Narine and Pollard pull out of West Indies T20 World Cup squad

Trinidad and Tobago cricket stars Sunil Narine and Kieron Pollard have both officially pulled out of the West Indies T20 squad and will not participate in the 2016 ICC World Twenty20, which runs from March to April in India.

Photo: West Indies spinner Sunil Narine prepares to bowl against New Zealand at Seddon Park, Hamilton on December 21, 2013. (Copyright AFP 2014 / Michael Bradley)
Photo: West Indies spinner Sunil Narine prepares to bowl against New Zealand at Seddon Park, Hamilton on December 21, 2013. (Copyright AFP 2014 / Michael Bradley)

Pollard, a gifted all-rounder, withdrew, according to a West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) statement, on Tuesday February 9, which, incidentally, was the same day that T20 captain Darren Sammy wrote the board a letter condemning the match fees offered for the tournament.

WICB CEO Michael Muirhead responded, within hours, and refused to budge on the remuneration package offered to players.

Narine, who is ranked as ICC’s top T20 bowler in the world at present despite being banned for his action, announced his availability to the WICB today.

The WICB statement suggested that both players pulled out for reasons unrelated to the public financial squabble between the squad and the board.

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“On Tuesday February 9, Kieron Pollard withdrew from the squad citing a lack of sufficient progress in his rehabilitative work (for an injury sustained in December),” stated the release, “and hence won’t be fit for (the) tournament…

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago batsman Kieron Pollard makes a point while on duty with the Mumbai Indians in the IPL.
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago batsman Kieron Pollard makes a point while on duty with the Mumbai Indians in the IPL.

“On Friday, February 12, Sunil Narine withdrew citing insufficient progress in the rehabilitative work on his bowling action. He is currently banned from bowling in International Cricket.”

Narine began rehabilitative work last month, which was partly funded by the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs, and was allowed to represent Queen’s Park Cricket Club (QPCC) in the domestic league.

He was expected to be ready for the T20 World Cup.

The WICB announced Carlos Braithwaite as Pollard’s replacement but is yet to name a stand-in for Narine.

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  1. Anybody who prefers not to play should be permitted to go…simple as that! And watch the door on the way out. We need players who are willing to give of their best, and nobody else!

  2. U really need to find some new and stronger jokes Mr WICB kiss up/sympathizer

    Who is you to tell the players good riddance stww

  3. Lawd, Mr. Bad Grammar on Valentine’s Day? Nah! Lol

  4. Not b4 Cameron and co goes and good riddance !!!

  5. Whoever else want to pull out, I say let them go and good riddance!

  6. Fact is Badree and Narine is the only two proven international spinners for t20 cricket WI have

    Once Windies loose one all other potential replacements spinners have their deficiencies

  7. Colin, out of those 3 batsmen I choosing Nurse too. Jagessar is a huge gamble not worth taking to me, and I only seeing boundaries with Bishoo.

  8. I can’t see Nurse being economical at international level – Bishoo might be expensive but is more likely to get top level batsmen out

    Pending WICB confirmation – the fact that selectors looking at Nurse shows that they thinking along my suggestion from a few days ago of wanting to not have two leg spinners in team and wanting a off spinner to replace Narine

    No idea on two players who haven’t signed

  9. Who are the 2 players that didn’t sign? I agree Nurse is a nothing bowler but more economical than Bishoo

  10. Had to be either Bishoo or Jaggesar – Nurse bowling not penetrative

  11. If the usual WICB leaks to vinode/guardian is correct this time – replacing Narine with Nurse not the brightest choice Stephon Nicholas Kirwin Weston Roneil K Walcott Santokie Nagu

  12. lol I could find the numerous remarks on Twitter by cricket fans stating they believe Brathwaite is a better option at this point in time and screenshot them here.

  13. Some people believe that. Right?

  14. Pollard missed 2014 World Cup aswell through injury aswell right? I honestly can’t remember a match-winning performance he’s made for West Indies, over-hyped player, never produces his IPL form for West Indies

    • Since West Indies began to decline in 1995 – only Lara, chanderpaul, Ambrose, Walsh always showed perfectly consistency every-time they played for Windies

      Every other big player since can be accused somewhat of not having that similar consistency – especially since t20 leagues started popping up

      So it’s not a criticism one can quantify properly without considering other real factors that contribute to them not always being their best in Windies colours ie selection policies, team dynamics, WICB victimization, bad coaching

  15. Pollard would bat anywhere depending on match situation really

    Narine loss obviously bigger – but Brathwaite batting not on his level and don’t underrate the serious leadership qualities KP brings to the table

  16. Right. No use going further with this. Clearly when you said “some” you meant yourself. In future don’t try to mislead us. Just say “I” think. That way you might be misguided but not misleading. But, I doubt that you will change. As they say “some” people never learn.

  17. Pollard hasn’t played a game since November and the WT20 would be his return, therefore I don’t see an issue with Brathwaite, who has been in-form, coming into the team. T20 is all about recent form, and the job Pollard does (bat last 3/4 overs and bowl economically as a 5th bowler) can be done by Brathwaite. Narine’s loss will be more felt by WI

  18. By the way, it would be interesting to find out the basis on which you concluded “some” would say something. How many people is a some. Maybe you need to do some sums.

  19. How much did Mumbai pay for Pollard again? Just on the table (forget the off the table bonuses etc). I like your “some” though – it covers a multitude of speculation.

  20. Lol Delhi paid 600k for him in the IPL auction, so clearly there’s something there in T20 for him

  21. I would never say that Brathwait is a “better” replacement. Not sure who that “some” is but they certainly have neither an appreciation of the stats or any sense of cricket.

  22. Brathwaite is a suitable, some would say better, replacement for Pollard. Narine is irreplaceable though, massive loss, I’d imagine Bishoo will come in for him

  23. Narine is pulling out because he doesn’t want to risk getting banned before the much more lucrative IPL starts. Don’t blame him tbh

  24. The entire squad should pull out – useless representing the team under the current WICB leadership – more controversies will inevitably come

  25. As a cricket fan I have much admiration for Narine’a skill and to me there are no bowlers like him. I value his stance saying he is unavailable for the T20 world cup but I understand that he was recently seen playing (pelting windball) windball cricket in a tournament. If this is true why is he risking full recuperation and rehabilitation? Just asking. Lasana Liburd

  26. Narine and Pollard dont need the WICB stipend……..Narine have his bowling issues to worry about IPL around the corner…..

  27. This is like saying that Brian Lara is unrelated to Dwayne Bravo.

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