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Letter to Editor: Rowley’s nauseous statement and Faris’ spin is another Gov’t own goal

“The Prime Minister has a couple days to pull his foot out of his mouth or his cassavas out of the wood fire, even as the Farris Wheel goes at the media for incorrectly ‘contextualising’ the Prime Minister’s statement.”

The following Letter to the Editor on Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley’s controversial statement on domestic abuse on 6 February 2017 was submitted by Rae Samuel:

Photo: Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley.
Photo: Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley.

Here we go again. The barebacked king of cassava fires off another salvo and shoots himself in the mouth with one more of his nauseous nuggets.

In the true PNM spirit of Tim Kee—hey carnival comin’—he suggests that, essentially, women who are victims of domestic violence make bad choices, i.e. they looked for it.

Never mind, as some women’s groups pointed out, that women have been murdered at their workplace, at relatives’ homes, or in the streets. Guess he meant they should have stayed where they were and saved their attackers the trouble of violating them away from the home.

And out comes the ‘Farris Wheel’ to tell us that the media tweaked the story. Hey, Comrade Errol McLeod: Yuh hear that? What we heard is not what the Prime Minister said—the type of spin you excelled in as virtual Deputy Prime Minister.

Don’t know what cough remedy and anti-histamines Farris taking though. Suddenly the man who could cover three morning shows a day but who lost his voice on a rifle range, is back with rapid fire… “Ten shuuuun!”

Remember a while ago he was laid low by the photos from the range and Keith had to help him identify his own children? I never really got over that. You saying that these may not be your children and the boss emphatically saying, “Yes, they are his!”

Photo: PNM Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi. (Copyright Elections.TT)
Photo: PNM Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi.
(Copyright Elections.TT)

Maybe he got some Fishermen’s Friends from Gary Aboud, as he rehashes the old yarn about how hard it is to hang convicts.

How will the meetings/conversations go? One is reminded of a comment attributed to CLR James about these Meet the People tours, which was a practice initiated by Eric Eustace Williams, aka Deafy.

James asked: Why wait until one is in office to “meet the people?” Isn’t that an admission that one is going into office clueless about the people’s concerns and that your Party is really about building a vote bank?

I think it will be hard to run that fast, from the mouth, in the next rounds. When you set a meet record in your first heat it is hard to top it. Ask Verna Alleyne Toppin!

The Prime Minister has a couple days to pull his foot out of his mouth or his cassavas out of the wood fire, even as the Wheel goes at the media for incorrectly ‘contextualising’ the Prime Minister’s statement.

Damn you, all of you who were in the meeting and heard it live. Damn all of you who heard on live television and social media, not waiting for ‘Wari’ to interpret the message. This demands that the Minister of National Assuredness respond with utmost alacrity to this new trend where people think and interpret for themselves.

Photo: PNM chairman and Minister of Energy and Energy Affairs Franklin Khan (right) and Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi. (Copyright Power 102FM)
Photo: PNM chairman and Minister of Energy and Energy Affairs Franklin Khan (right) and Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi.
(Copyright Power 102FM)

How? How can he respond to this growing trend of thinking out of the PNM/UNC MS… Oops, sorry… PNM/UNC box? How… how?  I GOT IT; I GOT IT!

He can go on the waterfront and make a statement.

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  1. In two weeks time is jammin and canal behavior from the same folks who yapping now. But don’t say anything about that either, because people must not take responsibility for bad behavior or bad choices. So jam until abuse kill someone and all who talking now will be very quiet then. What a society. Genesis 6:6 “…and God regretted that He had made human kind and was grieved at heart”.

  2. All of a sudden everybody talking about a 30 second sound bite.. all news gives us a 30 second sound bite.. why not show the programme again, let everyone see the context. Good Lord.. please enter into this nation and our continued politics based on race.. it’s time we stand up to what is blatantly unacceptable in our leaders. This man is not our father.. he is our Prime Minister.. be more professional and lead as you were chosen to.. You are the person in charge and it is your responsibility to address these national problems.

  3. Is this the prime minister of TNT or a picture of an ass
    Wait OK I now c it is an asssssss

  4. I read regularly about women being abused and see it on social media but somehow it did not get the attention that Dr. Rowley’s statement is generating. Where are you all when women are being killed and beaten? But you all are very vocal about a statement. Can this rant help women in abusive situations? You all are full of crap.

  5. When we choose to chastise the PM for speaking the truth. Just a
    bit of good advice we who are adults are not forced to heed his suggestion. When we recognise any abuse early in relationships leave. What is wrong with that.

  6. Is a good thing Dr Rowley put his foot in his mouth because lot of crabs came up for air.


    Criticism based on a 30-second sound byte is unfair

    The Women’s League of the People’s National Movement views with great concern the debate that has emerged on social and main stream media following the comments of the Prime Minister at the first in a series of “Conversations” to be held throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

    The right to disagree with the Prime Minister is a feature of our democracy, and one which the Women’s League will always uphold and defend. What is unfortunate though, is when the disagreement is based on a single 30-second sound byte out of a conversation that lasted for more than two hours. For those who were fortunate enough to listen to the part of the conversation which treated with the response of the Police Service to crime in general, and domestic violence in particular, the Prime Minister delineated the roles to be played by everyone, and the shared responsibility of all citizens, including women, to address what is clearly an unacceptable situation. On no occasion did the Honourable Prime Minister attempt to cast blame upon or shame women who have been victims of domestic violence. Instead he asked women to use the resources available to them, one of which was their ability to choose their partners wisely.

    The Prime Minister’s advice to women to exercise greater prudence in choosing their partners, is advice that all parents have given in the past and should be giving now to their daughters. Indeed this advice should be heeded by both men and women, as they share an equal responsibility in this regard. We are certain that as a father, he too would have offered the same advice to his daughters.

    The chorus of criticism that has erupted, and which threatens to derail the other important issues discussed on that night, has been deafeningly silent as murder after murder has taken place. The calls for an apology are disingenuous at best, as they fail to distinguish between the content and the delivery of Prime Minister’s comments, as other, more discerning commentators have done.

    The Women’s League would like to take this opportunity to issue an invitation to all the women’s groups and other critics to come out and attend the “Conversations” as other ordinary people who feel sufficiently concerned about their communities do. That way you will hear firsthand, the pain felt by those who live in these situations, and you too will be able to add to the discussion as we seek implementable solutions. The national discussion and dialogue ought not to be derailed by those who criticize from the comfort of their couches, having listened to a 30-second sound byte.

    Camille Robinson-Regis

    Chairman – National Women’s League

  8. He is not Al Rawi again. He is Al Ibi. He have a plaster for every sore.

  9. And they going home and trying to do the same thing for THEIR daughter……carefully CHOOSE a man!!!

  10. One more thing God don’t sugar quote the word is true accept it as is.

  11. Judges 21:25 In those days there was no King in Israel.Everyone did what was right in their own eyes.This is Biblical today we are seeing this even the law.I pray that we will come to know one day before it’s to late we are not living for ourselves we should live to please the creator and do what’s right though matter what.

  12. MMR rowely doh answer than corrupt people anything you do is a problem them contractor what working in the tready want they contract back money they studying money they love it will take them straight to there grave

  13. Rae, If Rowley has put his foot in his mouth not for the first time and you can be certain not for the last either! – you have no suck problem. There’s no room because of the razor sharp saw you have in yours.

    Such biting sarcasm belongs, does it not, Mr Editor?, in the pages of Wired868 and the competition will doubtless keep Mr Live Wire from complacency.

    But I have to take issue with one statement of yours. You wrote: “You saying that these may not be your children and the boss emphatically saying, “Yes, they are his!” That’s clearly inaccurate. It is true that Farris-Wheel-and Come-Again-when-yuh-tink-people-forget has never said the children in the photo were/are his.

    But he has never said either that they are NOT his.

    Accuracy demands…

  14. if the first thing they did, after complaing about corruption, was to prosecute the unc and friends we would have known they were serious.

  15. People are complaining that the PNM was in opposition for 5 years and should have hit the ground running but you get the sense that they were not taking notes all that time .

    • Jimi, You don’t get the sense; what you get virtually every time the leaders of govt open their mouths is the CONFIRMATION.

      And the really galling thing, Jimi, is that I remain convinced that this bunch is miles better than the other option(s).

      Boy, are we f….. here in T&T!

  16. “Nice” letter Rae Samuel, right on point.

  17. That document is rubbish..

    They will not dethrone the drug lords, they will not stop foreign interference in TT affairs..

  18. Lol. Same point I was making about consultation. None took place when you developed your manifesto-which included plans for crime, economy and Labour? Even if given it was developed by party and internal consultation, no excuse for waiting 16 plus months to have national conversation.
    And I don’t know why we allow ppl to get away with choosing who answers questions after parliament.

  19. we always looking for looholes to talk garbage and not deal with the real issues, thats why we in this situation