Booyaka! Live Wire walks in on Senator Ali-G and the PNM’s first sex scandal

The People’s National Movement (PNM) Government is again facing complaints of arrogance, failing to deliver on its pre-election hype and being out of touch with the public, after its first sex scandal and subsequent resignation.

PNM senator Hafeez Ali, the defeated candidate for Barataria/San Juan, was the guilty party in the first political f**k-up of the new administration—not counting Colm Imbert’s budget. And, just as we were told he had come, Ali-G submitted his resignation and was gone.

Photo: Me thinks me needs to spend more time with my Julie. But mostly Rowley thinks that. (Copyright Ali G)
Photo: Me thinks me needs to spend more time with my Julie.
But mostly Rowley thinks that.
(Copyright Ali G)

For a country that has grown accustomed to getting its sex scandals served up like banana splits with macadamia nuts and rainbow coloured sprinkles, that was about as captivating as plain yogurt.

According to a Trinidad Newsday article, Ali-G was befriended by a stranger on Facebook who, after a couple of “erotic conversations”, got him to send a video of himself speaking naughty while choking the bishop. Not—and we cannot emphasise this enough—Bishop Barbara Burke!

The unidentified female Facebook friend then posted the video online and got Ali-G to send her “vast sums of money” to have it deleted, which she never did. The matter was eventually reported to the Fraud Squad.

A friend of the senator told Newsday that Ali-G was “not only traumatised but depressed.” If Ali feels sick now, wait until he finds out that the “sexy woman” he befriended was actually Marcia Braveboy!

Okay, so Mr Live Wire doesn’t know whether it was Braveboy. But chances are there are 13 year girls with self-esteem issues who are less vulnerable than this senator was to online bullying.

Photo: Let’s do this together with PNM Hafeez Ali. But, in case of emergency, just do it yourself!
Photo: Let’s do this together with PNM Hafeez Ali.
But, in case of emergency, just do it yourself!

Somewhere, Anil Roberts probably read about Ali-G’s little problem and laughed himself into a stupor.

Politicians being hoodwinked into self-degradation by empty promises? Live Wire feels certain that Reshmi Ramnarine was better equipped to head the SSA than Ali-G is for higher office.

Once more, the PNM has proven that it has no intention of walking the talk.

Before the 7 September 2015 election, then Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley was either dancing into the sunset with a scantily dressed teenaged model or offering sparring sessions to a young female reporter—the shirtless Rowley allegedly vowed to float on her butterfly and fight off her bee.

By now, one would expect more than enough material for a “50 Shades of Keithos.” But, nope, it is just another example of a largely underwhelming affair by the political leader and his party so far.

AG Faris Al-Rawi squeezing into size small tee-shirts seems to be as revealing as the PNM is prepared to get these days.

And that conservative approach to governance has now culminated in a sex scandal which involved no Latin accents, illicit drugs, Woodbrook angels or goats; and no HDC houses as sweeteners, Muslimeen hitmen on speed dial, floored mistresses, groped flight attendants, or Glenn Ramadharsingh acting as chauffeur. And nobody else in the room. Period!

Photo: Mr Bean just missed out on a Cabinet position in the PP government.
Photo: Mr Bean just missed out on a Cabinet position in the PP government.

But, since we have nothing else to take our minds off low oil prices, the rising murder rate, a stagnant economy and our starving neighbours on the continent, here’s looking at you Ali-G!

Why Ali-G sex scandal might be symptomatic of life under PNM:

The Senator was too condescending to involve his constituents;

There was a dodgy tendering process;

Yet another failed attempt to diversify, ahmm, let’s call it “the economy”;

High gas prices and empty treasury left him shy of one person for his two-some;

He was out of touch with his fellow stakeholder the whole time but arrogantly finished the project anyway!

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  1. it’s Booyakasha btw Lasana Liburd #themoreyouknow

  2. Buh like dey head hard or they choose to ignore us

  3. There have been so many occasions that we the people have told politicians to go screw themselves.
    Interesting to see one give it a go. ???

  4. Hmmmm,well yes.. was just a matter of time for these mother ass to talk shit.. like de pm told him to do that or what, is he and he alone.. what that have to do with de pnm? Llke de pm suppose to be around every minister private life or what.. dum ass…

  5. Well the evil that you do live after you and the good is interred with their bones.When you are in Public life you have no private life,it is no wsdh your foot and jump in;when you are a parent or a husband you cause embarrassment,so becareful.

  6. Live wire go shock your blasted self eh alluh have no common sense just like Ali steups

  7. He is not alone in this, Samson get caught too, the power of the women!!

  8. How does this mans private immorality have anything to do with the PNM facing claims of arrogance. A man has wife and children and after the fact it has been scandalise by the media including Memes by another senator., and this is your headline for the day. What about live wire forgetting about sensation and concentrate on the Wife and Children and the effect of what this will have on them. Or is the attacks on the PNM more important than compassion. The man deserves what he gets. He did not expose himself on a plane or touched any one on a bus. He did this in private with another person or whatever happened.. By the time you had wind of it he was GONE. What form of voyeurism di you want the PNM to be involved in. To assist the media in shaming this man and WHY ?

  9. It appears that the Senator got caught making a not so bright decision that really has no meaningful impact on governance and was applauded by his party for his resignation. But when the Minister of Energy solicited donations for her charity from energy company’s (a seemingly questionable use of her powers etc), all is forgiven no resignation required. Is it that once you keep your ding-a-ling and woo-ha inside you have great latitude?

  10. Hahaha….go ahead Lasana…SSA in yuh tail just now….lol

  11. MB-Lasana u might be on to something ?

  12. Lolol…the comparison with Ali G is uncanny and I was going to ask which Bishop.

  13. Regardless of how bad it seems,it is not too late to take oneself in hand.

  14. Lmaoooo! I’m too young to read certain parts of this story eh. J/k Hahaha. Good job!

  15. ……caught red-handed, bowled out of politics..
    ..May God forgive him for his errors and omissions…

  16. Disclaimer: No real bishops were choked in the contruction of that piece.

  17. At least he knew to his offer his resignation I guess…

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