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DJW flexes muscles: TTFA president allegedly slights Hart on training ground

Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president David John-Williams has been accused of an extraordinary slight on National Senior Team coach Stephen Hart, after the newly elected official allegedly tried to arrange an exhibition match for the “Soca Warriors” behind the coach’s back.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago coach Stephen Hart reacts to the final whistle in the 2016 Copa America play off contest at the Rommel Fernandez Stadium, Panama City on 8 January 2016. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA-images/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago coach Stephen Hart reacts to the final whistle in the 2016 Copa America play off contest at the Rommel Fernandez Stadium, Panama City on 8 January 2016.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA-images/Wired868)

John-Williams, who replaced Raymond Tim Kee as TTFA president on 29 November 2015, allegedly walked on to the field during a national training session at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva yesterday and asked Hart and his coaching staff to let him talk with the players alone.

Then John-Williams, according to two members of the squad who spoke on condition of anonymity, asked the players if they were willing to play a fourth international exhibition game against Equatorial Guinea, after three fixtures against Peru, Uruguay and China on May 23 and 27 and June 3 respectively.

Remarkably, the TTFA president’s approach to the players is believed to have followed Hart’s refusal to play that fourth fixture.

The Warriors play in Lima on May 23 and Montevideo on May 27 before jetting to China for a game in Qin Huang Dao on June 3.

The proposed exhibition with Equatorial Guinea in Port of Spain, according to the source, was set to be penciled in within a week of the China clash. However, Hart is believed to have been apprehensive about belatedly squeezing in a fourth fixture after such an arduous travel schedule.

Photo: W Connection owner David John-Williams (second from left), coach Stuart Charles-Fevrier (centre) and defender Joel Russell (far left) say a prayer of thanks after securing the 2013/14 Pro League trophy at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva. John-Williams was elected as TTFA president in November 2015. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)
Photo: W Connection owner David John-Williams (second from left), coach Stuart Charles-Fevrier (centre) and defender Joel Russell (far left) say a prayer of thanks after securing the 2013/14 Pro League trophy at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva.
John-Williams was elected as TTFA president in November 2015.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)

John-Williams, according to one player, attempted to show Hart who was boss by ignoring the chain of command and approaching the players directly.

Eight of the current training squad are trying to break into the World Cup squad and some of the players allegedly told the TTFA president that they were willing to play. However, senior players requested more time for the team to make a collective decision.

The players subsequently emailed John-Williams to say they did not want the match.

Hart, who was selected on CONCACAF’s Coach of the Year shortlist for two of the last three years, refused comment on the incident and declined to confirm or deny whether it indeed took place. And John-Williams did not respond to our request for comment.

However, if true, the TTFA president might have hit a new low and crossed a line that even his most controversial predecessors avoided.

Disgraced ex-FIFA vice-president and TTFA special advisor Jack Warner was known to interfere with team selection and tactics. However, Warner was not known to do so in front of the players.

Photo: Coach Bertille St Clair (second from right) has a word with (from right) Shaka Hislop, Stern John, Michael Maurice, David Nakhid, Leslie Fitzpatrick and Clayton Ince during his stint with the Trinidad and Tobago National Senior team. (Copyright AFP 2015)
Photo: Coach Bertille St Clair (second from right) has a word with (from right) Shaka Hislop, Stern John, Michael Maurice, David Nakhid, Leslie Fitzpatrick and Clayton Ince during his stint with the Trinidad and Tobago National Senior team.
(Copyright AFP 2015)

Former football president Oliver Camps once famously tried to speak to then national coach Bertille St Clair on the training ground, over a decade ago. St Clair asked Camps to leave at once and, subsequently, informed him that the football field was the coach’s domain and should be respected as such.

John-Williams, who has already sacked his technical director Kendall Walkes and replaced women’s coach Randy Waldrum, apparently has no intention of recognising such boundaries, or the authority of his head coach, Hart, either.

Ironically, the TTFA president assured Wired868, in an interview before the 2015 TTFA elections, that he would not try to interfere with team selection or impose himself on the national coach.

“Any coach who is worth his salt will not function under a process like that,” said John-Williams, in an interview published on 26 November 2015. “The coach is responsible for the results of the team, so how can I go in the dressing room and tell the coach who to pick when he is responsible for the result?

“(…) I won’t impose myself on Stephen Hart or any other coach. For sure, I won’t.”

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago head coach Stephen Hart makes a point during a training session in Sao Paulo in June 2014. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/TTFA Media)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago head coach Stephen Hart makes a point during a training session in Sao Paulo in June 2014.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/TTFA Media)

Incidentally, John-Williams only formally met with the National Senior Team for the first time during the current camp. It is also the first time that neither team captain Kenwyne Jones nor vice-captain Jan-Michael Williams were involved in the national set-up.

John Williams, who is also the owner of the W Connection football club, sacked Williams (JM), three years ago, after a dressing room fall-out between the goalkeeper and club coach Stuart Charles-Fevrier.

Jones and the TTFA president are also believed to have clashed over business relating to the former’s transfer out of the club.

(Trinidad and Tobago squad)

Goalkeepers: Marvin Phillip (Morvant Caledonia United), Adrian Foncette (Police FC), Glenroy Samuel (North East Stars);

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago and Morvant Caledonia United goalkeeper Marvin Phillip. (Courtesy CONCACAF)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago and Morvant Caledonia United goalkeeper Marvin Phillip.
(Courtesy CONCACAF)

Defenders: Aubrey David (Saprissa FC—Costa Rica), Alvin Jones, Daneil Cyrus, Triston Hodge (all W Connection), Weslie John (CD Universidad—El Salvador), Curtis Gonzales (Defence Force), Yohance Marshall (Murcielagos FC—Mexico), Andre Ettienne (Central FC), Radanfah Abu Bakr (HB Koge—Denmark);

Midfielders: Hughtun Hector (W Connection), Andre Boucaud (Dagenham & Redbridge—England), Leston Paul (Central FC), Khaleem Hyland (KVC Westerlo—Belgium);

Attacking midfielders: Jomal Williams (W Connection), Levi Garcia (AZ Alkmaar—Netherlands), Sean De Silva (Central FC), Nathan Lewis (San Juan Jabloteh);

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago winger Levi Garcia (right) leaves St Vincent and the Grenadines right back Akeem Williams in his wake during Russia 2018 World Cup qualifying action at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port of Spain on 29 March 2016. Trinidad and Tobago won 6-0. (Courtesy: Nicholas Bhajan/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago winger Levi Garcia (right) leaves St Vincent and the Grenadines right back Akeem Williams in his wake during Russia 2018 World Cup qualifying action at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port of Spain on 29 March 2016.
Trinidad and Tobago won 6-0.
(Courtesy: Nicholas Bhajan/Wired868)

Forwards: Willis Plaza (Alianza FC—El Salvador), Shahdon Winchester (W Connection), Makesi Lewis (Police FC);

Additions for China match: Carlyle Mitchell (Seoul E Land—Korea Republic), Marcus Joseph (Central FC).

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Lasana Liburd is the managing director and chief editor at Wired868.com and a journalist with over 20 years experience at several Trinidad and Tobago and international publications including Play the Game, World Soccer, UK Guardian and the Trinidad Express.

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  1. Not surprised. Don’t know the guy, but I ALWAYS believe that Tim Kee was INDEED the better man for the job. But seems like there was an anti-Tim-Kee movement everywhere. The worst that could happen is any victimization of of Hart or harassment of him, doing his job, only to see him go as a result. That, will CERTAINLY see the demoralizing of the team at THIS present time.

  2. Well then we make some noise then to let him know…..we have the social media ….so we use it and let him know the deal

  3. The players stood by the coach …round 1 goes to Hart

  4. Earl mango Pierre tell your boy djw to back off

  5. question. that is the black man that when he was appointed all and sundry gave praises and reinforcement.? That same one? i need to do research as names not sticking but I want to believe is him, self

  6. Why upset a winning team? The way sport is managed in TT is designed for failure.

  7. Are we learning anything from the past to the present is who set up curtly Simmons or the board mr john Williams u moving like the big bad wolf let good sense prevail good afternoon mr hart what’s wrong with ur manners what r u leaving for the others who coming up behind u not all people who’s in charge knows it all its the best team I see since that 73 team don’t get out of hand u could get replace just like how Raymond get it no man is and island I am watching very carefully ?

  8. Really disrespectful for Coach Hart…. I foresee once Hart has some negative results, he will be replaced. It would be interesting to know the financial arrangements for these friendlies.

  9. Another thing is he want another friendly to boost international appearances for some players who looking for transfers etc.

    • Transfers for who???not for you’ll Trinidadian players to get a better livelihood. ..are some youll , serious…who gains…not the national team and the players…smh…some of you are amazing yes…thats why they call the Caribbean the third world when some you think the way u think…Every opportunity for a Trinidadian player to get international experience should be taken…don’t care what club he comes from…think…!!!!thats why we are lagging behind with our amateurish attitude. ..smh

    • Yeah but Earl Jean Central F.C. won the professional league back to back two seasons eh and also the CFU eh, and how many players got pick to represent our sweet country eh compared to the six players from your team that didn’t even come in the 1,2,3, this season eh, it is really obvious what is taking place here eh. Them really good yes.

    • Hence the reason why I said that any president of the TTFA should never be affiliated to any team far less a professional team in our sweet country that is a conflict in interest don’t get me wrong I always applaud the President for what he accomplished with his club over the years and especially with a real professional coach Stuart Charles Fevrier eh, but continuing done this road it will be disastrous if he doesn’t keep the politics away from the sport eh, stay tuned. Them really good yes.

    • So you are saying all the players that are called dont deserved to be on the national team…there were years when we won the league and we had one or two players also when we had 6 and 7 and and no one complained so whats the difference now… ..the players called were capped under the former coaches and also by coach hart …aee you saying the players called don’t deserved. ..to be there. ..our teams have been consistent in all finals and because of won 2 and the the league took much out of players whiles playing all competition with a very small squad….its ludicrous to say its because of the president. ….the only new addition is triston hodge and iam sure he would be on any pro league 11…if the players called are not good enough then they are not if u get the majority from the two teams that have been in the top two for the past decade then why not theses players have more international experience than half the players in the pro league. ..and still at such a young age…why dont the journalist have a chat with the coach and aak him the reasons he called the players in questions….who do you replace them with….from crntral and the other teams…people are amazing ….same thing with west indies cricket…you have more players from a certain island and its somehow a problem or conflict of interest it’s all nonsense I say….If the coach doesn’t have the balls to pick who he wants then he shouldn’t be at the helm. ..so are you saying that Hart is so weak to allow djw to call players for him. ..

    • Leicester city has how many players on england team? Has any of the other teams been more consistent than w.connection fc mango???

    • Earl Jean forget mango and them nah! Right now I just fed up of the negativity but pressi have to maintain a balance

    • Djw wasn’t president at the time.. so that’s why u hardly saw any Connection players at that time.. but as soon as he is President of TTFA lol hmm 6 spring chicken of connection just happen to be picked yet..played for a team that didn’t win the league……always though the best is the team that wins.. but guess being the best is also when ur lower down the table..hmmm standards oui

    • David well replace them with ones better my friend and if the coach has no control over his selection then isnt something ….???. Youll experts go pick youll squad…
      Why no interviews with to ask about selection. ..same old same same with parents and coaches in tnt everyone wants their kids on the national team….everyone thinks the coaches are bias…well pick 50 players to play on the field smh….at the end of the day only one person has to account and that’s the caoch for his decisions. ..have youll witness this nonsense anywhere in the world…nope just the caribbean….4th world syndrome. ..smh

    • Earl Jean but Leicester city now became the champions and yes if they keep up the trend their players will be contracted to other teams and yes W Connection has been consistent over the years I agree but not at the present time the new team that will continue to run things in our professional league if it doesn’t crash will be Central F.C. eh because they are on a role just watch and see eh.

    • Gordon Pierre like yuh finally on his payroll eh, or I just remembered yuh is ah military man and alyuh never goes against the TTFA ent. Hahaha

    • hahaha no uncle earl I does cry for d youth not no man in no three piece suit! D negativity only affects d program and discourage the youths my main concern!!

    • Yeah cuzz I know that eh and continue doing the great job that you are doing with them eh and you know that I will always have your back the youths are the future.

    • Now I understand why our number goal keeper must be really happy the he got injured eh, because it was the same dictator that fired him from his professional team eh, because he was standing up and defending his players rights eh, well I wouldn’t want to play under is rule when he became the president of the TTFA either eh, I wudda just be playing for my professional team Central F.C. and I am really hoping that Jan Michael Williams will really become the president of the players association when he finally retires eh, because it is really needed to protect our players especially against all the dictators who means good but have serious ego problems eh. Them really good yes.

    • That is what I saying Mango, the unknown players might be good but in order to sell them to foreign clubs they need international caps…and if we start pushing the players from WC, guess who making money?

  10. Kenwyne needs to step in and explain to these players who is who and what is what and where their loyalty needs to lie.
    Players shouldn’t have needed a meeting to reject an idea that the coach already shot down.

  11. That was crazy, are we in the twilight zone

  12. To me, this issue really comes down to professionalism and respect. Noone should be in such a position if they don’t care to be profesional and respect other professionals.

  13. I’m surprised Steven Hart made it this long. He was either supposed to get replaced or get frustrated and leave on his own. As some of us on socawarriors.net said before the elections…this guy cannot be trusted and he will be just as bad as JW.

  14. Some people cyah see ah good ting and lef it alone!!! Phuck!!!

  15. For me it’s a clear case of taking hart for granted and also being selfish on JW’s part. The fact that Hart has endured so much seems like consent for JW to throw some more on his plate. He needs to understand this is not Wconnection.

  16. Sometimes change is for the worse….

  17. Thats why we can’t go forward as someone is given a lil power it goes straight to his head

  18. While I would really love a practice match in Trinidad I can’t support the way DJW is attempting to accomplish it

  19. Sounds like zero consultation with the senior team staff . Which is madness.

    I think we all would like another game but the fact is our travel schedule is heavy and most of these players have just ended a full season. Health is paramount and if the staff say thanks but no thanks you as the president must listen .

    This is shocking and embarrassing.. I can’t believe we cannot get simple things right … Last man in charge was a total joke puppet and now this one seems like a total dictator and ignorant

  20. Steups…real lil chirren behaviour

  21. What madness I reading here boi?

  22. it was only a matter of time…. thought he would have done this shit sooner…… #wewerewarned

  23. This is high school or what? Be serious na man

  24. I couldn’t agree more. Nothing without sacrifice!

  25. Once a bully always a bully….has no business running the TTFA! He running all competent people out. Enough!!! He got rid of Walkes…is Hart next?

  26. We have real jokers leading Trinidad and Tobago Football Association, Trinidad and Tobago Gymnastics Federation, National Association of Athletics Administrations of Trinidad & Tobago NAAA TT, and Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee! Real jokers…

  27. Why do we let our egos destroy the hard work of these players?

    • Not only the players Damian what about our hard working Coach the most successful since Beenhakker. He certainly doesn’t deserve to be undermined like this. This is his thanks for his dedication to TnT football? SMDH!!

    • Damian de Gannes I agree with you 1000 percent eh, and plenty of them really feels that it is just so that a team does qualify for the World Cup ent look at Holland eh, that produced so many great players and Coaches eh and have yet to win a World Cup eh, look all the President needs to do is continue to find the monies that they owes to our Coaches and players and just let my foreign base Trini Coach Hart continue to do what he does best eh, and also give him the support and everything that he needs to be very successful and hopefully we will really qualify for a another World Cup in the future if we doesn’t make it to Russia in 2018. Them really good yes

    • We going Russia uncle, what you talking bout?

    • Well let them do the right things in order for us to go nah. Them really good yes.

  28. It was only a matter of time…

  29. ..People. It matters LITTLE which one of any lot we choose. As long as the electors – the players, the clubs, the regions, the associations – opt for electing somebody based on nice promises and then leave the elected to run the show as they please, so long will the nonsense continue. We ain’t learn that yet? But REAL democracy is HARD work that MOST people care LITTLE to engage in. THIS is the problem. Trust me. Football people rather just try to win a match than to engage in the hard work of democratic participation and control of leadership..

  30. welll I have been saying this long before allyuh vote him in so now the country has 2 live with castro amin williams

    • You called this from day 1 bro… I must admit that

    • in my dealings with this man and hearing about the exploitation and the my way or the highway approach he had with players I expected nothing else from him

    • Ah wonder if it was Brazil team that he was organizing the game with eh. hahahah.

    • It saddens me though. What do we have to do to get honest, hard working and dedicated administrators?

    • Ah tell allyuh so! Where’s Earl Jean now eh?

    • Some people fraid stuarty… why mango???…to much success breeds hatefulness. ..or sadness especially for a small islander..I think ,but powerful minds move on and do their work…

    • Well I personally believe that Coach Stuart Charles Fevrier never got a fair chance when he did his stint with our national team eh, so not vex with him if he never wants to Coach any national team and just want to stick with the professional league and develop our young players eh.

    • Earl jean is always here savitri….man of his own words and ill speak an answer all what I need to be patient hun…a man of his word!!!

    • Yuh eh notice since Earl Jean boss became the President eh, he eh saying nothing again eh, and I don’t blame him eh because as the saying goes yuh must never bite the hand that does feed you eh Savitri hahaha

    • Mango I talk when I need to and I speak about what I know so when I do come out and speak like I did before I hope the pleasant ones on this chat dont think I have a hidden agenda. ..I always speak of what o know and when I need to dion sosa should know that

    • You like too much bacchanal uncle, buh hold on let me talk to the other Earl first nah

    • You know i weeks I lookin for you Earl, I call your name so many times eh I bet your ears was ringing

    • I have been here for about 16 years in and out and alot of the voices you hear dont have the interest of sports or football at heart…some have been around under the jack warner era and never utter a word …silent silent and all of a sudden their voices are heard…we were begging for help for the pro league and football here in tnt…where were they…some coaches and players alike dont give a dam about work ethic or not its all about a fast buck …looking out for you aint? Some people dont have the professional work ethics so its always going to be amateurish …everything easy… some have problems ..
      two many sesaions a day need one session a day …coaches back stads others their good friends…there is so much to write about and a nice book too…one min people want games the nxt minute to many games what do people want …if I were in djw boots….sure all the cards would be on the table who vex loss…. iam sure he can handle hos stories dont need to defend for now but there are issues on the game ill speak..when necessary. ..and on the article earlier…

    • I try to restrain myself as a coach because I may say to much ..
      Like to be honest…and wouldn’t want to get in trouble. ..

    • You could be honest here inno, we won’t tell anyone. But why does DJW have to go behind the coach’s back, is that his normal style?

    • Djw will speak I am sure…never his style

    • Savitri Maharaj with all the bacchanal ah like eh, yuh see how easy it was to finally get him speak eh, and he always hit the nail on the head eh and as I always been saying our people don’t know what they want eh, well done my prolific goalscorer and baller for life Earl Jean. Them really good yes.

    • Buh, is what the anonymous players saying true? I know he have a personal interest in getting WC employees on the TTFA payroll, but to go about it so behind coach Hart’s back?

    • I know who I dealt with and who I knew for over 16 years..and as honest I can be I know if I wasnt comfortable working for him here when I came left and came back then I would have been back home already. ..that I know for sure ..
      We have had offers to returned. …when you have someone who has the will who has the vision, who has the work ethic who wants to do all that he can to help push the game in the right direction and get the game at a professional level then people will understand who they are dealing with…the man is about the development of the game in trinidad and the wider Caribbean thats what he sees…is he wrong for wanting that …for wanting Trinidad and Tobago to be the meca of football again where decades ago they should have had their own facilities. ..is that difficult..
      Yes people dont want a dictator and from my work with him he is not because he would ask our staff always whats best and letnus know there are ways in which he can make camps better , traveling better, anything to help and with a person like that you see how we got all our success at the club…we were a team and not all people can work that way…bit he never got in our way so ….

    • Savi why would he want us on the pay roll when we are happy here at the club…the head coach has made quite clear to me that he has no interest in getting to the national team…why are people nso obsessed with our coaches at w. connection or is it that there are other persons people are trying to lobby for and using stuart Charles as their escape…look deep it will all play out…but rest assured our program at the club is our priority and anything else… there are offers so no need for local coaches and the foreign ones who are interested ro panic…we are happy at the development of our players for trinidad and Tobago and the caricom countries…because our life is about getting the best out of players…its not all about the silverware. ..getting local players out to other territories so it can benefit the country and also the club so we can continue the process…that’s all ….people with agends otherwise will never prosper god is boss…because they will always be doing all sorts to get ahead. ..we are not about that stuart Charles fevrier and earl jean again has no interest in trinidad national team…all we do is help develop and support because we believed in the football we saw before and played against and we Know the history we try to educate our players so they can do what is expected of them…so people can sleep comfortable now I hope…

    • The most professional football team for 16 years..so is this by chance…come on

    • Earl Jean – you’re scaring me bro. You seem to confirm that our president has dictatorial traits. All I’m hearing is “he..he..he” and what he desires and wishes. You should remind the president that he’s head of an organization, with numerous stakeholders. He must learn to solicit, respect, and appreciate the views and interest of all stakeholders, not just his own.

    • Bbbuh I thought he gave up the reigns at WC for the TTFA post?

    • What he was like with our team we consulted on everything. ..no decisions by himself on our team the coach always controls his team buy whether you have a board or an executive you must challenge them to get things done and I am sure he is that way…he is no dictator. ..you whats a dictator my friend. …the president I know will never overide or tell Stephen hart what to do…and I dont think the coach would allow for that…let them speak.and we will get a better picture of what happen…

    • Savi u know very well he did

    • Iam explaining my interactions with him when I came into the country and my time at the club…I dont think I need to defend him..
      Iam letting youll know that he never interfered with our work whiles we were at the club …never had issues…and we have our strong personalities when it comes to our football. ..

    • Earl, I don’t know that nah, not from some of the things I know going on now.

    • Hahahaha Savitri he sounding like a real politician eh, he has chosen his words very wisely eh because he does get ah big paycheck eh, and fuss he loves our Trini vibes eh so he and Stuart ain’t leaving our sweet country to take up any offers either in his home country or anywhere else eh, is only when they get their throats buss is when yuh does hear about their boss and the organization eh. Them really good yes.

    • Mango…you are a very real bacchanalist……as we say it was only a matter of time…..

    • Curiosity killed the cat eh, so just continue to stay tuned in nah and let’s see how the story will finally end. Them really good yes.

    • I’m curious Earl. Your president asks the head coach, Stephen Hart, to step away from his own session and ask players to reverse a decision made by their coach.
      What does that have to do with Stuart Charles Fevrier?
      Or maybe I should ask: Does that have anything to do with Stuart Charles Fevrier?
      Because you mentioned his name about four or five times there.

    • Mango…you know when we give up our players for the national team and affects our program we never complain…we still continue with all the young players we have …whether it takes away of our competitiveness in our league games…even now when these players leave we will have to use our 18 year olds and our under 16 players to play a final against defence force and we havent complained. ..smh we know what it gives….all these things add to our tribulations at league games and no complaints. ..

    • We in real trouble…..fellas…

    • Hope you have been following my comments lasana and answers to questions and when I said djw will have to speak on what happened because I am not privileged to what happened and certain persons have been speqking about connection coaches for the national team and I made it very clear that we have to intentions to join trindad and Tobago selection process and its not the first time but o realize you dont follow the conversations and always quick to make your points when its something to do with us onnd other side…whatever issues you may have with djw thats you and him so I hope I can answer on this forum when my name is called if not ill be happy to move aside …no harm or intentions cause…its a pity staurt name is always mentioned and you have said a word about whether you have spoken to him and he said he has no interest. ..any interviews to set the record straight. ..I hope so…because its more noise for the forum because djw wants to remove hart so staurty can come in ….this has been such madness. ..who is trying to put the coach under pressure. …maybe for someone else on the horizon. ..hmmmm

    • And that’s what I’m talking about Earl Jean. I didn’t mention Stuart Charles Fevrier’s name once. You did.
      So explain why. You don’t know why you called your own coach’s name in a story to do with Hart and DJW?
      Does Stuart have something to do with this than I’m missing?
      And why do you say I have something personal with DJW?
      DJW was loving Wired868 during his election campaign. N’est pas?

    • I said if you had because iam reading at times and cant understand certain things…with regards to djw and know he had no issues with you so iam saying certain things …but maybe iam wrong …you have your job to do anyways my friend. ..and stuart name has been mentioned couple of times on this forum and like I said when it come to our coaches at our club I will give input when necessary especially when my name is called by some to answer…and if I have to put it the the forum that people have been implying that djw is or wants our head coach to succeed hart…then again for certain quarters out there …I would like to say its a no no…he is not interested. ..just making clear on his behalf. …I will sarcastic pronouncements have been made on this forum with regards to that iam have heard it before lasana…so if I bring innitbas reference to make a point I hope its allowed on this page… my problem os not the criticism of djw but ….but it seems a certain few has been so busy trying to attack him since he got in and were uncomfortable because they wanted their interest in but looks like that got foiled when djw got in power…you see the Caribbean region the just destroy for destroying sake they have no plans they put in nothing give some constructive criticism and come with ideas to help, come and support put in the effort but nope …

    • The problem with this whole madness is that knowing what happened to our football with the ex corrupted Jack Warner and his dictatorship style eh, this present TTFA executive committee should have included a Claus in the constitution to prevent individuals like our present president who is also behaving like a dictator with respect to his actions eh and don’t get me wrong he maybe have good intentions to once again make our football rise again but he is going about it the wrong way and especially that he owns a professional team in our league the Claus is very important to keep him in check eh, and imagine how disturbing it was when Mr Live Wire interviewed my friend Dexter Skeen about the matter eh, he said that he will have to speak to the President eh, even president Obama or any other presidents eh cannot make any important or urgent decisions eh unless the executive committee is involved and I am positively certain there must be a voting process and if this was done before the dictator president got into office that madness that he did with our Coach Hart would have never happened and we wudda never be having all these discussions. Them really good yes.

    • Not mentioned by me though Earl. I speak plain not in parables. So you can do the same when talking.
      Just so we are clear with each other. 😉

    • I just read over your story eh, yes you didn’t mentioned the conversation that you had with Dexter Skeen in this story I think it was in another story then, oh well accept my apologies eh Mr. Live Wire. Lol

    • Earl Mango Pierre, I was replying to Earl Jean actually. Plenty big pappies named Earl on this thread!

    • Plenty Earls …..Lasana….you have to really identify which Earl you talking to….one is a the true ultimate bacchanalist…..and the other former player now coach…..and ?????….lol just kidding Mr Earl Jean….

    • Yeah and you really need to make up some membership wired id cards eh, because Earl Jean talking about leaving eh, the group eh, I don’t know where he is going eh, he eh know just like my bestest wining Coach Stuart Charles Fevrier is ah Trini eh, that he is ah Trini to eh, so Earl Jean try your best eh, because we always enjoy your feedback even if you cannot bite the hands that does feed you and we understand ent meh family Savitri Maharaj hahaha. Them really good yes.

    • Well said…Sir…Mr Bacchanal…..

    • I will call meh gorgeous and intelligent daughter Bass Cleff for him eh let him continue hahaha

  31. I wonder what would have happened if the players had said yes. Fevrier- Charles would have coached the game?

    • from the time that man became president i said we have a new Jack warner!! yet he cant Touch Jackie Shoes, he looking to Emulate Uncle Jackie!! just by his mannerisms and attitude towards any inkling that he deem threat to his Throne of WConnectionTTFA!! …. many said the same thing but we all know people rather wait an see first* meaning get they eye dig out and lost they property than to believe such smart man is a smart man!! but watch an see it ha more to come.but i know he wont last long!! i can Guarantee you that Uncle Earl! cause the day he touch Hart and put ah Local Coach or not even ah Local Coach but ah Coach who has Failed since the Dawn of Concacaf Champions League or its predecessor before that as Coach of TT.. there will be Hell to pay .. and he will have to get Tips from Shadow on how to plant pea’s in St Lucia! … and anyone tell me bout i fighting down Local Coaches etc .. ill tell you What have they Done beside Complain about Funding and Complain Complain and still haven’t even done what Coach Hart is doing for this Team with Limited Funds and matches etc………

    • Err David Gintoki Aguillera a lil correction. Coach Hart IS a local coach. San Fernando born and bred. DJW is just another classless person who’s head has gotten too big for his boots and we need to be rid of him sooner rather than later. But who is going to stand up to him
      Like it was better we kept the devil we knew and I for one never thought I would say this. Slapping myself.

    • Debbie Espinal i know he is a Trini born, its obvious lol! im more speaking on the terms of Learning the trade and getting the Qualfications and Experiences to go with it..Where in Canada he had a Professional environment, where as in Trinidad is a Monkey parlour, where all coaches with ego !! go n drink in a bar an say i more knowledge able than you yet u never once see the evidence on the field beside crying for funding..lol that’s why i was saying Local or not so Local refering to Coaches who schooled in Trinidad or that lucian!! who learned his trade here…….where as Hart got his baptism in Canada lol. sorry for putting it forth so!! with confusion lol

    • No horrors David GintokiAguillera.

  32. Smfh this absolute Madness Earl Mango Pierre Only in Trini boi 🙁

  33. And that madness should never ever take place in front of the Players eh. Them really good yes

  34. When a coach is belittled in front of his own players, that is a very serious issue.

    • Very serious but just goes to show that the man is classless and cannot recognize a class act meaning Coach Hart, when he sees it. Says a lot about the calibre of people who head our sporting organizations. First the TTGF and now the TTFA. Like power goes to their minute brains. SMDH!!!

  35. After everything that Stephen Hart has accomplished as head coach, it is remarkable that he can treated like that in front of his own players.
    So what if the squad said yes? Hart would now have to get permission from his players before he books games?
    Players would know they can ignore Hart and go straight to DJW if they have an issue?
    These things don’t end well. And if one had to make a choice, only of the two men can point to international success in my books.

    • The president has now given ample power to the players. This psychological shift is a dangerous seed planted.
      Amazing! We are now in the process of stepping one forward while going two back, all at the same time.

  36. This man feel is Connection he running stuppsss wait for it

  37. Dion Sosa it seems that yuh was right all the time eh. Them really good yes

  38. like i said The Devil is starting to rare his head..!! bit by bit.!!

  39. He operating like the owner of North East stars eh, who use to also tell his coaches what to do eh, and it seems like he maybe lining up his most wining Coach of W Connection for the job eh.. hahahaha . Them really good yes.

  40. When will poor leadership in T&T sports cease? When will it end?

  41. Wasn’t there a Williams man in charge who famously said, “When I talk, no damn dog bark”? Oops, that was T&T, not the TTFA and his names were Eric Eustace, not David John-. Apologies for the mix-up.