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Video: Wired868 offers a taste of RBNYL football action at Constantine Park

Kick off! Wired868 captures Republic Bank National Youth League (RBNYL) action at Constantine Park, Macoya on 6 May 2017:

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  1. None Of The Above

    Doesn’t that look like fun… 🙂

  2. I told Brian Pinto Bain about him, but he didn’t get back to me. So now he’s going to have to destroy his team. Lol!

  3. Well he has exceptional talent

  4. D coach find yuh son playing like ah 17 year old Gary Caleb,

  5. I think RB can do better , Provide a medic and ambulance on stand by at least have water for the kids

  6. Finally, finally we get to see a video of our youths playing the beautiful game, but where is the part where we can see the touches, the creativity, and the scoring of plenty goals eh, only two goals was shown in this clip, look tell some of those bootleg Coaches that they needs to get their acts together and really teach the kids the right way to play the beautiful game eh. Them really good yes.

  7. Thank you Lasana hope to see you there on Saturday

  8. Next report on the league administration

  9. This reminds me of many community coaches in so many sports who are working with slender resources..read ‘bruk-pocket’…Black Mac/Rugby in Marabella….The late Mikey in La brea..read football/Anthony Rougier..Edwin Walcott who has a football academy in St. Stephen’s college..Merrill/football who operated out of Junior Sec in Aranguez in the late 1990’s.. and is now in Sangre grande..Junior Phillip/football..down there in Carenage who has built a wall of respect for/of Carenage sport persons in 2017..My observation has been that many federations, in many disciplines, seem not to be able to organise these initiatives and help to move the process forward..Cricket is a noted exception.

  10. It’s nice to see beautiful side of this youth league.