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TTFA committee recommends Charles-Fevrier but board fails to agree on new T&T coach

There was no white smoke at the end of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association’s (TTFA) statutory meeting this evening, as the board of directors failed to agree on the new head coach of the senior Soca Warriors team.

Instead, the TTFA issued a brief statement:

“The Trinidad and Tobago Football Association wishes to state that following several hours of  its statutory Board Meeting on Wednesday evening at the Association’s Head Office, it is yet to come to a final decision on the selection of the Trinidad and Tobago Men’s Senior Team Head Coach.

“The TTFA expects to make an announcement on the selection by this coming weekend.”

Photo: W Connection coach Stuart Charles-Fevrier (left) gives instructions to substitute Jesus Perez (centre) while St Ann's Rangers coach Anthony Streete looks on during Pro League action at the Hasely Crawford Stadium on 17 January 2017. (Courtesy Sean Morrison/Wired868)
Photo: W Connection coach Stuart Charles-Fevrier (left) gives instructions to substitute Jesus Perez (centre) while St Ann’s Rangers coach Anthony Streete looks on during Pro League action at the Hasely Crawford Stadium on 17 January 2017.
(Courtesy Sean Morrison/Wired868)

Wired868 understands that W Connection technical director Stuart Charles-Fevrier was recommended by the TTFA technical committee to be Trinidad and Tobago’s next Men’s National Senior Team head coach. It was not believed to have been a unanimous choice though and was not the only name presented at this evening’s meeting.

The technical committee is chaired by board member and Pro League CEO Dexter Skeene and also included vice-chairman Dr Alvin Henderson, Errol Lovell and technical director Muhammad Isa.

However, the board of directors, which has the constitutional power to appoint and dismiss coaches, remained unconvinced after hours of discussion at the TTFA’s Port of Spain headquarters.

TTFA president David John-Williams is the co-founder of the W Connection football club.

The current TTFA board of directors comprises: John-Williams (president), Joanne Salazar, Ewing Davis and Allan Warner (vice-presidents), Samuel Saunders (Central FA), Sherwyn Dyer (Eastern Counties Football Union), Karanjabari Williams (Northern FA), Richard Quan Chan (Southern FA), Anthony Moore (Tobago FA), Joseph Taylor (Trinidad and Tobago Football Referees Association), Sharon O’Brien (Women’s League Football), Wayne Cunningham (Eastern FA) and Skeene (TT Pro League).

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago midfielder Hashim Arcia (right) tries to sidestep a Surinamese tackle while teammate Akeem Roach (left) tries to make a run during 2017 Gold Cup playoff action at the Ato Boldon Stadium, Couva on 4 January 2017. (Courtesy Chevaughn Christopher/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago midfielder Hashim Arcia (right) tries to sidestep a Surinamese tackle while teammate Akeem Roach (left) tries to make a run during 2017 Gold Cup playoff action at the Ato Boldon Stadium, Couva on 4 January 2017.
(Courtesy Chevaughn Christopher/Wired868)

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  1. My respect for Dennis has went up even more and also shows how pathetic this administration is

  2. Dennis Lawrence has now rejected TTFA offer after unrealistic clauses in the contract. This fiasco will never end. Hmmmmmmmm

    • Wonder what those clauses were

    • Carlos… unrealistic clauses! You hear that…

    • Reyna – I’m not privy to the clauses, but if his continuing on as coach is based on him meeting specific performance milestones then that’s a good thing. We’ve got to protect our $$. Can’t be giving guaranteed contracts to a rookie coach. It’s Dennis prerogative to decide if it’s worth the risk to take the challenge. Honestly, his bare resume suggest he’ll be way over his head as the new tnt coach. Rather than settle, the Technical Committee should go back to square one and reopen the search for a new head coach. We need to make a major investment in a top class coach. The rewards can be substantial.

    • You don’t have to be privy Carlos but a bit of common sense and the only info in the article was they were trying to hammer out clauses

    • Reyna – all I saying is that the TTFA must protect our $$. They should not give Dennis a guarantee 3-year contract. His continuation and remuneration must be milestone driven. Lots of incentive based bonuses. But sufficient clauses to relieve him of his position if he fails to deliver.

  3. he has uefa pro like yorke and latapy i believe…… not quite sure though

  4. Well can somebody please tell me what type of coaching License and Coaching experience does Dennis Lawrence have compared to the other candidates in order to coach a national team?

  5. I wish him well. Unfortunately this will be shortlived in Trinidad. He should have stayed in Belgium and developed his career.

  6. Well good luck to Dennis , brave man to work under this guy but I’m glad it’s a long term plan vs a 2 game plan

  7. So everybody knows that eh, and Mr. Live Wire eh buss the story as yet eh, all fools day is in April eh Darin Lewis hahahahaha

  8. Just spoke with one of my friends from England who is a good friend of Dennis Lawrence. He said Dennis accepted a 3 years contract to coach the T&T National Men’s Football Team.

  9. It seems like somebody hacked the fearless one Andre Baptiste fassbook or wha eh Devon London hahahaha

  10. And in that same report the journalist made it a point to bring up Maradona and Terry in a spiteful manner . How immature and pathetic . Thank god for journalists like Lasana

  11. Lasana Liburd Earl Mango Pierre Cheyenne Hector this was the message I got today

  12. I love how one paper said Lawrence and Latapy were rejected and taken off the list of possibilities now it could be one of them got the job lol . Oh Trinidad

  13. hahahaha Ah know because I started of so mehself eh, not knowing that it mean’t that I was writing like if I was vex hhahahaha

  14. SORRY force of habbit Earl Mango Pierre

  15. Buh A A is who get you vex so Devon London that you is writing in CAPITALS . You really good yes.hahahahahaha


  17. Andre Baptiste saying Dennis Lawrence is the new coach

  18. Bad to worse name that team w connection not TT madness we say no like its a joke them getting pay off to not qualified

  19. Dennis Lawrence named head Coach of the Men’s Senior Team.

  20. I think that Terry Fenwick should be given the coaching job. He looks better equipped than the other two. There should be no friend in doing business.

  21. Jesus Boss know you even when yuh bck turn❤

  22. And never will be because of their third world mentality eh and I didn’t say so eh it was my ex- foreign base Coach Tom. Them really good yes. hahahaha

  23. But as soon as DJW became President, everyone should know that the plan was to bring Stuart as the coach.. Lol.. that was always the plan

  24. And while Trinidad bickering over who to make coach, every other team in the hex training and refining their tactics. Carry on.

  25. Look TTFA stop playing up in alyuh tails eh, just announced my Prof Stuarty so that I can collect my big monies and head to the bank smiling eh. steeuuppss. Them really good yes.

  26. clock ticking.
    Plain talk: how many people here willing to bet a ticket to Russia that we in with a chance still?
    My issue is that this TTFA is bungling this selection process and will be the biggest hurdle in getting the team prepared for the challenge

  27. So putting a constable as Commissioner of Police is a fair idea then? You should have told your pal Jack Warner when he was National Security Minister. And, no, Dennis is not assistant coach at Belgium. And even if he were, you would still need to get his job specs.
    But I don’t want to go round and round on this.
    Dennis Lawrence can surely offer something to T&T football. But it ought to be impossible to tell what he CAN offer without going over his job specs under Martinez and working out how successful he was with them.
    Otherwise you’re just giving him a job because he “wukkin in foreign.” And, if you don’t know, those teams didn’t do particularly well either.

    • Lasana, yuh setting high standards for a Trini. Everton under Martinez/Lawrence(a stretch since he wan’t 1st assistant) was decent except for the last couple of months.

      P W D L
      143 61 39 43


  28. Ain’t Dennis Lawrwnce presently an assistant coach at the Belgian national team?!
    That can hardly be equated with your Constable to CoP comparison.
    Even so, as a matter of record, acting CoP Stephen Williams was a Senior Superintendent when he offered himself (applied for) the top post in the TT Police Service.
    Sen Supt is two ranks below CoP. Under the rank of Commissioner are Deputy CoP; Asst CoP; Sen Supt; Supt; Asst Supt; Inspector; Sargeant; Corporal and Constable.
    After a laborious process of shortlisting and interviews, Sen Supt Stephen Williams was appointed CoP.
    Further Wayne Hade (calypsonian Watchman) was a corporal in the TTPS when he applied for and was successful in landing a big senior United Nations (UN) security position after intensive assessments and interviews by an international panel.
    Further, another TTPS Corporal Sheridan, who might have been acting Sargeant, was similarly appointed as Security Chief at the OAS.

  29. Technical committee recommend Charles who all yuh trying to fool is one man who recommending he and the committee not agreeing all yuh feel people stupid.

  30. Well Siewdath Persad, the current CoP started as a constable. So why not take a constable and appoint him as Commissioner of Police and forget all the other steps?
    How does that fit into your thinking?

  31. Wtf is this this man fail before and he is terrible we better of with fenwick

  32. Sio, if DJW only pick SCF he would be doing himself no favours.
    If he wants to salvage respect from the TT football fraternity and attract support of prospective sponsors he needs to flip the script.
    What better way to do it than by driving an executive decision to hire a hometown hero!
    BTW this is free advice I’m offering DJW to salvage his rapidly declining reputation as TTFA president lol.

  33. TTFA President would pick his colleague Stuart Charles-Fevrier for the new National Coach. By time we recognize in this country the “Lions don’t loose sleep over the opinions of the sheep ‘.

  34. Strange, abnormal, surprising, bizarre, odd, puzzling. OR is the TTFA? Normal!

  35. Also, while the immediate focus is centred around qualifying for Russia 2018, the TTFA decision should also incorporate a rebuilding/remodeling/reshaping process beyond next year’s World Cup. Starting NOW, with a new coach.

  36. Lol. Apples and oranges, though, might be a fallacious comparison. However, they are both fruits – the former flourishes in colder temperatures and the latter thrives better in warmer weather.
    It can be argued that every single head coach was never a head coach before their very first appointment as a head coach.
    Everyone who applied for the TTFA head coachjob comes with different backgrounds, degrees of experience, temperament, motivation etc.
    Once the boxes tick off with the basic stipulated requirements, the key factor in making a final decision (apart from money, terms and conditions etc)should be who can: 1. command the respect of all the players and 2. inspire and motivate the players to high standards of commitment, discipline and all out effort.
    Now take everything into account, weigh the pros and cons and see for yourself if Dennis Lawrence does not stand head and shoulders taller than the other applicants.
    Oops, well at 6 feet 6-7 inches, he actually does – literally speaking! Lol

    • Well Siewdath Persad, the current CoP started as a constable. So why not take a constable and appoint him as Commissioner of Police and forget all the other steps?
      How does that fit into your thinking?

    • Ain’t Dennis Lawrence currently an assistant coach with the Belgian national team?! That can hardly be paralleled to a constable to CoP comparison.
      As a matter of fact, Stephen Williams was a Senior Superintendant when he applied for the job of CoP. That was three ranks lower than CoP. Deputy CoP and asst CoP are two ranks under Cop and higher than Sen Supt. And after a laborious process of shortlisting and interviews Sen Supt Stephen Williams was appointed to act in the top post.

    • Siewdath, do you know his duties in Belgium? And no he isn’t assistant coach there.
      And a head coach has managerial and supervisor responsibilities that an assistant coach–which he was at Everton–does not have.
      Your suggestion that everyone is a first timer some time so let him start off as head coach of Trinidad and Tobago is an example of something no Top company would ever do.
      But that people think is plausible because it is “just sport.”

    • Do you know even know how many assistant coaches they were at Everton? Because it ent one or two. So go research what his duties were first.

    • Are you putting forth an argument that Dennis does not possess or is not capable of possessing managerial or supervisory skills?

    • My argument is that there is an absence of common sense if you try to debate this without information as to his background in jobs that require managerial and supervisory skills and everything else that might be useful in being head coach.
      But Siewdath, this is Trinidad and Tobago. You think anything you say can surprise me? You can name Kevin Molino player/coach and I won’t bat an eye.
      What I would do is point out the flaws in that set-up.
      I’m done. Won’t expend any more energy on this non-discussion.

    • Or, lemme rephrase that, we can further the discussion when we have more information on Lawrence’s previous jobs.

    • Like I said I am not that naive. And football teams (national and clubs) are replete with persons touted as possessing great managerial and supervisory skills but they fail to kindle and nurture chemistry amongst players and between team management/coaches and players; They may “manage” spectacular report writing and possess the gift of garb, yet they fail to inspire their players to achieve desired results.

    • Point to note. Brazil is one of the biggest football nations in the world. In 2006, its FA hired former defensive midfielder Dunga as head coach (manager).
      Can anyone remind me at what level he coached and whether he was a head coach anywhere prior to that?

  37. For persons proposing Terry F. for the job, please state what has he done as a coach to distinguish him for the position of Head Coach for a World Cup bound team? How far has he taken his Club internationally? Are persons under his guidance any better at performing at the international level than players from other clubs?

    Again, what has he done to warrant a part on the international stage? If he can do it, then let him, if not, then find someone who can.

    Professional mentality: Get someone who will guarantee success

    Fete match mentality: Give everybody a knock/chance.

  38. Not arguing over a list of people that is under consideration by a group that seems to lack ambition and vision. Seems like Beenhakker is now a distant memory..

  39. Apples and oranges Siewdath. He has never served as head coach. He might be great. But you have little information to suggest that he would be. It is just a gamble.

    • Everton has the money to hire the best coaches, Dennis was on their bench as an assistant. Dennis is now an assistant with the Belgium national progromme heading into WCQ. Could Stuart get a job on any level with these teams? With regards to respect, I believe Dennis and Terry will attract Bostock and other Trinbagonian kids.

      • Collin, the only way to gauge would be to find out what Dennis’ job specs were at Everton and get an evaluation of how he performed them.
        It is wonderful to see him involved in their set-up and I’m sure he can offer something to Trinidad and Tobago football.
        The question is: WHAT. What is he able to give to us now based on his work so far? I can’t get that just by seeing him on the bench.

  40. Earl Best

    Nihil habemos? Papa!

  41. Terry is the best man for the job. T&T requires a strong personality in the dressing room. He knows the culture and the players.

    Stuart is a very good coach, especially for long term development. Terry is a better motivator and will be the alpha in the team. The politics of the TTFA appears to be getting in the way.

    • I agree with you

      Terry for Head Coach

      Stuart Charles Fevrier is the best at developing discipline, talent, strategy in our Youth.

      Together we have all we need.

      And they are foreigners, so all criteria that we always chase are met.

      It has been right in front of us all along, face it, nobody has a better Youth Team that Stuart, they grow up connection, playing Beautiful winning Football, why should he not be in charge of building our football for the future.

      Terry I love his Dressing room presence, discipline and thinking, if they are teamed together, I believe we can go to the next WC, and the next one.

    • That is my point Sheldon Scipio. Unfortunately our culture necessitates a strong figure in the dressing room. We are not really self motivated. Terry is better than Stuart at commanding the troops.

      Stuart is a guy a like a lot , he has a proven track record and is tactically sound.I just feel he has a psychological edge required the deal with some of those guys in the squad.

    • Correct

      I have worked with Terry, and closely observed Stuart. That is why I put them where I put them. They should work together they understand the terrain & the issues

  42. It would also be nice if Angus Eve is included in the eventual staffing as an assistant coach

  43. The Technical Committee could have at least given the interview scores of the top three with their justification of their choice or the top person. And from there the Board of Directors could have come up with their choice. And overs this non sense and get a coach. Time is against us.

  44. My recommendation to TTFA, if they are really serious, let’s hire our son-of-the-soil Morvant role model Dennis Lawrence on a two-year contract. He has a very good resume as a professional player and is a highly qualified coach. He is disciplined, well respected and has a very nice demeanor.
    Absolutely no disrespect to the other candidates.

  45. DJW could spoil vomit

  46. « on: June 10, 2005, 09:34:59 AM »
    Tic-tac-toe goal!
    By Siewdath Persad (T&T Mirror)

    TIC-TAC-TOE! Eenie-meenie-miney-moe!

    This perhaps best describes the 71st minute icing item from beanpole Warriors defender Dennis Lawrence in their make-or-break 2-0 win against Panama at the Hasely Crawford Stadium last Saturday.

    TIC: Lawrence kidnapped the pelota a short distance away from the far left of his team’s 18-yard box.

    With a neat touch, he slipped custody over to skipper Dwight Yorke near the half-line and started a diagonal run towards the right edge of the Panamanian goal area.

    A murmur from the two-thirds filled stadium lent to the harmony of the incessant drumming and rhythmic noises to applaud the consummate ease with which Lawrence, who plays for English Club Wrexham, waltzed the play.

    TAC: Yorke tapped to his unmarked strike partner, Stern John, just inside the opponents’ half of the field. He was in a more threatening position to launch forward.

    Sensing that something was definitely on, the decibel level grew with anticipatory instructions chorused from the estimated 15,000 Warriors’ supporters.

    TOE: In a split second, Lawrence, negotiating his advance to perfection to stay onside, broke clear, all the while waving for delivery.

    John lifted his head and picked out his six-foot-six teammate, who controlled well enough even as he was confronted by a defender.

    Then, with a body beat the opposite way, hypnotic drag with the inside of his right foot and unmistakable urging from the fans in red, Lawrence turned, leaving the attendant Panamanian defender marking a shadow.

    EENIE-MEENIE-MINEY-MOE: Facing goal and with time hanging still long enough for him to choose his spot, Lawrence calmly let loose a clinically precise left-footer to the far corner that effectively put a double-seal to claim the handsome three-point ransom as the pelota nestled at the back of the net.

    Goalkeeper Jaime Penado never had a chance.

    The crowd went wild. Pyrotechnics exploded. And confetti spouted out around the stadium. Hope was restored – of making the journey to Germany 2006.

    What a classic build-up from an incisive counter-attack!

    Still cool at the post match Press conference, Lawrence said it was pure instinct and he was under no pressure to score because, as a defender, everyone expected him to miss.

    Coach Leo Beenhakker, who made countless nervous walks between the bench and touchline gesticulating instructions up to that point, celebrated by lighting a cigar.

    After expressing brief congratulations in the team’s dressing room, the Dutchman, dapper in his cream suit, strolled to a corner at the tunnel entrance to the playing arena, offering a quiet prayer perhaps. He took a moment to survey and soak in the joyous scenes of celebrations around, then lit up another cigar and drew in a deep pull.

    Seated next to Lawrence at the Press conference afterwards, he playfully discouraged his charge from such overlapping indulgence, saying with a mock stare at the former Defence Force man: “He will not be doing that again,” when asked if he would encourage more defenders’ overlaps up front as a feature of his game plan structure.

    In the 35th minute, Stern John, who missed a couple relatively suckeye chances, opened the Warriors’ account by squeezing one in from close up, beating a challenge to a Yorke ground cross from the right.

    Incidentally, the engineering process to that strike was initiated by right back David Atiba Charles, who combined well with midfielder Carlos Edwards to earn a throw deep inside the Panamanian half.

    Charles quickly threw to Yorke who provided the service required.

    Edwards, who had an exceptional game, and Christopher Birchall always had good understanding in midfield, despite a few testing periods when Panama dominated possession in the middle.

    Although Panamanian striker Luis Medina posed repeated threats to the TnT goal, the Warriors defenders grew in confidence and, as it turned out, it was only twice in the second half that goalie Kelvin Jack was really extended to keep a clean slate.

    (I’m just reliving that memory, not to mention Lawrence’s headed item in the unforgettable 1-0 win away to Bahrain that booked TT’s historic World Cup appearance in Germany 2006!)

  47. Still fighting down Fenwick, just give him the job already ??

  48. just enough time for w connection to let him say his good byes and get its house in order nothing more than a smoke screen

  49. Dw. u please step down please. U ppl no how to kill a gd thing.

  50. I vote for Fenwick…but DJW knows he cant control him

  51. The TTFA is a laughingstock. You fired the Trini because you felt he failed and then you hire a foreigner but he leaves in disgust because our players lack discipline and you did not support him. Now you are marinating over who to select. Because why, you don’t want to appear as if you orchestrated the entire thing to put your crony into position????? That ship has already sailed. I am amazed you actually get people to come out to games.

  52. Like we didn’t see that coming hahahaha. Eyes wide shut. As the old rhyme goes three blind mice three blind mice……..

  53. Have no fear, Stuart Charles FOREVER is here lol

  54. HAHAHAHAHA. ..These people not playing with a full deck…..they are MADDDD….

  55. So is W connection team playing for Trinidad and Tobago I saw this from a mile this whole thing is about getting connection players national caps so they could be sold an loaned for John Williams benefit willing to destroy Trinidad football for himself. Why is he even the president

  56. I knew that would of been the choice from JW……

  57. I would love to see what Terry can do with a solid group of players but with clown Williams in charge this will never happen

  58. SCF will get the job and I would imagine majority of the selection would be local based players and w connection would have a heavy presence…
    Which would be the end of the road for T&T in this World Cup because no way the local players are at the level required to compete with Panama and Mexico .

    They couldn’t do it against Suriname and young Haiti team!

    • cheyenne hector you are so correct SCF , maturana all ah dem had dey chance dey dont understand d type of football our opponents play i listen to TF commentate on some games wen d soca worriors play an everything d man say d other side is goin to do dey end up doin it from d build up to the scorin of d goals and his tactics while is majority ah d time is correct

    • ah mean common ppl and d TTFA look how long TERRY FENWICK has been around our football stop dis saga and give d man d job or else any other coach we might as welll kiss russia 2018 goodbye an start lookin for brazil to support in the WC as usual cuz we wont be goin noway

    • So u listen to a man commentate and that is what swaying ur decision. Seriously!
      I wanna know why is it folks think TF is the man for the job. He may be the best person but what influences you to gravitate to his selection. Cuz based on what u proffering there Andre Errol Baptiste should makenan excellent candidate.

    • Kester Lendor so u have a better candidate an yes based on his commentating he has more knowledge about d game dan based on d load ah crap all d rest ah coaches have done with d team makin we look like fools out there way u feel is FIFA 17

    • Ok, so the criteria for selecting a national coach is his ability to commentate on games?

    • Kester Lendor u still aint answer my Q who is ah better candidate an obviously you like u havent been following local football to see wat TF HAS done with d clubs he has coached

    • Exactly what question you asked? You’re correct, I dont know who is the better candidate.
      Both men have had successes at local level so this leads me to my initial question. What makes one better than the other? Is it because you say so.
      I don’t know and the answers you have provided are quite frankly pedestrian captain.
      Btw, the other candidates are an internationally recognised and acclaimed coach, a newly certified UEFA (so the papers say) and Scottish Premier league assistant and an Premier league assistant.

    • Let’s all just try to get along guys because we also have coaches that took other national teams to the world cup that no one seem to be discussing. Just for friendly argument sake.

    • Kester Lendor yes but wat im sayin is SCF , RL .FM all had chances dey did nothing so y go through it again wen u have someone who has been around our culture and our local base and foreighn base players knows there ability y not give d man ah chance to prove his ability based on his skills not in commentating i mean lol

  59. Scotty Ranking

    All of this begs the serious question: when will David John-Williams truly divest his interests in W Connection and take up the post of TTFA President with maturity, accountability and responsibility? Cuando, cuando, cuando, cuando?

  60. So they really want Stuart Charles to be the next coach. Very disappointed with this technical committee.

  61. If SCF is selected, whether merit based or not, it will be the death knell of local football. Whatever miniscule progress made by the TTFA on any level will be undone with that appointment. Surely DJW and Co know this…and I’m hoping that is why they were unable to arrive at a consensus.

  62. ” Put up yuh han’ but never surrender “

  63. Surprise surprise…like we did not see that one coming…???

  64. What a tangle web we weave..blah blah blah. That white smoke tho Lasana ??

  65. Hmmmm..appoint someone who you know would fail or be fired …so that room could be made for your friends…good one TTFF..well played…

  66. Charles fevrier will just b d president puppet

  67. If $ is the issue, I think S.Charles or T.Fenwick are good candidates. If $ is no issue, I’d go foreign [3 yrs] with a coach who handles the senior and U23 team, aiming for 2019 GCup & 2020 U23 Olympics.

  68. Out of the 3 candidates he has the least experience

  69. why it soooooo godamme hard maturana stuart all ah dem had dey chance and dey no good terry fenwick is d man for d job o gosh ppl be real

  70. Comical at best. They took two days to come up with the one name they was always gonna call??

  71. Steuppss!!!! Soooo all this to give Maturana the post.

    • Is he really?
      I don’t see anything different from when he was here last time and when we finished last in the hex with 2 points (maybe wrong about that).
      And what is the issue with Stuart Charles?
      In the end its not about the board or the technical committee, its who the players willing to play for and will give a 100%

    • He is by far. I didn’t say he was the best. Who of the rest successfully took their team to the WC? Which one?

    • Umm i wouldn’t put too much stock in that.
      Colombia is Colombia and that team has depth at every position.
      T&T however does not and he has already proven he can’t get the best out of what we have available so it doesn’t make sense to give him a second go.

    • Sebastian”Colombia is Colombia…” which is why they’ve only qualified for the WC final five times… three times, excluding the two consecutive Cups in 1990-2994 that Pacho got them qualified. Even if you wanted to discount his domestic success, you also gloss over his success at Real Valladolid in La Liga. In fact, smart money is that you never even knew about his time in Spain, else you wouldn’t be trying to compare him to Fevrier.

    • wasnt comparing him to Stuart Charles!
      i asked that question cause the committee recommended him but the board couldnt agree.
      i personally dont think he should get it either cause he also tried and failed.
      but it matters not what i think, it matters who the TTFA likes and can afford.

  72. Scratch the word ttfa and replace that with the dictator

  73. Now this Technical Committee sounding dohtish so?

  74. Why doesn’t John-Williams just recommend W Connection to represent T&T

  75. Other teams plotting and planning while we still looking for a coach.

  76. I so fed of this entire situation…. all I know is we less than 60 days away from a WC qualifier and we eh have no coach…

  77. They cannot be serious about football