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AG bites dangerous dogs

TTSPCA president Sita Kuruvilla said the Dangerous Dog Act, which will be proclaimed on 1 August 2012, is flawed and discriminates against pitbulls but fails to address the reckless ownership, which created the problem in the first place.

Pitbulls, the Fila Brasileiro and the Japanese Tosa will soon be endangered species in Trinidad and Tobago while the Minister of Local Government has the power to target any breed for neutering and huge insurance premiums. But Kuruvilla said the Government would always be playing catch-up as owners may dump their dogs for other intimidating breeds not covered by the Act.

She suggested that the AG should have focused more on promoting responsible ownership although she didn’t offer a feasible alternative.

In an era of skyrocketing divorces, it was only a matter of time before man’s best friend also got the shaft and, as helpful as SK has been, the pitbull needs a SC.

Wired868 can now answer the age-old question: How much is that doggie in the window?

If it’s a pitbull, it can cost as much as a new house.

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