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Molino breaks camp again! Hart axes Soca Warriors star for sneaking out to nightclub

Trinidad and Tobago National Senior Team coach Stephen Hart has cut playmaker Kevin Molino from his squad for breaking camp, barely a month since the Orlando City player incurred a massive fine for the same infraction.

Hart’s decision means the Warriors face Martinique in Fort-de-France tonight—in a must-win Caribbean Cup qualifier—without his most lethal finisher. Team captain and forward Kenwyne Jones is Hart’s top scorer after 16 items—inclusive of four penalty kicks—from 32 items. But Molino plundered his 13 goals in just 15 starts and three substitute appearances for the Warriors.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago attacker Kevin Molino (right) flicks his third goal past Dominican Republic goalkeeper Miguel Lloyd during the 2014 Caribbean Cup qualifying round. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago attacker Kevin Molino (right) flicks his third goal past Dominican Republic goalkeeper Miguel Lloyd during the 2014 Caribbean Cup qualifying round.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)

Last Wednesday, Hart lauded the clever Number 10, after he showed signs of returning to his best with a hattrick in a 4-0 demolition of the Dominican Republic at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva.

Two days later, Molino allegedly decided to celebrate by slipping out of the team base and spending the night at the Vas Lounge nightclub in St Clair.

Hart, according to informed sources, found out about Molino’s indiscretion on Monday—a day after the team landed in Fort-De-France. And this time, there is unlikely to be a second chance.

Wired868 was told that Molino was immediately cut from the squad for the Martinique showdown. The winner of tonight’s contest advances automatically to the 2017 Caribbean Cup semifinals and CONCACAF Gold Cup while the loser, although eliminated from the Caribbean Cup, will attempt to get to the Gold Cup through a series of play-offs.

Crucially, Molino’s indiscretion looks likely to cost the playmaker his place in the squad when Trinidad and Tobago host Costa Rica on 11 November and then face Honduras away on 15 November in the opening two Hex assignments for their final Russia 2018 World Cup qualifying round.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago midfield ace Kevin Molino (centre) flicks the ball around Dominican Republic midfielder Heinz Barmettler (left) during the 2014 Caribbean Cup qualifiers while coach Stephen Hart looks on. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago midfield ace Kevin Molino (centre) flicks the ball around Dominican Republic midfielder Heinz Barmettler (left) during the 2014 Caribbean Cup qualifiers while coach Stephen Hart looks on.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)

On Tuesday 30 August, three days before the Warriors hosted Guatemala in a key World Cup qualifier, Molino, Joevin Jones and Mekeil Williams broke camp and attended a boat party.

All three were fined although Hart allowed them to play on 2 September when the Warriors held Guatemala 2-2 at the Hasely Crawford Stadium in Port of Spain—with Joevin scoring both goals.

“It was a first time situation as far as I know,” Hart told Wired868 at the time, “and you have to ask yourself: Do you punish the whole team for a situation of three players?

“You are going into a crucial game and the players have broken team rules. We thought we dealt with it sufficiently in terms of it being a fine and [handling] it in-house.

“If this was habitual, they would probably have been sent home.”

Molino expressed his regret to Hart immediately after the incident while he said sorry to the public at a post-game conference on 5 October in Couva.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago attacker Kevin Molino (left) tries to escape from Dominican Republic midfielder Rafael Flores during 2017 Caribbean Cup qualifying action at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva on 5 October 2016. (Courtesy Nicholas Bhajan/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago attacker Kevin Molino (left) tries to escape from Dominican Republic midfielder Rafael Flores during 2017 Caribbean Cup qualifying action at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva on 5 October 2016.
(Courtesy Nicholas Bhajan/Wired868)

Two days later on 7 October, the two-time World Youth Cup player apparently proved that the apology was a hollow one. And Hart was true to his word.

Despite facing some criticism for allowing Molino to play against Guatemala, Hart took firm stances for breaches of discipline before.

Playmaker Keon Daniel was dropped after traveling home on a TTFA ticket but then failing to show for his flight to Jamaica for a friendly international match in November 2013. Daniel was never recalled.

Joevin and W Connection defender Daneil Cyrus were omitted from the squad for a friendly international match against New Zealand, in October 2013, after both pulled out of a previous international engagement and were caught playing minor league football during the international break.

Any issues that might have existed within the squad since then were considered too minor for anything more than an internal fine. Until, of course, Molino decided to “Over Dweet” on the dance floor.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago scorer Kevin Molino (far left) leads teammates Hughtun Hector (second from left) and captain Kenwyne Jones (second from right) in a goal dance during 2014 Caribbean Cup qualifying action against Antigua and Barbuda. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago scorer Kevin Molino (far left) leads teammates Hughtun Hector (second from left) and captain Kenwyne Jones (second from right) in a goal dance during 2014 Caribbean Cup qualifying action against Antigua and Barbuda.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)

His potential departure leaves a gaping hole for the Warriors in that advanced midfield position, which, ironically, he inherited from Daniel.

Central FC midfielder Keron “Ball Pest” Cummings is felt to still be short of his best form, as he regains his rhythm after a lengthy off due to being shot in his leg last December.

Charlotte Battery playmaker Ataulla Guerra failed to make the most of his opportunities under Hart and has not worn red, black and white in over a year. While Mexico-based attackers Jomal Williams and Shahdon Winchester have two international goals between them and are still unproven at senior international level.

In the short term, Hart is likely to ask combative midfielder Khaleem Hyland to play higher up the field alongside Kenwyne Jones, although—Jomal and Winchester apart—another option would be to try Joevin or teenaged starlet Levi Garcia as supporting strikers.

For now, the Warriors appear to be short of one of their brightest talents. Hart’s job was hard enough already.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago National Senior Team coach Stephen Hart. (Courtesy CONCACAF)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago National Senior Team coach Stephen Hart.
(Courtesy CONCACAF)

(Trinidad and Tobago Team)

Goalkeepers: Jan-Michael Williams, Adrian Foncette;

Defenders: Mekeil Williams, Aubrey David, Daneil Cyrus, Tristan Hodge, Radanfah Abu Bakr, Sheldon Bateau;

Midfielders: Khaleem Hyland, Andre Boucaud, Kevan George, Neveal Hackshaw;

Attacking midfielders: Joevin Jones, Cordell Cato, Levi Garcia, Jomal Williams;

Forwards: Kenwyne Jones, Trevin Caesar, Shahdon Winchester.

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Lasana Liburd
Lasana Liburd is the CEO and Editor at Wired868.com and a journalist with over 20 years experience at several Trinidad and Tobago and international publications including Play the Game, World Soccer, UK Guardian and the Trinidad Express.

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  1. Drop him from the side..mr hart

  2. Lolz majority of them men always in a dance n boat ride

  3. That is d fockery we as trinies who love football have 2 deal with player and player’s running away 2 drink rum and party it sad and when we supporting other countries ppl vex hummmm it sad doh

  4. Ok the player was wrong but he is not the first and wont be the last. He is just a reflection of society so lets not pretend to be perfect. Good decision hart now you have to decide if he is valuable enough to be reprimanded and given another chance

  5. Molino now came off injury and his focus is to party before world cup qualifiers let him go there are other players more committed smh

  6. Checking Wiki it seemed that he turned down teams in Europe who was interested in his talent and signed for Orlando to stay much closer to home and i guess to boatrides!!

  7. Typical no discipline, dats y we our standard will never rise. Come on ppl get serious bout our football plz

  8. the ingredient for leicester city winning the English Premier League was of discipline……..so our boys need 2 know that we must incorporate that in order to do well…….because this final qualification rounds will not be a walk in the park…….we need 2 take the sport more serious

  9. Something is wrong with this guy. Heard he wants to take a year off? Better he stay off.

  10. mango your looking like the policeman from village people

  11. Yeah but as I said some of our players are really good fellas eh, they just need good mentors to guide them and keep them on the right track to greatness.

  12. oh gosh, oh gosh is you have meh so eh with your Satire eh hahahah

  13. What kind of stripper-gram conduct is that Earl?! You trying to get banned? Lol

  14. We cannot give up on Kevin Nash Molino…. Would love to know if the “friends” that added to this indiscretion will be there for him when he is down. I am happy thay Joevin and Mikiel did not break camp with him. I hope this is a wake up call for Molino…. He is a young man that needs some serious talking to, and some guidance…. Molino, this is your life, your love, your future…. FOCUS… The clubs, and groupies will always be there….. Build your life, your future…. I am confident this will pass, and he will be the responsible player we need.

  15. Why is this even a story he out and we move on that’s life

  16. Egotistical.. an attitude being encouraged among our young footballers even at the school level.. players are left in some cases to do as they please.. treated like mini gods because they are needed to play.. schools and teams that focus on a ranking or a win rather than teaching them education and discipline even loyalty is more important than being able to kick a ball

  17. Ballpest understands that role …I would forget about Molino and focus on Ballpest ……… yuh cyah have the team depending on an unreliable player. …..any news on KJ’s injury? Is it serious?

  18. I noticed a lot of discussion on a MLS forum over the Molino incident. I thought these three comments were especially interesting:

    “I would “respect his decision on a personal level” if he retired and said hey I’ll be honest I’m done with the grind. But instead he tried to have it both ways, sneaking away from the team to party while still trying to collect a check for being a footballer? No respect at all in that.”

    “We’d better hope for some big offensive signings if Molino is on the way out. His form does tend to be a bit of a roller coaster ride, but he’s the second highest goal scorer on the team.
    This incident does raise questions about his devotion to the team, though. If he’s willing to behave like this while playing for his country, one can only imagine his possible lack of discretion while playing for OC.”

    “That would explain the extreme inconsistency between being great and being invisible.
    I believe I suggested a week or so ago that Molino might be a guy on the way out after his halftime exit recently. Another interesting tidbit is that Shea apparently would have started more games if not for his recent foot injury. I assumed he would have been starting for MPG. I wonder if Molino would have been the one sitting.”

  19. I noticed a lot of discussion on a MLS forum over the Molino incident. I thought these three comments were especially interesting, Brent, Brian, Carlos, Brian and Keith:

    “I would “respect his decision on a personal level” if he retired and said hey I’ll be honest I’m done with the grind. But instead he tried to have it both ways, sneaking away from the team to party while still trying to collect a check for being a footballer? No respect at all in that.”

    “We’d better hope for some big offensive signings if Molino is on the way out. His form does tend to be a bit of a roller coaster ride, but he’s the second highest goal scorer on the team.
    This incident does raise questions about his devotion to the team, though. If he’s willing to behave like this while playing for his country, one can only imagine his possible lack of discretion while playing for OC.”

    “That would explain the extreme inconsistency between being great and being invisible.
    I believe I suggested a week or so ago that Molino might be a guy on the way out after his halftime exit recently. Another interesting tidbit is that Shea apparently would have started more games if not for his recent foot injury. I assumed he would have been starting for MPG. I wonder if Molino would have been the one sitting.”

  20. Drop his tail…and anybody else who follows suit! Indiscipline has been our greatest keepback in many of our sports teams.

  21. These guys taking stupidity to a different level yes…

  22. Bet he can’t do that in the MLS but he wanna come home an represent our country an want to do wat he want smh drop him an if any other player have a problem with that drop them too

  23. ” We will show that we’re sorry by working hard and doing our best.” Nowhere did he say, ” We won’t ever break curfew again.” ?

  24. He not suppose to wear national colours never again dat is a selfish man

  25. And I am hoping that my prolific goalscorer Kevin Nash Molino is reading all that I posted eh because I believe that he will get thru with his short comings.

  26. And he stupid? Kudos to you Coach Hart for letting him own up to his actions. You so had to party Kevin Molino? It damn good, you on shit.

  27. And this isn’t nutten new with respect to some of our players doing ah set ah madness eh, back in the days when the national teams went on tour or to compete in the tournaments eh, some of the players use to go by the hoe houses eh, and line up to buss their guns eh and this is how the senior players use to break in some of the younger players and now some of them are Coaches eh and they want to discipline my players eh. steeuuppss. Them really good yes.

  28. Think this aint as serious as we make it out to be. He doh need no rehab. He’s grown and it’s a simple choice …to go or not to go when on duty. He chose to go got punished with a fine. Then he did it again ….knowing that it wasn’t allowed ….. drop him. Coach’s rules. Team has dropped off when certain key players have dropped off. Replace the unmotivated with the hungry and go with that. The three initial party boys should be the first set to be replaced.

  29. This Generation has no clue on how it feels to represent your nation out there on the football field….that right there is bigger than any boat ride or party you will ever attend.

  30. Alyuh leave meh prolific goalscorer alone nah, he need some time to come back to his real senses eh. hahahahaha

  31. I hope he will also be fine, a gifted player but the wrong attitude.

  32. He score ah hat trick against the Dominican Republic and feel he above de team now…..STEEEEUPS!!!

  33. I could never understand why players like Molino et al have it in their minds that they’ve ‘reached’. Yorke and Lara at least had big league titles and records to their names (not that it’s a justification). A psychologist ain’t helping these guys one fart….but then again this is TT, land of the encouraged, frowned upon, then rewarded indiscretions

  34. Sorry… not sorry! 😀 LMAOOO

  35. At exactly the second minute mark, I asked Kevin Molino for a word to the public on his indiscretion as regards his breaking camp to attend the boat party. Two days later, he was at it again:

  36. If he was, it didn’t last long.

  37. Hannibal Najjar

    Once the “basement” window was cracked and the draft began it’s first seep of cold air (last camp break), it was a matter of time before its hold on the spirit and psyche of all in the entire “room” were embalmed and mummified.

  38. Oh gosh Kevin …. I can’t back you on this one .??

  39. Again? See this is why our football can’t reach anywhere ….we lack soo much discipline ..I think players like this tend to have a mentality that says “I reach where I am going” you know there are higher levels of football right ? Like a world cup finals ..ya know ?just because u a national player and play with a club abroad doesn’t mean that’s it.. Y’all can reach new heights as a football nation …but no cause party running away …going d ppl party to rank of ya football status….it have players who win world cup already maybe don’t party as much..jus saying…I ain’t bashing nobody …but ik we can do better than this … Cause u know u can’t do that shit with your club…be discipline and maybe u might not have to come back and make a name in d pro league

  40. Well after watching their performance against the Dominican Republic the other night I don’t know if they will be achieving anything nah even with Molino because the football that my second sweetest country the America,,Mexico, etc, etc,is playing it is all about speed, with plenty ball control (Touches) and scoring plenty goals, so they better get their acts together in a quick timing because we won’t be going to any World Cup anymore for a very long time. Them really good yes.

  41. Does Trinidad and Tobago really need more examples that this kind of behavior doesn’t lead to success?
    I thought we had plenty already. It cost Dwight Yorke his Manchester United career, T&T accomplished nothing in the heyday of Yorke and Latas because their coaches then couldn’t control them, for all Lara’s brilliance the West Indies were sliding under his indisciplined captaincy… throw in Kerwin Jemmott, Arnold Dwarika, etc…
    But allyuh think having Molino in the team behaving like that can actually help the Soca Warriors achieve something?

  42. costa lost in the quarter finals in the last WC so they looking to build on that success so they are going allout to ensure that

  43. Costa Rica beat Russia in Moscow yesterday, 4 – 3. Whilst we struggling to beat Martinique. Those other teams in the Hex are much better prepared than us; more advanced as well. As coach Keith said, the road is tough ahead in the Hex.

  44. has talent, but no dedication or respect for his team… a team is as strong as it weakest link right now he looking like the weakest link…. wud never amount to anything if he continues

  45. That sound of sweet soca can make any man dotish.

  46. I just waiting on somebody to say ‘boys will be boys’. The behaviour that men are allowed to get away with…smh

  47. Nah man like yuh eh see how they does have the big truck park up outside the stadium eh with plenty music boxes eh and even when we loose the game eh is plenty partying the same way down the Las Vegas trip ( Arapita Ave) eh, yuh cudda swear we won the game yes, so the only thing will wuk is let them bus up their guns before every game nah man hahahaha

  48. Bus’ ah win’ first, but consult the AG and the special forces soldiers before bussing any kinda gun. Like them know ’bout gun bussin’.

  49. Lacks discipline, the characteristic needed the most…

  50. Hmph we will never reach with these men oui

  51. You must feel it for Coach Hart after the loss to Martinique last night. he now had to come up with a totally new strategy for World Cup qualifiers and the Gold Cup.

  52. ????????? buss gun… den buss net… i like it Earl Mango Pierre!!! ????

  53. Yuh know it is funny that you posted that video eh because I lay down on my bed last night thinking how to get thru to the players like Kevin Nash Molino who really likes to fete eh and this is what I came up with, maybe Coach Hart and the TTFA management needs to bring the party to the hotel yes, the 4 days before every game and let the players have a good time with their women/wives/supporters and then they all can rent their own hotel rooms to love up and bust their guns eh, well at least they will never be putting their lives in jeopardy going any boatrides and partying outside of the camp and be in any danger like what happened to Keron Ballpest Cummings eh. Them really good yes.

  54. Their managers are hangers-on who tells them what they want to hear

  55. When will they ever learn….always have to screw up a good thing.

  56. Eventually this may affect his contract in the US. Is only football sense and at times they lose that too. They just feel they must do what they want, whether wrong or right. Lacking discipline

  57. He must be a belly dancer….know your place young man, get your priorities sorted. .you have commitments that your talent bought you. Focus and be patriotic.. Think!!!

  58. And that’s why can’t make it again the football is a pips for them and shitty no ass I say invest in the younger players look at rashford (Manchester United Striker) only 19 and paving ways

  59. This is so very sad: such a talented and physically healthy young man. Hope he gets the other necessary interventions.

  60. After clubbing all night how can you perform at your best we have to be discipline and respect the country we are representing.

  61. Very unprofessional by him. When he is on international duty his only goal is to represent his country that’s all

  62. There’s no commitment or dedication .. get rid of the players who don’t comply .. simple as that .. second chance? not in my books .. don’t support and encourage this BS

  63. It is truly a situation that needs to be addressed. Molino is as talented as they come. Sometimes the young professionals view the International break as a “mini vacation” and when games are held at home they tend to be tempted to indulge in the life they miss while out of the jurisdiction performing their rigorous professional duties. It was clearly wrong of hin to break camp and the action taken by the coach was justified. I just hope that someone can mediate with Molino and some sort of solution can be found. It’s clear that without him this side is not as effective.

  64. Selfish selfish selfish. Childish. Stupid.

  65. Wouldn’t have dared to do that for his club. It goes to show where these players place the national team, in term of priority.

    • True what a disgrace. Like I said “If I were the coach I not only send him back to either Trinidad or MLS, I won’t even let him play in any world cup match and give his spot to a player who will give 100%. Disgusting ???

  66. If I were the coach I not only send him back to either Trinidad or MLS, I won’t even let him play in any world cup match and give his spot to a player who will give 100%. Disgusting ???

  67. Sarcastic whistling……The thought linkage of a professional footballer… that happens to b playing in one of the most important positions on the team…….in a do or die match for your country…. after u hav done it b4 and decide to do it again ………
    So i buy a goat and tie it in d yard and wait fuh rain to fall and when the rain is finished….i go outside to pass my hand on the goat to see if its wet…. we alllllllll know the goat is wet…. and thats ok in the case of a goat….. here is where the thought linkage comes in…… remove the goat from the equation and put in a 55″ TV….. from the time the clouds set up … u immediately know that u hav to move the TV bcuz it cant get wet or else it will spoil…..u r able to link your thoughts b4 the rain begins and be clear of what will happen if the Television gets wet …….
    In Molino’s case…
    I am a football pro
    I hav a game for Trindad
    Its a winner take all match….
    If i go to the nightclub…
    I will be disrespecting the Coach….
    The team….
    My country…..
    I wont b able to play to my full potential…..
    I may not b able to take a goal scoring opportunity that may eventually cost my team the game……
    U telling me these young men cant link these thoughts together to know to keep dey assss in dey bed in d people hotel.. debating wit themselves whether to go left or right…. go up or down…. do the right ting or sneak out d hotel to go in ah dollar party…… dey suffering from ah str8 case of

  68. dat is why our football can reach no way ah set ah dotish ill disciplined fools. They cant even play well and they does be swell headed and playing big star jackass.Drop him from de side

  69. Yeah and don’t forget the great Garrincha the same to eh, who passed away in his 40’s because of his plenty rum drinking eh. Them really good yes.

  70. Is Molino TT equivalent of Brasil’s Josimar? Then let him know what happened to Josimar

  71. This youth (Keane Mcivor) never had his chance yet for the senior Soca Warriors. Maybe it is time for him to get a run. He could be the answer for that advanced midfield role.


  72. Yeah look at all the madness that the French man use to do eh when he represented the greatest team in the universe and you know what Sir Alex Ferguson did eh made him the captain nah, what is his name again Dion Sosa so maybe Coach Hart needs to give Kevin Nash Molino the Captain arm band yes because ah tired of Mr Bound not to score not scoring plenty goals eh. Them really good yes. hahahahaha

  73. ..Well, we take what we get then. Molino apologized and paid a fine and was back to tricks in no time flat. We lost to Martinique tonight. And the hex will be hard road to travel..

  74. Too much about too little if yuh ask me. So yeah, fine and a game or two suspension but all this shit about no respect for the shirt and country is a load of manure.

    • Kestor ….. how cud u consider a repeat offence too little…. Molino dare not do that with his MLS club…. and making a professional stand against an act of unprofessionalism cud never b considered manure….. its the normal process

    • Cyro, im saying to much is being made of the situation with people talking bout reapect and ban him from the team etc.
      You spent time playing in Portugal im sure u saw the pros doing the same things.
      I gave the example of what i witnessed with the Knicks so this thing goes beyong Kevin and football.
      My belief is that this is what2 a lot of young professional athletes do. Their bodies can handle the rigors of night life and drinks.

    • Kes, u cah be serious man! So the whole team should jus go lime on the Avenue each chance they get then? Go on a team boat ride & drink & party then? Their bodies can handle it right….

    • What d Knicks do or dont do is irrelevant….. this is Trinidad football…. and Trinidad athletes need mental maturity….. so yuh couldnt play d game and party after…… what is more important…… an international athlete cannot carry himself and treat his body like the ordinary man on the streets

    • Kestor, you know basketball and football is two different kinda sports…. you could go lime in club with basketball as they only play 48min WITH timeouts and UNLIMITED subs…. We play 90 with max 3 subs… Also, the NBA has the best athletes in its given sport playing…. so they are treated as grown men …. Molino at best is a decent talent but clearly immature when it comes to discipline…… with a game on the line of importance TOO us, why the thirst to go find a club in MARTINIQUE of all places? … If is French poontang yuh want so badly, best he did pay a few $ and get a girl up to his room…. And you know as a coach, this move was more about disrespect to the coach and what he stands for than the jersey… Unprofessional yes…. disrespectful to the office that is the head coach… Absolutely … Mentally I would give him a rating of a 13 year old…. He may be getting paid as a professional, but he has little understanding as to what that word actually means…even if what he does may be normal practice with his home club…

  75. Shawn Babooram yuh wha some bets or wha eh, maybe my Foreign base Trini Coach Hart using some psychology eh, and playing dead to ketch corbeaux alive eh, because we will have one last chance eh and my prolific goalscorer Kevin Nash Molino will surely prove himself eh hahahahaha

  76. A lot of judge and jury’s in here smh…

  77. Na na
    Can’t bench the best striker ?

  78. ..You can’t be serious Kester. BAN anybody who does that shite..

  79. A young, fit, at the top of his game pro hitting the club/pub life at night is par for the course.
    Pat Riley used to say to his Knicks as long as you can answer the bell next day with quality.

  80. after tonight i am almost 90% sure he will be back for the next game

  81. I always refer 2 this example when it comes 2 be a true professional dennis berkamp said the 1st time he ever saw inside a night club he was 26 cause at 16 at ajax he wanted 2 make it as a professional so he trained hard sacrificed the night life and alcohol 2 make his dreams come thru

  82. Buh A A it seems that Michael Samuel is ah philosopher eh can you break down what you said eh although ah have ah (PHD) Public High School Diploma) I am not so educated eh hahahahaha

  83. Remember folks, nothing much is sacred in our land, if any. It’s just manifesting much quicker now. This goes beyond the football field, the game and the game playing reflects a deeper hurt. Meanwhile,the corbeaus are drinking lots of water.

    • Uncle, all I’m saying is that what’s going on on the field of play, and what’s going on in the head space of players, is simply a reflection of the wider society. We’re free falling. Can we stop it? Who knows.

    • Well you have a very good point there eh and I always like to repeat what Nigel Myers said a long time ago, he said that we really need a culture shift to really get things in the right perspective eh. Them really good yes.

  84. Maybe it is because of the culture that they came from eh, just saying.

  85. ..When I said he and his boat ride cohort should have been banned some thought I was over the top. Well there it is. Some people can’t handle success..

  86. like these fellas too whet for football now.

  87. when you feel yuh reach, darn idiot

  88. Sad to say who don’t hear would feel,I said Mr. Hart did a good job before,but lack control of the team in this stage of our the campaign?,but I would continue to read some of his faithful followers comments Lasana ??

  89. Carlos Lee I really don’t think that our players can do what you just mentioned eh about partying hard and then playing the football normal, normal eh especially against the real professional countries eh so why didn’t his two partners in crime follow him again and went out and party with him eh, so whatever Coach Hart have in place is surely working for them eh, excuses really needs to stop making for the players that have no discipline and they aren’t real professionals eh. Them really good yes.

    • Molino broke camp 4-days prior to the match. What impact would that have on his performance? None! He broke team rules and coach Hart was right to reprimand him. However, if it’s not already occurring players should be given time off to relax, with appropriate restrictions (e.g. no alcohol consumption 48-hrs before the match and in your bed by 12:00 a.m.). If some choose to attend a small lime and wine/dance for a bit with their “free time” I say fine.

    • Oh gosh yuh not giving up eh, ok then I wudda handle it this way eh because it isn’t all the players does want to party and have a good time before a game so I wudda allow the three musketeers to go an party, go to their boat rides eh and let them know if the team looses eh, they won’t be getting any monies eh, and I am positively certain that they wudda go for that eh because they wudda play their hearts out for me because I allowed them to free up themselves and go out and bust their guns on some of them pretty young chicks in our swet counytry eh and I know meh players and it is a culture thing been there done that over the years with some of meh players in the America eh back in meh Coaching days. hahahaha

  90. Not bad buss he throat. Ppl like he feel dey reach already. Damn fool

  91. Extra Time
    120 GOAL
    2 – 0
    Trinidad & Tobago

  92. As I said I’m not making excuses for Molino and I’m not privy to the day to day activities within the camp. I don’t know if Hart allows his players flex time to “chill” – to relax – to de-stress. Players are not robots – they are not animals and you can’t place them in a pen and work them to death. I’m saying if Hart does not have a policy, with appropriate restrictions, to allow his players flex time during camps he should seriously consider it. And it’ll be even better if the players help develop and draft the “flex time” policy. It’ll be a win win situation for all. Kelvin – the current generation is a different generation from yours / mine. The current generation is much more effective at multitasking. They can party hard all night and perform just as well and even more effectively than those who rested for 10-12 hours. Times have changed and I honestly have no problem with a player going out for a bit 3-4-days before a match. It says nothing about his/her lack of commitment.

    • ..So he was “multi-tasking”, was he?..LOL..

    • Keith – until we realize that this generation is different we will continue to deploy the wrong tactics to motivate, inspire, and punish them. And as a result we will continue to be disappointed in their behavior. So what is the solution? Well we, the older generation, need to become more flexible. We need to listen more to the current generation and what they desire. Do what I say is no longer an appropriate tool. We have got to move away from deploying “old” tactics that have served there time and are no longer impactful.

    • ..So the other players who are in camp, training and preparing, for better or for worse, are not of Molino’s generation? No pal. That kind of indiscipline and disrespect – for the country, team, coach, fellow players and self – cannot pass without serious sanction..

  93. Team played a pile of shit. And people like to bad mouth KJ, but we are a different team when he is on the field

  94. Lasana Liburd if u realize the players body language on the field tonight wasn’t the same without him that’s says a lot about the individual and how much he means to the team not to mention the early injury and also the players that are the close to him on and off the field didn’t show up so…

  95. He need to get serious I’m sure he don’t do that with his club…

  96. Sana, stop printing stories about the obvious…. just give we the result and move on nah man… steups 🙂

  97. hahahahaha yuh really want me to answer that eh Zane Coker eh. You really good yes.

  98. Earl, don’t take this personally but why do you feel there’s a need to type “eh” after every sentence? #concernedreader…

  99. Well it seems that his decision will really cost the team not to represent in the Gold Cup eh, but then again as you explained in your story we might still have another chance ent. Mr Live Wire.?

  100. Martinique leading 1-0 in extra time…

  101. Yes Narada and I can also mentioned a few other players who should have been millionaires today and for the same reason of lacking discipline an the professionalism that is required from them when they go abroad to make the real professional teams eh, they were sent right back to our sweet country and some of them ended up plying their trade in the other lower leagues abroad eh for smaller monies. Them really good yes.

  102. Earl I can’t find the article so I do apologize for that but after his first season at Orlando or second there was information about him being laid back and late to training etc. I give respect to coach hart on making the tough call.

  103. DROP his ass…that is the damn problem when you believe you are a star…you are a MLS player……..

  104. Carlos Lee try yuh best with that lame excuse eh, does the word PROFESSIONALISM means anything to you eh and that is the real problem with some of our players, again don’t you know that our players will never try that madness with their professional teams abroad eh and our very own Russel The Magician Latapy learn’t that the hard way when he went out partying and drinking plenty rum with is partner in crime Dwight Yorke eh and on his way home he got into an accident eh and his Coach buss his throat and they lost the final eh and just imagine that the accident happened two weeks before the final eh and as I always say it is just ah Trini thing and nobody will ever understand it eh. Them really good yes.

  105. Yeah and what about the 1989 Strike Squad team eh when the players was allowed to go and party and sex down the place with their women eh and the present Coach Brian Williams of the under 20 national team along with other players in his car almost went over or went over a precipice eh rushing back the morning to ketch the bus to travel from all the way from Fyzabad eh to the Hasely Crawford Stadium eh and tell always told me that it wasn’t the plan for the team to loose against the America eh in order for them to go to the 1990 World because they was hosting thier first ever World Cup in 1994 in my second sweetest country that made plenty millions of monies eh so yes the TTFA has been allowing this set of madness ah very long time ago eh ssteeuuppss. Them really good yes.

  106. Not creating excuses for Molino, but maybe his actions are a direct result of too rigid/restrictive an environment during these live-in camps. I’m not privy to the day to day activities within the camp, but maybe the players should be allowed some flex time/family time away from the team/hotel environment to relax (with some restriction of-course, eg. no alcohol consumption). I imagine being hung up in a hotel for 5-6 days can’t be too much fun, especially during home games and with your friends and family just a few minutes away. Note that many of these players are plying their trade abroad and often don’t get time to see their families and friends, Coach Hart might want to consider implementing some flex time for his players during home camps, to help ensure he has a full complement of players available before the end of the Hex. If players continue to break camp every time they come together for home matches, and coach Hart decides to give them the boot, he’ll have to call up old timers like myself just to field a team.

  107. He not ready some young people don’t know about sacrifices he feel he reach


  109. Young talented footballers world wide always come with discipline problems…Trinidad Team coaches have very little tools to use for discipline….

  110. . . .typical Trini thinking talent is everything but lacks the discipline that can set them apart. Steven Hart is right. . .drop him there are other ppl with the hunger to play. He don’t understand his role.

  111. He’d never play another match if I was coach

  112. Stuff like this is serious but it happens in almost every team. My hope is that coach Hart does whatever is best for the team. If that means that Molino needs to play then so be it. There are other ways to punish the player. Make the fine 3 times the amount of the first time.

  113. Remember meeting Strike Squad skipper Clayton Morris who could barely begin to wrap his head around the idea that players could even begin to conceive of doing such a thing on the eve of such major tournaments..

  114. Dion that is patently unfair and condescending. He is a product of his environment and seems like a decent chap otherwise

  115. Well he make sense party more important Trinis mentality

  116. If the TTFA use to stop the players who use to do the same set ah madness many moons ago eh, my player Micky Trotman R. I. P. wudda be alive today and all the generations following would have kept on the straight and narrow road now it took my foreign base / Trini Coach Hart to show all of them how we does drop it like it hot in his second sweetest country Canada and my second sweetest country the America and we don’t stick eh when it comes to discipline and the team first we don’t care if yuh is Messi or any other great player steeuuppss Them really good yes.

  117. When you break camp you will be fired. Boy must become responsible men. Set the standards for all players.

  118. I wonder if he is behave so when he travelling with his MLS team..steups

  119. Terry, Lasana…are you guys looking at the game? We are poor they are very poor

  120. Savitri, sadly common sense is no longer as common as it used to be. Young men’s brains are differently wired today and administrators have to develop the skills to understand this change.
    Mango, I agree to some extent with your comments regarding some of our previous star players and their inclination to break rules. However, my experience with the couple you mentioned, was a little different. Their example to the younger players of commitment to professionalism and pride in personal performance was exemplary. The overall management of players cannot be left to the coach who has a tough enough job. There must be an environment within the team that is self regulating. The players must set and agree the rules, be fully committed to them, and enforce them for the benefit of all. I saw it in 2006, and players were happy and self regulating, and no one stepped out of line simply because they would know that THEY LET THE TEAM DOWN. Why do we not learn from these experiences????

    • Because they are just too damn indisciplined which has always been a problem with our players.. About time serious action be taken and send a clear message to others who may want to try the same crap. Molino should be setting an example for the younger members instead he throws away his first chance, does it again which says to me screw allyuh i doing my own ting oui regardless of the consequences. He may as well have shown us the finger. Steups!!

  121. … And after that I would put disco balls in everyone else’s room, just in case! 🙂

  122. I would take it up with him in front of all the players and blast him for his disrespect, dishonesty

  123. I understand back in the day, Jack Warner used to assign a security guard to watch Arnold Dwarika for when he tried to slip out. Lol. Of course Dwarika never came remotely close to fulfilling his potential. Not by a long shot.
    Molino’s actions are like a kick in the nuts.

  124. He needs to be dropped permanently.

  125. I wonder if Hart tried putting a disco ball in Molino’s room! 🙂

  126. I would have drop him for good.

  127. Steupssss… Rel disappointing molino

  128. Mourinho throws dissidents to the wolves and let’s them explain to press, fans, family, team mates…. no respect from someone asking for respect. Smh

  129. Well we roll without him …. !!

  130. Me too but you can take the player out of the ghetto but not always the ghetto out of the player

  131. He is probaly my favorite Trini player I am so mad and disaapointed

  132. ‘Terry it is beyond that. This is a serious issue. Probably some woman he went to meet Ssad

  133. No pride in the shirt or responsibility for his country

  134. This is beyond a disclipine issue. He needs counseling from a licensed professional

  135. The enforcement of discipline resides with the coach.The rewards off discipline manifest in the player.The cornerstone of discipline is the morale of the team.

  136. naysayers/ steps. whatever yes. it is bullshit you feel that his actions are professional?

  137. AGAIN!!! Come nah man Molino…. I agree with Coach Hart 100 %…. No one is bigger than the team… These fellas eh accomplish anything yet, but acting like they reach… Smdh

    • Stacey Lachmie Lalchan yuh know what?? Yuh on ranking shit..I read your posts the last time and held my tongue..but rather you come here to try to defend totally unprofessional behaviour…needless to say it is also disrespectful to his teammates ,the coach and the staff..Rather than talk to yuh friend,man or lover or whatever status you hold in his life to try to do the right thing..you come on to a site to defend BS??? Well if it was you he went to lime with in Vas, you should take a look in the mirror and feel really good about yourself..NOT!!! Cause if you considered yourself a good friend to him you would have encouraged him to do the right thing..Of course it is the player who is ultimately to blame for his actions..but a true friend would have encouraged him to stay in camp..Not come up on sites to make themselves sound chupid in defending the indefensible…Yea he is one of our better players..no disputing that..but we will persevere without him…By his actions he was basically telling the coach to F**K himself and his rules..but managed to do just that to himself in the process…Too dotish!!

  138. What d hell in this man head

  139. So wappen to he! No control over himself he have so. There will always be party, wining and dining. He needs to get it together and be a good role model as a senior player.

  140. Ah know alyuh feel that I only like plenty bacchanal and satire eh but I use to tell my players that football is my high eh I don’t smoke no ganja nor drink any rum and once they get me high by playing good football and scoring plenty goals eh, I just use to get them any thing that they wanted from boots, to paying them to represent my organization , DeeJaying in their weddings, birthday parties, christenings and even being the God father to eh and having boatrides in order to raise plenty funds in order to do so eh. Them really good yes.

  141. What a backside! And these guys are the guys that got great opportunities in the game. If Hart reselects this guy again, Hart is also a complete joker as well! For professionals players some of these men lack basic discipline & that’s the difference in the USA & us!!!!

  142. Good! They need good stern and stiff measures to set a precedent. They too lax.

  143. I take it he didn’t read the post the empty social rat race. He has all the time to party now.

  144. We have to start somwhere mr hart u stand ur ground no man is and island i remember jack warner with arnold dwarika i think r german was d coach he and some others broke camp warner told d german that dwarika was his crowd puller is our sports going any way

  145. Looks like KJ off with a first half injury

  146. No man is bigger than the game. .. let him feel the pinch dumb ass!!!!!

  147. that’s wy these guys can’t reach anywhere meaningful in football

  148. Kudos to Hart, he stood his ground, let’s see if anyone else will attempt to play the fool.

  149. Can’t believe these guys are “Professionals” smh……
    Still carrying the School Football Mentality.

  150. And this is the other part of my Rules and Regulations eh. Them really good yes.

  151. nothing to say a slap on the wrist the first time what did you guys expect i want to see if you guys going crucify him like you did the young boys from Shiva waiting and watching

  152. Damn….. Hart did what he had to do… What was Molino thinking? At a lost here…..

  153. When I use to Coach back in the days eh I use to give my players two pages of what I expected of them eh because I wasn’t into this talking, talking business with my players all who suppose to be matured and have plenty discipline and when they broke my rules eh is bus throat for them one time eh, that they use to call me Sir Alex Ferguson eh. Them really good yes.

  154. Talent is not our issue. We are capable of great things if we weren’t hell bent on shooting ourselves in the foot repeatedly.

  155. But Bruce what is to rehabilitate eh has he ever done this while representing his professional team eh, some of our players including Dwight Yorke and Russell The Magician Laterpy felt they cudda always do ah set ah madness when representing our national team eh, do you recall when they both use to return home to play eh they use to rent their own hotel room separate from the other players to run their rackets eh until David Nahkid had to pull them up and let them know that they are real professionals eh and they must be an example to our younger upcoming players eh. Them really good yes.

  156. Disgusting. No loyalty to team mates. And I so like him as a player

  157. Very good Stephen Hart, Discipline is a virtue, Now pick up Sean De Silva man.

  158. You all acting as though this is the first time we have had this problem.

  159. This is such devastating news. Something is very wrong with this young man. Is the team manager trained to deal with young men with the challenges obviously facing Kevin. The coach has done the right thing, but is there going to be any serious effort made by the TTFA to rehabilitate the young man? Or is he simply going to be ostracized. In my view, the TTFA has a responsibility to have meaningful discussions with the player and importantly his professional club.
    This is not normal behavior and needs to be addressed professionally. Very sad though.

  160. let’s get real here: Is what kindah #DohRunSlack he running dong so that he bong tuh bong tuh duck work and go and run racket?

  161. See that’s the mindset we trinibagoians have rum and party….. Your a very young gifted football player but to him it doesn’t matter bcuz he tell himself the team can’t play without him…. So you have no discipline.. We sees what more important to him.. I hope everyone take this as an example….??????well done Hart

  162. Absolutely disgraceful – no thought for country or team… really?? What immaturity.

  163. I had a boss whose favourite line was “if you can’t change them, change them.” Enough is enough.

  164. Ah fine these guys moving thirsty boy like they not accustomed to the life

  165. I can’t believe Molino did it again. At such a crucial time. And so soon. And with his coach already under pressure for not dropping him the first time…

    • They really need to have him see a phychiatrist /psychologist because maybe in his brain he really feels that he plays better when he parties after scoring plenty goals eh. hahahaha Them really good yes

    • These fellas not serious about life at all, at all, at all!

    • Well as the saying goes “Blame it on our culture “. Them really good yes.

    • Sport psychologist? For what, to know right from wrong. No, he needs to not play for the national team for some time and think about what he has done. And he should publicly apologize to the team and his coaches. #minorleaguebehaviour

    • He has to be careful he also does not lose his place on his MLS team. His coach has said already he wants him to show more on defense as if the coach doesn’t know Trini midfielders don’t play defense. In Molino’s case now we know why.

    • Party before team and country. So many players think the’re bigger than the game. Molino deserves to be axed especially knowing the calibre of the team they were up against and he was crucial to the team. Obviously he’s not serious about his career. Bye, bye and good riddance. You don’t deserve your shirt.

    • Is this Molino fella so special that T&T football would be negatively impacted if he gets banned for life?

    • I eh know own about ah lifetime ban now. That would be over the top. But he should he suspended for several games though… how much remains to be seen….

    • We need precedents so that the next generation of sportswomen and men take their craft and national stints seriously. Our give-ah-bligh culture is our worst enemy.

    • That’s not giving ah bligh. He has made mistakes but you don’t abolish someone for that. He eh kill nobody…. that’s just too severe a penalty… We have to administer the appropriate amount of discipline but to ban him for life would be ridiculous

    • What yuh talking about Brent the great Sammy L was given a 300 years ban eh because the corrupted Jack Warner and his cronies didn’t want any players to take part in Arthur Suite professional football league because the great players wasn’t representing the national team because they were making plenty monies playing in the “Rebel ” league eh, so while playing for the national team in a practice game Sammy got injured and Don Procope told Jack that he lied and he got injured while playing for Essex in the “Rebel” league eh. so Procope told Jack to ban him for 300 yrs eh, imagine if Sammy passed away eh, his ban wudda still be in effect eh, hence the reason when the white plane comes down dey for meh corrupted uncle Jack Warner and return him to face the courts in my second sweetest country and then jail time eh ah him to also get 300 yrs the same and yes we call it ‘ Karma” steeuuppss Them really good yes.

    • And that clearly was ridiculous and over the top.. no?

    • Yeah I agree yes and they maybe really needs to handle these kind of situations differently eh, because partying 4 days before the game like in his case or getting into an accident 2 weeks before a final like in the Russel The Magician Latapy case eh and then loosing an important game like a final or going to the Gold Cup without them because the Coach buss their throats eh and the other well behaved disciplined and real professional players also have to pay for the players mistakes eh, really needs to change, what use to work for me I use to buss heavy fines on meh players back in the days yes when they use to party and have a good time the night before the game or final and of course they always won the game for me eh because I realized a very long time ago it was imbeded in them like a cancer to party and have a great time eh and I wasn’t stressing meh self nah hahahahah. Them really good yes.

    • I’m a rules man…. the feting doesn’t bother me. However if one lacks the discipline to follow the rules, I have a problem with that

    • Well we really need to start to educate our younger upcoming players eh, because many of them ain’t to intelligent hence the reason they will always continue to make mistakes.

  166. Hope his MLS club has taken note of his poor behavior

  167. Steups drop him yes. Who he feel he is Messi. Big loud watery steups.

  168. Hmmm no discipline…. Mark Nimchan you seeing what going on smh..he’s so talented

  169. Well done Coach Hart it is time to send a serious message to our players that disrespect our local Coaches and would never attempt this madness with their professional teams abroad and when the White foreign base Coaches are coaching our national teams steeuuppss. Them really good yes.

  170. Lil self-destructive and undisciplined, eh?

  171. 100% agree….. should have been sent home on the first offence…. conduct not deeming of a professional athlete…. #nextmanup