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Warriors aim to keep momentum against Mexico; Jan ruled out

The “Soca Warriors” will aim to maintain their momentum tomorrow night when they face Mexico in their final CONCACAF 2015 Gold Cup group fixture from 8.30 pm at the 74,000-seater Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago midfielder Andre Boucaud (left) celebrates with teammate Joevin Jones during their 2-0 Gold Cup win over Cuba. (Courtesy CONCACAF)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago midfielder Andre Boucaud (left) celebrates with teammate Joevin Jones during their 2-0 Gold Cup win over Cuba.
(Courtesy CONCACAF)

Trinidad and Tobago, who won their earlier outings against Guatemala on Cuba, have already qualified for the quarterfinal round while they will top Group C with a win or draw against Mexico.

Head coach Stephen Hart said that the Warriors will relish the opportunity to match themselves against “El Tricolour.”

“It’s still an important match for us because of the fact that we don’t get to play teams of Mexico’s quality very often,” Hart told the TTFA Media, “so when matches like these come around, we have to make use of it.

“And by that I mean we will test our ability and also use this as an opportunity to prepare against a top team from our region for what’s to come later down the road in the World Cup qualification.

“Additionally, nobody wants to lose a match and we have a good momentum going which we want to keep. Of course our focus now is the quarter finals and getting into the last four.”

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago goalkeeper Jan-Michael Williams is helped on to the stretcher by physio Saron Joseph during their Gold Cup fixture against Cuba. (Courtesy CONCACAF)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago goalkeeper Jan-Michael Williams is helped on to the stretcher by physio Saron Joseph during their Gold Cup fixture against Cuba.
(Courtesy CONCACAF)

The Warriors are without vice-captain and goalkeeper Jan-Michael Williams who was ruled out of the rest of the competition with a grade one hamstring strain while midfielder Andre Boucaud is suspended after picking up successive yellow cards.

However, defender Sheldon Bateau said the players are buzzing after their opening two results and anxious to maintain their run.

“I think when you look at how we’ve grown as a team and you look at the others here, you can see that we are capable of matching them and getting good results,” said Bateau. “With a good amount of time together, good preparation and the right belief, we have demonstrated what we are capable of and this is good for us looking ahead to the World Cup qualifiers later this year…

“Mexico is always a big match and a strong opponent but the group is ready for the test and we’ll be looking to keep our form and get another positive result to finish the group stage.”

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago defender Sheldon Bateau celebrates his maiden international goal against Guatemala at the 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup. (Courtesy CONCACAF)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago defender Sheldon Bateau celebrates his maiden international goal against Guatemala at the 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup.
(Courtesy CONCACAF)

Bateau, who plays in the Belgium top flight with KV Mechelen, became the fourth Trinidad and Tobago player to score in successive Gold Cup matches after Leonson Lewis (1991), Jerren Nixon (1998) and Arnold Dwarika (2000).

“I’m a bit overwhelmed with my performance and that of the team so far,” said Bateau, who represented his country at the 2007 Under-17 and 2009 Under-20 World Cups. “Especially as a defender your first job is just to keep the clean sheet but to score two in two is a great feeling.”

Team manager William Wallace told Wired868 that the technical staff discussed the ongoing feud between Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president Raymond Tim Kee and Sport Minister Brent Sancho. Warriors captain Kenwyne Jones also shared his opinion on social media.

But Hart assured fans that the Warriors remain focused on what they want to achieve on the field.

“The main thing is for us to stay focused on what we want to achieve,” said Hart. “Our first objective was to get out of the group stage and we’ve done that. Now we’ll focus on the next match and also prepare for the quarterfinal stage.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago defender Radanfah Abu Bakr (right) wins a header against Cuba forward Maikel Reyes during the 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup. (Courtesy CONCACAF)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago defender Radanfah Abu Bakr (right) wins a header against Cuba forward Maikel Reyes during the 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup.
(Courtesy CONCACAF)

“Despite whatever else is happening off the field, we will remain positive. And credit to the players also for being very professional and not letting anything distract them from their focus out here.”

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  10. You see when we press them high up the pitch and win the ball we are already in their half and closer to their goal. But when we play deep and win the ball deep we are far from there goal and we don’t get enough players up front and then lose the ball. If we win it in their half then we have everyone up there for support.this is what we did in the first 20 min of the second half and got 3 goals and then gone back to the same deep defending and nearly lose. Earl Mango Pierre Lasana Liburd

  11. Ah hope that they keep Coach Hart for the World Cup qualifying, you know how the corrupted TTFA does go for bigger name foreign base coaches when it comes to that steeuuppss Them really good yes.

  12. Man I hope we keep this form for World Cup qualifying

  13. Curtis Charles we really need to correct that dropping back in the defense and allowing our opponents to come at us because eventually pressure does bust pipe eh, so the coaching staff really needs to work on that before it is to late the bad marking and getting caught on the wrong side. Them really good yes.

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  50. Use this game Vs Mexico as a benchmark. We’ve been two teams which IMHO were not good enough. Now is the time so see how solid our defensive side of the game is and in turn see how our service is from the mids to the strikers which should turn into goals. Not sure we have a clear cut plan for feeding KJ as yet. This is where KM wud’ve come in.

  51. But dropping too deep might be suicide.

  52. Yeah. I agree Curtis. So our two wingers can play deeper. And we leave out any of the attackers who think they are too good to work.
    I always felt we should scoring from set pieces with our height and now we are.
    We can play tight and try to pinch a result from a set piece again.

  53. M/s Debbie Espinal could be so right , On form T & T is two goals up on Mexico and should come away with at least a draw . All eyes have to be on Mexico looking out for their dirty tactics .

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  59. Btw this may not be a good thing eh.. it’s kinda showing that there is a gap between those two and the rest… that there isn’t a fiercer battle for 2nd keeper is a bit alarming… 1) dem fellas go think dey place safe 2) With one keeper out (as is the case) the 2nd keeper’s experience in the rest of this tourney is questionable..

  60. Like Jan unlucky with Gold Cup’s. Anthony Noriega clashes with him = concussion. 2015 = Hamstring…sighhh

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