Fifty shades of khaki: Detectives pen romance novel, no Turkey for Dillon and Jihadi-bhai 

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Police, according to today’s Trinidad Guardian newspaper, are working on the theory that 30-year-old Larry Mohammed was killed yesterday morning because of a relationship he had with an unnamed married woman.

Mohammed was found in the driver’s seat of his black Toyota Altis on Cemetery Street, Charlieville, around 1.30am with gunshot wounds to his head and chest. His car was idling. Nothing of value was missing from the deceased.

Homicide detectives told the Guardian that Mohammed, a father of two, was in a relationship with a married woman from south Trinidad and they are working on the theory that the woman’s husband may be responsible for his killing. The officers added that Mohammed was supposedly in company with the woman moments before he died.

Photo: Wait... Was I supposed to be writing something down?
Photo: Wait… Was I supposed to be writing something down?

Mr Live Wire has a few questions:

Are the police confident enough about Larry’s affair to besmirch the reputation of a murder victim? Is the Guardian equally confident? Or is the paper happy to take the risk since dead men cannot sue for slander?

Might we have an idea of the strength of their intelligence? Or should we take their word for it?

Did the Police, in less than 24 hours, already process the paperwork and cut through the red tape to get the phone number that called Larry before he drove to Cemetery Street?

What evidence leads the Police to believe that the unfaithful wife was with Larry just before his death? Might it have been better, for the sake of their investigation, to gather information and then convince the DPP of the strength of their case before the Trinidad Guardian?

Is the local police serious about solving murder cases? Or is writing romance novels more appealing?

Elsewhere, National Security Minister Edmund Dillon has hit a roadblock in his effort to gather information on Trinidad and Tobago citizens arrested in Turkey for trying to enter Syria.

Photo: National Security Minister Edmund Dillon. (Copyright Caribbean 360)
Photo: National Security Minister Edmund Dillon.
(Copyright Caribbean 360)

“As far as we understand there has been no update or even official confirmation on the nine persons held in Turkey,” Dillon told the Newsday. “We have made those requests and we are awaiting a response from the Turkish government…

“You need to understand that what’s going on in Turkey, with a recent attempted coup, that resulted in almost 155 persons being arrested, the response may be a bit slower than usual.”

Dillon’s estimation of the arrests in Turkey was off by about 10,000 at least. But then he does not seem to be a man you can bog down with specifics.

So nine alleged Trinidad and Tobago terror recruits are held in Turkey and Dillon does not think it might be a good idea for senior security officials to head for Europe to gather more information on the background of the detainees, how they were recruited and who helped.

But just let the Soca Warriors get a friendly game against Lionel Messi’s Argentina in Istanbul and watch the stampede for complimentary tickets then…

Meanwhile in San Juan, the father of slain ISIS fighter, Mikail Ali, said he was proud of his boy, who lost his life during an air strike on 16 August 2016.

“We know where he has gone. We are happy,” Ali’s father told the Newsday. “Only a Muslim will understand that.”

Photo: ISIS soldiers prepare to execute a hostage. (Copyright UK Mirror)
Photo: ISIS soldiers prepare to execute a hostage.
(Copyright UK Mirror)

So much for the notion that local terrorists and their support groups are quaking in their boots.

Ali’s father might have been more likely to face sanctions if he criticised Colfire’s dress code!

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  1. On TV6’s poll tonight, the question was whether people had confidence in Minister Dillon to solve the crime problem. 89-11 was the final score; I leave you to guess which is ‘Yes’ and which is ‘No.’


  3. Okay, this case is a bit odd guys. The homicide detective who made the arrest died of a massive heart attack. And the State’s attorney was Dana Seetahal.
    This damn case seems blighted. It was one of the first to use DNA evidence too apparently:

  4. They need to stop referring to them as unsolved murders and start referring to them as just plain old murders because the overwhelming majority of them are unsolved.

  5. I didn’t even realise that even the DPP’s sister might be an unsolved murder case:
    Ag DPP’s sister murdered
    By CECILY ASSON Saturday, November 15 2008

    SENIOR Customs officer Joanne Gaspard, 35, the sister of acting Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Roger Gaspard, died after being pushed over the balcony on the top floor of her three-storey Vistabella home, by burglars whom she fought with on Thursday night.

    Police believe Gaspard was murdered after she foiled a burglary at her Happy Hill home.

    Neighbours who responded to screams from a child in the house, found Gaspard’s body in the yard. The distance from the balcony to the ground, police said, was 50 feet.

    Gaspard, a divorced mother of two, worked at the San Fernando branch of Customs and Excise.

    Her children, Terrique Taylor, 11, and two-year-old Teshara Haynes (who turns three on November 24), who were in the house when the burglars forced their way in, were unharmed. Gaspard’s common-law husband Police Constable Phillip Haynes, was at work in the Inter-Agency Task office in Port-of-Spain.

    According to a police report, at about 11.30 pm, after the burglars gained entry into the house via the roof, Gaspard raised an alarm, locked her children in a bedroom and ran to her bedroom as she was pursued by the burglars.

    The burglars forced their way into the master bedroom and confronted Gaspard. It is believed she fought with the burglars who forced her out onto the balcony of the bedroom and threw her over the concrete railing. A red-handled knife was seized by police.

    Yesterday, Gaspard’s parents Barbara Alexander and Joseph Gaspard, along with their two grandchildren and other relatives and friends stood in shock, in a neighbour’s yard while police conducted their investigation.

    “Why did she do that?” Gaspard’s son Terrique asked. “She slammed the door and locked me inside and that was not the best decision. I could have saved her,” he added. Gaspard’s mother who lives nearby, said she only heard of the incident after being alerted by a neighbour.

    “I didn’t hear a scream. I got a call that Teshara was crying a lot and that thieves had entered my daughter’s house and that Joanne was lying flat on the ground in the yard,” Alexander said.

    She described her daughter as hard working and fulfilled her dream of providing a beautiful home for her family. No arrests have been made and Southern Division Homicide Investigations Bureau officers are continuing investigations.

  6. Dais why. We can’t get the crime under control the chief is ah love man. Lover boy step aside and write yuh novels and let someone who knows how to help with the crime situation take over.

  7. Does the Govt or the people of Turkey know where Trinidad &Tobago is? We like to get carried away.The time they take to find the place they might just out their lights.

  8. I can’t even remember who he is now.

  9. The only man who video evidence convict was poor Hafeez Ali! But then he make a rookie mistake and thought public opinion counted for something.

  10. Then there was the case where someone walked into a bank and wired government money to a private account in the Middle East. There’s supposed to be security footage of that person as well.

  11. Pardna …… I see enough security footage from Trinidad of robberies where the bandits faces are as clear as day.

  12. Weed in the PM’s residence you say? Yuh mean weed in room 102…..That solve yet?

  13. Allyuh realise this island is the size of a village and people posting videos with illegal weapons and police can’t even reach them yet?

  14. At times I am confused wondering if we are in a horror movie or a sitcom

  15. Lol. Kevin, which bacchanal case they solve? They even work out if it was weed in the last PM’s residence yet? Or if it was Anil or his twin brother in Room 201?

  16. If as Kevin says, that bacchanal investigation always gets solved faster than gang crime, perhaps the authorities should put most of the resources into convincing the the gangsters to put on a bit of a show when they pelting shot. Do the “Uncle Ellis” or sup’n.

  17. Tanya ….. let me ask you a question.
    Which minister attitude not lax?

  18. I’m laughing yet also so disturbed by this…..the lax attitude of the Minister is terrifying, does he truly not get how serious this threat is?….

  19. Bacchanal investigation always gets solved faster than gang crime.
    As for why nobody heading to Europe “like Lasana fuhget we in ah recession bai?”

  20. The police sound like they enjoying a good gossip about the man’s love life. Let’s see if there is an arrest to follow all that tongue wagging.

  21. it might have been better for the sake of their investigation, but not imagination ~ perhaps another Danyell Steal novel in d making

  22. Two questions. So Muslims who don’t understand are not Muslims? And did the Turkish government really arrest “about 155” people, or is it a typo?

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