Scott at the moment I am gathering info on neglect to make a citizens arrest on some councillors in Morvant and Laventille. The same courts and rule of law you talk about stated that the Muslimeen should go free and “any further persecution will be an abuse of the process.” My friend Nigel S pull a squad and make a citizen’s arrest .

    • Did you get a chance to read the judgement ? Or again democracy is only when it suits what your emotion feels ?

    • Maven, you really flattering yuhself with that “water” and “flood” comment. You referenced “regular folk”… who apparently acting like they hands clean.

      “Regular folk who think they are so upstanding and righteous have killed dozens, a myriad ways here. I want to pull That out of the closet. Integrate and Air. Stop pretending your hands are clean to those who hold guns.”

      You might want to take a moment and plug back into reality and read what it is you actually wrote before throwing another tantrum.

    • Jamal you should be a rich man by now… apparently you invent some kinda special “emotion” button that allows you to tell my mood all the way here, clear across cyberspace.

    • Maven but I did exclude myself…. and you went on a tangential aside about “colonial Nero’s.”

      You’re welcome.

  31. Wired has given Two persons an avenue to air an incident that happened within the Jamaat al Muslimeen…..I think that was noble on the part of editor. I challenge both Vernal and Nigel S. to a discussion on the jamaat action on july 27 1990 ….come with your bag of terrorist rhetoric but know that I can answer bag with equal zest.

  32. If you believe that men wake up a morning and just decide to wreak havoc then …..your dismissive arrogance ….will debar you from the full story….but you not interested in both sides….so just as you can say your piece so to can any member of the muslimeen. If you do not want to read thats your prerogative but the Muslimeen has a right to speak same way.

    • The only “arrogance” shown here is by you, in your implicit insistence that your actions were justified/justifiable. If you took the time to read, and comprehend what you read, you would see that I never disagreed with your ‘right’ to speak. Any jackass could bray in the night, but that doesn’t mean that reasonable minds must heed their call.

      And do not be so silly as to assume that I am not familiar with the tired list of grievances proffered by your criminal collective. Sad to say but one of my own brothers was dull enough to fall in with your cohort, and like you, has been able to escape justice. How about that for ’emotional’ arguments, Lasana?

  33. Are you aware of the historic nature of the jamaat struggle leading up to the revolutionary strike on July 27th ? And you don’t care….because you were not in the position of those being oppressed then. But when somethings happens to you for sure …who in the kitchen feels the heat. Well Nigel S. Scott make a citizens arrest nah. If you want to put men in jail …make a citizens arrest. Dont imprison men with your mouth….the law allows for a citizens arrest

    • Before engaging you I would first have to insist that you recognize the difference between “revolution” and “coup.” It’s clear that the issue remains unclarified on the parts of you and your fellow traitors, some 27 years hence.

  34. Where were you Vernal and Nigel when the state disobeyed the Courts regarding the illegal occupation of police and army on jamaat property. Democracy was not so eloquent then. Cause and effects is the basis of any sound reasoning. We were not the first persons to terrorize. But then to some Geronimo was a terrorist

  35. These murderers are responsible for the 30 odd deaths during 1990. Most of them have answered for their crimes and are dead by the gun. The few scum suckers who are left will also pay one day. One way or the other.

  36. It’s worth noting that Manson was interviewed from jail… where many of these arrogant wanna-be jihadists belong.

  37. What bothers me most is in Trinidad we think it acceptable to give terrorists a platform from which to add insult to injury by reopening old woumds.

    Can anyone imagine the American media enabling the 9/11 plotters this way?

    • Vernal, if someone involved in 9/11 decided he wanted to speak out: every talk show host would want him and he would get a book and movie deal. Netflix would hire him to do a series.
      Surely you know that.

    • I sincerely doubt that Lasana. Lets face it, these men are criminals of the lowest order, cold blooded merderers, Islamic extremists, terrorists who attacked our country. Had they raped in the name of God and country instead of murder would we still be allowing them to attempt validating their crime by placing them in the media like national icons, statesmen, or do we still not recognize and abhor murder and treason.

      Y’all need to stop, step back and reevaluate.

    • When contemplating these miscreants spare a thought for the trauma they inflicted, the hurt they caused, the injury they did and the loss they caused to living breathing citizens of this country and indeed to the country intself.
      It’s unforgivable …. period!

    • Vernal, I believe it is better to understand why certain things happened as it gives us a better chance to address it in the future. This is not about glorifying.
      Of course I understand your point but I think it is all about how it is done. For instance, the Coup enquiry interviewed Jamaal Shabazz and had called Yasin Abu Bakr to testify.
      Would you say they should not have? Or the media should have boycotted their testimonies?

    • Lasana they would speak out after paying for their crimes. In The Land of Scotch and Coconut water, we make them “pay” with national coaching jobs, and hot microphones.

    • Well the legalities in that one you know better than most I’m sure Nigel. Having been freed, they have the same legal rights as anyone else here.

    • They were never tried actually, the Privy Council ruled that they could not be since amnesty was agreed upon. Slight legal distinction which I think informs much of the lingering sentiments on both sides. Nonetheless, I don’t deny that they won their freedom in court, much as did OJ and George Zimmerman.

      That being the case I also don’t deny that they have the same right to speak as any other citizen. Doesn’t mitigate the obscenity of having to see them flaunt their voices and actions in the faces of a still traumatized nation. It’s like being raped and watching your rapist go free, only to then have him unzip his pants and wave his dick in your face whenever he crosses your path.

      Having not paid the proper price for their treasonous crimes, they continue to live in some alternate reality where their actions were not only justifiable, but necessary and appropriate. If only the rest of us ungrateful and unwashed infidels were educated and enlightened enough to see that. Poor prophets who continue to go unappreciated in their own homelands.

    • Also we aren’t going to learn one ass from murderous terrorist when they have been pardoned for their crimes then given the opportunity to gloat over their injustice by the media.

    • Vernal, neither would they have learned.

    • Nigel you’re forgetting that they went before Justice Clebert Brooks first? I don’t think this piece was about gloating Vernal. But they do have as much rights as anyone else.

    • Lasana my recollection is that they took an interlocutory appeal (meaning while the case was still pending, not after sentence was passed) but time might have dimmed my recollection on that particular chapter of the episode.

    • I don’t give a damn what this piece is about, all I know is in 1990 a group of local Islamic extremists stormed parliament, killed police officers, injured others, held government hostage on live flicking television, shot the Prime Minister, got off (because this is a Mickey Mouse country with a sham justice system) and every year on the anniversary of their crime they are entertained by the local media like national icons.

      Those are all the facts that are relevant.

    • As far as I recall, Justice Brooks freed the Jamaat based on the amnesty they received. The Govt appealed to Privy Council who ruled the amnesty invalid. And the Govt decided it would be too problematic to re-arrest the Jamaat.

    • “Like national icons” is a grave misrepresentation Vernal. That might be because you don’t actually read the stories on them.

    • Amnesty granted under duress.
      By this reasoning a bandit given the valuables of his victims during a holdup should be allowed to keep them.

    • I will NEVER read anything these monsters have to say regarding that event.

    • You may be correct Lasana but I still think they avoided trial, again a bit of a technicality but they were freed because the judge ruled that they could not be tried… as opposed to them being tried and acquitted.

      Vernal bingo! Under duress. We would void any contract formed under duress, but rubber stamp treason under the same.

    • Mickey Mouse country with a sham justice system and the media does not take that into consideration.

      Lasana is mih boy eh, but today he wrong!

  38. I have two questions for Fuad Abu-Bakr

    1. If you know why Mr. Hasan was shot please by all means state why. Allah says separate truth from falsehood and for me personally I’d like to know since u brought up that topic with such confidence.

    2. Do you actually know what asylum seekers get when it’s granted to them cuz it seems to me that u just tried to insult Hasan Anyabwile by using that line.

  39. steups…. an opportunity seized to grind an axe against one time fellow-terrorists, to condemn would-be assassins, and to tongue-lash the rest of society for not being righteous enough in the eyes of his god. Waste of bandwith.

  40. I find this worrying. The same rhetoric of self assigned religious authority to act against perceived evils, corruption and anti Islamic practices. Compounded with the resignation that it didn’t work out, not because Allah disapproved of the ideology, but because the ideological expression was deficient. A declaration of a false flag in Syria, the need for “consultation” according to Quran and bemoaning gang warfare. That aside, this gave excellent insights into the very human fears, beliefs and issues within the JaM that runs deeper than religion. Meanwhile, there are many who will share strongly aligned opinions and similar values of a religious nature and who would raise self righteous indignation that this was an armed response in the name of the same reasons.

  41. and that’s why the place still looks like a homeless shelter in the early eighties

  42. Know that situation well as ….best i keep quiet.Hassan,my friend….both you and i know .All the best brother.

  43. For “a reason” Fuad? Is there ever “a reason” to shoot someone, their house and family members except in self-defence perhaps? I will let the masses come to their conclusion!

    • People do all sorts of terrible stuff. All I said is there is a reason why whoever shot him shot him. He didnt say that, but he pointed fingers and made assertions. Then went further to sew seeds of discord. We need to be careful not to be gullible sometimes.

  44. Is this a recent letter Lasana Liburd or one from the archives?

  45. Whoever shot him did so for a reason, didn’t see that mentioned. It is a hell of a punishment or test to be an Asylum seeker in the UK and also paralysed. God replaces men who don’t serve his purpose. Allah knows best. The Jamaat has stood the test of time. All willing to contribute with love and togetherness are welcome and many, from foundation and recent, continue in the brotherhood and struggle. Jealousy, Envy and decisiveness are the tools of the devil. As much as you mask it in pretty words and Islam rhetoric. May Allah forgive us and guide us all.

    • You really want to hear the reason mr. Politician? I don’t confuse the oppression of men for the “punishment or test of Allah”.
      Now in the open this is the true face of an aspiring Politician who wants to lead this Society.
      Hope when you know the reason you can deal with it.

    • Speak a good word or remain silent. Most of your sins is because of your tongues. No soul will bear the burden of another. The children of the Jamaat must focus on doing the best they can do, living good lives in service to man and Alllah (God). Unity is essential. The Rasoul sws was a master politician. Avoid having a myopic mind. The struggle we face is to be met with Hickma. You have contributed noting positive with your recent statements. If you can’t recognise the flaws in your statements add blind to the “oppression” that you supposedly face. If all of the jinn and mankind tried to stop the decree that we face from Allah they wouldn’t. So may Allah free us with faith. Their isn’t even ill feeling in Paradise we should aim for that. The bitterness in speech speaks to that lack of faith. Remember envy eats our good deeds like fire eats wood. Every soul that steps in the Jamaat is welcome except the few who are not welcome. I saw someone mention that people get the leader they deserve, in this light I understand why some people have left the Jamaat, maybe its because they dont deserve to be led by a not perfect but “Good” leader. So much positivity continues in the Jamaat. In general focus on that and focus on contributing positively to the world.

    • You should’ve stuck to the first sentence .Speak good or remain silent . A reminder to us ALL.Or does it not apply to you Fuad Abu-Bakr

    • Muslim killing Muslim or rather trying. This the madness/negativity that world sees,about our beloved Islam. The internal feuding. I don’t know when we will get it together as African Muslims in Trinidad. These are some of the reasons,why we will always have problems. We are killing out ourselves. African Muslims lets get our house in ORDER!!! WE ARE A MUSLIMS, ISLAM IS ABOUT PEACE AND BY EXTENSION ORDER!!!

    • Abdul Adheem Muhammad Islam is about Justice and not sweeping things under the rug.

    • Agreed Hasan Anyabwile. The Muslim community is at a really bad place, especially were society is concerned. After 1990 the Muslim community was cloaked with a negative sigma. I love ISLAM and we as Muslims need to fix our home. This internal feuding is not Islam, we know the beauty of Islam. The world looks at Islam as some terrorist organization, really??? The word ” Islam ” means “PEACE”. I’m a servant of Allah. I am no terrorist. We as Muslims have to fix this. Let’s start with peace . Let’s resolve all the pending issues. Let’s fight the jihad within oneself. Assalaamu Alaikum Warahamutallhi Wa barakatuh.

  46. This is a great perspective right here.

    • And does not just apply to the JAM. I have made a steady study and realize all the activists, agitators, critics, and new party creators, all want and are in pursuit of the same things, and the same positions held by those they try to unseat.

      All want a piece of the Trini pie, the treasury, their edge of corruption, their position to wield.
      Check it. Not a one offers a new system. And mimic talk of constitutional reform is just theatre for audience.

      Programs, Projects and New Systems of Governance are what you never see the outline, prescribe or offer.

      “Intentions manifest” for sure.

      Great Piece for Emancipation.

      What were the intentions of those who came before? That have us in this current stew? Who were the liberators maligned and destroyed to maintain old structures of dominance and oppression? And the ones who rose to maintain them

      Hard Questions.

    • Maven Huggins Another great perspective! While I do appreciate you general insight and — seemingly — valid points. I really do appreciate his perspective as a past member of the JAM?

      As a ex-Babylon who used to be parked outside the Jamaat before the insurrection, it’s always interesting to hear what these guys have to say. Additionally, as ah ex “block-man” who personally knew other “Muslimeen” who were “ring-down” bandit and criminal, I always wonder who these guys really were back in dem days?

      You intimation didn’t go over my head bredda, just wanted to drive home that it was great to me coming from one of those guys specifically…and i do really appreciate your insights etc. as well.

    • Absolutely. I attempted to intimate that by… “And does not just apply to JAM”/ my first few words.

      I think we have a national character problem, as a result of how consistent the ex-member’s views are observed..(outside of the Jamaat)

  47. Earl Best

    One of these days, the full intriguing story of the JAM will have to be told. It must be very obvious from the above that whoever proposes to tell it must talk to the author of this piece.