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Dr Farrell: Muddy Silk—why flawed process harms deserving recipients and even T&T society

“[…] The late Basdeo Panday told us that ‘politics has a morality of its own’. That characterisation is certainly true of the practice of politics, well-known for back-stabbing, lying, and hypocrisy, here and indeed everywhere. “[…] But surely there are some areas of national life which should remain uninfected, if …

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Daly Bread: Ten thousand flowers bloom in panyards, but ole mas in Office of the AG

Trinidad and Tobago Television (TTT) has provided quality coverage of this season’s Panorama competitions, particularly through the engagement of knowledgeable commentators. In the course of her closing remarks last Sunday morning when the medium and large band semi-finals concluded after midnight, Michelle Huggins-Watts, musicologist and formidable pan practitioner, commented on …

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