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Isaiah wasn’t injured! Coach opens up on U-20 player’s controversial Caribbean Cup exit

Trinidad and Tobago National Under-20 head coach Brian Williams has cleared the air on Isaiah Hudson’s controversial departure from the national squad, in the midst of their Caribbean Cup tournament in Curaçao.

And Williams, a former Strike Squad standout, denied that Hudson was injured—as claimed by the player’s father, Brent Hudson—but instead said his exit seemed to be in retaliation to the W Connection attacker being left out of the team against Haiti, in their final group match.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago National Under-20 attacker Isaiah Hudson (centre) is denied by St Lucia goalkeeper Noah Didier during 2016 Caribbean Cup qualifying action at the Ato Boldon Stadium on 19 June 2016. Hudson is also a member of the Trinidad and Tobago National Under-17 Team. (Courtesy Chevaughn Christopher/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago National Under-20 attacker Isaiah Hudson (centre) is denied by St Lucia goalkeeper Noah Didier during 2016 Caribbean Cup qualifying action at the Ato Boldon Stadium on 19 June 2016.
Hudson is also a member of the Trinidad and Tobago National Under-17 Team.
(Courtesy Chevaughn Christopher/Wired868)

Hudson (B) told Wired868 that his son was not being properly treated in Curaçao and said the family’s decision to recall him was not affected by Williams’ decision to drop the player against Haiti—although two other injured players, Jacob Sooklal and Kierron Mason, remained with the squad for the entire competition.

“He has an injury and we are not comfortable with him having an injury and we see it fit for him to come home,” said Hudson (B), last week. “I didn’t discuss [with him] why he was on the bench [against Haiti]. We will probably talk about that when he gets home.

“Me and my wife were uncomfortable about him staying there [in his condition] because [the team] has already qualified. Taking care of Isaiah [now] will help Trinidad more in the long run.”

However, although Williams said Hudson had a sore shoulder, he denied that the player was ever declared unfit or even asked to be left out due to an injury.

“Nobody was aware of an Isaiah injury until we received the request from his father after the Haiti game,” Williams told Wired868. “The boy was training and playing as normal and was even doing pushups. I even asked Dexter Thomas, who is our qualified physio, and he said Isaiah never complained to him…

“Isaiah seems to want guaranteed playing time and I cannot give that to any player!”

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago National Under-20 coach Brian Williams. (Courtesy TTFA Media)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago National Under-20 coach Brian Williams.
(Courtesy TTFA Media)

Remarkably, Williams, who is also a W Connection youth coach, said it was not the first time that Hudson (B) apparently threatened to withdraw his son. The first threat, according to the national youth coach, was relayed to him via players after he used Hudson off the substitutes’ bench for the first practice game of their pre-tournament tour in Panama.

“I was a bit concerned about Isaiah’s performance in the Under-17 competition but I was told that he was sick,” said Williams. “So I decided to give him some extra rest and bring him in gradually. So he wasn’t selected from the start for our first practice game in Panama.

“I understood from some players that his father said if he is not playing to come home. So I called Isaiah in to talk about it and he was giving a little attitude.

“He told me he wants to start and that a man who had just come was starting ahead of him. And I told him he didn’t have a divine right to start every time.”

Williams did start Hudson for Trinidad and Tobago’s two subsequent warm-up matches as well as their two opening Caribbean Cup fixtures. But against eventual champions, Haiti, the coach opted for more workmanlike wingers—in a bid to contain the French-speaking team’s adventurous full backs—and chose the tigerish Jarred Dass ahead of Hudson.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago National Under-20 winger Jarred Dass (right) tackles St Lucia defender Melvin Doxilly during 2016 Caribbean Cup qualifying action at the Ato Boldon Stadium on 19 June 2016. Dass was preferred to Isaiah Hudson for a crucial Caribbean Cup fixture against Haiti. (Courtesy Chevaughn Christopher/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago National Under-20 winger Jarred Dass (right) tackles St Lucia defender Melvin Doxilly during 2016 Caribbean Cup qualifying action at the Ato Boldon Stadium on 19 June 2016.
Dass was preferred to Isaiah Hudson for a crucial Caribbean Cup fixture against Haiti.
(Courtesy Chevaughn Christopher/Wired868)

That tactical decision, according to Williams, proved to be the last straw for Hudson (B).

“Due to how game went against Haiti [on Wednesday evening], with their wing backs coming at us, I wanted a player who worked more defensively and Isaiah is more of an offensive player,” said Williams. “On Thursday morning, we received a message from his father than he wanted his son to return immediately because he is injured and nobody cares about him…

“We received that request from his father in writing, so we had to agree… When we told Isaiah, he didn’t want to leave the camp. But we had no choice [but to send him home] because he is a 16 year old boy and there is a request from his father.”

The Warriors, who lost star striker Nicholas Dillon to injury against Haiti, went on to lose on penalties to Antigua and Barbuda before falling 3-2 to Bermuda in the third place play off.

Crucially, Williams rested Shiva Boys’ Hindu College goalkeeper Denzil Smith for the third place fixture. Smith did not concede a single goal in his first outings between the uprights.

However, the national youth coach said Dillon’s injury and Hudson’s departure was an unwelcome distraction.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago striker Nicholas Dillon (right) celebrates one of his five goals against Turks and Caicos alongside teammate Isaiah Hudson during Caribbean Cup qualifying action at the Ato Boldon Stadium on 17 June 2016. T&T won 11-0. (Courtesy Chevaughn Christopher/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago striker Nicholas Dillon (right) celebrates one of his five goals against Turks and Caicos alongside teammate Isaiah Hudson during Caribbean Cup qualifying action at the Ato Boldon Stadium on 17 June 2016.
T&T won 11-0.
(Courtesy Chevaughn Christopher/Wired868)

“Dillon injured and Isaiah [Hudson] pulling out interfered with our team chemistry and balance,” said Williams. “We play with three attackers and we lost two.”

Williams and Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president David John-Williams, who is also the W Connection president, still have to decide on how to treat with the situation.

Ironically, it follows on the heels of another disciplinary breach with the senior team after star midfielder Kevin Molino left coach Stephen Hart’s camp to party for his second straight international tour.

Williams, who had Shiva Boys players Tyrel “Pappy” Emmanuel and Quinn Rodney shun a training camp in Guyana earlier in their preparations, said he is concerned about parents trying to hold the national team to ransom over playing time for their children.

“If parents can pull their players out of a national team camp when they want then I have to take that under consideration,” Williams told Wired868. “How can a parent just bring his child home if they are on the bench or if they are not satisfied with selection?

Photo: Shiva Boys Hindu College players (foreground, from left) Tyrel "Pappy" Emmanuel, Quinn Rodney and Yohannes Richardson pose after securing the SSFL Premier Division title in Pleasantville on 22 October 2016. All three were National Under-20 members but Rodney and Emmanuel pulled out of a pre-tournament tour while Richardson was not selected. (Courtesy Chevaughn Christopher/Wired868)
Photo: Shiva Boys Hindu College players (foreground, from left) Tyrel “Pappy” Emmanuel, Quinn Rodney and Yohannes Richardson pose after securing the SSFL Premier Division title in Pleasantville on 22 October 2016.
All three were National Under-20 members but Rodney and Emmanuel pulled out of a pre-tournament tour while Richardson was not selected.
(Courtesy Chevaughn Christopher/Wired868)

“I cannot guarantee any child on the national team playing time or selection… I cannot tolerate parents’ interference because I am working in the interest of the national team.”

Hudson (B) was ambiguous when asked about his son’s future with the National Under-20 Team.

“If the [national] coach feels to pick him and he is fit and feels like playing, I would let him play,” said the parent. “That is if he feels like playing of course.”

Williams retorted that he would have to be mindful of the potential issues which came with selecting the Naparima College schoolboy.

“I want players who have a hunger to represent the national team,” said Williams. “How his father might think about me is not my problem; because I cannot have a 16-year-old questioning selection all the time.

“You don’t have a divine right to play and I will have to consider how I will deal with you. Because if every time you are upset your father takes you out of the team, then we have a problem.”

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago National Under-17 Team midfielder Isaiah Hudson (right) tries to hold off Bermuda captain Zuhri Burgess during 2017 World Cup qualifying action at the Ato Boldon Stadium on 18 September 2016. (Courtesy Chevaughn Christopher/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago National Under-17 Team midfielder Isaiah Hudson (right) tries to hold off Bermuda captain Zuhri Burgess during 2017 World Cup qualifying action at the Ato Boldon Stadium on 18 September 2016.
(Courtesy Chevaughn Christopher/Wired868)

At present, the National Under-20 Team is the most successful men’s outfit in Caribbean competition during a lean period for the TTFA. The National Under-17 Team were eliminated in the Caribbean Cup’s group stage, despite playing at home, while the senior Soca Warriors were eliminated in the qualifying round in Martinique.

Williams said his troops benefitted from the Panama pre-tournament camp and insisted that there is better in-store. He plans to head to Tobago for a second scouting mission before he resumes training while he also hopes to have Netherlands Eredivisie winger, Levi Garcia, for the CONCACAF round in Costa Rica from 17 February to 5 March.

“The Panama tour was a real plus for us because of the exposure at international level,” said Williams. “The players responded well and there was an improvement in terms of our defensive discipline and attitude… I will continue to look for offensive players and try to improve our goal scoring and mobility in the final third.”

Ironically, Hudson, Rodney and Emmanuel are, potentially, three of the country’s best offensive talents. But Williams would need to be convinced about their commitment to the “Red, White and Black” before they allowed back into his fold.

“I am not creating a clean slate for people who are not committed to the national team,” said the National Under-20 coach. “I cannot call back men who are just walking out on me. I want players who will honour national team duty. I take a very firm stance on that.”

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago winger Levi Garcia (right) leaves St Vincent and the Grenadines defender Shawn Benjamin for dead during Russia 2018 World Cup qualifying action at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port of Spain on 29 March 2016. Trinidad and Tobago won 6-0. Garcia has declared his interest to represent the National Under-20 Team. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA Images/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago winger Levi Garcia (right) leaves St Vincent and the Grenadines defender Shawn Benjamin for dead during Russia 2018 World Cup qualifying action at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port of Spain on 29 March 2016.
Trinidad and Tobago won 6-0. Garcia has declared his interest to represent the National Under-20 Team.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA Images/Wired868)

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Lasana Liburd is the CEO and Editor at Wired868.com and a journalist with over 20 years experience at several Trinidad and Tobago and international publications including Play the Game, World Soccer, UK Guardian and the Trinidad Express.

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  1. The coach runs the team. If you don’t like what he does, tough luck, it’s he who takes the flack when the team loses. If you are too big to sit on the bench if the coach tells you to, DONT PLAY TEAM SPORTS

  2. he keeps calling them ” Child’ or ” Children “… in the the real football world ..lots of U20 are starting for senior club and country… grow up tnt…

  3. This man always making trouble for himself an now for his son smh

  4. Brian said he was aware that the young man had a sore shoulder, but he did all exercises and never complained. Certain players fit into games according to the team at the time. While parents have to be concerned, please chat and consult with the coach if possible. This is big football, not round the corner football. Please don’t spoil your children’s future by rash movements. If he loves football and looking for a contract, such actions could be a block.

  5. “He told me he wants to start and that a man who had just come was starting ahead of him. And I told him he didn’t have a divine right to start every time.” (quote from the U-20 coach)

    It is truly ironic that there wasn’t a problem with him starting in the U-17 team although he was ‘sick’, came into camp a few days before the tournament and only train a couple of days. All of this were pointed out by the captain in a team meeting after the first game as the effort expected was not given and there were others players who were fit to play.
    We all know what happened thereafter. So coach Brian hold strong but thread carefully.
    Nuff respect.

    …the human within…

  6. Devon, will leave the name calling to people who can’t get their point across. I agree that all kids should get another chance based upon a sincere apology and once the coach agrees to it. If the coach does not agree, then they stay off the team, whether they apologize or not. Molino is off topic and I have stated my thoughts on that topic at that time. Suffice it to say, I never said what you wrote earlier.

  7. Me personally I think that none of them should be allowed back on any national team in the future anytime a player thinks that he is bigger than the game he should not be selected to give the coach more stress…. Simply adding them back souls give them the sense that they could do anything and get away with it and still wear my proud red white and black…. Gordon Pierre Brian Jordan ET Al speaks rubbish….. Lasana Liburd so these fellas could say that Kevin Molino should automatically get his spot back after disrespecting our colours, head coach and team mates like that?…… Those two are Mad Men…..

    • Nobody is past redemption. But they would need to convince their coaches of that. Not wait for the coach to call them.

    • I’m sorry but if you can do it once you can do it twice and like Molino have the potential to for a third…. Molino is my current favorite soca warriors and I’m quite familiar with the carriers of Rodney for his days in princess town west, pappy in the republic cup with Cox coaching school and Santa flora government and Hudson coming up in the connection youth system with my younger cousins and other young players from my sweet fyzabad whom a have personally tried to mentor…. Of those four their behaviour is totally unacceptable….. And from my days of coaching in the ssfl for three years the best way I found to get players to show loyalty and true commitment was to axe them from my roster… They could even be around my training sessions until they apologized sincerely and proved why they deserve to wear the uniform

    • Devon, I agree that step one is an apology and a sales pitch as to what would be different if given the chance.

    • Step one is a proper corporate structure and governance practice around football and all sports in TT then that nonsense won’t be happening and people talking about favorite player while the country getting beaten by minions. This is all BS talk until we get people with a more corporate mindset running football .

    • But give them time because Molino only apologised when he realized that his mls career could be jeopardized due to his action with the national team when the Orlando coach decided to investigate the matter….. He’s he said sorry but I bet if he doesn’t receive a letter of appointment from coach Hart again he will say that he is being victimized and beg to back with the team….. Take S page out of sir Alex Ferguson book and leave out Rooney for showing up drunk….. Win loss or draw no player is above the law

    • Corporate my ASS… Only football minded people should be dealing with football affairs Brian Harry…. Be real….. What is more important business or representing your country in national colours heart and soul…… If ALLYUH know how happy I am to see that shit snake Athulla Guerra is a fifth string fringe player after the idiot bow down to the next shit snake Messi in Argentina…. Kudos to my coach Stephen Hart for making brilliant decisions like that….. No wonder I was begging for that man to come home since I was a lil boy watching him win the gold cup with Canada in the early 2000s…. Best coach ever in a warriors uniform

    • Devon London I enjoy reading responses like yours. It speaks exactly to the issues we are dealing with . Corporate doesn’t mean private sector but it speaks to a style and quality of management and leadership. Like most Trinidadians this one flew over the cuckoos nest

    • I know what it means….. Don’t ever try to think that your intelligence is superior to mine…. I could send you mad just arguing all night Brian….. Lol…. But corporate management has no place In a national team setup….. Ask yourself this Brian…… If you own a company would you rather an employee who gets the result done but disrespects your and disobeys your orders or would you rather one who follows instructions and maintains your company’s image and represents your policies excellently but you have to sacrifice a few dollars in profits because you know that you will benefit greater in the long run??????

    • Devon London km not debating this with you. I’ve worked as a consultant with several sporting bodies much bigger than TTFF and TT. I see what the successful ones do. I’m not debating anything because views like yours have pervaded football and we still at the bottom of the Caribbean heap, much less CONCACAF and World Cup

    • I think the topic has been strayed from…. The real issue here is players Indiscipline and what does management plan on doing about it…. My mother has a saying.. Common sense is not so common among the educated…. My grand mum has two… Gopaul luck eh Seepaul luck……. And what good for Peter eh good for Paul…. Hope your Ivy League education and international work experience cold help you put those into true context of this discussion

    • Devon London no the topic has not been strayed from. Player discipline is a management and leadership issue. Everyone acts in a way to maximize their utility/benefit. Good corporate systems ensures that the benefit of the individual doesn’t supersede the benefit of the whole!

    • So now you get my point the needs of the many must always outweigh the needs of the few….. Therefore according to you we do have good corporate management structures in place

    • Devon London we do not have such in place! If we did our results would be different. I think we on two different pages

    • Your words not mine…. Or do I have to quote you your own comment for you to understand Brian Harry???

    • Aye Lasana Liburd where you does find these educated dunce trinis and them boy…. The man confusing he self boy…. It’s like I said common sense is certainly not so common with this one???? Brian Harry you said and I quote “Good corporate systems ensures that the benefit of the individual doesn’t supersede the benefit of the whole!”….. Isn’t that what coach Hart did with Molino????? Brian Williams didn’t do that with Quinn Rodney and Pappy Emanuel ? Did the article above not say that Brian Williams explain that to Isaiah Hudson??? Did you read it all or did you just read the comments and decided to bandwagon the conversation like like 95% of the ppl in the stadium when the soca warriors playing? You ever kick a lime in yuh life to be discussing football matters amongst the experts of the game? Man look better you stay quiet with whatever shit for brains degree you waste your parents hard earned money on and leave football matters up to football people

    • Devon London – I’m talking about something much bigger than molino and hart. Before going to calling names etc. Try at a minimum to get the point. I’ve said results snd spoken about competitiveness several times. Get the point snd let’s have a discussion. I’m everything but dunce .

    • Devon London and further I’m done speaking with you. I will let Keith look Loy snd lasana translate for you.

    • Like I said learn to kick a lime then talk or rather since you seem to be the studious type read the actual article first then comment OK Brian Harry

    • Devon, we discourage personal insults here. We really frown on it. So no need to go there and I hope you appreciate that.
      A mechanic, an engineer, a carpenter and a lawyer might all find a slightly different way to address the same problem.
      I find the different ideologies fascinating. You might not agree with what he comes up with but at least it would be something you didn’t think of that you could pick something from. That’s how I see it.
      Let’s not fight each other. We can agree or disagree civilly.

  8. Reading this story and the previous story about whether a player is cherished, I can only laugh at the ridiculousness of this situation. To see so much of our attention placed on this nonsense shows how little we are focused on player development, quality and the honor it is to represent our nation. As the father of Noah Powder, the former captain of the U17 and a member of the current U20 squad, I want to share my perspective.

    Noah was a regular starter for the New York Red Bulls II team at either a left or right wing back and sometimes as a winger in a season where the NYRBII won every title in USL; the regular season championship(Noah scored the game winning goal), Eastern Conference and USL Cup. Noah at age 17 played and started on the best team in the USL in the same league as Trevin Caesar, Ataullah Guerra and Neveal Hackshaw. Of the three only Trevin Caesar scored more goals than him last season in USL. Should, I be calling Coach Hart, contacting the President or Technical Director for his inclusion in Men’s National team? Of course not, parents and players MUST respect the coaches and the process!

    Noah played the full 90 plus two overtime periods in the USL Eastern Conference semifinal vs. Rochester Rhinos on October 7th where Red Bulls II won in PKs. On Saturday October 8th, Noah boarded a plane to Panama in order to enter camp with our Men’s National U20 team, due to his commitment to the National team he missed both the Eastern Conference Final vs. Louisville City FC which NYRBII won and the USL Cup Championship vs. Swope City which NYRB won. New York Red Bulls were not pleased with his early departure but Noah has a dream of playing in the U20 World Cup for TNT and he believed that the Panama camp was an important part of the process to that goal.

    I provide this background not to suggest Noah is the best or worse player on the team nor that I am a better or worse parent than others or that we should praise Noah or I. However, I hope it gives some perspective to players, parents, administrators and commentators that we must focus on structured player development, sacrifice, quality and honor the national colors through serious commitment.

    I was in Curacao for the CFU Finals, we should be praising the defense especially Cupid, Sandy and the goal keeper, Smith instead of 200 plus comments on bs. Please note nothing against others but those 3 stood out to me. This is one of the best defensive performances I have seen of a youth team in my limited memory. We should recognize how important Dillon is to this team and style of play, I want to know how serious his injury is and how soon he can be back in training. We should be focusing on our strengths, to build on our strengths not spending so much time on what will not make this team better. This site has some fabulous football minds that teach me so much when I read their comments, lets find a way to put them to work in this forum to move our football forward. Frankly, we can discuss Brent, Isiah, Brian, and DJW for the next 10 days, I do not think it will add value to the team and its ability to progress in CONCACAF.

    Lastly, Noah was not selected for the U15 team, he was not initially selected for U17, he was not selected for U17 CFU Group Stage, he was not selected for U17 CFU Finals. We bought one more ticket after TNT qualified via best 3rd place for Concacaf, Noah was selected and eventually Captained the team and was the leading goal scorer.

    Sacrifice, player development, commitment and recognize the honor it is to represent our country.

    Lasana, I not trying to stop the bacchanal just trying to pivot the bacchanal ..lol

  9. Football goes no where in sweet T&T and the example of why is in this group for the past two days. Sorry to say 🙁

  10. I think he should Brian Jordan he have made his stand the whole world knows now no one is guaranteed a pick and he wants committed players. I think the Shiva crew and all should be allowed to address the selection process of course there will need to be serious change in the young men attitude

  11. So what’s next Gordon? Should coach allow kid back for Concacaf? What do you think?

  12. DJW is the TTFA president and the TTFA employs Brian Williams. He is the W Connection president and he employs Brian Williams there too. He also has Isaiah Hudson on contract at W Connection. And it was DJW who Brent Hudson called to have his son returned home.
    So that’s why I mentioned DJW Jamaal. Hope you’re okay with that.

  13. Give up cause it going no where sorry if I disrupted the flow. Everyone I apologize

    • Like I said, I’m happy for you to comment. And I don’t mind you defend your president. It is good to have different opinions.
      Just try not to attack people who are contributing. If you can make your points without personal attacks then we are fine. I don’t mind picong either. That’s all well and good.

  14. Exactly and DJW and up in it. Plus yu ever see me personally attack anyone I basically as an ex goalkeeper was a defensive player not an attacker. On the contrary Keith was a defender who liked to overlap so maybe it brings out those attacking qualities. And well you was also a skillful attacker

  15. Again i really see why as a country we failing in math and science!! Keith Look Loy started a thread about failure at cfu, u 17 failure u 20 4th worse ever etc my response to that is all those results have their roots in long term development which would have fell under his time as head of technical committee and not an eleven month old administration. I never said he can’t criticize but the root of those results may be found as d old ppl does say behind his nose!! I responded now on this thread because all day my name was being banded about on the thread and anyone in the public can look and verify now u telling me about topic!! All that i have stated in this reply can be checked and verify by any fair minded individual!!

  16. This is going nowhere Jamaal. The conversation is about matters involving the national under-20 team, Isaiah Hudson, Brent Hudson, Brian Williams and the TTFA.

  17. If you feel I accusing you of that my apology but you know I does try to use picong also to win my argument

  18. Wow I could say the same for a lot of you

  19. I am vex when you and Gordon start attacking people personally who are trying to have a conversation. Somehow the talk went to who I wanted as president. That’s called trolling Jamaal. I have never had a problem with anyone defending DJW. No need to play victim now.

  20. I hear you and personally, I have not read anything messianic bro.. I know we also may not agree with everything people say but we can debate our disagreements respectfully, and sometimes agree or choose to agree to disagree. Love the passion man but it can cut both ways..

  21. Well I don’t know Jamaal. But I’m looking at the behaviour.
    Keith is talking about the youth development plan and what can be better. Gordon Pierre hops up to say Keith was a shit coach who never accomplished anything.
    Even if that was true, what did that have to do with the discussion? It is a troll move.
    So we deal with Gordon and having another discussion about Isaiah Hudson and, indirectly, the W Connection shadow over our youth team.
    And up jumps you to say I wanted Ramesh to be president and I’m batting for Fenwick.
    What in the world are you talking about and how is that on topic?
    So if Gordon and you are taking turns, Jamaal, then I have to question your motives. That’s all.

  22. I not vex if you all critical but like men vex when I defend him on an issue .

  23. DJW is not perfect and just the same way as not everything he or the TTFA is right everything they do is not wrong either

  24. Regarding an issue surrounding DJW

  25. Because my views at times differ from you and Keith

  26. Or you can let your football president ask himself rather than send proxies and mouthpieces.

  27. Lol. You’re still trying red herrings Jamaal. I realise I will just have to leave that alone unless you have something specific that you would like me to respond to.
    Look how many messages now had nothing to do with the substantive message. This might just be another way to disrupt the conversation. So I’d let it be.
    But you can ask me anything you like openly and I will respond.

  28. Ok Jamaal. You see I was very hopeful about DJW’s presidency beforehand and I thought he was the best candidate. Maybe I was naive in thinking so.
    And what you should be asking is what changed my mind. To suggest that I never liked him and always wanted someone else will not lead to a mature discussion or get us anywhere.

  29. I am officially not accusing you of such as for my friend Terry can you let him bat for himself please.

  30. I said maybe yu would have been a happy camper if Ramdhan had won. You have to lighten up now that is picong

  31. Or anyone else for that matter…

  32. Okay Jamaal Shabazz, so to be clear, you are withdrawing your statement that I’m writing about the TTFA in the way I am because I wanted Ramesh to be football president?

  33. Okay Jamaal Shabazz. Well, I’m asking you to support your claim that my stance regarding the TTFA president is because I wanted Ramesh Ramdhan as football president.
    That is imputing improper motives to my work. And I’m saying if you cannot support that statement then you should do the mature thing.

  34. I not accusing yu of having had a candidate Lasana

  35. I talking about your accusations against DJW and constant insertions in articles when it’s not necessary. For instance of yu chose to say DJW when it’s a Board position or an action against the TTFA is that I need time to compile.

  36. I really don’t want to go back to all of that Gordon. You’re trolling because you are trying to change the topic away from what is happening with the current plan to whether Keith is worthy to criticize it.
    I think your assertion is factually wrong. But I am not going to discuss it because it is irrelevant and just a red herring.
    And like I said, we are only allowing comments that stay on topic. And you cannot tell any person here that they are unworthy of giving an opinion. That’s not your place.

  37. I did ONE single story on any candidate before the TTFA election Jamaal Shabazz. I’m posting it now. Please read it and come tell me if it supports your claim… And then do the right thing as a responsible adult.

  38. You coming to tell me gossip Jamaal? You can make up gossip on the spot. You cannot be serious. Jamaal you don’t make an accusation and then try to see if you can back it up. What I’m supposed to do for that two weeks?
    If you cannot back up you claim right now, then do the mature thing. If and when you find “proof” then you are free to return with it.
    But do the right thing now Jamaal.

  39. I can compile accusations innuendos etc and responses. In saying so I do not believe one group has all the answers to develop the game but I know there will be different approaches.

  40. Nah Jamaal Shabazz. Don’t change the subject. I’m asking questions of the football president as is my right and you came to say that I’m doing that because I wanted someone else as president.
    Now to say I am batting for someone else is a direct attack on my integrity as a journalist and my motives in writing about local football.
    Now people who know me can appreciate my work is consistent and has been for two decades.
    If you know something else Jamaal then share it now. If not, you are unfairly attacking my integrity as a journalist and trying to malign me. And I still think you know what your response should be if you cannot prove.

  41. Lasana Liburd what i jump to say about Keith Look Loy is not that he was a shit coach!! Which may be a fact!! But the he was basically the man in charge of TT football technical affairs and did little or nothing but now is highly critical of all new initiatives brought froward by the TTFA when he had d opportunity to implement all his brilliant ideas under a powerful Jack Warner and great resources!! That is not trolling that is asking ppl to walk d talk bc if TT football in a mess in 2016 the person who in charge of the technical and development program for d majority of time between 2006 & 2015 must take huge responsibility especially when there was huge resources and power at their disposal

    • We are all imperfect. Should we then not learn from people who we think may have made errors, or who offer constructive criticism? Wouldn’t those people be able to give insight on lessons learned while they tried to make inroads?? We have to stop throwing out the baby with the bath water Gordon. We can prosper if we adopt an open tent approach, or continue as we have..

    • I agree 100% Brian Jordan but don’t come over like u a d Messiah of football especially when u had ur turn!! Let other people try in peace to nah or help them!! Don’t always have something negative to say bc u was a huge part of the problem!!

  42. Anyone tired of Kings, Cupbearers and such? Football suffers each time and the Kings and Cupbearers would have us believe football is doing better with them in control.. We need all hands working together, not some hands..

  43. If Raymond Tim Kee had won who knows who would have been the Cup Bearer of the King.

  44. Jamaal Shabazz don’t leave us there eh. Thing now start. Don’t expect amnesty just so. Prove your accusation as man or then do the right thing.

  45. Here is my answer to you Jamaal, there are thousands of stories on Wired868. Bring me one that shows me supporting Ramesh to be TTFA president. Or bring any proof that I backed his campaign in any way whatsoever.
    If you cannot do that Jamaal and your accusation is empty, then you’re a big man and I’m sure you would know the right thing to do.

  46. Jamaal, I wrote a glowing pre-election story on DJW. He was the only candidate that I wrote on. And know you want to tell me I am a Ramdan supporter.
    You’re being dishonest Jamaal. You’re being a politician now.
    They really say if you want to see the mark of a man then give him power. Or, in some cases, give him just the whiff of power.

  47. Maybe my choice of words are poor

  48. Jamaal, if you think about it, you will realise that nobody here has any reason to be against DJW. People were not trying to sabotage his campaign. Quite the opposite in fact.
    Then ask yourself what might have changed. And why.
    If you start off by assuming “all of allyuh doh like him” then you will never hear what we are saying. And there will be no improvement.

  49. And in electoral politics there are allies and opponents . If Ramdhan had won Terry Fenwick would have been His Imperial Terry and who knows if you Lasana might be a happy camper today

  50. I am not saying that you said we must not speak but telling someone what to say and how to say it is in fact censorship

  51. If fact I will save it but I am never about censorship of free thinking viewpoints. In my defence of DJW you guys mistaking it for me saying doh tell the king nutten.

  52. No you know me I cool I see humour in everything but let me give an example eh.

  53. There will be some emotion, some picong and more besides once you hold public office. You have to take some of that too. You as a national coach would know that. So explain such to DJW.
    Or maybe Brent Hudson will us DJW is injured and has to go home! Hahaha. Just kidding Jamaal. Lighten up nah man.

  54. And I not thinned skin because I know for Lara to make his record he had to bat and bat and bat. Against all kind of bowling and yes I know some men does stone. This is the way of the world. I all for the healthy debate because at times my view differ from yours

  55. As I learned from an early age as a yute watching Sesame Street on #TTT “QUESTIONS ARE A GOOD WAY OF FINDING THINGS OUT”…..if we the public don’t ask questions we will never know anything about the plans and policies of our administrators…. So Keith let’s continue to be the voices of the people and Jamal I respect you too much to see you trying to defend a mad man by censoring the public opinions

  56. I have never not will ever suggest for anyone to stop asking questions or demanding accountability but maybe it’s just me but I see at times ridicule not Qs

  57. Jamaal with God as my witness, I will never stop asking questions or expecting that the TTFA president should be answerable to the public on his plans.
    I am happy to hear your views and I would definitely encourage you to share. We want to hear.
    But don’t tell us not to ask questions. You will be wasting your time.

  58. ..I does lash back. Jamaal know dat..

  59. Whenever we ask for information, Jamaal comes to boff us or Gordon Pierre comes to scream at us or insult us.
    Allyuh want to have us like abused spouses in this place yes. ???

  60. ..And the assessment is not good. I don’t care WHAT corporate TT wants to give, you need to have a plan first. Consultation with TTFA members was promised by the DJW campaign in the campaign for the presidency, i.e. BEFORE being elected. A year has passed and NOTHING serious has transpired in that regard, i.e. concerning the overall direction of the local game. I will support ANY TTFA initiative I consider to be worthwhile. But this administration is stumbling in the dark and its minions are comdemning those who are calling for light..

  61. I did media relations are always punctuated by caution and even distrust moreso in office rather out of office. It is built up as admins grow in confidence or reduces if they grow in arrogance.
    On the budgetary point Keith you will know that where Corporate TT are concerned your projected figures have very little bearing on their output. They give what they feel they should give. Your proposals are not as important as who you know, who feel sorry for you or as in the case of a Caledonia whose arm you could wring. I know you do not share my optimism but I feel certain Godwilling that communication and overall participation will improve. One year is a good moment to review and reflect .

  62. ..Nice try Jamaal. Good administration requires the development of a plan – VIA CONSULTATION – and thereafter, the budgeting of said plan. Then comes implementation. And monitoring. The consultation I refer to is a BROAD process involving all those who work in the areas covered bt the plan and who will be affected by the plan. Come nah man. You know that. Does W Connection FC start the season and then start to plan and budget for it? Come nah man..

  63. I think of the 4 persons who contested the TTFA election only one had experience before of being in the job. One year into the job he is a work in progress. He is told on Wired go get sponsorship and leave the coaches alone….ok fine…he goes and gets sponsorship 8 million highest I have seen….then he is attacked for not consulting or shown a youth development plan….has anyone considered that he has taken a good first step and he may be formulating a program to consult with the Keith’s and Tervors of the country and others who have the know how ? And that time will reach. Or do we think he DJW do he own development plan ?

    • How would we know if your president boasts of operating in silence Jamaal? Do you know how many press conferences he has had to address his term in office in the year since he was in charge? Zero.
      You’re saying we should hush and wait to see what happens?

  64. I honestly would like to hear what really one exoects. For e.g the coach acted properly the parent acted as all parents who believe their kid is the best thing since slice bread. How does that involve the Club owner who simultaneously is the TTFA President. What is expected of him in this regard ? On the one hand when a president acts autonomously we cry dictatorship yet on the other hand he is blamed for a loss or a 4th place. If the buck stops with me then I want Executive Authority .

  65. One question , so if the son goes abroad to play I wonder if the father will be making call ,when his son is on the bench.

  66. ..We have called for such a meeting from Day One of this administration..

  67. Well I don’t see the relevance of the fact that Hudson belongs to the club owned by the President. I think Brian has articulated and conducted himself well in these two potentially controversial issues. Moreso since he is not a blabbermouth like me. I think we must be careful not to demonize the President and see ghosts nor go to sleep with him on our minds

    • Nobody demonized the president Jamaal. But if you don’t see a potential conflict of interest in a situation where an irate parent, player, national coach and football president are all from the same club…
      Jamaal be honest with us nah. Everybody tries to be straightforward here. So you don’t see any potential for a conflict of interest there?!

  68. We would have gotten somewhere when meetings designed to advance our beautiful game are published so that stakeholders can participate and when coaching opportunities are advertised weeks and months ahead of them being convened. Same nonsense, different leader on a different date.

  69. And again they are going back again with the Dutch Coaching license eh, Holland ever win any World Cup eh, steeeupps. Look alyuh try alyuh best and stop fogging the beautiful game eh. Them really good yes.

  70. How can we be ever ready when the corrupted TTFA doesn’t have any policy in place with respect to our brand of playing the beautiful game eh, they recently had a Coaches meeting with Anton Corneal trying to put things in place with respect to the youth developmental program eh, and when asked about what policies that will be put in place eh the Technical Director couldn’t even answer the question steeuppss and where on Earth do we ever hear that Coaches who are coaching professional teams eh are also Coaching the school teams in our sweet country eh and last but not least the Coach of StAnns Rangers FC eh how many times he got fired as the head Coach eh only to be rehired again and again and again eh, are there not other professional Coaches in our sweet country eh, and they want to know why our football is in the state that it is in and still they still believes that they will one day dominate my second sweetest country at all levels eh, Brian Harry. Them really good yes.

  71. But this is the nature of our society and football, innit? LOL They put we so. Order demands clarity of vision and purpose; respect for the unit and the mission..

  72. Why can we just have simplified governance? Why all these conflicts and innuendo? We are really not ready for the big times or the big leagues

  73. Too much conflicts. ..real and apparent

  74. Carlos Lee, did you consider that the coach might be under an unusual sort of pressure too since the TTFA president is also head of his club team and Hudson appears to be the jewel of the said club?
    Maybe that might have something to do with the responses from all side. What do you think Jamaal Shabazz?

  75. If Hudson demanded to be sent home because he was left out, then he also disrespected Jarred Dass.

  76. If tactically a change is made to fit the opponent u r playing…thats what coaching is about….so if we hav 2 players plaguing the Coach’s mind and he chooses one based on what he observed the opposing team doing…. that trickles down to very good coaching tactics and we have to understand things from the Coach’s viewpoint…..it must also furthur trickle down to the mind of the player… where he must have the understanding of being happy for a team mate in a National team set up….if he is chosen i am happy for him…if i am chosen be happy for me…we r both young players in part of a National set up….so the maturity of the kid can be hindered in this case bcuz of outside interference…..that in turn doesnt end well for any of the parties involved…..if u r not chosen to play a game….have some respect for the Coach’s decision..whether u like it or not….when u r chosen…someone else is not chosen…should that kid’s parent pull him from the team….bcuz this can open a can of worms if not handled properly

  77. Some of these bootleg Coaches are not even head Coaches at club level eh but they are nominated to Coach our national youth teams and then blaming the players when we are eliminated eh and hence the reason why we are always struggling to get results steeuppss. Them really good yes.

  78. ..Yes. But players must ALWAYS be clear that the coach is fully prepared to proceed without them.. ONE boss..

  79. It is amazing how these coaches who are supposed to be exemplars for these footballers are so willing to tarnish the name of young people just to hide the truth or save their job, it is sad that Brian Williams has gone the way of trying to give Hudson a bad name when the child has done nothing wrong. Hudson is one of the most disciplined players I know and many will attest to that, whatever Brian Williams and they are trying to do to this sixteen year old is very unfortunate but the truth will always emerge.

  80. How has he thrown him under the bus? He hasn’t ruled him out of future selection. He is making clarifying statement and I dare say, the parent now can humble himself and have a reasonable dialogue about his concerns. I totally believe that coaching isn’t all done on the field of play and I would beg to differ on your interpretation. Let’s agree to disagree

  81. Diva behavior or tt football at its best???

  82. The only ‘ victim’ here is football

  83. ..Brian is clearly the victim, yes victim, of an unconsciously developing group of players who feel they can call shots in this U20 team. First the Guyana set. Now this. Leave all of them home if they cannot accept that players must be there for the team and not vice versa..

  84. The coach has to rise above the parent and be the adult in the situation though. He’s got to keep details private even though he feels an obligation to respond.

    • Every coach decides when to go public and when to keep things quiet. And there are reasons for it.
      Keeping everything quiet is not always the right thing and the opposite is also true. If you think of it, I’m sure you can think of situations where either might work.

    • Not disagreeing with you totally but you get into a he said/she said situation. If as the coach the player leaves and I simply agree that he was injured and let it go would it be an issue? Why do we always have to respond. Dad says he was hurt, OK I agree he was hurt. When it comes to team selection for the next tournament he is not selected. What’s the issue?

    • The parent said he was mistreated by staff. And a player leaves in mid-tournament. I don’t see how the TTFA can avoid making a statement personally.
      I hear what you say about avoiding a he said/she said. I don’t think Brian dived in the gutter personally.
      But I think, as a body responsible for children and who just raised millions to develop more children, the TTFA couldn’t just ignore the allegations that were made here.

    • Trini coaches aren’t trained professionally to deal with the media. Sure we like the drama but he could have handled it differently. I agree that the TTFA failed him by not providing a statement to the press though. They basically left the coach out to dry

    • And the staff was hung out to dry too. It is a serious accusation, particularly levelled at a youth coach. Brian Williams works at Petrotrin. For all I know, those accusations might even cause discomfort for him with the company that actually pays his wages.

  85. Full support for Brian Williams. No player is bigger than the team. Also, anybody with football sense would understand that there are tactical changes. Yes hudson may be a better player than jared dass who replaced him in certain aspects of the game… but the coach needed something for that game so he replaced hudson with dass. Thats the purpose of having a squad of 18 and not 11. Absolute nonsense by the parent… If it were some foreign club and he didnt see the field for 12 games straight it wouldnt be an issue. But in Trinidad we allow players to become “bigger than the team and the game” and these things happen.If this continues Hudson will reach NO where in football and does not deserve to represent our country. If it is about you as a individual getting minutes then you are not for the team or your country.. I could identify a situation similar to this on the National Under 17 team and that player did not wlk off the team. His parent did not encourage him to leave the team and that player continued showing full support for the team and the players even in a time that was difficult for him as an individual.

  86. ..No. I am saying once the parent goes public then the coach may feel the need to respond. BOTH should have dealt with the matter privately but a parent has no cause to evacuate his son from a team abroad unless there is a dire personal emergency..

  87. I get that the comment that they not cherishing him can hurt but hey… its par for the course.. put on your big boy drawers and deal with it professionally…

  88. So you telling me that this could not be thrashed out in a better manner?

  89. . OR it could become a matter of self preservation if the coach believes external parties are making him look bad by claiming he is using an injured player. Then it is HIS career that is in potential jeopardy?..

  90. No coach should put out there for the WORLD…that a young player wants guaranteed time and feigning injury… it can destroy his entire future…

  91. The most convenient option is to leave him out. That is more so urgent than important .Those three(3) are to much talent to just leave out form the scheme of thing . Coaches in this country needs to have more players management skills , to compliment their Technical and Tactical abilities. Manage the young players , manage the situation , out the fires at the team level. TTFA, DJW, must insist on all teams; from the secondary colleges league up the ranks to the national have a structured communication plan, inclusive of KPI’s , feedback analysis and recommendations. Pick up anomalies early. Another idea worth considering is the setting up of career guidance officer attached to each youth team, similar to the academic career in the secondary school. What coaches putting out in the public domain must be responsible , connotations, interpretation can have disastrous long term effect on young talent when they themselves may have deficiencies

  92. I love what Spice man is doing with his son… many a talented youth has fallen by the wayside because of improper handling and internal politics. Dexter i am certain you know how difficult it was for you, Brent doing his best to protect his son

  93. To be honest Brian should not have said anything publicly. That is airing your dirty laundry. Let your selections do the talking and the coach will be judged by the results.

  94. ..As I understand the sequence: 1) The player was dropped from the starting team. 2) The parent claimed injury and wanted his son home. 3) The coach and staff deny injury..

  95. Dexter is not me who rushing… thats my point exactly …. everybody rushing to accept what Brian say as gospel…

  96. We as adults and especially those on social media can sit and accept whatever we want to believe as true. The impact of a national coach saying to the country that a yung player wants guaranteed play time and just disregard what the father said is …sad

  97. Deryck yuh rushing mih….y dont we hear the kid’s side of all this

  98. Regardless of who is right or wrong, another massive issue is his father requested he come home immediately… That is crazy. Was he coming home to do surgery imminently? Why did he have to come home mid tournament? That is crazy.

  99. The Father made the request and the kid had no choice but to follow suit…..we alllllllll hav to accept the fact that the parent can withdraw his kid if he chooses….the decision now is…these choices hav consequences…..this is where the Coaching staff and TTFA comes into play

  100. ..Of course it is. We are all free agents. LOL..

  101. ..Coach says he wasn’t injured. And there is a history here. I go with the coach..

  102. Problem with that is you are accepting that the reason he left is because he wanted guaranteed play time…

  103. .It never ceases to totally AMAZE me how some people can read into another’s statement what THEY read and not what is said. Here is what I DID, in fact, say: “I supporting Brian in this one. No player should be guaranteed playing time. Particularly an under-performing one”. 1) I reconfirm my belief that no player should be guaranteed playing time in ANY team. This is not AYSO football they playing and parents have NO role in this. 2) What is wrong with dropping an under-performer? This is elite international youth football. Not a sweat. The coach has one chance to get it right. If you can’t serve the team’s need to WIN then you ave no place in the team. Simple..

  104. So judging by the responses i take it that all accept Brian Williams side of the story….hmmmmm. I see a coach in Look Loy saying that the youth is an underachiever and should be left out hmmmmm…. where is the balance? Brent Hudson has a passion for his son and the game… he is the type of parent we should all be and as we all do he is bound to make errors , not saying this is an error but we are human . I am astounded that a promising 14 year old young player with immense potential who is punching above his weight category can be vilified as has happened here, because what is being said by the coach and comments here is that Isiah lied and he was never injured…. again please give some balance and don’t destroy a promising youth…

    • You’re wrong boss. Parents should not be pulling their son from a tournament without consultation with the adults in the situation (technical staff). A player has a right to choose whether he wants to play or not, when the team returns home. But to pull your son mid tournament is assinine and selfish

    • I am allllll for balance…and i am sure u rwad my post…so u realise that…with that being said….how can comments on this thread destroy the youth…and if the Head Coach comes out publicly and clears the air….there must b some truth to it…..i am also thinking that …u dont know Isaiah Hudson’s Dad…… he is a tough nut to crack

    • please don’t assume i don’t know Brent… the head coach said something and Brent said something so Brian is telling the truth hmmmm…

    • Let’s assume that his dad is right that his son was hurt, do you believe his son should have been flown home sooner that the team Deryck Richardson?

  105. Agree Brian. Parents are key at the teenage level. I would say U20 and below. And I also agree that we can’t have parents pulling players from the squad because of lack of playing time. Note that it’s not only important for Brian to articulate things, he’s got to also walk the walk. If his actions are in conflict with his statements, then it creates a credibility issue.

    • While I like that Brian said what he said, I’m actually surprised he made it public. I don’t agree at all with what was allegedly done by the kid nor his parents but Brian simply should have said nothing publicly and simply not picked the kid in the future. We shouldn’t really air our dirty laundry in public. Just my thoughts…

    • Well said Brent. We want a transparent coach, but he’s got to be careful about what and how much he shares with the public. As I said earlier, some credibility issues are surfacing.

    • To be honest Carlos, he may not know how. We learned that here but its also a cultural bravado thing. Tit for tat if I might say. He has to learn or we as a people have to learn we don’t have to respond to everything. As long as the people involved know the truth, sometimes that’s all that matters. As the head coach, Brian should have let that go. Saying one thing publicly and doing another privately. He has to be careful in avoiding personal attacks publicly. You’re the coach, you have the power. Let your selections do the talking.

    • For real Brent. Brian and other coaches have got to be more savvy when dealing with reporters. Maybe they need to stay away from reading these blogs. Can’t be allowing Lasana to force a saucy response from them:-)

    • Where is that training coming from Carlos Lee? That savyness requires training and experience. Our culture is not really that way. I learned the hard way… I don’t expect us to change because it’s our way of doing things.

    • True. That’s where TTFA can come in. They can hire communications specialist to train our coaches and help them learn how to interact with and engage with players, parents, journalists, and the public in general.

    • We can’t even organize ah sweat far less for dealing with media relations. Perhaps they should hire we boy Lasana Liburd tub teach them lol

    • Lol – Not a bad idea. In fact they should hire Lasana as their new media officer.

    • There’s a famous saying – keep your friends close and your enemies closer???

    • Hahaha. Carlos and Brent in a best case scenario, the TTFA would have cleared the air on this long ago and there would have been no need for me to be harassing Brian Williams.
      Now you’re saying he is lacking PR skills. But think about it. What country in the world would send home a player–and a starter at that–in mid-tournament and the FA not release a clear statement?
      And what football press in the world wouldn’t try to find out why and be clear as to what is happening?
      Stephen Hart was all alone on the Molino issue. I don’t know that Brian Williams got much more support than Hart did.

    • That’s why we’re volunteering you for the TTFA Media Officer job bro:-) Do they still have one?

    • Hahaha. Yes, they do have one. Carlos you don’t like to have me here speaking freely and informing everyone about what’s happening?
      Allyuh trying to close down Wired868 or wot?! Lol.

    • I doubt any media officer can release what he or she likes without the say-so of either the president or general secretary do. The media officer doesn’t set the tone.

    • Hahaha – for true. We prefer you driving Wire868 forward.

    • Guys. I don’t agree this is dirty linen. Clearly, the public should have received communication from the TTFA on this. Who are we to say that the communication, if it had been released, would not have mirrored what Brian W has stated? We have to get to a point where conscience and truth are not the slave of comfort and convenience..

    • I think it would have suffice for Brian to say we had a little misunderstanding/miscommunication and we are working within the team to resolve it. Instead he has thrown the 16-year old kid under the bus.

    • The other way to look at it is Hudson’s father threw Brian under the bus and the coach tried to stand up for his reputation and the reputation of his staff.

    • Lasana – I think it’s the latter.

    • Again I go back and say you don’t have to respond to everything Lasana Liburd. That’s taking it personal. We have to be professional

    • Taking a quote from Michelle Obama. When they go low, Brian must go higher:-)

    • There are some things that Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton would respond to though. And there are many occasions that Barack Obama spoke publicly to refute rumours, such as his place of birth.
      This isn’t a rumour. And I think the staff had to clear the air on their treatment of Hudson.

    • Totally agreed Lasana. All issues are not the same and should not all be handled similarly.

  106. Carlos, I agree that parents are integral when working with youths 18 and under. Not so sure they are as integral at under 20/21 level. If a player as young as Hudson is on the team, the parent should definitely be communicated with, however, what happens if they are kept in the loop and do not agree with the coach? Having been around the team in question, Brian has been quite clear that every player had a chance to make the team and that no pick is guaranteed. Whether some chose to believe that is another question. We all have decisions to make and lessons are learned as we make those decisions. I do share the sentiment that the. Coach has to ultimately make the best decision for the team and no player or parent should be allowed to apply pressure.

  107. ..We are all free agents. If, however, you decide you are part of a unit then you have to commit to that. As parent, coach or teacher – and I have been all – I would never encourage a player to pick and choose when they wish to be part of said unit, and certainly not to evacuate when things get rough..

  108. But Keith Look Loy…if you were those players coach or teacher wouldn’t you tell them they are doing wrong?…

  109. ..Nah. THe Shiva players opted out of the Guyana trip in order to promote their school’s title prospects and because they believed they were “sure picks”on the national team. Now another player (and/or his parent) believes he must be a ‘”sure pick” too. The buck stops with the coach. Is either he in charge or not Let them watch football..

  110. Carlos having read your take on the issue I agree that everyone needs to be “swimming with the tide”. Indeed this remains the challenge in leadership not just in football. My question is statement about…..what kind of committment the players are asking of the coach ?
    The question of foreign based players coming in and the arguments of a coach using foreign /local and the pros and cons …as it relates to team selection is an age old dilemma.
    At the end of the day a coach must be free to select his team and as Lasana stated without interference from higher up.
    And as coaches we live and die by those decisions. Right here on this chat we see protagonists turn antagonists based on a coach’s results.
    To me it’s far more important for the coach and his/her staff to have policies that are clearly understood by the players and in youth football their parents/guardian. ….rather than whose ego gets stepped on in the process of coaches tinkering with selection or non selection.

    • Jamaal – I think some players are saying don’t select us for convenience sake – to fill up the roster. Pick us on merit and give us the committment that we will all have the same chance to earn time on the pitch. I love your last set of comments about policies that are clearly communicated to and understood by players and their parents. Youth coaches must take the time to develop their policies and philosophies and meet with parents and players to share, discuss, and solicit their by-in and support. With the above in place, the team (including parents) are more likely to swim with the tide.

    • I agree then thus like in senior football players must be told from day one that in a national team its slightly different from school and club. We need to get across to them that at that level you are sometimes in and you are sometimes out and talent alone is not enough ….to decide.

  111. If Hudson’s dad pulled him from the tournament simply because he was dropped for a match, then that’s a bit unprofessional and obviously can’t be tolerated. However, I think there might be a bigger issue being highlighted here. Coach Brian is asking for committed players. The players on the other hand are also asking for some level of committment from the coach. If we go back several weeks ago one would see that the two players who did not take up the offer to join the team for the pre-tournament Caribbean camp did so because they felt they were being conveniently used by the coach. They felt they were being added as temporary squad players until the foreign -based players were available. From the outside it appears that coach Brian is having some serious credibility issues with a number of players. There is a lack of trust and as such the players are not fully committed. Coach Brian and the staff may need to put some serious efforts into resolving this potential trust/credibility issue. Right now it appears we have an “every man for himself” situation. He needs to turn that to “every man for the team”. Coach Brian, his coaching and management staff, and the players need to all be swimming with the tide to achieve success at the next stage.

  112. Wtf I really does be reading boi
    …Men refusing to play national football? ..some to go sweat SSFL?..And I’m supposed to believe these men are professionals? ….steups yes…but hey its really not his fault eh….we all know who is wrongly influencing their kid… anyway.. he will be a “has been” pretty soon

  113. BAN THEM!!! Opening a Pandora’s Box treating these indiscipline with kid gloves. Nip it in the bud!!

  114. They held the U17 to ransom both father n son and this attitude and lack luster performance is encouraged when it have the “friend from Friend Land and dais meh partner son” syndrome it’s sad that it take this long to be highlighted Lord knows how many deserving players was overlooked because of this poisonous system that exist in our national football

  115. I am no coach but…is it normal to be doing push ups during the competition? Shouldn’t that be done during the off and pre season? Just asking

  116. B4 we go to the guaranteeing of playing time to any player on a National youth team….. lets first deal with the training aspect….the kid is training as normalllllll every day…doing push ups etc….when did the said injury occur…and the twam not having a teavelling Doctor.. who verified said injury…fast forward to matchday….. if the kid did not play in the match…them the injury must hav occured in training…the Father in turn should hav been sending a letter to the Technical Staff not to play his son because he is injured…not pull him from the squad claiming he is injured..after a match he didnt play in….something about that obviously doesnt add up…fast forward to post match……in fairness to the parent..we dont know what the kid told his Dad…in fairness to the kid…he has no say after his Father makes a decision like that…..
    And in fairness to Brian Williams….dealing with Brent Hudson is a task by itself…he has his ego…he is very outspoken…confrontational at times…and highly emotional about his son’ s football career….bcuz of this…sometimes he gets it right and sometimes he gets it wrong….and knowing him personally i can say he always means well…but on this occasion i feel he got it wrong…..mainly because the kid has to learn how to deal with things when they dont go his way…..failure may not be an option…but it is a reality

  117. Of Course Brent Hudson was happy with Latapy’s management. His son was the prima dona and allowed to do what he wanted

  118. The more I read this article and the comments the more I realise that this isn’t a problematic situation. It’s simple that the kid has been overhyped and believes he is better than he believes via his Dad. The solution is simple …. leave him out. This situation only becomes a problem if Brian allows this kind of behaviour to fester which he clearly is not going to. So props to him ……

    • And once nobody interferes with selection. But, to be fair to the TTFA president, that doesn’t seem to have happened so far.
      So hopefully we continue that way with the coach being allowed to control his team. And I hope the same goes for the president’s relationship with ALL national coaches including Stephen Hart.

    • Oh gosh man Lasana yu edging me to put on my defend the President armour. When the President has no local standi in this matter. Shucks man weeks now yu and I going good now yu trying to draw me out. Please dont take me for Gordon for your information Baron oops I mean Gordon Pierre doh look like me.

    • We both have one thing in common we just want to see the thing go forward. ( Sung To the rhythum of Please dont take me for Baron)

  119. this kind of indiscipline will only be tolerated in T&T. If he was an american he would not see the red white and blue for a long time. However, national coaches have been condoning this behaviour for decades. The same happened at the u17 tournament and when the captain spoke about it he was benched by Latas.

    • Brent Hudson was very happy with Latapy’s management. All the same, it is Brian Williams who is still alive in the competition. I think the coach has done a good job and needs the support.
      Hart even more so.

  120. Hope this young man’s father will not be the detriment to his future.

  121. Hudson(B) had an attitude when he used to play and bent on his son following his footsteps

  122. This is not good. It speaks loudly to the administration of our football. We have a coach who has a difficult enough job to do with these youngsters. What support does the TTFA provide for him in terms of a manager, a team doctor and a structure that provides for parents to sigh over the care of their children to responsible people. This kind of behavior by a parent is totally unacceptable. But does the child have to pay for parents ignorance? This is already happening in our society where children are being killed by guns because of delinquent parents. This country is lost. Very sad indeed.

    • For the sake of Isaiah, there needs to be an intervention. And the Hudson clan must think carefully about what they want to achieve.
      Not that I’m saying he should be guaranteed an easy return. It is up to Hudson, Pappy and Quinn to put pride aside and try to convince the coach why they won’t let him down if given a second chance.
      And I hope all three of them do so. Anthony Sherwood and Dion Sosa. Hope you all agree.

    • Lasana, we must always strive to have our best players, but this must not compromise the authority of the coach. Clearly there is need for meaningful dialogue on these issues, and having a professional mediator moderate this process will ensure the best results. We need to become more professional in our approach to people management. Just my two cents.

    • Same problem with senior team. Well, not quite the same but similar.

    • Agree but what is being done to get everyone singing from the same sheet. We need to get professional. People who have run football for 20 years and cannot change need to get out. This is a different world today, and people trained in present day people management need to step up and save our sport.

  123. One thing they don’t realize… Dwight was the hardest working man in the youth national team. No one could ou twork him. He never questioned the coaches authority as well.

  124. It also shows how important two sides of the story are and a reminder for me not to jump to conclusions in hearing one side.

    • I don’t think many people were criticising Brian after hearing the Hudson side though Jamaal. I think most people were with the coach on this from day one.
      How can you walk out on a team in mid-tournament?

  125. The sincerity and simplicity of Coach Brian Williams’ explanations are admirable. It has increased my already tremendous respect for him. Congrats my Brother and let’s see if a good preparation can help us to cross the line in February.

  126. A 16yr old demanding selection? Bertil St Clair would have buried his ass on the bench. Him and his Dad could piss off!!

  127. Next bacchanal on de horizon. I find de TTFA should turn dis whole football business into a reality TV series. Maybe den de programme will become fully funded. LOL.

  128. Exactly. I have seen him play many times. He is talented but he isnt a Yorke or Levi Garcia. His dad should really consider the message he is sending the nation, coach and his son

  129. They have surely worked so hard to get the boy this far. Now the parents have to be very careful not to undo that work.
    To be blunt, Hudson was standing at over six feet at 14 years old. He is a freak of nature. But there are many, many examples of players who peaked early because of a physical advantage over their age group. But who then fizzled out when the other kids caught up to them physically.
    They should be careful about getting carried away. The kid is not close to a Russell Latapy or Dwight Yorke yet. Nor is there any guarantee he will ever get there.

  130. No disrespect but this kid’s dad is way out of line. They don’t need to represent us at all with that attitude. #nextmanup

  131. Without a medical certificate, I don’t see how the Hudson family could have ruled their son was injured. And these players have to learn about fighting for what they want. We are not preparing these kids for the real world.

  132. The coach is 100% right in my book. Hudson’s father out of place and seems to be a bad example for his own son. These fathers who are apparently coaches as well….steups

  133. i find our players feel they can walk before they actually crawl..

  134. ..I supporting Brian in this one. No player should be guaranteed playing time. Particularly an under-performing one. Inflated reputation. Inflated ego. Team qualified without him. Leave him out..

  135. Kudos to Brian Williams. Let Daddy brat and Little brat go play with themselves.

  136. Parents of these youth players need to know their boundaries.