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David John-Williams replaces Tim Kee as TTFA president

DIRECTV W Connection president and CEO, David John-Williams, is the new Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president.

Photo: DIRECTV W Connection president and CEO David John-Williams.
Photo: DIRECTV W Connection president and CEO David John-Williams.

John-Williams won after two rounds of voting at the Hasely Crawford Stadium’s VIP room in Port of Spain this evening.

In the second ballot, John-Williams, who is also managing director of the family-owned John Williams construction company, received 25 votes from the 45 delegates present while Raymond Tim Kee, who was pressing for a second term, received 19 votes.

Trinidad and Tobago Referees Association vice-president Clynt Taylor was a distant third with one vote while former World Cup referee Ramesh Ramdhan and Veteran Footballers Association vice-president Selby Browne were eliminated in the first round.

John-Williams’ slate made a clean sweep as Ewing Davis, Joanne Salazar, Allan Warner with 15, 23 and 20 votes respectively. In their wake were vice-presidential candidates: John Sabga (Ramdhan’s slate), Colin Murray, Keston Nancoo and Kamau Bandele (Tim Kee’s slate).

The day started out with four absences from a possible 49 delegates.

Photo: "Soca Warriors" supporter Joey "Posh" Richardson (right) exchanges notes with some football fans during 2018 World Cup qualifying against against the United States. (Courtesy Chevaughn Christopher/Wired868)
Photo: “Soca Warriors” supporter Joey “Posh” Richardson (right) exchanges notes with some football fans during 2018 World Cup qualifying against against the United States.
(Courtesy Chevaughn Christopher/Wired868)

As expected, there was no representation from the players and coaches associations, which are both defunct. Pro League representatives from the North East Stars and Point Fortin Civic football clubs also failed to show.

The turnout meant that 23 votes, which represented just over half of the electorate present, were needed to become president.

In round one, John-Williams led with 18 votes followed by Tim Kee (13), Taylor (8) and Browne and Ramdhan, who received three votes each.

Ramdhan and Browne were both eliminated for the second round of voting, which started five minutes later.

There were six votes up for grabs from supporters of Ramdhan and Browne and Tim Kee received exactly six more votes in the second round, which took his tally up from 13 to 19.

However, Taylor lost seven of his eight voters as John-Williams’s score soared from 18 to 25 and secured him the coveted post with two votes to spare.

Photo: W Connection owner David John Williams (second from left), coach Stuart Charles-Fevrier (centre) and defender Joel Russell (far left) say a prayer of thanks after securing the 2013/14 Pro League trophy at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)
Photo: W Connection owner David John Williams (second from left), coach Stuart Charles-Fevrier (centre) and defender Joel Russell (far left) say a prayer of thanks after securing the 2013/14 Pro League trophy at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)

There were less delegates for the vice-presidential election as some voters simply did not bother to stick around.

Davis, a former Secondary School Football League (SSFL) president, got 15 of the 39 possible votes for the first vice-presidential spot while there were just 35 delegates left by the time the vote for the final vice-president was made. Salazar and Warner got 23 and 20 votes respectively.

John-Williams, who heads the most successful team of Trinidad and Tobago’s Pro League era, assured stakeholders that he would get the TTFA functioning again off the field. And he shared a comprehensive manifesto with Wired868, which he described as a road map for his tenure.

He will now have the support of his full slate as he tries to implement his “Imperatives for Change” with the support of the TTFA’s new board of directors.

Tim Kee, who is the treasurer of the ruling PNM government, had pointed to the TTFA’s reduced debt during his stewardship as well as the positive performances from the “Soca Warriors” at successive CONCACAF Gold Cup tournaments and the ongoing Russia 2018 World Cup qualifying series.

But, in the end, Trinidad and Tobago’s football stakeholders decided to vote for change.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago players (from left) Khaleem Hyland, Radanfah Abu Bakr, Mekeil Williams, Daneil Cyrus and Sheldon Bateau celebrate their 2-1 World Cup qualifying win over Guatemala on November 13. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago players (from left) Khaleem Hyland, Radanfah Abu Bakr, Mekeil Williams, Daneil Cyrus and Sheldon Bateau celebrate their 2-1 World Cup qualifying win over Guatemala on November 13.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)

TTFA presidential elections

Round One: David John-Williams (18), Raymond Tim Kee (13), Clynt Taylor (8), Selby Browne (3), Ramesh Ramdhan (3).

Round Two: David John Williams (25), Raymond Tim Kee (19), Clynt Taylor (1).

Vice-presidents: Ewing Davis (15), Joanne Salazar (23), Allan Warner (20).


Editor’s Note: Click HERE to read David John-Williams’ pre-election manifesto entitled Imperatives for Change.

About Lasana Liburd

Lasana Liburd
Lasana Liburd is the CEO and Editor at Wired868.com and a journalist with over 20 years experience at several Trinidad and Tobago and international publications including Play the Game, World Soccer, UK Guardian and the Trinidad Express.

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  1. Best man for the job, he has grown an A class club with his own two hands. . .so I am excited about what he will bring to the TTFA in helping us become a footballing nation because we have the talent.

  2. I am elated. Change soon come! , I posted my support of him for the post. He overcame the Naysayers

  3. Is it somewhat odd the new president (old boy of Naps) and the National Intercol Final was played in south, Whilst last season saw A team from central and two from south (1 deep south) travel to the National stadium to play the National final. Not a good start Mr.President!

  4. Congratulations to Mr. John-Williams.

    It is important to provide leadership and have a vision for all of football. Players , coaches ,clubs, administrators , referees , trainers and fans.

    National teams are the focal point and it is there we tend to measure our standing in the game. The sport/industry goes beyond those men and women who wear the red white and black though they remain critical components.

    It is my sincere wish that the DJW puts his work and skill toward developing football in a holistic way. Our national teams will improve if we get the other things right.

  5. Wasn’t happy with the last one and not to happy someone who owns a team is TTFA head either

    • Honestly, the TTFA rules dictates that the president must come from within the football family.
      Raymond Tim Kee was VP at Alcons. The thing was he never really involved himself with the club at all and it is a lower league team.
      So it is just that DJW’s team is much more successful.
      John-Williams promised not to interfere with the selection process for players and coaches and we intend to hold him to that as best as possible.

    • Great Lasana thanks for that info, I now look forward to see what he has in store for the organization

  6. I willing to giveDJW a chance Timkee shot him self in the foot coming down to the end…apart from my concerned with DJW messing with the senior team setup and hearing that Jamal Shabazz made presentations on his behalf…..don’t want Shabazz no where near my national teams, I like his ideas

  7. …Although some elements of the old status quo linger on this election marks the end of the ancien regime. John-Williams now needs to stay true to his stated agenda, be humble and be honest. It took hours of voting to elect him and his entire slate because after the first round of voting none of them had the required fifty percent plus one vote. Ultimately however, he and his team prevailed. In his (as it turned out) parting address yesterday Tim Kee told the delegates he is “a dictator”. In the end, however, Democracy was served. Now the winning John-Williams team owes it to the electorate to deliver. And I am certain they understand and intend to do that. But there is no turning back. The vibrant electorate of yesterday’s AGM must watch over this budding new political culture ..

  8. Football is the agenda…it will move forward to that professional level that everyone craves. …

  9. Good to know democracy still alive at TTFA

  10. I hope he separates himself from W Connection at least momentarily while he is in charge of TTFA.

  11. Congrats MR. President the question is now will he be willing to work with his past contenders for we all heard from them on the campaign trail and they all had some very viable and workable suggestions for the improvement of our football so if as they all said that they are truely patriots i expect them to offer their services to the new president and country is all hands on deck now

  12. He shouldn’t work with anyone other than his new people this man knows how to run an organization in the correct manner it’s time for change in Trinidad and Tobago football one thing I can say is our youth teams will be well prepared now .

  13. Despite my reservations he deserves the benefit of the doubt and an opportunity to try and fix what was broken, and improve on what is good. I wish him luck… and will be monitoring the developments accordingly.

  14. Let’s see if he has govt support seeing he defeated the pnm treasurer. Hopefully Tim Kee doesn’t try to undermine him by other means

  15. I would have been happy to see one person from a rival slate get in for the same reasons that Carlos Lee mentioned.
    Creative tension is good. But congrats to his VPs all the same and I hope they do a great job.

  16. Congrats are in order for DJW. His affinity for football, business acumen and proven success should resurrect, re-position and revolutionize the beleaguered TTFA. He is also a Naparima College alum so given both his Alma Mater’s and Pro League Club’s national accomplishments; his inherent abilities, demonstrable expertise, ideology, professionalism and pedigree would augur well for all stakeholders.

  17. Very true. We definitely don’t need a dysfunctional Executive Board. Hopefully JW’s leadership skills is strong enough to minimize those issues. Once elections are over they’re got to agree to work together for the good of the game.

  18. Yea fair point especially in context on past TTFA situation – but I guess also in the current system if he got 1 VP each from Tim Kee and Taylor’s slate along with one from his slate – if then in a hypothetical meeting seeking the vision to take the TTFA forward differs – those other VPs could undermine him.

  19. Colin – not sure that’s a good idea. The current approach helps to ensure we have diversity of thoughts and ideas and not a bunch of “yes men” working with the President. We need people who can provide objective feedback to the President – people who can challenge him when necessary. Not saying that JW’s slate of VPs are not independent thinkers. Just saying having separate voting for VPs will help to ensure we have a diverse group of people and ideas representing our footballing interest. One thing we don’t want is another O. Camp / J. Warner “fingers of the same hand” scenario.

  20. Congratulations Mr JohnWilliams

  21. Mr Liburd,
    With TimKee out of the way, the door is open for honest men to make a contribution. Are you planning to let your bucket down in the football arena? Or does the TTFA operate with only elected officers?

  22. Congratulations to Mr. John-Williams. First order of business is to complete and publish audited financial statements immediately. Let us all know the true financial position of OUR Football Federation. Let the chips fall where they may.
    I look forward to learning the VPs’.
    It is the responsibility of all of us to make sure that national football is served and not individuals. A large part of Mr. John-Williams and OUR Federation success will be determined by what we demand. We can not go to sleep now, we must hold their feet to the fire and demand excellence.

  23. He will not interfere with Hart!

    • No I don’t. Not even the stupidest person or group would let him go at this point though. The team is playing some of the best football we have seen in ages. He is walking the walk and the nation is behind him. Williams has a point to prove…he won’t touch him.

    • I suggest you log on to soca warriors .net and take in real die hard conversations about football.. it will give you an insight into what’s really going on

    • I am a football player..been around for a bit. I don’t read those things. A lot of ignorant bodies.

    • More intelligence than ignorance on the website

    • When I said nobody, I meant players, both male and female. Hart is different, he may be the first coach all the teams would boycott for. I don’t see them touching him.

    • There are many people on Wired868 who know what is happening inside too Gino McKoy. A lot of stakeholders here.
      I have spoken to both parties myself too.

    • I consider wired to be with us as well bro. . Wasn’t meant to offend

    • No offence taken. I just meant, as I said, she can get some good inside opinions here too. But as a football person, I’m sure her ears are close to the ground.
      Time will tell as regards David and Stephen. But David isn’t stupid. And he is not known for panicked decisions either. So I don’t foresee any sudden shake-up.

    • I did not mean to be offensive sorry. I just get fed up sometimes of the comments people make without proper knowledge. Playing in empty stadiums when the team is “not playing well”, then unable to secure a ticket for even your family when “they are”. Folk speaking poorly about the players when realistically speaking these players are really playing for their love of the game and their love for country.

      I usually don’t go to those links. I follow Lasana because he speaks appropriately and admits when he is not in the know.

      I will give the site a chance though because you seem reasonable.

      Happy Monday!

  24. Just heard all 3 of vice-president’s DJW choose got elected as well. Interesting that they had to vote for VPs separately, in cricket TTCB or WICB election once the president wins – the VPs he choose automatically comes with him.

    So that certainly should be adjusted for future elections I think…

  25. David, I wish you all the very best. I hope that the change does not create any political recriminations. Our football needs everyone with a serious interest in football to be on board.
    We have the talent, we need the infrastructure, competence and integrity to take our football to the heights we can achieve.
    I hope that you will surround yourself with people who have the passion, and integrity to get our Corporate and Private sector on board.
    The football loving population need to understand the income streams from FIFA, and how this money is allocated to the areas of development to which it is intended.
    The days of shuffling funds around to meet unplanned expenses needs to stop..
    We need accountability and transparency in all areas of our football.
    We need planning for the future, proper budgeting, clear positioning from the Government as to the extent of their support and the criteria for such funding..
    We wish you well, but will be monitoring your approach in the hope that you will build a successful team.
    Good luck.

  26. I going and play lotto tonight yes. I always felt de race was between DJW and RTK.

  27. I will wait and see that. ..

  28. He already addressed that and said he wouldn’t interfere at all in technical matters.

  29. If he removes or even disrupts Hart… he will lose the die hard fan base

  30. Bad news for tt football.. from one to the next… I await his first move in regards to coach Hart

  31. Finally change i hope we get proper transperency and devlopment and players get the respect it deserves

  32. That’s good he was a waste of time

  33. He is a good decent fellow. Things look promising…

  34. Good riddance!!! I suppose the pic with “Posh” and the girls is reflective of how the TT football public feels about the results Lasana Liburd?

  35. Congratulations to Mr.David John-Williams on his victory and ascendancy to the pinnacle of football administration.
    David has always been an exemplar of honesty,fair play and rectitude on and off the field .

  36. Congrats presi…the work has began. ..

  37. I really don’t know if this was a good move.

  38. AMEN! ThankGod! Football in Trinidad and Tobago is finally free! ????

  39. Finally hope it’s a positive change

  40. Amen! One of the last of Jack Warner’s yes men is finally gone! Please let’s keep it going in the right direction.

  41. Did he release a manifesto and if so how long ago?

  42. Tim Kee’s performance spoke (for itself) in the end. Idiot. Talk about snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.

  43. Hope he is really serious about making a change unlike ppl who talked a big talk…………Then became a Minister and zero

  44. So I hope we continue to make progress