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Pulverise And Serve

Police Service and Welfare Association President Sgt Anand Ramesar admitted lawmen crossed the line during their duties at the Panorama semi-finals and suggested that anger management and retraining was necessary for men trained to concentrate on force. Ramesar’s sentiments contrasted with the more combative tone of Police Commissioner Dwayne Gibbs …

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Advice for the National Security adviser

The PM’s National Security adviser Gary Griffith claimed to have prior knowledge of the Police Commissioner’s pending $.9 million airplane contract prior but did not tell the PM or National Security Minister. Wired868 humbly suggests that the National Security adviser reads over his job description.

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Sandy takes off

National Security Minister Brigadier John Sandy performed the classic political triple pirouette on the light aircraft fiasco by insisting he was fully on top of things but not knowledgeable enough to comment while simultaneously demanding action despite knowing that everything is fine. CoP Dwayne Gibbs would be relieved for his …

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Gibbs: You’re safe, until you’re not

CoP Dwayne Gibbs says that Trinidad and Tobago citizens shouldn’t fear being murdered unless they happened to know a murderer. Presumably, he meant longer than the seconds it takes for the murderer to pull the trigger.

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Police Commissioner in un-loved triangle

Trinidad and Tobago Police Commissioner Dwayne Gibbs started 2012 being blasted by Government and Opposition members for his performance levels and is now obliged to probe his own men over leaked reports to the Opposition Leader. Meanwhile, Police Service Commission Chairman Ramesh Deosaran ordered “emergency meeting” with the CoP towards …

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