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Molino set to take a year away from Soca Warriors, according to Orlando Sentinel

Trinidad and Tobago playmaker Kevin Molino is supposedly set for a one-year self-imposed exile from the Soca Warriors, which will rule him out of his country’s upcoming Russia 2018 World Cup qualifiers against Costa Rica and Honduras on 11 and 15 November 2016 respectively.

Molino was dropped from the Trinidad and Tobago National Senior Team squad to face Martinique in a 2017 Caribbean Cup qualifier yesterday for a breach of discipline.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago attacker Kevin Molino (left) tries to escape from Dominican Republic midfielder Rafael Flores during 2017 Caribbean Cup qualifying action at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva on 5 October 2016. (Courtesy Nicholas Bhajan/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago attacker Kevin Molino (left) tries to escape from Dominican Republic midfielder Rafael Flores during 2017 Caribbean Cup qualifying action at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva on 5 October 2016.
(Courtesy Nicholas Bhajan/Wired868)

Wired868 was informed that coach Stephen Hart made the decision after the Orlando City midfielder allegedly snuck out of camp to party in Port of Spain last Friday, which would be the second such infraction by the former East Mucurapo schoolboy in roughly a month.

The Warriors lost 2-0 in extra time last night and were eliminated from the Caribbean Cup, although they can still get to the 2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup through a play off series.

But, according to an Orlando Sentinel report, Molino apparently threatened to withdraw his services from the Trinidad and Tobago squad after a Snapchat post in which he vowed to take “a year off from national team competition to focus on training”.

Hart has not made a public pronouncement on whether Molino would face further sanction for his indiscretion—beyond the game missed in Martinique—and it is likely that the coach will meet Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president David John-Williams before arriving at a final decision.

Molino seems set to act first. A spokesman for the Orlando City club suggested, according to the Sentinel, that the talented attacking midfielder would make a statement on the incident tomorrow.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago international midfielder Kevin Molino (right) trains with his teammates at the Hasely Crawford Stadium on 21 March 2015. (Courtesy Nicholas Bhajan/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago international midfielder Kevin Molino (right) trains with his teammates at the Hasely Crawford Stadium on 21 March 2015.
(Courtesy Nicholas Bhajan/Wired868)

It is uncertain whether Molino’s vow to take time off national duty was conveyed to Hart or if it was actually the coach’s idea in the first place.

Either way, it appears that the Trinidad and Tobago playmaker may not wait on the TTFA and could decide on his own international future first.

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  1. Bring back ball pest, Jonathan Glenn and CORNELL GLEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Good riddance to Kevin Molino……………………..byeeeeeeeeeeeee

  3. How about being a man.
    Step 1: Apologise to the the coach, your teammates and the Trinidadian public.
    Step 2: Accept the consequences of your actions.
    Brent Garcia Cb Smooth Bailey Dexter Cyrus Joel Bailey

    • Its a repeat offence….he did it 6 days b4 and got fined…so i am sure he now feel like ah conchs in ah drain… bcuz allllllllll d other players cud stay in camp and rest due to d importance of the match….. yuh wanna bet 2 chicken roti.. 5 crix and ah piece ah red mango he dare not do that with his MLS club…… monkey in crapo clothing……suffering from ah Str8 case of INBETWEENITY

    • His ego obviously gettin d best of him. He clearly showing he is not humble and thinks he reach. Is a shame because he is a decent player but loose screws and bolts shaking up and bangin around in his head, because he not making sense

    • Ah like Kevin Molino, but ball pest is several notches above him. ….

    • Hav u seen Ballpest lately…. he is tremendously off d pace…. i wonder if he will be d same after d accident

  4. I don’t care what he went for, if was something legit, I’m sure management would have given him leeway. So make an example off him, it will hamper his career, but the ttfa must put their feet down.

  5. I hope the 2 for $20 Stag deal he slipped out to take advantage of was worth it.

  6. Said it before and I’m saying it again. He is not to make the team at no stage in this World Cup campaign. Take that undeserving no.10 shirt and go looking for someone who deserves it locally or afar.

  7. A year off… who he feel he is. Enjoy the MLS because with that attitude you not going to make it any further. Doh need you on the team.

  8. I feel is better if you retire for good smh

  9. Molino our talented play-maker’s level of play is MLS level. Clearly Hart over reacted to breaking camp, if he did do that. TnT in a hot mess when or if he takes a year..We will surely miss an MLS standout.

  10. Mr.Molino, no matter how high a bird might fly it aways have to come down to the ground and humble.

  11. Anyone knows what’s the latest with A. Guerra? Is he healthy and playing In the US?

  12. The point is, this is an opportunity for players on the outside to force their way in. And I’m not just talking about the number 10 jersey. Recent performances have highlighted deficiencies that can be worked on. But if you listen to Hart, the main problems seem to be attitude and discipline (on the pitch such as keeping shape etc). Someone like Darren Mitchell will give 110%. While he may not be the ideal ball player, sometimes commitment and passion from one player can make up for the lack of ability. I never liked Nicky Butt, but the guy gave 100% in every game and made a real difference. And there were better players at Man U but Ferguson would select him for certain games where passion was a key factor.

  13. Well Cheryl, any number could play. Roy just needs to give us something to consider.
    He won’t get picked just because he is playing abroad. I’m sure he will be consider once he shows some form.

    • Your missing point I’m not just on about Shaka. There are boys like Cornell and Kaydion who have been on form and hart doesn’t even give them a nod in the desert! Kaydion was in pool of players in camp once and he had been playing amazing in form. Just saying time to give others a chance

    • Cheryl, Cornell and Kaydion both played under Hart. But I hear you.

  14. Lasana maybe Hart should start giving other boys who are outside the chance. Shaka would relish the chance to get back in the national team and is a committed player. And before you say it he isnt starting regular in his first team but neither was Hyland he was not playing football for months and months in Belgium because he was out of favour and still got call back. Time for Hart to change up that team! If Trini have any hope of qualifying there needs to be some backsides getting wipped into shape and those not willing to show the committment should be punted off the team and give others the chance. Important time coming up with them games! Too many wanabe popstars needing their arses kicked.

  15. Kevin Molino your a disgrace and should be fined an excessive amount money

  16. If by some miracle we could qualify I hope the management doesn’t take that judgment traitor back on the team. He taking a time off cause he thinks that the team isn’t good enough to qualify anyway in the middle east they would’ve hang him in Woodford square.

  17. I think he wanted an easy way to opt out for playing for his country as not enough money

  18. You did it once and you did it again. You obviously doh business bout anything.. Ban him for life from Trinidad football. I rather we lose fighting than tolerate that bullshit.

  19. Dion Sosa yuh really need to speak to Mr. Live Wire eh, because it seems that he isn’t understand this football business eh. hahahaha Him really good yes.

  20. mango your looking like paul blart mall cop

  21. And when will the Soca Worries will ever defeat my second sweetest country eh, at all levels eh, look Mr. Live Wire try your best eh. Them really good yes.hahahahaha

  22. Leh we see Alyuh bootleg team Argentine qualifying nah, and even winning the World Cup 2018 in Russia without Alyuh Football Goddess. Alyuh really good yes hahahaha

  23. Of course the team is in disarray eh because if my prolific/playmaker goalscorer had played against that bootleg team eh we wudda surely be playing in the Gold Cup 2017 and don’t have to go thru the back door as usual. steeuuppsss. Them really good yes.

  24. Now granted he might not be able to get them to the previous level eh. Fair enough. But the man can’t suddenly be tactically inept when he proved otherwise over the past two and a half years with hard results.

  25. See how quickly we have forgotten two Gold Cup quarterfinals, draws with Mexico, USA and New Zealand, an away win to Panama and a win against Honduras on neutral territory Michael Samuel?
    Now if we do what we have done before and defeat Panama and Honduras, we can finish fourth and face the play off.
    So Hart’s team is capable based on hard evidence. Although they are not playing very well at the moment.
    And apart from the Honduras win, they got all the other results without Molino.
    Since when is one player walking out a mutiny or sign that the team is in disarray?

  26. He want de coach to beg back?? Look man, gone from here wit dat chupidness eh!! We move on without him,

  27. Steupsssssssssssssssss !!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Let the selfish party loving fool go he way
    Somebody better will get a opportunity

  29. Rodney Caton see why we can’t reach no way

  30. U feel he cares about tnt he cares about MLS thts Wher the money lies.

  31. Oh, someone reminded me of our other number 10, Marcus Joseph. And that jogged my memory to the last time he was dropped.
    Hart revealed that he also cut Point Fortin Civic attacker Marcus Joseph for a more disappointing reason.

    The 24-year-old Joseph, who has seven international caps and was a substitute in the Warriors’ 1-0 loss against Panama in March, missed a physical evaluation exercise twice and allegedly delivered a suspect reason for his absence through a teammate.

    “I can’t have that kind of inconsistency from a player,” said Hart, who took disciplinary actions against players like Keon Daniel, Joevin Jones and Cyrus in the past. “We asked you to come for an evaluation (and) you don’t show up. We make an alternative date and he said he was in Tobago and couldn’t get a flight. But I came over from Tobago that same night on a half-empty plane…

    “And, to make it worse, he didn’t contact me directly but sent a message with a player. That is unacceptable.”


    • Hart thought he was dealing with men and treated them as such…. Then he realize is boys he dealing with so he did what any parent would do when dealing with children… take away choice and enforce discipline…. he doesn’t have to do this with everyone…. but there are always a special few that need a reminder that the coach, until fired, runs the team and not the cuckoos in the cuckoos nest…..

  32. This is the shit y t&t will not reach no mc way i never backing focking allyuh shit mc yes

  33. This is d new level of professionalism

  34. Then again maybe it is the players that are not very tactical eh, and they are making my Foreign base Coach Hart looking like if he is the one that isn’t tactical eh because to many easy goals does be throwing away especially when the games just start eh steeuuppss. Them really good yes.

  35. When a team playing ah set ah ta ta, you don’t get rid of the players eh, especially when the Coach isn’t tactical et all, yuh eh notice the pile ah ta ta that the team played against the both teams eh, let them eh make some serious decisions and changes in a quick timing and come up against my second sweetest country whom we still cannot beat consistently on all levels eh and they will find out where barely grows, alyuh really like mediocrity eh. Them really good yes.

  36. So are you saying “Stauarty” will undo the ‘damage’ that coach Hart initiated Uncle??
    And are we so shallow that we’re already in the process of getting rid of Hart?

  37. He shall return when Coach Stuarty becomes the new head coach eh, just watch and see how it all unfolds eh.

  38. I have to admit…I was a fan of Molino from ever since, i think he’s special… That’s my view on the player but for now? I can only say he’s giving my view of “special” a different meaning. I say if he withdraws his services in our efforts to reach Russia…anywhere he goes to a party, fans should pelt him and chase him out de place. Them so need to be told where to get off. They could talk about “luv trini” to me??? MADNESS

  39. Ball pest time is now! …this player don’t play tuh Dominican republic standards. …he deals with the likes of Mexico, Panama or any other team 4 that matter……UNLEASH THE PEST!!!!!

  40. No player is bigger than the game boss !!! Remember that

  41. Jesu Eric this is why k.Jones well always b the boss

  42. Haha let him go, attitude POOR…. Boi this is why our athletes go no where cause mentality they ain’t there !!!

  43. Molino has displayed a lack of patriotism,lack of professionalism and utter disrespect for the football fans of our country.I am sure he dares not do this to his MLS franchise.I wonder if he even appreciates that his actions, ultimately if not corrected, will reduce his chances of getting to a big club.What is even worse is that the persons who went with him on his escapade did not have the good sense to ensure that he did not go.

  44. The only other one of my Foreign Base Coaches that will get the job done is my most winning Coach eh Stuart Charles Fevrier, and most definitely my dictator president will find all the millions in order for us to once more qualify for another World Cup eh . Them really good yes

  45. Lol!Sean Taylor nothing is wrong with change there is a problem if it weren’t T+T would be doing well,I am never a person to talk about the easy part,which is the problem but also I like finding solutions as Keith asked?T+T needs a young Coach that has,and holds all the values of what representing the National shirt requires but most of all understands that discipline is held highest because of our poor professionalism by means of our culture,so no Latas or Yorke, but maybe a Carrington,Brain Haynes,Terry Fenwick or even a look Loy but by no means discarding Mr Hart from the fold but keep him in the campaign??

    • ..Me eh know how the others feel but I not interested in dat! LOL..

    • Why would we change the coach? The brother has done a fantastic job. Let him finish what he started. He’s gotten us this far, which to be honest is further than I expected us to reach with the tools he has at his disposal. The team is currently experiencing a bit of a down-turn. But that’s life. Challenges and struggles are always encountered on the road to success. The coach and the team will figure it out.

    • lol I am no way campaigning for these coaches it’s just my observations throughout the years,yes it may have other coaches but that’s not for me to decide if they choose that way?Earl of course Stuart would be in line for it also but because of his involvement with club it would not go productive by the media and by the public,but I would say this once and then I take a back seat the players have lost the drive to play for Mr Hart.

  46. He taking a year off to lime……. now is not the time for that!!!!!!

  47. TTFA cares nothing about disrespecting local coaches Keith. I see no suggestion that this has changed.

  48. lol talking about change Stephen Hart. This looking like a repeat of the 2002 qualifying campaign again. Epic semi-final round buidlup, and then…

  49. Coach should take away that number 10 Jersey.

  50. ..So who dp you suggest? TTFA can’t pay a foreign coach without disrespecting all the locals they refuse to pay. So who? Latapy?..

  51. Daiz why cyar back dem ,d discipline and dedication not there ,ah love meh country but ah cyar back dem boy

  52. Scenario! If I have lost control of my players, by means of poor behavior off the field and also on the field,and after every recent game I am blaming the players for not applying themselves to the roles that have been given to them,it does not mean I am a bad coach,it is that I have lost control of some players in the team and it has transferred to poor performances on the field,so my belief is to change the face of the coach but do not get rid of him because he has done tremendously well but time is not on his side and it has been proven that a new manager may not bring automatic results but it brings a good change in players attitude,we cannot change the players that have gain so much experience thus far by being naive to see the real problem

  53. Ital, he is the Rosa Parks of Ariapita Avenue now? He went to Vas to make a stance against curfews? Lol. Just now, people leaving “Che” tee-shirts for “Molino the freedumb fighter”. :-/

  54. I think at one time this young man used to be so humble. Boy bye until you realise the error of your ways

  55. Kudos to Coach Hart, to some, a slap on the wrist is far better than teaching lessons on commitment and doing what;’s right. No wonder sporting disciplines are in a mess.

  56. Feel free buddy.. while u are one of the better players on ‘our’ side…u not dat special…cyah coast on ah whole country…dats d problem wit our players…dnt knw d meaning of professionalism smh

  57. he is immature…. case clsoed

  58. Football to some here is just a sport it’s not a way of life for them is money no real love or passion when it comes to our national team these players head swell to fast an they don’t put that extra wrk in they just go with the motion fed up of them when teams hear they facing TnT they use to come with their best now is 2nd an B team they could send we lost our respect out there on the pitch

  59. Hmm time off..wonder if he will break camp with his club team..smh…no discipline when it comes to national duty..

  60. No blasted discipline and you want to act as though somebody wronged you boy take an eternity off nah you feel you is god gift to Trinidad football or what.

  61. Everyone makes mistakes but I think their is some friction in the camp he willfully did it the second so I wouldn’t say he immature he made a decision .

  62. Molina…sorry…Molino why don’t you take a hair cut and shave and go work for Colfire?! All talent but no discipline equals nothing.

  63. amm… Mr. Molino, you can’t institute a self exile when you were in the wrong and have been in the wrong on every occasion…. will someone above the age of 12 (where he is mentally) please talk to Mr. Molino so that he can finally start learning what it means to be a grow up

  64. Forget him just like he forgot Us ! Give the willing youths a CHANCE !

  65. Dustin Cameron if they continue to allow this, then every upcoming superstar will think they can do what they want. I am sure he won’t do that with his own club.

  66. When we look at places like Nigeria and Brazil and we wonder why they always have the best players its cause they play for the love of the game and to get out of poverty. We have fete match athletes in this country when they play win, lose or draw they wanna party instead of going back to the drawing board to make their game better. Messi and christiano eat, sleep and live for the game

  67. I hope that it was just a “rant”. If true, it would be a purile reaction on his part. He’s a talented player and having accepted the national “call up” should show enough maturity to go the distance.

  68. Give him ah rest till he show some discipline man. Our shirt more important than any player period don’t matter how good he is

  69. Might as well retire from international football because he wasn’t making the national team in life again. I Dont care if we lose every game.

  70. At least we know where his loyalty lies. Star boy thing with dem right through. Don’t come back next year if we qualify for the World Cup

  71. We are so judgemental it’s shameful wow. Anyone of you commenting know the entire story???????????? Smhhhhhhh

  72. No I in team… Go yuh way…

  73. No player is BIGGER than the game……

  74. Americans will have a very low opinion of him regardless of what, they are very patriotic. He will not be respected as a person. His playing will have to be above average at all times in the MLS or he will find himself in a real spot of bother from the American press

  75. He’s saying what? Axe this jack for good .. bye

  76. Lasana Liburd and Dennis Allen somebody should mediate. Let some much needed maturity emerge. And an older player who has played for teams that have qualified for tournaments should mentor Molino and the team into what it takes to qualify for big tournaments…

  77. End of him. His partying will destroy him. The cash will done.

  78. Nigel Nick Justin..little boy mentality continues…but it’s interesting to see that everyone commenting is calling him out on his shit ?

  79. Take the rest of your career off. Asshole

  80. I hear what everyone is saying, but cannot help but feel that the mind set of our people is to punish for indiscretions. We do not take the time to try to understand why people choose the poor decisions they make. Taking a year off without professional counseling and guidance will do nothing to change the young man’s mindset. It is a good way to step back and reflect, but he clearly needs professional help if he is to be an asset to our team. The TTFA have a responsibility to at least try.

    • I noted this earlier and i also believe disciplinary matters should not solely fall on head coach. Length of suspension, fine amount, counseling should be recommended by disciplinary committee.

    • I’m sorry Bruce…I strongly disagree, as this is a culture within the senior national men’s team since 1989…we have seen Yorke and latapy et al since then…and that behaviour has continued…so this culture needs to be stamped out…a lots of good players have thrown away their careers by indiscipline…a professional footballer doesnt need counselling to tell him that he cant break camp and go to party…sorry…the rules are there for a reason and for all….let him be…time we stamp out the indiscipline by taking a tough stand…we have always backed down and been soft on them to our football’s demise…look at what happened to Dwight Yorke at Manchester when he stayed back to lime after a match…it cost him his place at that club…didnt Molino see and learn from that…we would be wasting scarce financial resource on counselling players who just want to fete and party…

    • he is a paid professional…let him use his money and pay for counselling if he realises he needs it…otherwise we are wasting our time…

    • Unlike some sports and athletes based at home. It is a but more complex to deal with footballers from our shores plying there trade abroad for them receive counselling and professional help. They aren’t at home long enough at times and when they are the timing may not coincide with when the act was made. Our federations also are not in a position to outsource these services. I unless this was a career ending situation it may be difficult to offer.

    • What attitude can one achieve in one year that one can’t achieve in one hour?

  81. Time to grow up, you are not bigger than the team.

  82. You would of never do your club what you do your country ,go on we was winning more games with out you

  83. Want to be wrong and strong like pp

  84. If this is indeed his response … he needs to rethink his attitude, advisors and circle of friends … after leaving the coach and management no other option …!

  85. All the talent in the world but not a single ounce of discipline is of no use to us brother. Good luck and God speed.

  86. Lol that is when he feel he reach? to me in the same shoe like kenwyn Jones. Take 2 years na man Milano stueps pathetic set of humans wi

  87. Kevin i’m very disappointed in you put country first!! Is country got you at Orlando….I know it’s possible that it have other implications involved in what has taken place, but put your country first player!!!

  88. Hell no …… you go into battle with souljas not primadonnas. He’s arrogant and clearly thinks he’s beyond team rules. Be gone!!

  89. One man doesnt make a team. How do you make a generalisation like that based on the action of a few players? You weed out the bad apples and move forward …it’s called dressing room management

  90. Who told this clown that he’s so important to say he taking a year off??? Who the hell he think he is?

    Fella you need a wake up call, I hope they never call you again

  91. All I’m saying is that all these people who commenting will be cussing Hart et al in a months time when Costa Rica hit us. Have some moderation and move on. I wonder how his teammates feel about this.

  92. And what did team accomplish while Yorkie and Latas were breaking curfew?

  93. Wait wait. How many times Yorkie and latest break curfew in their times. Let us moderate and get him back in the fold. Young people will make mistakes…more than once.

    • What they did was wrong setting bad example for the next generation like Mr mollino is trying to be wrong and strong which he should be humble atleast

    • Dustin Cameron if this was his first offence, I would have agreed with you but he did it about a month ago, was fined, supposedly appologised to his team mates…….and a month later doing it again……..So far the coach nor the TTFA has said anything about a ban…….but he jumps out on social media and says that he taking a year off from international football to focus on his club duties……..i think the onus is now on him to sort this out not the coach or TTFA!

  94. Great good radiance go get wise up on discipline

  95. Last time I asked why Mr Hart tactics at home was so defensive,I got all the brilliant answers that Mr Hart knows his players better than anyone,I said again that these players actions are premeditated when they break camp and that Mr Hart has lost the dressing room,again men on the forum said they were fined and its water under the bridge,I am still listening and wondering if I am really lost to what is happening with our national senior team

  96. Damn, he broke curfew twice??? Hope he had a good reason. No one man is bigger than the game

  97. He is the best player ATM
    So like it or not. That hitting hart hard…
    Hart attack ???

  98. Not as a player, never disrespected the team, all issues in his own time

  99. Lol… Like I in d twilight zone!… weren’t we having a similar discussion about national pride concerning some younger players also?… like is a sickness?… Red, White and Black means nothing anymore!!

  100. A team must have discipline…period!

  101. Terry Frnwick what did England do with the scores of indiscretions with Gazza?

  102. and don’t 4 get lasana that money getting taxed and taking out for housing etc

  103. Shawn, the MLS is one of the few leagues in the world that are transparent with their salaries.
    Molino made a pretty decent US$121,400.00 for the last year. It’s nothing compared to what the likes of Kenwyne Jones would have made in Europe. But it is nothing to snuff at if he saves well.
    The other annual salaries for our MLS players are Cordell Cato (US$114,166.67), Mekeil Williams (US$85,000) and Joevin Jones (US$76,166.67).
    Che, Terence and Brent, for anyone who thinks that agents don’t matter… Tell them to look at what Joevin is earning and then look at what Mekeil Williams is earning in his first season in the MLS.
    No disrespect to Mekeil. But attacking players of the quality of Joevin usually earn more than central defenders.

  104. Well said tinto, what is well paid jomo, well paid is making 80,000.00 a week in Europe

  105. I wonder which country he will represent at a World Cup? he feels he is so gifted that he will be selected by some big club…exposure at Intl level could have carried him so far…small mind…we can do without d indiscipline he brings…let him go and party for his club…

  106. Why u leaving Orlando city when u getting well paid and u playing with kaka every week? ?

  107. He should take each year off, for the next 15 years.

  108. no ambition lasana they in a comfort zone in that crap league why risk going europe when your close 2 home so you can run home all the time

  109. South America leagues better than the mls by far

  110. I’m just telling you based on his performances for T&T. I can’t tell you why our current players are not fulfilling their potential. For me, it is a joke that Joevin Jones is in the MLS. He is good enough to play in Europe. But it is if he is mentally strong enough and ambitious enough.

  111. First of all he playing in one of the worst soccer league

  112. If he is all that, how come he not playing for bigger mls franchise

  113. Molino is our most effective number 10 since Latapy. The stats back that up too. His talents will be missed.

    • Lasana I have to disagree here…Molino hasn’t done anything to warrant his place in the team, much less impress anyone since coming back from his injury…a hat trick against minnows notwithstanding. The couple games he played in the qualifiers since coming back were poor…I vote to call his bluff and give him a few years off

    • I’m talking about his international career on the whole Carlon. He is in a bad patch of late. Everyone agrees on that. But we have been short of playmakers since Latapy and I think he has been the most effective, even though he is a better finisher than he is a creator.
      Can you think of a better 10 over the past decade?

    • Being short of playmakers shouldn’t mean we take the next underperforming pretender. If we want to give him the benefit of the doubt based on past performances that’s another discussion…but presently he doesn’t merit a spot on the team other than by default if we’re forcing the playmaker thing. The team could sure do with some workmen in the middle rather than self proclaimed primadonnas

    • Now you will have to find where I said we should take him back or put up with his antics, Carlon. I said he was our most effective 10 since Latapy. And he will be missed. That’s all.

    • Don’t agree that he wasn’t effective , unless you all referring to goal scoring. Not sure the coach would have picked him if he was underperforming or in effective.

  114. Come on che, how u could say that there is no one to fill his shoes, who is Kevin

  115. No player is ever bigger than the sport……Molino you have done Trinidad and Tobago a favour by staying away….with that attitude and lack of discipline you are not sure to reach much further, many before you tried it and have dropped off don’t know why you think you are any different.

  116. Who is advising this young man? Despite the negatives, Kevin is one of the best we have, given the time frame no one is going to be able to fill his boots……

  117. Wow! Who the fudge does this guy think he is, this is the start, we will be reading more destructive articles on Molino who clearly can’t control himself. MLS will uphold core values and disciplinary measures to ensure the good name of their clubs and governing body is upheld!

    What will we do here in T&T, aww it’s our culture? He’s allowed a mistake? Steups? Time we got real!

  118. Molino’s self-imposed exile started the night he went to the club.

  119. Molino missed close to a year through injury and we did really well. It would be better to have his talents. But Hart has to find a way to return to what worked during the last Gold Cup when we didn’t have Molino.
    And we have an extra weapon now with Levi.

  120. I think this is a blessing in disguise …. we have some extra games for more experience and a chance for another player to step up. There are hungry players that wouldnt get time because of Molino and Hart wouldn’t have dropped him unless it came to something like this. I’m not ready to give up on this team yet or my coach.

  121. I dn’t think Hart had a choice because behaviour like that can be very disruptive to a team in any sport

  122. These guys are young and inexperienced. They never have been in these type of situations before.

  123. It’s a childish response. All yuh drop meh so I eh playing fuh all yuh. Leh meh see all yuh win or make it to the WC without me. steups.

  124. I would like to believe this was an knee-jerk post by Molino. So I wait eagerly for his statement on the incident. And I hope he shows better judgment.

  125. This guy has been indisciplined since he was a youth so what do you expect

  126. I dont see him taking a year off . There is a lot of emotion right but good sense will prevail. He wants to play in a World Cup. Bostock or Ball pest could take his spot if he is stupid enough to do that.

  127. Molino is more stupid than I thought. If we happen to make the world cup – a big if – isn’t that the biggest stage any ambitious footballer will aspire to? Not to mention the possibility of a lucrative contract from teams bigger than Orlando City. He has to be thinking that Orlando is the best contract he can get. smh

  128. I rather lose without him than breaking camp what he feels he is go do it in america money is not all trinidad doh owe him angthing

  129. to paraphrase ole people saying:
    when yuh in good form bad form does call yuh….

  130. A year off? Why not just retire and get it over with? Wait yuh ever thought of the prospect of Orlando axing yuh?


  132. ..I won’t even read this. Fit of pique. Unprofessional..

  133. We need big men to play for the national team. Time for this boy to grow up. You could be the most talented player in the world and you do not have discipline, then take a life time off.

  134. In fact take as much time off as possible, reflect and hopefully understand the meaning of the word professional. Better yet, why don’t you sneak out to party while contracted during the MLS season to test the discipline of the club’s management?

  135. If what is reported is true and he makes this decision that will be another big big mistake on his part. I say bye-bye

  136. When you axed do you have a choice..other than to take the year off..Yes you could volunteer coach some juniors !

  137. This is very very disappointing from Kevin. Especially as he comes across a very good pro in his interviews etc . I really hope he reconsiders this stance and apologizes publicly like a man and takes whatever punishment Hart and the TTFA bring down on him . Such a shame the direction this is heading as he is one of our most gifted players and it will be a huge shame to see him absent for an entire Hex

  138. Hart must Go waste saying he eh good 3yrs now

  139. Lasana I never said he should be exempt for his actions it was wrong and unprofessional but some of the comments I have bin reading are borderline personal attack on him as a person

  140. Hey Messi did it to take attention off his inability to lead the team to another title, so why not him to switch attention from his shortcomig to now one of concern, please keep i mind this ban is from the coach so any changes in the future could mean the door is open again.

    • Smh. Allyuh really good yes.
      First of all, Messi had just given his last drop of energy to try to give Argentina a title rather than break camp to party.
      Secondly, if you mention Messi in the same sentence with Molino again you better go get military training with Faris chirren! Lol

    • Lasana lol I fully understand lol, honestly just mean they both add lots of value to the respective teams even if on different levels. He was caught before then came and gave us 3 now dropped. from my interactions with him, kevin isnt a stupid lad, i just personally think the demand is more than they have been accostomed too and if he honestly needs to clear his head then by all means do it but once he is aware of what is at stake

    • Narada Wilson your last sentence confuses me.

    • Not sure which part. But I meant he was involved in the breaking camp incident before, however cane and gave us 3 goals soon after, proving his worth but then subsequently letting us down again. When I say the demand is too much meaning he is a now in the public eye but at club and local level so to an extent there is no longer a private life in any sphere. I much rather he take time of now than later on causing more problems.

  141. Focus on being disciplined…that will make ‘training,’ easier

  142. I hope for the best for him and though.

  143. His audacity! Is that his choice?

  144. akin to tiefin milk an sugar and giving yourself licks. Disappointed though hope the party was worth it. Also does the self imposed exile include partying?

  145. Kevin Molino please grow up an apologize to the nation and your teammates. What you did was selfish, unprofessional and showed utter disrespect to your coach and teammates. When I first heard what you did I was like ok you messed up this time then within a month time you did it again.. I was like hell no! You taking this for a joke… Then you have the audacity to say (allegedly) you’re thinking about a one-year self-imposed exile. You gotta be serious. Last time I check, April the 1st done gone. Can someone tell me what are the side effects of taking a ride on the Orlando Slingshot?

  146. Lets hope Ball Pest can get back into the groove now

  147. What about – don’t come back because we will get someone who wants to play for T&T.

  148. Calvin, I think he deserves credit and to hear people scream his name when he is doing well. But why should he be exempt from criticism when he is doing nonsense?
    That’s life. This stuff is tame. Colombia football fans sent James Rodriguez death threats for supposed lack of commitment whereas Molino bong to get ladies to wine at him on the Avenue on his next trip.
    I see nothing wrong in T&T fans being rightly upset when a man’s actions jeopardises our national team.

  149. A spot has opened up for an attacking midfielder now…

  150. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure…

  151. Imho he acting like ah spoil child ….a self imposed year off? Because he get punished for breaking rules that everybody else adhere to? Who d f*** he think he is? This fella seriously believe he is ah superstar …. he could bounce and as far as I concern …… he could stay bounced!!

  152. All am saying is yes punishment was warranted for his actions but we don’t know how bad K.Jones injury is so we may have just lost our numbers 1 and 2 top goal scores…. as a people we are quick to pass judgment last week when he scored the hat trick some of the same place bringing him down and calling for band and this and the other were the same ones that were in the stadium screaming his name…. he is your and he’s going to make mistakes but he can only learn from it and I hope if he really does take the Yr off he comes back stronger and better and prove the critics wrong… as I said before he would be a great loss for the team on and off the field I hope we can get Bostock situation fix so he can try and come fill the void… PS … whatever his punishment was going to be it is warranted

  153. Lasana tell me something, I am not trying to make excuses for the football team performance last night ..but could you tell me if that structure exists anywhere that you win a game 4-0..and the team won 2-1…and when you play them it’s winner takes all…under normal circumstances after 90mins at 0-0 the result would have been different explain if you could please ?

  154. I cant imagine the predicament the coach is in.. on one hand you have clear indiscipline. But with so little time before these crucial games, how do you readjust your team

  155. To make it to the WC, the team needs committed people…

  156. The thing is, as a former player pointed out, Orlando City’s season ends in about two weeks. He could party his tail off after that! (Barring national games of course)

  157. Good move by him Lasana Liburd #Cleanyuhheadyuteman ?

  158. Steups…he could now go to all the boat rides

  159. Is he suffering from a medical condition…emotional/psychological? Like a substance problem? Or somebody close to him died recently or something? This behaviour is odd.

  160. Are you saying it is our fault Calvin Palos Garcia? We were too tough on poor Kevin Molino?

  161. Well I guess all the judges and juries got what they wanted…..

  162. A year away? If we make it to Russia, his self-imposed exile needs to be longer.

  163. What a dumb kid! He seems to have no self control! They’re better off without him because he’s unreliable and indiscipline.