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Should the WICB be applauded for our T20 success? Of course not; and here’s why

Are the West Indies cricket team fighting to be crowned as the world’s best Twenty20 outfit because of the mechanisms of the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB)? Or should that be despite the mechanisms of the WICB?

Photo: West Indies cricketer Lendl Simmons (left) celebrates after winning the World T20 cricket tournament semi-final match against India at The Wankhede Cricket Stadium in Mumbai on 31 March 2016. (Copyright AFP 2016/Punit Paranjpe)
Photo: West Indies cricketer Lendl Simmons (left) celebrates after winning the World T20 cricket tournament semi-final match against India at The Wankhede Cricket Stadium in Mumbai on 31 March 2016.
(Copyright AFP 2016/Punit Paranjpe)

No matter who triumphs when the West Indies cricketers clash with England at the 2016 ICC World Twenty20 final on April 3 in Kolkata, there is only one guaranteed winner in the Caribbean. And it ent West Indies captain Darren Sammy.

The Caribbean’s cricket master is WICB president Dave Cameron, even though he probably couldn’t make a single to save his life. And—this is the telling part—although he might actually be worse at management as he would doubtless be in the heat of the action.

Or, to put it another way, any of the top cricketing nations would jump at the chance to hand Chris Gayle, Johnson Charles or Lendl Simmons a passport right now. But Cameron? Not so much.

Yet here is why Cameron is a winner.

Because, once the first ball is bowled, it is the cricketers who alone are held responsible for their fate. Success and failure supposedly depend on their concentration, judgment, effort and ability. And, to suggest otherwise, is to look for excuses.

Indian bowlers Ravichandran Ashwin and Hardik Pandya will be cursed by over a billion of their countrymen before they go to sleep tonight.

Photo: Indian cricket fans burn portraits of players as they stage a funeral of the Indian cricket team in the streets of Siliguri on 31 March 2016, after India's defeat in the men's semi-final match against the West Indies. (Copyright AFP 2016/Diptendu Dutta)
Photo: Indian cricket fans burn portraits of players as they stage a funeral of the Indian cricket team in the streets of Siliguri on 31 March 2016, after India’s defeat in the men’s semi-final match against the West Indies.
(Copyright AFP 2016/Diptendu Dutta)

Not because of any vague notion that they could have done a better job. But because television replays showed that they delivered costly no-balls when the India team and supporters alike thought they had snatched key wickets.

In the same way, the villain of the Twenty20 final will be a reckless batsman, an uncertain runner, a butter-fingered fielder or a bowler who loses his nerve.

It is easy for armchair critics to spot the flaw in an elite athlete who spent over a decade of sacrifice, effort and practice to get to that defining moment in his or her career.

Not so simple when it comes to gauging an administrator. And that is partly because there is little understanding of their role in the first place.

If Gayle goes cheaply in the final and West Indies lose, Cameron’s supporters will argue, with some justification, that the Board cannot be blamed for a rash shot.

They are not too keen to use the reverse argument, though, which is that the WICB doesn’t necessarily deserve praise when Gayle, Charles, Simmons or anyone else hits the right shot.

The role of the administrator certainly influences what happens on the pitch but it won’t be measured by match winning shots or game turning bowling performances.

Photo: West Indies Players Association (WIPA) president Wavell Hinds (right) and West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) president Dave Cameron shake hands over the players' controversial CBA/MOU in September 2014. (Courtesy WIPA)
Photo: West Indies Players Association (WIPA) president Wavell Hinds (right) and West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) president Dave Cameron shake hands over the players’ controversial CBA/MOU in September 2014.
(Courtesy WIPA)

The administrator’s job is essentially to give the team under their care the best possible chance of success. Or, to put it another way, to take away any excuse that outfit might have for non-performance.

It was the job of Cameron and his Board—not WIPA’s, although they do have their part to play—to ensure Sammy and his crew went to India in the right frame of mind for success.

Did they?

However you answer that question would bring you nearer to the truth than weak arguments that West Indies’ appearance in the Twenty20 final in itself proves that Cameron must be doing something right.

In the same way, a finance minister is not necessarily a genius because his term coincides with oil prices of over US$100 a barrel. And another minister is not a disaster for having the misfortune of serving when prices are below US$50 a barrel.

They must be judged based on their competence in handling the issues under their control.

So just how good are the current bunch of West Indies players?

Photo: West Indies batsman Lendl Simmons plays a shot during the World T20 semi-final match against India at The Wankhede Cricket Stadium in Mumbai on 31 March 2016. (Copyright AFP 2016/Punit Paranjpe)
Photo: West Indies batsman Lendl Simmons plays a shot during the World T20 semi-final match against India at The Wankhede Cricket Stadium in Mumbai on 31 March 2016.
(Copyright AFP 2016/Punit Paranjpe)

Cricket fans will be immersing themselves in highlight reels and statistical data to answer that question over the next three days and beyond.

It would be worth considered the value of the WICB to this team too. And, please remember, you won’t see the evidence of their work in YouTube clips.

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Lasana Liburd
Lasana Liburd is the CEO and Editor at Wired868.com and a journalist with over 20 years experience at several Trinidad and Tobago and international publications including Play the Game, World Soccer, UK Guardian and the Trinidad Express.

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  1. they never take responsibility for failure so why they wanna take credit for their success. when they fail it’s the players fault, 2 hen they succeed it’s the good work or the Board, hypocrites.

  2. “The West Indies were motivated by criticism to win this trophy and you cannot begrudge their joy after the final. This is a group of cricket islands that have gone through turmoil with the worst board in the world alienating their own players.

    They have talent at all levels and can be strong in all formats if supported and rewarded properly. If that anger and determination to prove people wrong can be channelled the right way then the West Indies can be a force again in Test cricket.”

  3. Why in the face of victory we lose all objectivity and practical thinking? How can the WICB in good conscience claim credit for the gained results?
    A plant appears on one’s property and save for an occasional wetting all you do is avoid rooting it out completely,but you find ourselves gleeful and boastful when produce appear and you shamelessly lay claim on the grounds of property ownership. The WICB has a duty and function to carry out as do the players on the field. The minute the synergy expired our cricket has been plagued with problems. This was spawned when professionalism was introduced and earnings became more tangible and rewarding, the product that is/was cricket has since suffered. The magic marketing miracle that is T20 provided a fast-food style impetus that saw franchises being established worldwide.

    So when our players sought to cash in, the board ill prepared and out of step only created animosity and acrimony between themselves and players, as they attempted to block players. Instead of working out a fee system as an administrating body, it wanted to act as an agent so that all monies would be channeled through them and they would compensate players as operates with ICC games. Thus came WIPA and the battles raged on much to the detriment of cricket.

    The WICB had us in the last 50 over World Cup with an ill prepared captain and a team short of quality players that they(WICB) was punishing for standing up for better compensation. Many of the same players due to the victimization that extended to test selection chose to retire from that format to avoid continued exploitation. Since the abandoned tour of India the WICB has been seeking revenge. No one has chosen to question why the board has allowed the BCCI to want to inflict two sets of punishment. A demand for compensation as well an abandonment of their tour of the Caribbean. You cannot or should not punish twice for one transgression.

    The WICB in its revenge lust has allowed us to be unable to qualify for the Champions trophy due next year. Lasana you would at this point be better poised to list all the did not and unable to projects that is enough reason to explain why the WICB is not in a position to claim credit. These players went into this competition laying claims aside and putting region first and still according to the captain and other players they were not properly treated; yet despite it all, went on to win. Congrats to the players and coaching staff,well done.

  4. He has been living off the board for a long time with the unfettered freedom of the Board’s credit card so the question about who is paying who’s bills is relevant, not just to the “critics” but to Cameron. Unless the articles of association of the Board were changed, no Director should have executive authority.

  5. Very consistent from Cameron. We can count on him for his usually “off key” tweets.

  6. I don’t see any direct relationship between the teams success and the WICBC administrators. Cameron and messers must go.

  7. Hmm potential slight softening of stance from previous idiotic press release

    “For immediate release
    Sunday, April 3, 2016

    St. John’s, Antigua – West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) President, Dave Cameron has high praises for the International Cricket Council (ICC) and the BCCI (host organisation) for a most memorable 2016 ICC World Twenty20 tournament. Cameron thought that the “tournament was of the highest quality and the Indian fans and others from around the world, came out in full support of cricket.”
    Obviously overjoyed that the West Indies teams took the double, Cameron noted that the tournament was “an all-round success.”
    The President would like to however apologise for what could be deemed inappropriate, comments made by the West Indies’ male captain, Darren Sammy in a post-match interview and would like to apologize on behalf of the WICB, to the millions of fans who witnessed. The President has pledged to enquire the reason and will have the matter addressed.
    Coming up in May this year, the Board will host its annual review (retreat) with the players, WIPA, selectors and the technical team to review player, management and technical plans. This will be done after the Indian Premier League. The President said further: There are players who are currently committed to playing in the T20 cricket leagues around the world and we are aware of that schedule, hence the plan to meet at that time. We want to see how we can find common ground in ensuring that the best players in the region are available for selection for West Indies teams. We are fully aware of the financial rewards on offer in the lucrative international T20 leagues, but we believe deeply in the importance of cricket to the people of the region and of West Indies cricket’s place in world cricket. It is therefore a priority to have all of our players competing and available for selection. We will also engage the ICC on this so that we protect not only the rich heritage and legacy of West Indies Cricket, but also its future. “

    • Thats not softening, its politics. They have exposed him

    • Ye I don’t buy it

      Who puts out such a press release after your team creates history

    • They needed to send out a media release about the men’s victory that mirrored the congratulations they offered the women.

    • FROM THE DESKS OF THE CEO AND PRESIDENT, Michael Muirhead and Dave Cameron

      “The men, women and under 19 teams within the last three months have made the West Indies a region worthy of tremendous attention by being the best at the international level in World Cricket. We are indeed a proud set of people today and we want to thank ALL OF YOU for your tremendous support. The men’s team has been electric and exciting in their performances during the tournament and we are all PROUD. This is a defining moment for Cricket and we ought to thank each and every one of our Directors, Management, Staff and supporters for the support West Indies Cricket has received. This is a truly ecstatic moment and we are indeed proud of this momentous achievement. The T20 format is a springboard to the other formats and we will use this as an opportunity to continue the development work we have to do to make the overall cricket product better. The men executed their comprehensive plan and we are pleased with the results. We salute the entire delegation on the hard work and commitment showed. We congratulate the team and management.”

    • What he apologising for, Sammy does not pay his bills.

  8. What shit he talking. Steups!!

  9. He forget who paying his bills?

  10. ..Gaddam! THAT is arrogance..

  11. “There have been four reports into the governance of West Indies cricket in the last few years. Other than Shivnarine Chanderpaul, nothing has been as consistent in West Indies cricket in that time, or as ignored. The basic tenant of these reports is that West Indies cricket needs to be independent rather run by each individual board. It is cricket’s ancient roots restricting growth, development and independence, again.

    The latest report has only been out for a few weeks but the WICB have already decided to look at previous reports instead, and have already sidestepped this one. But in good news, they have decided to change their name to Cricket West Indies. Which was from a report in 2007.

    In the same period of time they have also had two player strikes. They have become a laughing stock, the sort of team referred to as ordinary even by other boards, and they play politics at every level, even in selections. They have been dragged into professionalism, often against their own will. When the players went on strike in 2009 Bravo talked about the conditions. “They got my surgery done for me. They paid for the flights and that was it. From the time I got back home my whole rehab programme was on my own, everything.” This was one of their most important players, handling his own rehabilitation, and paying for it himself.

    All of this after Australia had built one of the greatest sides in cricket history, on the back of natural talent, and the most professional structure cricket had ever seen. The West Indies don’t just have to beat other cricket teams, they have to beat their own system.

    Even recently they suspended their own coach. Their administration are like a lost team bowling in perpetual death overs with wet balls and no strategy to Gayle and Russell on a postage stamp.”

  12. Smh. Mel Lissa, that idiot does know that Caricom in fact helps pay their bills eh. Steups.

  13. http://www.espncricinfo.com/ci/content/story/995019.html

    “My whole obligation was to West Indies cricket. As I have always said, I have never made a run for me,” says Garry Sobers. He starts to cry as he says, “I have always played for the West Indies team”. Now his voice is breaking as well. “It was such a pleasure and joy to be able to do what I did. Records meant nothing.” Sobers pauses and then says: “The team was important. I don’t think we have the kind of person today. We might have them in Sri Lanka, in England, in Australia, but I don’t think we have that kind of person in the West Indies cricket anymore. Who is quite prepared to play and give it everything, to their country.” Then Sobers pauses again, and is voice is breaking as well, “and that hurts”. Now he is properly upset and he is struggling to even get his words out. “Until we can get people who are willing to play for the West Indies, in the right way,” Sobers closes his eyes for a moment, “I think we are going to be struggling for a long time.” Later he says, “I believe that a lot of West Indian cricketers today want to make Test cricket and do well, because the IPL is around the corner, and they can go there.”

    This was a press conference from October last year. It went viral as headlines around the world screamed about Sobers’ tears. The passion for the West Indies cracked his voice, you could see it in his eyes and his pain dripped down his face.

    But, he was also wrong.

    When Learie Constantine first played cricket for West Indies, he had other things in mind. It was his second tour to England, and after the first he went back and worked on bowling quicker, on batting longer and moved himself to slip to conserve his energy for bowling. When he arrived back in the UK he was a much better cricketer. He was so popular that many in the crowds started coming just to see him play.

    Against Middlesex, West Indies were behind the follow-on target and Constantine brought up his 50 in 18 minutes, he ended up with 86 and scored 50 more than anyone else. Then he took the new ball and ended with 7 for 57, including 6 for 11 in one spell. Their chase was then 250, at No. 7 Constantine walked in and he made 103. In an hour. West Indies won by three wickets.

    But something more important had happened. The reason he had improved his game wasn’t to represent West Indies in their first Test series, it was to secure a job playing cricket in England. He needed to make cricket his livelihood, and cricket was his chance. And when Nelson Cricket Club contracted him, all that hard work had paid off.

    From then on, England became a second home for many West Indian players. Some also played in Australia. When Kerry Packer came along, he essentially hired the entire side. And part of that deal was giving them a physio which many of their players still talk about as a real turning point in their preparation.

    Then there was Sobers himself. Sobers was also the first globetrotting professional cricketer. His job was playing cricket on whatever continent he was needed. He once played in Rhodesia, and said he would have played in South Africa if only people would have stopped giving him grief about it. On one occasion he had to be convinced to play for his country by Richie Benaud and Don Bradman, as the fee would be less than what he got in Lancashire League cricket for Accrington. He was Chris Gayle before Chris Gayle was, and he was better at being Chris Gayle, even off the field, than Chris Gayle ever was.

    That is the truth of West Indies cricket. The T20 leagues haven’t changed anything. To be paid for their skill, to become professionals who improve as cricketers, players have always had to go overseas.

  14. Mel. You lie! !!! I DO NOT BELIEVE IT!!!!!

  15. Lasana Liburd everybody lying on the board and Cameron et al us the saving grace of WI cricket #missmewiththeBS

  16. President Cameron @davec51

    “When is the last time a critic paid one of your bills? Always remember that when you start to give them your energy.”

    • If I recall (with much agony) the speech made by Samuel’s and Sammy lamented on how the critics gave the team and certain individuals a hard time. Critics are what they are unless pushed they are good for thought provoking articles and not much more.
      The critics pay no ones bills, they don’t need to be given any energy.

  17. Lasana did you see Cameron’s response?

  18. Nicole Ulerie: “The country’s cricket is not in right hands. We have not got a telephone call from any of the WICB officials or directors. That’s not a good thing. We know that they did not want or believe that we could win this tournament. It was basically us against them. Even the BCCI does more for us,” Bravo told ‘Star Sports’ in a post-final interview.


  19. “The country’s cricket is not in right hands. We have not got a telephone call from any of the WICB officials or directors. That’s not a good thing. We know that they did not want or believe that we could win this tournament. It was basically us against them. Even the BCCI does more for us,” Bravo told ‘Star Sports’ in a post-final interview.


  20. On a side note to the womens game, I don’t watch it much – but this girl Hayley Matthews could really bat

  21. Do u know d highest paid n d Caribbean Salary n Perks is d WICB PRESIDENT check it out

  22. We have to get ppl on the boards in the various boards who are not afraid to vote out this backward board.

  23. less to do with the board was team burning desire to show the board where to .get off..

  24. Sammy said the players went in feeling disrespected, the coach complained of interference, the manager had trouble even getting them uniforms… Sounds all pretty straightforward to me.

  25. I watched the entire game(s). I saw them play in the semi-finals as well. This kid is the future (as is Carlos – his determination is admirable and he is worth more than the IPL paid for him. To eclipse Russell as the finisher is incredible. But folks, be clear, Cameron and his crew (as will CARICOM) would try to grab credit or kudos. For those of us who love WI Cricket it is not who is in charge but what they are in charge of. It is not the government but the governance. Let’s keep our heads and stay together on the future of West Indies cricket – generations ahead.

  26. ..These victories come IN SPITE OF the board. A blind man on a galloping horse could see that..

  27. Sammy’s allusion to the team’s affairs with the board was tinged with hurt and disappointment at not being recognised and appreciated by the board in what was not one, but two momentous occasions. The board need to get its act together…the players are doing their part. Time to restore success to the other versions of the game. We wait…

  28. Interesting to see who will welcome the teams home. I vote for Caricom with no invitation to the WICB. Let the players decide if that is what they want.
    Good time for a vote of confidence.

  29. I can tell you all from conversations with player and coach all tournament they were planning to do it and it was a key reason they wanted to win so badly

  30. Sammy talk like a boss…..a champion captain of a champion team

  31. Sammy speak like a big man. Buff respect.

  32. West Indies captain Darren Sammy gives his shout out to the WICB for the disrespect, lack of uniforms, uncertainty… Take a bow WICB!

  33. No, teams winning despite the best efforts of the WICB

  34. Hell to the no and that stupid comment made by Bassarat some nights ago against our Caribbean leaders will come to haunt him. Our players win despite the ineptness of the Westindian board. Congrats to the women.

  35. WICB..Don’t go begging for creditablity as yet. I reckon it’s too soon to evaluate you”ll, due to the level of bias and “Franco men” BS that West Indian players and supporters had had suffered under y’all,OK !!….But time is the witness.

  36. WICB…Don’t go begging for creditable as yet. I reckon it’s too soon to evaluate you’ll, due to the level of bias and “fanco men” BS, that West Indian players had suffered under y’all, OK!!

  37. I say a resounding NO……the WICB have been messing on their tails for the longest while now….space and time will not permit the deluge of words i’ll like to express at this point, however my heartfelt congratulations on reaching the finals and i wish them all the best tomorrow please God….both the women and men’s team.

  38. They already applauding themselves and taking credit.

  39. Windies had 15%chance of winning, they took it and won.what odds?

  40. The irony of it all is that people are falling over themselves ascribing blame on the Board for every failure by our teams. When a team does well guess what – the Board has contributed absolutely nothing to the success! The Under 19 won the tournament, they did it all on the their own, the senior men and women’s teams are in the Twenty20 finals, they did it all on their own!

  41. Also tell wen a team is nt performing d Damm Manger goes. Dats y d pm’s who are concerned took Dat stand.

  42. Of course nt d WICB didn’t do shit fr d players they R on there own with individual skill an heart. An want to also tell stink mouth Barharat wat ever his name he can say wat he want d Damm board did nun. An I also know he throwing words fr Dr Rowley. With his outer timing self wat hav he done fr T&T cricket? Eh wat?

  43. The west indies board would be congratulated when they ask for forgiveness for their personal vendettas.

  44. Dave cameron is a total failure. Remove him now. Caricom recomends this.

  45. In the words of Michael holding once again Cameron is being a stranger to the truth

    It’s a complete lie to say the pay dispute before the t20 World Cup was settled

    • What about what big phill has brought to the team.

    • Well Cameron believes its all about what the WICB has been doing but there are many other factors including big Phil. It’s obvious he and his staff are having an impact.

    • Ye he is from what players have told me from a man manager context

      But the main reason team doing well I this World Cup I’d two fold:

      – Windies are best in this format since 2012 & they simply rising to the occasion. They guys almost decade long experience of playing ipl in India also has come to the fore this tournament

      – because they have been victimized by board and this will be the last tournament in Windies colours for almost all the seniors in the squad – they decided ignore their pay issue before World Cup and play for each other

    • Very true
      So let’s see how Camerons turn the corner statement applies without those experienced players to prop him up

    • Dan I hope the players make a big statement about board if they win World Cup

      Cause I can tell you he has not even been near to the team in person – despite staying in same hotel with them in India

      He too shame to face them – the team happy because they ain’t had to see him smh

    • Additional cricket does help. And it is good that the WICB is looking into that.
      I will give them the benefit of the doubt that they are also looking into the state of the grounds and the working conditions of those players as well.
      But that alone doesn’t make the WICB any good at the job of handling regional cricket.
      It is one plus amidst many minuses.

    • West Indies played less cricket in the home domestic completion during the glory days – the players honed their skills overseas as we all know

      However most people accepted Pybus suggestion on double round cricket because that’s what other countries have been doing

      I addressed the flaws in the domestic set up & its production line the other day on ESPN


  46. Oh please the board is riding on the IPL and other franchise backs of its top players for results. I asking anyone on this forum to show me how WICB over the last two years has advanced the careers of Gayle, Simmons, Russell, Pollard, Bravo & Narine, to make them into some of the most sought after players in the world. So how are they proving their point of the board working?

  47. Haha at “improvement in team morale and effort and professionalism”

    Pinard trying his attempts at delusional just like Cameron & Bassrath SMFH

    • “Attempts at delusional”? Lawd fadder! Steups, oui!

    • U should stop talk about cricket and go and speak about golf – since you clearly don’t know anything about Windies cricket

      Just posting whatever flit and lies your WICB cronies say

    • Try harder not to get personal Colin. Gerard deserves the benefit of the doubt that he believes the arguments he put forwards.
      I see no reason to doubt that. I don’t agree with everything he says. But I won’t insinuate that he is a hired gun.

    • I didn’t suggest or insinuate he is a hired gun – but there is a clear difference between a clash of opinions based on facts and reality vs clash of opinion vs lies

      And straight and provable lies is what the board in their statements have been doing since the India pull out and Pinard constantly defends it here on wired. This could never lead to sane discussion – just like how the board can’t sit down with the players due to litany of lies they keep saying in media statements and press releases

      I know a good few journalist in Caribbean who at times defends the board or is not always anti WICB (although it’s a shrinking group) but at least they acknowledge when they think they are wrong.

    • Lasana, that’s Colin’s usual response…an ad hominem retort, but never mind as I don’t take him too seriously – he knows better but it suits his purpose of detraction from the issues.

    • Colin Benjamin, sadly I know even less about golf…about which I am as familiar as you are of correct grammar. Lol

  48. When did the abandoned tour of India occur? Does that classify as a disruption among our players? Does October 2014 classify as “the last few years”?

  49. At present, the WICB is facing a lawsuit that can shut it down due to its own failure to negotiate a deal with its players to save the India tour.
    So when you speak of professionalism, I shudder to think you are referring to the Board.
    The West Indies coach says the board is forcing selections on him and the T20 captain felt disrespected by dialogue with board before this World Cup.
    So not sure why the WICB deserves any credit for team morale either.
    As for team effort, no team in sport tries hard because of the nice chaps on the board. Whether you are talking about the West Indies, Soca Warriors or Barcelona, team effort has everything to do with the dressing room.

  50. At the end of the day the main performance criterion will always be consistent positive results. While we have certainly not yet achieved that, especially in the longer version of the game, few can seriously deny that there has been positive change. As for applying a barometer re individual players’ issues with the Board, that is simplistic at best and dotish at worst – in an organisation where ‘bad eggs’, non-performers and a recalcitrant and disruptive trade union need to be rooted out or brought into balance, that is inevitable (indeed, sometimes desirable). No objective person can deny that there have been far fewer disruptions among our players over the last few years and a vast improvement in professionalism, team effort and morale. Just my opinion though, and I’m sure many will disagree, as is their right.

  51. Or two – in all tournaments at international or youth level Windies have won or got to finals since 1995 (2000 u 15 w/cup, 2004 u 19 w cup, 1998, 2004 & 2006 champions trophy, 2012 t20 World Cup & 2016 u 19 World Cup ) – what has WICB done to help those teams build on these performances

  52. Indeed one simple litmus test example of this is to check how many players since the decline began in 1995 have had issues with their territorial boards or WICB directly regarding how they have been treated

  53. We need to have a criteria to evaluate what is a performing WICB not necessarily a performing West Indies team

  54. Shaun Lynch and Gerard Emile Zatopek Pinard, I am happy for anyone to make the case that the WICB is doing a fine job. (Even if I might disagree).
    What I’m saying is that should not be based on whether or not Lendl Simmons or Chris Gayle has a good day at the office.
    I’d like to see the things done by the WICB to nurture our talent and create the right work environment for them to do their best.
    Otherwise, it sounds like a man bragging about how well the son he doesn’t mind did in his end of term exams.


  56. who ? them owls cant see in the day and do nothing at night–Cameron and his toe the l;ine pals are clueless

  57. Good administrators as is shown in the developed sporting world are known – but seldom seen

    In the Caribbean in many different sports the total opposite happens

    This says either the society is corrupt, Caribbean sport of officials are out of touch with world standards of being good administrators or both

  58. My question is when things are going bad and that is more often than not why is it the players are burden with most of the blame? A lil sucess and the board starts patting themselves on the back

  59. this couldnt wait til Monday ?

  60. http://www.newsday.co.tt/sport/0,226027.html

    Bassarath: WI wins prove WICB working
    By Darcel Choy Saturday, April 2 2016

    click on pic to zoom in

    Azim Bassarath, Director of the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB), claims recent victories by West Indies teams indicate that things were working at the regional cricket body. He complained that the Board has been abused in the last couple of months despite the recent wins of the various teams.

    Speaking at the launch of the WICB/UNICEF Fair Play Training of Trainers Workshop at the Office of the Prime Minister, (Gender and Child Affairs) International Waterfront complex, Wrightson Road, Port-of-Spain, Bassarath, also the president of the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board, said that “certain” Prime Ministers of the Caribbean had called for the Board’s dissolution, and within two months, the West Indies under-19 team has won the Under-19 Cricket World Cup, and both the men and women West Indies teams are in the International Cricket Council (ICC) World T20 cricket finals tomorrow.

    “Doesn’t that tell you something? That things are working at the WICB?” Bassarath questioned.

    “When the team loses, the Board comes under severe attack. When the team wins, not a word of praise is bestowed on the Board, isn’t that unfair?” he said.

    In November last year, a Caricom- commissioned investigative panel, headed by UWI Cave Hill Principal, Professor Eudine Barriteau, recommended the “immediate dissolution” of the WICB.

    Recently Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley revealed that Caricom will write to the International Cricket Council (ICC) and BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) to let them know that the regional heads no longer recognise the WICB as its governing body.

    Dr Rowley added that Caricom was seeking legal counsel after the WICB flatly rejected the proposal to dissolve the organisation, describing it as an “unnecessary and intrusive demand.” The WICB has warned regional heads of ICC policy which forbids Government intervention and which can result in serious sanctions against the regional team.

    As such, Dr Rowley has indicated CARICOM asked the CARICOM Secretariat to get legal advice and support to determine what is the legal position with this product called West Indies cricket.

    “Because now that the board is behaving in that way – virtually telling the governments of the region to go to hell – the question arises with the people of the Caribbean, what is West Indies cricket? And how did this board get this product which they are marketing now and is being so bombastic in talking to the region’s leaders?” Grenada Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell has also been quite vocal in opposition to the WICB’s current governing structure and has chastised the regioonal cricketing body for showing “an amazing level of disrespect” to the Caribbean leaders

  61. As shown by this comment by the erudite Azim Bassrath clearly the WICB directors are ready to throw out their spin in the event team wins 2moro SMFH

  62. This commentary is not supposed to be an analysis of regional cricket. It is simply a suggestion as to why we might find it difficult to gauge the success of administrators. Be they in cricket or any other field.
    That’s it.
    In this case, all the WICB is an example of a wider issue.

  63. Bassarath and dem feel we is fools. Let’s be real here…yes we are happy with the T20 team, but ANY true West Indian fan would acknowledge that the preference is dominate in Tests and One-Dayers. Thats the measurement we use.
    So if chupidee and dem want to take credit when things go well, why haven’t they been accepting responsibility when things have not? Whose ‘fault’ is it i won’t be seeing my team play in the ICC Champions Trophy next year? If he and the WICB think that winning tomorrow would erase that debacle dey are clueless.

  64. Lasana “A senior cricket official has suggested that recent victories by West Indies teams indicates that things are working at the regional cricket body”


  65. The last person I will think about for the team’s success is Cameron or the WICB. The guys want to win in spite of all the nonsense for themselves and the WI people

  66. I believe the WI players WANT to win for us and themselves IN SPITE OF the present administration. Any loss would be because of the poor administration. Good luck to both teams! Whatever the outcome we are proud of you!

  67. Ian Bishop gets the drift Bruce Aanensen Andre Baptiste Anthony Deyal Akins Olatunji Vidale Chabeth Haynes Mark Pouchet


  68. I would thank Grenada ‘s Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell for intervening or else we would have had a mazet side who would have been home already just saying

  69. If you are going to pen article and article about how bad the WICB is doing and they they are the reason for the demise of WI cricket – which incidentally has been on the decline for far more that three years – then it is only fair to give them some credit when the going is good.
    Also, why are we not seeing an exclusive interview with WICB Cricket Committee members, the Director of Cricket, the Selectors and WIPA President and then pen a comprehensive article with facts and not assumptions.

    • Lasana Liburd

      Really? I should ask you for your advice before my next article then.
      This article never claimed to be an in-depth analysis of regional cricket. It is simply a suggestion for why we find it difficult to gauge the success of administrators. Be they in cricket or any other field.
      That’s it.
      In this case, all the WICB is an example of a wider issue.

  70. Geo-politics Lasana. If the WICB President was so bad, why was he re-elected? I put to you that it was due to his nationality for the purpose of ‘balancing’ power or rather shifting it to the favour of some.

    We – as Trinis – should begin with holding the TTCB responsible for supporting the WICB President. There is an unfounded fear that the Trinis were doing too well in the T20 format and that there should be an adjustment of sorts to ensure that places on the team and location of games reflected other interests.

    The WIPA assisted in this consolidation of power as it furthered the sporting geo-political interests of persons from Islands who wanted to see T&T culled/nutured. Wavell Hinds and Cameron are countrymen together. This partnership by WIPA and the WICB President saw the cutting down of contracts for ‘big players’.

    The TTCB sold out this country by agreeing to some of the terms of the CPL which was to the detriment of a strong emerging Red Force. Colin Murray and Dinanath Ramnarine had some interesting revelations about the bad deal which the TTCB supported.

  71. The cricketers won the Match.I have my doubts about one,but not today,let it pass.,

  72. No thank the Cricketer India Ipl for giving those guys experience there .

  73. Hell no…..the Board members are a liability to the game’s development and the players by extension

  74. Oh boy ,I had to watch the replay again last night. I don’t think I’ve seen a better ‘come from behind’ win in a T20 as this one!

  75. Sorry but that was a poor and crap written article

    • Thanks for the feedback pal. Wanna say what you disagreed with though?

    • Let me also copy what I said otherwise in thread: “This commentary is not supposed to be an analysis of regional cricket. It is simply a suggestion as to why we might find it difficult to gauge the success of administrators. Be they in cricket or any other field.
      That’s it.
      In this case, all the WICB is an example of a wider issue.”

    • Ok with that being said I agree. My difficulty comes from a reader that is not up-to-date on the local issues, (living abroad) thus, wanted a bit more background on why the board is seen as a villain and what was your opinion on the current state of affair. But as you stated its a commentary

    • Yeah. Wired868 actually has a lot of info on that ill fated India series, which was abandoned.
      That is the best example of the costly mismanagement of the current WICB board to date.
      In this case, I just want people to appreciate that if Chris Gayle hits a ball in the final over for six or in the lap of a fielder, neither says something good or bad about the bad necessarily.
      We have to look elsewhere to understand if our administrators are succeeding. Same for any walk of life.
      But I am not making the case either way. I just want people to consider that a point in the right direction.
      It seems simple. But already board members are saying that the WI’s success on the field justifies their work.

  76. Credit should be given to Sammy.

  77. The WICB is claiming credit? Is it April 1st already?

  78. Dinnas you & I know that is the WICB Board that is killing West Indies Cricket and they will piggyback on both teams and hope the people forget the nonsense they doing.

  79. Is this a trick question? ?

  80. Lasana we should ask these great managers how the number one team in world T20 ( which we were just a few months before this tournament) had so few T20 internationals last year given their ranking. That is squarely on WICB.

    • That sounds like not only bad team preparation but also a failure to properly utilise an available revenue stream and marketing opportunity.

    • Clearly you are observant of the issues at hand Sir Akins Olatunji Vidale

    • Look what the enlightened president re-tweeted smh Stephon Nicholas Mark Pouchet Bruce Aanensen Andre Baptiste Anthony Deyal Roneil K Walcott Lasana Liburd Kirwin Weston Chabeth Haynes Savitri Maharaj Akins Olatunji Vidale Davis Melville Davis Melville Hassan C Araujo Kyon Esdelle

    • He thinks that we have forgotten that if the players had not pulled back from their position that we would have sent a very different team to this tournament. The fact is the players on this T20 team have fine tuned their skills in the competitions around the world and not through any domestic developmental programming. Come again Cameron… but then again today is April 1st

    • Dave Cameron getting cuss long time lol

    • Test cricket remains the ultimate. What has the WICB done to develop players for test cricket? We continue to lose 90% of tests played. We win at T20 quite often because the players develop themselves by playing in all the world tournaments. What new young players have emerged from our GREAT franchise four day tournament??? The likes of Devon Smith still topping the batting, and Imran Khan and Nikita Miller wrecking havoc with the batsmen. What does that say about the quality of our regional cricket?
      What about the quality of the wickets? What has the board done to improve the quality of wickets throughout the Caribbean??
      What about the quality of the grounds on which we play?
      Balmain? Accommodation for patrons?
      The whole question of franchise cricket needs to be reviewed. Inter island rivalry is now a thing of the past.

    • Test cricket builds character, it trains the mind to focus on the longer goal, in this way it helps the ODI and T20 games. The higher scoring rates in the latter two transfers to the five day game and helps test cricket to be more entertaining. In my humble view there is room for all and great entertainment and excitement is a part of them all. Love my cricket in all forms.

    • I do,now think of us who have nothing to do and all day to do it. Gives me five days to enjoy some cricket. LOL.

    • test cricket is the purest for those of yonder… the youths and the fans not interested..
      When cricket goes to the Olympics it would be T20…what sells out the stadium?..T20…
      Maybe the ashes would maintain its standing but in 20yrs time when the purist are dead or too demented to remember…. tests would be close to being buried…and this from someone who loves tests cricket but recognise the inevitable

    • all true but the current world approach of efficiency and speed doesn’t lend to test cricket… who has five days to watch

  81. Is this a question to make us laugh?

  82. Definitely NOT! Their personal pride, team-spirit & sheer ability brought them victories!

  83. Shaun Lynch Ha oh dear not this again – I encourage fans to really think back deeply about the recent history about Windies cricket

  84. Colin Benjamin…you say the board stopped picking them?..or is it that they chose T20 cricket all over the world?

  85. Gerard, the conversation wasn’t really about whether or not we should be happy with our Twenty20 success.
    It is about how we gauge the input of our administrators. Whether sporting or otherwise.

  86. Chabeth Haynes…that being said..we are the best in the most exciting form of the game and the form of the game that’s most lucrative. In 20yrs tests would be dead….no one has time to watch five days of a sport…
    Even in India. .. tests are not well attended

  87. But allyuh does blame de board when we getting we arse buss

  88. Davis, Akins made the point in another chat that West Indies had a habit of using the same players for Tests and One Days in the 1980s and being successful in both formats.
    So that is actually our own formula of playing cricketers in all formats.

  89. If you’re only excelling in one third of the formats available to you, you can’t be happy with that performance. 33% is nowhere near a passing grade, let alone one of which to be proud.
    And you can’t blame the players because it’s not the same players across all formats.

  90. The teams are in the finals in spite of not because of the WICB

  91. Yet when you look at the other international teams a great no. of players play across all formats. You think SA could tell AB he could only play T20 games?

  92. I have always maintained that it is the ineptitude of successive Boards that has West Indies cricket in its present state, their years as a cricketing juggernaut years behind them with little if any chance of an ascendance to past heights and glories

  93. It’s our problem because the idiot WICB and last two selection panels led by Clyde Butts and Clive Lloyd stopped picking our best players for test cricket Gerard Johnson

    Bravo & Russell hasn’t played a test since 2010

    Rampaul & Simmons no tests since 2012

    Narine no test since 2013 and only 6 tests overall despite being teams best spinner since his international debut in 2011

    Pollard no tests

  94. Just today I was having this discussion, also it will be an excuse by the board to justify that the sub-committies findings don’t justify that change should come and they would be quickly pointed to the teams current success, Including the Under fifteen and women’s teams.

  95. They players are the ones who won the match and made us proud. The WICB had nothing to do with it. They are just playing games and killing the sport.

  96. There we go again fawning over the West Indies. T20 was never our problem. Test cricket is.

  97. the Windies Women have an even more inspiring place in the final. They get very little love from the WICB. And forget money—they hardly millionaires. A typical Aussie or England female player might be in the 10x salary range.
    we need to discuss that out in the open

  98. The big picture is people need to understand how to gauge success. And not just in sport administrators either.
    It isn’t who we see in the media the most either.

  99. He will want to take the credit anyway. He’s prob on his way to India as we speak

  100. Cameron a champion?
    Maybe not

  101. Some people have answered “yes” eh. It ent unanimous.

  102. Lol of course not

    It’s imperative that Cameron be removed and reform undertaken

  103. Yes. Champion Under 19, Women, T20 , Clinics in the Caribbean plus. What you want Blood. Management in place. Young Blood at the helm.

  104. Lasana yuh want people to
    Vomit or wha

  105. Let’s not forget the ladies are in their final too. ?
    Speaking of which, Colin Benjamin, how come I don’t hear about as much drama with the ladies and the WICB as I seem to hear about the men and the WICB? Am I just missing it?

    • Interesting question – will get back to you on that

      But CARICOM did suggest in their proposal to disband WICB that enough is not being done to develop the next generation of women’s players – so when this group of talented ladies leaves – a potential drought could be on the horizon like what’s occurred with the men since 1995

  106. more like success DESPITE the WICB’s best efforts to be the worst cricket board in the world