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Talking hybristophilia: why some women are attracted to bad boys

“Hybristophilia is a phenomenon, where individuals, often women, develop strong affectionate or romantic feelings towards individuals incarcerated for serious crimes [or notorious for] criminal behaviour. “[…] Initially defined within a sexual context, recent explorations reveal that the attraction often transcends sexual desire. Experts highlight the role of psychological factors like …

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Dear Editor: What would be cost in blood of Dr Deyalsingh’s plea to arm “the citizenry”?

“Dr Varma Deyalsingh has suggested ‘arming the citizenry’ with guns when he addressed the 3rd Sitting of the Senate […] on 13 October 2022… He was cursorily cautious to include with ‘proper checks and balances’. Knowing what those proper checks and balances would be and how to keep them ‘proper’ …

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Dear Editor: Young not ashamed of treatment of Venezuela children? He has skin like ‘crapaud leather’?

“[…] The children were treated in a cruel, inhumane and unusual way. It is utterly ridiculous for Stuart Young to pull some verbal sleight of hand, arguing that they were ‘escorted’ and not ‘deported’…” The following Letter to the Editor on the deportation of 16 Venezuelan children was submitted to …

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