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Molino set to take a year away from Soca Warriors, according to Orlando Sentinel

Trinidad and Tobago playmaker Kevin Molino is supposedly set for a one-year self-imposed exile from the Soca Warriors, which will rule him out of his country’s upcoming Russia 2018 World Cup qualifiers against Costa Rica and Honduras on 11 and 15 November 2016 respectively.

Molino was dropped from the Trinidad and Tobago National Senior Team squad to face Martinique in a 2017 Caribbean Cup qualifier yesterday for a breach of discipline.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago attacker Kevin Molino (left) tries to escape from Dominican Republic midfielder Rafael Flores during 2017 Caribbean Cup qualifying action at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva on 5 October 2016. (Courtesy Nicholas Bhajan/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago attacker Kevin Molino (left) tries to escape from Dominican Republic midfielder Rafael Flores during 2017 Caribbean Cup qualifying action at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva on 5 October 2016.
(Courtesy Nicholas Bhajan/Wired868)

Wired868 was informed that coach Stephen Hart made the decision after the Orlando City midfielder allegedly snuck out of camp to party in Port of Spain last Friday, which would be the second such infraction by the former East Mucurapo schoolboy in roughly a month.

The Warriors lost 2-0 in extra time last night and were eliminated from the Caribbean Cup, although they can still get to the 2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup through a play off series.

But, according to an Orlando Sentinel report, Molino apparently threatened to withdraw his services from the Trinidad and Tobago squad after a Snapchat post in which he vowed to take “a year off from national team competition to focus on training”.

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Hart has not made a public pronouncement on whether Molino would face further sanction for his indiscretion—beyond the game missed in Martinique—and it is likely that the coach will meet Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president David John-Williams before arriving at a final decision.

Molino seems set to act first. A spokesman for the Orlando City club suggested, according to the Sentinel, that the talented attacking midfielder would make a statement on the incident tomorrow.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago international midfielder Kevin Molino (right) trains with his teammates at the Hasely Crawford Stadium on 21 March 2015. (Courtesy Nicholas Bhajan/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago international midfielder Kevin Molino (right) trains with his teammates at the Hasely Crawford Stadium on 21 March 2015.
(Courtesy Nicholas Bhajan/Wired868)

It is uncertain whether Molino’s vow to take time off national duty was conveyed to Hart or if it was actually the coach’s idea in the first place.

Either way, it appears that the Trinidad and Tobago playmaker may not wait on the TTFA and could decide on his own international future first.

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  1. Bring back ball pest, Jonathan Glenn and CORNELL GLEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Good riddance to Kevin Molino……………………..byeeeeeeeeeeeee

  3. How about being a man.
    Step 1: Apologise to the the coach, your teammates and the Trinidadian public.
    Step 2: Accept the consequences of your actions.
    Brent Garcia Cb Smooth Bailey Dexter Cyrus Joel Bailey

  4. I don’t care what he went for, if was something legit, I’m sure management would have given him leeway. So make an example off him, it will hamper his career, but the ttfa must put their feet down.

  5. I hope the 2 for $20 Stag deal he slipped out to take advantage of was worth it.

  6. Said it before and I’m saying it again. He is not to make the team at no stage in this World Cup campaign. Take that undeserving no.10 shirt and go looking for someone who deserves it locally or afar.

  7. A year off… who he feel he is. Enjoy the MLS because with that attitude you not going to make it any further. Doh need you on the team.

  8. I feel is better if you retire for good smh

  9. Molino our talented play-maker’s level of play is MLS level. Clearly Hart over reacted to breaking camp, if he did do that. TnT in a hot mess when or if he takes a year..We will surely miss an MLS standout.

  10. Mr.Molino, no matter how high a bird might fly it aways have to come down to the ground and humble.

  11. Anyone knows what’s the latest with A. Guerra? Is he healthy and playing In the US?

  12. The point is, this is an opportunity for players on the outside to force their way in. And I’m not just talking about the number 10 jersey. Recent performances have highlighted deficiencies that can be worked on. But if you listen to Hart, the main problems seem to be attitude and discipline (on the pitch such as keeping shape etc). Someone like Darren Mitchell will give 110%. While he may not be the ideal ball player, sometimes commitment and passion from one player can make up for the lack of ability. I never liked Nicky Butt, but the guy gave 100% in every game and made a real difference. And there were better players at Man U but Ferguson would select him for certain games where passion was a key factor.

  13. Well Cheryl, any number could play. Roy just needs to give us something to consider.
    He won’t get picked just because he is playing abroad. I’m sure he will be consider once he shows some form.

  14. Lasana maybe Hart should start giving other boys who are outside the chance. Shaka would relish the chance to get back in the national team and is a committed player. And before you say it he isnt starting regular in his first team but neither was Hyland he was not playing football for months and months in Belgium because he was out of favour and still got call back. Time for Hart to change up that team! If Trini have any hope of qualifying there needs to be some backsides getting wipped into shape and those not willing to show the committment should be punted off the team and give others the chance. Important time coming up with them games! Too many wanabe popstars needing their arses kicked.

  15. Kevin Molino your a disgrace and should be fined an excessive amount money

  16. If by some miracle we could qualify I hope the management doesn’t take that judgment traitor back on the team. He taking a time off cause he thinks that the team isn’t good enough to qualify anyway in the middle east they would’ve hang him in Woodford square.

  17. I think he wanted an easy way to opt out for playing for his country as not enough money

  18. You did it once and you did it again. You obviously doh business bout anything.. Ban him for life from Trinidad football. I rather we lose fighting than tolerate that bullshit.

  19. Dion Sosa yuh really need to speak to Mr. Live Wire eh, because it seems that he isn’t understand this football business eh. hahahaha Him really good yes.

  20. mango your looking like paul blart mall cop

  21. And when will the Soca Worries will ever defeat my second sweetest country eh, at all levels eh, look Mr. Live Wire try your best eh. Them really good yes.hahahahaha

  22. Leh we see Alyuh bootleg team Argentine qualifying nah, and even winning the World Cup 2018 in Russia without Alyuh Football Goddess. Alyuh really good yes hahahaha

  23. Of course the team is in disarray eh because if my prolific/playmaker goalscorer had played against that bootleg team eh we wudda surely be playing in the Gold Cup 2017 and don’t have to go thru the back door as usual. steeuuppsss. Them really good yes.

  24. Now granted he might not be able to get them to the previous level eh. Fair enough. But the man can’t suddenly be tactically inept when he proved otherwise over the past two and a half years with hard results.

  25. See how quickly we have forgotten two Gold Cup quarterfinals, draws with Mexico, USA and New Zealand, an away win to Panama and a win against Honduras on neutral territory Michael Samuel?
    Now if we do what we have done before and defeat Panama and Honduras, we can finish fourth and face the play off.
    So Hart’s team is capable based on hard evidence. Although they are not playing very well at the moment.
    And apart from the Honduras win, they got all the other results without Molino.
    Since when is one player walking out a mutiny or sign that the team is in disarray?

  26. He want de coach to beg back?? Look man, gone from here wit dat chupidness eh!! We move on without him,

  27. Steupsssssssssssssssss !!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Let the selfish party loving fool go he way
    Somebody better will get a opportunity

  29. Rodney Caton see why we can’t reach no way

  30. U feel he cares about tnt he cares about MLS thts Wher the money lies.

  31. Oh, someone reminded me of our other number 10, Marcus Joseph. And that jogged my memory to the last time he was dropped.
    Hart revealed that he also cut Point Fortin Civic attacker Marcus Joseph for a more disappointing reason.

    The 24-year-old Joseph, who has seven international caps and was a substitute in the Warriors’ 1-0 loss against Panama in March, missed a physical evaluation exercise twice and allegedly delivered a suspect reason for his absence through a teammate.

    “I can’t have that kind of inconsistency from a player,” said Hart, who took disciplinary actions against players like Keon Daniel, Joevin Jones and Cyrus in the past. “We asked you to come for an evaluation (and) you don’t show up. We make an alternative date and he said he was in Tobago and couldn’t get a flight. But I came over from Tobago that same night on a half-empty plane…

    “And, to make it worse, he didn’t contact me directly but sent a message with a player. That is unacceptable.”


    • Hart thought he was dealing with men and treated them as such…. Then he realize is boys he dealing with so he did what any parent would do when dealing with children… take away choice and enforce discipline…. he doesn’t have to do this with everyone…. but there are always a special few that need a reminder that the coach, until fired, runs the team and not the cuckoos in the cuckoos nest…..

  32. This is the shit y t&t will not reach no mc way i never backing focking allyuh shit mc yes

  33. This is d new level of professionalism