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Pandemic leave, child care and remote work possibilities: Labour Minister issues guidelines

Labour Minister Jennifer Baptiste-Primus issued guidelines today to employers, unions and employees designed to deal with the Covid-19 virus and ‘mitigate the obvious personal and family logistical inconveniences and the consequential significant workplace adjustments which are expected to be faced, as a result of the inevitable decision which had to …

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Baptiste-Primus: NEDCO’s Business Accelerator encourages new type of entrepreneur

“Competitiveness will depend, to a large extent, on the ability of firms and our people to innovate. We need to encourage a new kind of entrepreneur in Trinidad and Tobago—resourceful individuals who can draw from their creative genius and give birth to new products and services and rather than merely …

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Noble: The ‘underbanked’ and the $100 bill; the real solution is accessible electronic banking for all

Much of the discussion about the introduction of the polymer $100 bill conflates the evil of ‘dark’ money with persons who have been shut out of the banking system. The persons who deal in ‘dark’ money have self-selected to operate outside the system; but there are those who are unable …

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