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‘Maduro and his backers—not sanctions—are to blame’; US reject culpability for Venezuela crisis

“[…] It is Maduro and his backers—not sanctions—who are to blame for the Venezuelan people suffering dire economic, political, and human rights conditions, and have caused millions to flee their homes since he assumed power.  “The Venezuela sanctions program is designed to limit the Maduro regime’s sources of revenue and …

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US sanctions China tech firm that provides Venezuela’s internet, reaffirms Guaidó support

“[…] With this latest action, the United States reaffirms its commitment to promoting accountability for all those complicit in the illegitimate Maduro regime’s efforts to undermine democracy…” The following release from US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, reveals sanctions against Chinese company, CEIEC, which is allegedly responsible for 70 percent …

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Dr Browne: T&T is a good neighbour, but we cannot simply open borders to Venezuelans

“[…] This hospitality continues even as our economy faces significant challenges that have affected all our people… “[…] Even developed nations with far greater resources face major challenges dealing with crossings of their borders, and no nation accepts non-nationals without due process…” The following statement on the government response to …

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Dear Editor: Why Cudjoe’s linkage of ‘unpatriotic’ Venezuelan stance to race is ‘sloppy’ and ‘poisonous’

“Attributing the Opposition’s awful stance on the Venezuela question to them being Indian is race-baiting, plain and simple. In the Caribbean, colluding and conspiring with foreign powers are hardly the sole preserve of Indians. “[…] Consider again the case of the late Prime Minister of Dominica, Eugenia Charles, who made …

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