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US Embassy ignores local culture

Deputy Police Commissioner Jack Ewatski’s flight of fancy could be costly to his pilot Dan Condon who is listed as a director to the controversial light aircraft company while employed by the US Embassy. The Embassy explained that US government employees must “uphold the highest standards of personal integrity and …

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Ewatski’s plane facts

Deputy Police Commissioner Jack Ewatski described himself as a man of fact, not rumour, and chided the Trinidad and Tobago public for forming an opinion on his light aircraft with limited information. Ewatski did not name the alleged and subsequently discredited death threats against the PM, AG and two Cabinet …

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Brainchild kidnapped without ransom

The Trinidad and Tobago Air Support Services suggested that its $.9 million light aircraft contract did not need to go to tender as no one else in the country can provide the service… Except for the guy who originally came up with the idea and has begged the National Security …

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Sandy takes off

National Security Minister Brigadier John Sandy performed the classic political triple pirouette on the light aircraft fiasco by insisting he was fully on top of things but not knowledgeable enough to comment while simultaneously demanding action despite knowing that everything is fine. CoP Dwayne Gibbs would be relieved for his …

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