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PNM democracy inaction

Opposition Leader Keith Rowley and PoS Mayor Louis Lee Sing yesterday sorted out their differences following a leaked letter from Lee Sing that criticised a perceived lack of democracy within the PNM. PoS councillors had threatened to remove Lee Sing for his own authoritative leadership style, earlier this week, but …

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The Sheriff and The Rottweiler

PoS Mayor Louis Lee Sing faces a move to oust him from his post after his complaint about the Opposition Leader’s perceived “undemocratic approach” to governance was leaked to the government. Wired868 is unsure which is more ironic; the PNM proving Lee Sing right by lynching him or the Mayor …

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PoS Mayor and MP in bottle fight

The Port of Spain Mayor threatened to sue Local Government Minister Chandresh Sharma for dereliction of duty if anyone is injured with a glass bottle this Carnival. Sharma has refused to back the Louis Lee Sing’s attempted blanket ban and said glass bottles were environmentally friendly. Wired868 cannot confirm that …

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PoS Mayor miscalculates Zero tolerance

PoS Mayor Louis Lee Sing yesterday joined the long line of politicians who don’t quite grasp zero tolerance. So Carnival revellers can be fined $1,000 or jailed for three months for bringing glass bottles to Port of Spain—unless they are using the bottles to pour into plastic cups.

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