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Welcome To Wired868

We prefer to think of Wired868.com as a Community Newspaper; one that aims to be both information supplier and conduit and to play a role in bettering society from the base rather than the pinnacle.

Hello neighbours and welcome to Wired868.com and a new adventure in the information industry.


Your very presence on our site today suggests an inquisitive mind or an unquenched thirst for knowledge. Either way, you—the clever, adventurous and progressive reader—certainly belong to our target audience and we are thrilled that you could join us.

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By “us”, we mean more than the tiny staff at Wired868 but also everyone who believes information should be comprehensible, accessible, trustworthy and timely and that intelligent discussion is a daily essential.

Wired868 was created in Trinidad and Tobago and aims to satisfy a thirst for knowledge and dialogue here as well as beyond our territorial waters.

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At launch, many will consider us an Online Football Site and we happily accept that tag and will work tirelessly to ensure that sporting fans are always satisfied in our Volley section. But we do not intend to limit our impact to sport and will spread our wings as soon as feasibly possible.

We prefer to think of ourselves as a Community Newspaper; one that aims to be both information supplier and conduit and to play a role in bettering society from the base rather than the pinnacle.

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Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho recalled in a recent BBC4 radio interview that, before his first professional job, an unnamed Philosophy Professor advised him: “if a football manager just knows about football, not even about football he knows.”

We agree.

At View Point, we house an array of bloggers who will keep us informed and entertained on a wide range of issues; while G’Mornin’ is our early, witty round-up of the day’s news headlines that will be there when you roll out of bed.

Look out for our informative, weekday 3pm audio newscasts with Reeanna Harrilal in “Today’s Headlines” too.

In our Community Centre section, “Miss Live Wire” provides sisterly advice on personal and professional issues to interested men and women; while we also aim to provide a forum here for you and other readers to discuss relevant issues in your communities from health and security to education and events.

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A/V Room is our vault for artistic talent that will be provided by you and other readers in the form of poems, short stories, plays and so on

Wired868 is designed to keep you informed and to be relevant to your needs and we hope that you help us through your feedback and participation.

Our job is not only to enlighten but also to listen and respond. And you can depend on us for integrity and resourcefulness in the conduct of our duties.

So, we see a long road ahead but hope to have you along for company; so do join us on our Facebook account or follow us on Twitter @wired868. Enjoy our site.

About Lasana Liburd

Lasana Liburd
Lasana Liburd is the managing director and chief editor at Wired868.com and a journalist with over 20 years experience at several Trinidad and Tobago and international publications including Play the Game, World Soccer, UK Guardian and the Trinidad Express.

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  1. It’s GREAT to finally have a community based news-stream! As an international reader I feel like I’m at home again. Keep up the good work Wired 868!