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Oropune Residents: Colleen Holder has our unwavering support in face of intimidation

“As a community, our non-tolerance of intimidation and harassment is unequivocal. Ms [Colleen] Holder has our unwavering support and no resource will be spared to pursue and apprehend the culprits…” The following Letter to the Editor, which condemns the threats and criticism levelled at Oropune resident and former TV6 news anchor Colleen …

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Noble: How to create a ‘hotspot’ 101; why HDC must do right by Oropune and other developments

Like a socially awkward dinner guest who knocks down the glass of water, Colleen Holder and her committee have disrupted the myth of public housing management. Oropune Gardens is not a den of ‘do-nothings’ who live off the public purse. The residents want to live there and have created several …

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Dear Editor: Inaction from Lyons and HDC is allowing crime to spiral at Oropune Gardens!

“The blame for the spiralling crime in the community rests with the HDC. They are fully aware that they are not enforcing the rules that will allow the community to remain safe. “[…] Illegal occupancy, use of unoccupied / vandalised units, poor street lighting, poor lighting in car parks and …

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