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Mexico massacre T&T U-15 Women 11-0; Coach: They did what they could

The Trinidad and Tobago Women’s National Under-15 Team concluded its first international competition this morning with another mauling, as the young Women Soca Warriors were routed 11-0 in their 70-minute affair with Mexico in Orlando, Florida.

It means that the Trinidad and Tobago conceded 38 goals from three defeats to the United States (22-0), Haiti (5-0) and Mexico (11-0) respectively.

Photo: The Trinidad and Tobago Women's National Under-15 Team warms down after their 4-0 win over the Dominican Republic on 10 August 2016 in the CONCACAF Championships. (Courtesy CONCACAF)
Photo: The Trinidad and Tobago Women’s National Under-15 Team warms down after their 4-0 win over the Dominican Republic on 10 August 2016 in the CONCACAF Championships.
(Courtesy CONCACAF)

The Warriors did enjoy a brief reprieve as they whipped the Dominican Republic 4-0 last Wednesday. Yet, bizarrely, even the Dominican Under-15 players conceded less goals overall—despite losing every match—as the Spanish-speaking Caribbean island conceded 24 goals in total.

Trinidad and Tobago Under-15 coach Marlon Charles said he was proud of his players’ effort and that his squad learnt a lot from the competition.

“[It was a] tough game for the players, they did what they could have done,” Charles told the TTFA Media. “I am proud of the effort the players made throughout this tournament. A lot was learnt and [it was important to] see what is required to play [at this level].

“Time is the most important area because there’s no short cut in the development of football.”

Trinidad and Tobago finished third in the inaugural CONCACAF Under-15 Championships, two years ago, while they came within a play off result of the Canada 2015 Women’s World Cup.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago players Kennya Cordner (right) and Anique Walker head for the dressing room after their 1-0 FIFA 2015 Women's Cup Play Off second leg defeat to Ecuador on 2 December 2014 in Port of Spain. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago players Kennya Cordner (right) and Anique Walker head for the dressing room after their 1-0 FIFA 2015 Women’s Cup Play Off second leg defeat to Ecuador on 2 December 2014 in Port of Spain.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)

However, their results at the ongoing Under-15 tournament are the worst ever by a local international team in the 111 year history of the local game.

The Trinidad and Tobago national women’s previous record defeat was 11-0, which they suffered at senior level to United States in 2000 and Brazil in 2000 and 2015 and, at under-17 level, to Canada in 2013.

And the most goals Trinidad and Tobago ever conceded in an international tournament was 26, which they let in at the 2013 CONCACAF Under-17 Championship after defeats to the United States (8-0), Canada (11-0) and Guatemala (7-0).

Charles was also head coach of the Trinidad and Tobago Under-17 team at that CONCACAF competition.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago national women's under-15 team head coach Marlon Charles. (Courtesy SPH-SYOGOC/Eddie Chen)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago national women’s under-15 team head coach Marlon Charles.
(Courtesy SPH-SYOGOC/Eddie Chen)

CONCACAF Under-15 Championships

Group A

(9 August 2016)

USA 22 (Samantha Meza 1, 25, Hollyn Torres 8, Gabrielle Robinson 14, 22, 32, 33, 67, Kalyssa Van Zanten 16, 35, Own Goal 17, 44, Mia Fishel 26, 47, Talia Della Peruta 38, Payton Linnehan 48, 59, 63, Sunshine Fontes 56, 57, Croix Bethune 63, 69), Trinidad and Tobago 0;

Mexico 2, Haiti 0;

(10 August 2016)

Trinidad and Tobago 4 (Annika Daniel 2, Aaliyah Prince 55 pen, 64, 69 pen), Dominican Republic 0;

USA 1, Mexico 0;

(12 August 2016)

Mexico 9, Dominican Republic 0;

USA 1, Haiti 0;

(13 August 2016)

Haiti 5, Trinidad and Tobago 0;

USA 6, Dominican Republic 0;

(15 August 2016)

Mexico 11, Trinidad and Tobago 0;

Haiti 5Dominican Republic 0.

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  1. The Coach says he is Proud of there effort …..???

  2. National team coaches are not supposed to develop. That seems to be out issue. We lack developmental programs and then a coach gets 2 months with a national team and is expected to work miracles. It has to stop.

  3. So does this mean that after proving he only has a losing record that Marlon Charles is going to be replaced and probably give someone else the chance to help develop our youngsters…..

  4. Has the coach offered his resignation yet?

  5. I think the Caribbean needs a unified Golden Gloves program.

  6. Who’s coaching the coach? Where is the oversight? This is just sad!!!

  7. 38 goals conceded, scored 4. Not good AT ALL. This team DEFINITELY wasn’t ready for this level. Why participate?

  8. Yes we all say they do,but who is interested to give it to them,if they had won there was going to be a big excursion all ovet the place with them,after that nothing,so the Person un charge get your act together

  9. I hope that there is a sport psychologist on hand to sequest them on their return we owe those children that much…..

  10. Marlon Charles is not a war coach great at developing and building a pool but piss poor in competition!! They put him as far down as they could to use his strengths but then came competition, time to c d likes of Ahkeela Mollon, Maylee Attin-johnson, Yaya Cordner being involved in coaching at the National level.

  11. Wonder when we will try other coaches in these positions our youngsters are asked to play for their country with six to eight weeks preparation and every time is the same coach with the same excuse !!! we need to try new coaches these are set in their ways and their ways not working

    • It’s called the good old boys network. They look out for each other. They are always talking about giving local coaches opportunity. That’s where their opportunity must start. To prove they can coach. But nooo. They want big money to coach national team and they can’t even coach a youth team. This is the training ground for local coaches and they have all failed miserably.


  13. Why do we keep supporting mediocrity? If 11-0 is their best ,I wonder what the worst is.?

  14. So why send them if you know they were not ready, again its not money coming out of their pockets, so lets go for a joyride, while embarrassing the country. This is bigger than coaches and players. It’s not only politicians stealing the country’s purse, but Sporting bodies led by incompetent Administrators. Everybody know how to ‘eat a food” in T&T and its starts with PS who are supposed to demand accountability from persons who are put in high office.However, when nepotism is the order of the day in T&T, friends and families in position this is the outcome . Sweet T&T

  15. I’m honestly not sure why folks are hating on the coach and the team. The coach played the hand he was dealt – in terms of the talent pool in Tnt. The players also likely gave their all, which we knew before was not going to be good enough. This was a great learning opportunity for the girls, the coaching staff and the TTFA. The girls now understand how far behind they are in terms of soccer development, and the same holds for the coaching staff and administration. Now what we need is a holistic program to develop a deep talent pool at the youth level for both players and coaches.

    • To be honest Carlos, a team that concedes 38 goals in three games is out of its depth and should not be there. Who would want to see a team lose 22-0 at a World Cup finals? We embarrassed the competition I think.
      Although I’d agree that it couldn’t possibly be the coach’s fault alone.

  16. Lasana Liburd I was reading in your other page and you indicated that this coach had the same result with a pervious team, so why send him? Seriously why? I am starting to have a problem with these associations who don’t seem to have the best interest of the players or Trinidad and Tobago. I suggest we really look at these sporting association who begging for taxes pays money. There must be accountably. They run around saying government doesn’t help them. Yet They have 5 stadium but they never host clinics in the village or have village games? To scout for talent. I never hear them put before the public a strategic plan how we reaching the goal. I never hear any of the association doing trials in Mayaro or Penal or Point. Thank God for few cooperate sponsors and the government through its state enterprise for their programs. Or else we would be no better. Stop give away free money to association that not going through the country and look for talent

    • I agree, but succesive Governments have failed in demanding Sporting bodies be accountable for monies spent. Every year money is given, where are the audited accounts of how iit was spent. in the US you have to provide yearly audited accounts in order to get additional funding. Not in T&T , just past change and is the same story over and over . $400 million gone and not a word. we have to be joking. What is the reason for the poor performance of our current Olympic athletes. we heard little about the last 5 years of training , or should I say lack thereof, so what was monies spent on. Comedy central is still on

  17. 22-0 11-0 clearly shows that your defense is weak… no tactics

  18. Was that another good experience like the 22-0 the got last time

  19. At this stage, “what they could” do seems to be to concede goals galore. Please tell me I’m wrong about that.

  20. plz we need morning training matches for these women let don t wait one month before a tournament to be getting a team ready come we have to be a bit more serious……………a call for the minister of sport to start back the women pro league

  21. I want that whole side scrapped

  22. Yeah I was told that they got 6 goals from Club Sando in a practice game eh, and yes some of the players have talent I was also told but they are smallie, smallie eh, I doh know what these nowadays young footballers eating nah in our sweet country, so you know what might be happening to them when they come up against some of their opponents eh Them really good yes.

  23. they now appoint a u17 coach and tournament starting mid sept I love it

  24. Well leh meh see now if the corrupted TTFA will finally get their acts together and put things in place in a reasonable time before all these future youth tournaments eh. Them really good yes.

  25. Omg….did he actually say ‘they did what they could’….then he should be fired as their coach, since this is the result of his input…..what a disgrace…..

  26. Earl Best

    “Charles was also head coach of the Trinidad and Tobago Under-17 team at that CONCACAF competition.”

    Well, even the coach’s biggest detractor would have to concede that, in more ways than one, he has been consistent. It wouldn’t surprise me to discover that his children have all benefited from high-priced lessons from multiple teachers.

  27. Is like dem Mexicans remembered the Alamo! LOL

  28. If that’s the attitude of the coach then I hope he intends to resign if this continues .

  29. Yes, John Williams. You’re taking women’s soccer to the gutter with these appointments.

  30. Well that don’t make sense…

  31. It would have been a lot easier to recall this team after the first defeat.. Apologize to concacaf and the nation and return home… But no we have to suffer the further humiliation.. I hope all those who are so responsible are asked to account

  32. Well Trinidad and Tobago teams don’t play internationals before tournaments anymore. Only the senior men’s team gets that luxury. It is very rare otherwise.
    So coaches and players go in tournaments cold. Not knowing which players will step up and who will freeze on that stage.

  33. Lasana sometimes I wonder about these coaches and teams. Is it only now (based on his statement) that he and the players know what is required at international level? So what were they doing before?

  34. oh boy….what didn’t they do that previous U-15 teams did? Worst ever in history is not a good sign ….

  35. What nonsense it is I am reading?? When will enough be enough???? I am interested to see what next when this team returns home…..

  36. It was another great experience

  37. Well, when you look at athletes who are all under 25 like Machel Cedenio, Jehue Gordon, Khalifa St Fort and Keshorn Walcott, you can still say you’re building for the future.
    Not the same at all in my books.

    • How is it different Lasana ,sending athletes unfit or unprepared to the Olympics. It’s worse because those at te Olympics in most cases have done much better . These girls are novices, Marlon had a choice to give them the experience of what they have to come up to or not have team go.

    • For the Olympics, they had to make a standard time to get there for starters. So there is already a certain commitment to excellence there.

    • ..No. Marlon is not the party that is ultimately responsible here. The TTFA registered to play in the U15 tournament and we were drawn with two of CONCACAF’s top countries. That was beyond his control. The real issues here are: 1) was Marlon’s appointment a good one, and 2) was the team properly prepared. I believe the answers are “No” and “No”. The responsibility for this debacle rests with the TTFA..

  38. Smh. I feel sorry for the young ladies.

  39. Hi That is more in keeping with what I expected after the 22-0 so I have to agree with your comments.

  40. This coach may need to be changed or those girls benched.

  41. Don’t worry we are happy with spending loads of money on our national teams and not being concerned about the return on investment. Our current Rio (mis)adventure is another example of this!

  42. well done TTFA president take a bow your doing a great job keep up the good work man !!!

  43. I blame the TTFF and their ridiculous coaches for fielding a subpar team and embarrassing our country. Spend more time and money on youth development instead of glorified field trips.

  44. das d new play whe#’s 11 22 and 33

  45. dis “wetman” back at it again?

  46. Get rid of the coach immediately.

  47. . I already said what I have to say on this team and this matter yes. Steups..

  48. I continue to say these teams are toghether for years . not gather up some players 6 wks before the tornament and want a miracle. stop saying , its a learning experience.Our aim shiuld be to win

  49. It’s the coach and the management team! Clearly those girls weren’t ready for competition.

  50. Those other teams saying we preparing a team and we are going to play hard to win this tournament and we are saying we are going to learn … tournaments are not for learning experience that’s what practice is for.. There are local women teams and senior national women team and junior national boys team so there was plenty practice games to be had. This coach is a failure and should be kept far from the national set up.

  51. Oh gosh I feeling sorry for them. They have to be feeling so demoralized. I mean they are too young to have their egos trampled like this. Let them lick their wounds, and heal properly before sending them out on that field again please.

    • Too young you say? If you’re going to play in the big league then you need to be prepared. This is a horrific defeat but it is not the end of the world. Trinidad has always had sub-par performance in football and we continue to support mediocrity What has changed?

  52. U15 is where national team experience begins in football?

  53. Fire him,waste of time and tactics!!

  54. I bet the TTFA pays him on time .

  55. The coach doesn’t send the team though. The TTFA does. There would have been no sanction if we didn’t send a team.
    And to be fair to the coach, it isn’t as if he got international practice games before the tournament to properly assess his squad either.

    • I understand that.. but to me as their coach he would know these girls and what they are capable of.. and let the TTFA know hey these girls need more training and exposure before we enter them into a tournament such as this… and now they making these little girls a laughing stock.. i don’t even care what people may think of our country… it’s the emotional feelings these little girls are going through especially at this teen age.. I hold him and the board accountable… and i hope n pray they have good support systems in their lives

    • You have a point of course Kareme.

    • Just a reminder, this is what the head coach and TTFA president said BEFORE the tournament:
      Marlon Charles (head coach)
      “We started off with 65 players and now we are down to 18 and I must give credit to every player who took part in the preparations… This is going to be a whole new experience for the players, not just on the football field but in so many situations…

      “At this level what you will find is players who are still learning and playing for the first time so while the United States will have more resources than us, I don’t want to say that they will be superior or for us to fear them.

      “We want our players to enjoy every bit of the experience. We are not putting any pressure on them… But at the same time we will be using it as a learning experience and one which we as coaches can evaluate for the future.

      “The preparation was good. The TTFA did what it could to ensure we had the opportunity to prepare well and we tried to maximise the time that we had leading up to the tournament.”

      TTFA President David John-Williams:
      “We’ve had the Under 15 Girls team in preparation for some time and I know they have been hard at work. This is a wonderful opportunity for the young players in our women’s program to get such an experience at this early stage at the CONCACAF level and we are very pleased to have them heading off to Orlando and we’d like to wish them well in the tournament.”

    • Lasana Liburd
      “At this level what you will find is players who are still learning and playing for the first time so while the United States will have more resources than us, I don’t want to say that they will be superior or for us to fear them.” That statement is the problem. Not acknowledging your opponent is superior and preparing a game plan so you don’t get 22.

    • So they knew they weren’t ready… but is experience and opportunity??? 2 get their hearts shattered… well I hope they have a strong spirit 2 keep on training harder to vindicate themselves in the future… i still blame the coach?

  56. So sad… i can only imagine the great demise these little girls are feeling… that’s the problem with our country men… just 2 get a field trip he carried these girls who clearly were not ready 2 take on these teams… now their spirits can ne broken towards football all because of an inconsiderate coach??? bout “they did what they could”… STEUPZZZZZ

  57. This coach is absolute rubbish!

  58. He’s a real coach???? Or he know somebody? His comments after all these games has me wondering. Not to mention the “results”.