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Integrity Commission: We have not finished ‘Emailgate’ investigations 

The Integrity Commission has denied any suggestion that it has completed its investigation into “Emailgate”, despite the People’s Partnership Government’s suspension of Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley from Parliament yesterday.

Leader of Government Business Dr Roodal Moonilal moved a motion of censure against Rowley for supposedly bringing false information to the House of Representatives when he brought some 31 e-mails to Parliament two years ago. And the Government successfully ousted Rowley via a simple majority.

Photo: Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley.
Photo: Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley.

However, the Integrity Commission, in response to a request from Fixin’ T&T, revealed today that it has not completed its investigation into the controversial emails.

“The Integrity Commission is in the final stages of considering a number of documents relevant to that matter,” stated IC registrar Martin Farrell, “and will be replying to you very shortly on its status.”

Farrell also revealed that the IC has opened investigations into the “practices and procedures of the National Gas Company” so as to determine whether there is evidence of corruption within the State body.

The following is the request for information from Fixin’ T&T and the response from the Integrity Commission:

FIXIN’ T&T insists that the Integrity Commission (IC) immediately provides the people with an update on its investigation into ‘Emailgate.’

Doing so has become dire by virtue of the fact that our Leader of the Opposition in our Parliament has been suspended, based in part, on documents our Government claims to have from the IC’s probe into this matter.

Only last week Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar reportedly asserted that she is in possession of a ‘file’ containing information (that) the IC requested from Google, which show the emails had no truth.

More than six months have elapsed since the IC’s last update in October 2014 (when) it advised that Google had requested more time.

We call on the IC to immediately tell the public whether:

1.       A detailed response from Google has been received

2.       The investigation into ‘Emailgate’ has been concluded

3.       It is aware of information which the IC requested from Google being passed on to the PM or anyone else

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar. (Courtesy Caricom.com)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar.
(Courtesy Caricom.com)

Our letter to the IC dated April 21, 2015 is attached for ease of reference:

April 21, 2015

Justice Zainool Hosein (Retired)


The Integrity Commission of Trinidad and Tobago

Tower D, Level 14

International Waterfront Centre

1A Wrightson Road

Port of Spain


Dear Justice Hosein,

We write to insist that the Integrity Commission (IC):

1.       Provide an update on its investigation into ‘Emailgate’

2.       Investigate the National Gas Company (NGC)


More than six months have elapsed since the IC’s last update in October 2014 where it advised that Google had requested more time. To say that the allegations made in this ‘Emailgate’ scandal were serious would be an understatement. Many among us were traumatized by this event.

The need for THE PEOPLE to be kept current on this probe into the veracity of these emails is therefore dire.

Photo: Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar (left) and Leader of Government Business Roodal Moonilal. (Courtesy Baltimore Post)
Photo: Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar (left) and Leader of Government Business Roodal Moonilal.
(Courtesy Baltimore Post)


If one has not yet been undertaken, we now formally request that the IC immediately launch an investigation into the NGC.

The contents of the articles by journalist Asha Javeed resulting from a draft audit report on Corporate Communications Management and Procurement at that most profitable State Company are deeply troubling.  Of even greater concern are the responses of the NGC which at no point included any semblance of denial.

Instead of heeding the advice of its former Chief Audit Executive Claire Gomez-Miller to treat with the findings in a transparent manner the NGC seems to be seeking to:

∑         Discredit, intimidate and sideline some of the auditors involved

∑         Muzzle the Media

∑         Finger the Whistleblower

We find this untenable. A thorough independent investigation is required; a Tribunal may be necessary.

The NGC belongs to THE PEOPLE. Full disclosure and transparency must become the order of the day if we are to safeguard our patrimony and move our Trinidad & Tobago effectively and efficiently forward.

We look forward to your response and urgent attention to these matters.


Kirk Waithe

Photo: Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar (left) and Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley.
Photo: Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar (left) and Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley.

The Integrity Commission of Trinidad and Tobago

May 7, 2015

Mr Kirk Waithe,


Dear Sir,

I wish to refer to your letter of April 21, 2015 and to advise that I have been directed by the Integrity Commission to respond as follows:

  1. Re: Stats of Investigation into “Emailgate”

The Integrity Commission is in the final stages of considering a number of documents relevant to that matter and will be replying to you very shortly on its status;

2) Re: Your request to “investigate the National Gas Company”

In respect of your organisation’s request, the Commission has decided to examine the practices and procedures of the National Gas Company pursuant to section 5 (1) (g)&(h) of the Integrity in Public Life Act (the Act).

Photo: Energy Minister Kevin Ramnarine.
Photo: Energy Minister Kevin Ramnarine.

Section 5 (1)(g)&(h) of the Act states that the Commission shall:

“(g) examine the practices and procedures of public bodies, in order to facilitate the discovery of corrupt practices;

(h) instruct, advise and assist the heads of public bodies of changes in practices or procedures which may be necessary to reduce the occurrence of corrupt practices.”

Yours faithfully,

Martin Farrell,


About Fixin TT

Fixin TT
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  1. I’ll keep saying whom the gods wish to destroy first made mad #UNC/PP

  2. It is clear that both parties have adopted the American style political campaign so they are both concentrating on putting their respective leaders to the forefront so getting rid of Rowley and/or tarnishing his name would be part of the campaign. We have not been hearing much from any of the candidates and this is obviously deliberate given the style of campaigning

  3. Just call the elections and lets stop this charade. I am past embarrassed at what this country has come to.

  4. I really don’t know what to say anymore. I just can’t believe the depts to which we have sunk. SMDH!!

  5. Your days are numbered to pack up and leave the people’s parliament, start packing from now,and carry ur pack of vampires with you

  6. Just read the entire article. This situation is frightening. They are taking the law into their own hands, lying and making a mockery of our Parliament. Didn’t think they could stoop lower than Vernella. Guess i was wrong. As for the Speaker, HE needs to be censured and made to step down as his bias is obvious. Lawd what next they going to come with. Lasana yuh pardner with the files better start releasing some now because me thinks he’s running out of time.

  7. For your’ll knowledge Reggie is a closet UNC pretending to support neither party but seems to be privy to information not even the President has. Way to go Reggie Seeraj maybe you could provide us with some more details.

    • I couldn’t be bothered by Reggie nuh.. They need to set the election date. I’m not sending my vote in a special ballot I’m booking my ticket to deliver it on that said day. Amazing when 80% of her administration were crooks, molesters.. Down right criminals shed be fixated on any where else except in house… Just set the date. I’m sick of them allllll

  8. All these allegations on the bank of the Caroni river.And they are protected also.

  9. I would think I was a party to that lawsuit too Kendall Tull. So there is a parallel investigation? This is supposed to be a good thing?

  10. What US Court proceedings are you referring to Reggie Seeraj?

  11. ” When your opponent’s sittin’ there holding all aces, there’s only one thing left to do: Kick over the table. “- Dean Martin in Robin and the 7 Hoods.
    Ladies and gentlemen,tighten security for all good men and true..They are about to kick over the table !!

  12. As my friend says…..speaker of dis-honourable house!!!!!!! All sliding down a slippery slope and trying their best to take the country with them…..where is the voice of TC Carmona?…..de power you think I have man!

  13. Kamla was party to the proceedings in the US courts, hence she was served with the same documents as the Integrity Commission from the U.S. Courts. I know Lasana Liburd is well aware of that, but it does not serve his interest to share that information.

    • What manner of assness u speak of .. If that is the case then all information according to the freedom of information act in Trinidad must be made public. There is no way an investigation can be ongoing and the accusers have information .. It can’t be that one thinks every citizen in Trinidad is as senile and incompetent as this administration. Just call the elections and let the electorate speak. End of story.

    • For someone who claims he’s not UNC he sure knows a lot that not even the President is privy. Would laugh if it wasn’t thing to make yuh cry.

  14. I noticed they said report on its status as opposed to report on its findings. Two years later and we cannot get a definitive answer on this matter?

  15. they should really change the name of that commission… more like eternity commission (it’s a terrible pun but you get what i mean)

  16. On what evidence did Wade Mark make such a serious ruling?
    You mean to say after that west fiasco and then the no confidence disaster, they schemed to give themselves another black eye?
    Whoever is in charge of PP political policy is surely a masochist.


  18. A practitioner of untruths is she

  19. time will tell and the whole bunch of kleptomaniacs ,vagobonds

  20. I’d like to know how come our PM has a file from the Integrity Commission & they did not give it to her? Does anyone else think this is totally unacceptable & she must explain to us why, where, how & who gave her this dossier. AND madame PM boasts about this as if she has every right to be privy to this document! If she does not, indeed, have any such document, she is @ the very least, telling the nation untruths. Both extremely worrying.

  21. …closing the stable after the horse bolted…

  22. The plot thickens. can’t we just work together for a better Trinidad, and pll wonder why we have a brain drain.

  23. Oh gosh, don’t give them ideas

  24. I wonder if Parliament can suspend the Integrity Commission before they finish their investigation into Emailgate and before they get cracking on NGC? Hmmmm…..

  25. There was no proof as to them being fake. The CoP said the police hadn’t completed its investigation, so I guess the PM has no faith in the police. They apparently did their own investigations (maybe borrowed the former AG’s ‘evidence’) and declared it as gospel. So apparently besides being confused about notification from the High Court in the Howai matter, the Speaker seems to be under the impression that the non-validity of the emails were proven. Question is who wrote and told him so???

  26. Go on Kamla’s facebook page and look, then you’ll see how these people are comfortable enough behaving this way, their minions require no accountability.

    No investigation into these emails have been completed, nor are they yet to ascertain anything yet these minions believe with all their hearts that not only are the emails fake but they have been proven to be so!

  27. Camille Winchester and Stephen John, the ill-fated defender was Andrés Escobar Saldarriaga, no relation to the infamous and notorious Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria.

  28. Stephen John the ill-fated Escobar, can’t remember his first name now

  29. o how our parliament is being brought into disrepute again and again.how low can it go?????

  30. Ahahaha Lasana what’s the name of the Colombian that score the own goal think he was beaten or killed or something for scoring an own goal. Sports minister could also teach about own goals.

  31. In all seriousness, there are approximately 400,000 plus people that are in support of this just review videos from outside the parliament couple months ago. They don’t think, what ever the yellow leader says it true and correct. Same goes for the red people. I cannot understand that in a party filled with lawyers, many of whom held the position that once no law is broken it is OK. Go to the parliament and pronounce guilt on someone preempting the completion of investigations by the relevant authorities.

  32. What was the proof of Rowley’s wrongdoing that Wade Mark ruled on exactly? This is shaping up to be another massive own goal I think.

  33. You know it’s funny, Kamla and her minions are maintaining on her facebook page that the emails have been ascertained to be fake.

  34. I am wondering if the report from Goggle was filed in the Court and anyone can request a copy, or was it private and should only be in the hands of the person who requested same.

  35. Did the police finish their investigation? NO! Bullcrap!

  36. Can the IC say with certainty that no documents involving the probe were passed to the PM? Especially given that she stated that she was in possession of documents from them?

  37. The Prime Minister’s word is now law.

  38. I am wondering why isn t the IC coming out to pronounce on the this matter..was the PM given a report that only she is privy to….IT IS TIME THAT THE INTEGRITY COMMISSION BREAK THEIR SILENCE….THIS SEEMS TO BE INJUSTICE BEING METTED OUT TO THE INNOCENT….IT COULD BE ANY ONE OF US THE NEXT TIME

  39. As far as the public is aware the IC has not ruled with facts on the emailgate, nor has the TTPS who received all the information from Google. There is a saying that goes “Justice must not only be done but also appear to be done” this is a travesty …. and so where does that leave Ms.Toppin. She knowingly brought false information “saying that Dr Rowley’s father was a rapist and that he was a child of a rape and that is why he is so angry” ……. she was so absurd and disrespectful and she knowingly stood in the parliament and stated this. She should have been oust from the parliament immediately. Just goes to show all institutions seem to have been compromised in this sweet island of T&T

  40. We know for a fact that no independent institution charged with the safeguarding of our democracy has reported on this matter.

  41. BINGO, Richard Zen O’Brien! Spot on!

  42. I thought they had to (1) prove his guilt and (2) prove that he knowingly brought false information to Parliament…

  43. This is being framed wrong. This issue has nothing to do with Rowley’s guilt or innocence. He is not the subject of this investigation. All the IC has to say is whether the information is accurate or not. There is no ‘ruling’ on Rowley for the IC or the Police to make unless they can prove he deliberately created false information, and they are not looking in that direction.
    Also, if the Prime Minister, or anyone, is in possession of documents from the IC while the investigation is ongoing, THAT’S A CRIME! A crime punishable by fines and jail!! It’s very serious. The PM needs to be pressed on how she illegally came into the possession of IC documents.

  44. Kangaroo court doh need no proof of nuttin….

  45. Kamla is pretending her private report is more important. This is some bullshit.

  46. What GUILT, on Dr. Keith Rowley, or innocence even, is there to prove or disprove? The man asked for an investigation on whether or not, that, which was brought to his attention had merit! The contents of what he was given, were sufficiently grave, to warrant his action, in the interest of individual citizen’s interests of safety, as well as National Security. I fail to see, if we understand the role of the OL, why we are allowing these spin doctors room to out-manouevre us all with distractive content. What, IMO we need to be addressing, as a matter of urgent necessity, is what are we going to do to STOP this blatant display of fascism by this regime? Again, folksies, FOREST & TREES.

  47. Kamla and Anand obtained private judgement from google