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Write Start (16-18): Brace for bacchanal! Kyla-Marie Singh sees protests and price spikes in Carnival 2022

“[…] I do think that there would be a lot of controversy specifically from ‘anti-vaxxers’ about non-vaccinated persons not being able to partake in these festivities—and this might cause a problem in society at that appointed time.  “[…] There would possibly a price increase in all areas and industries that …

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Write Start (16-18): Jab before ‘jab jab’; Tsai-Ann Lewis says vaccination cards, not rags, will dominate Carnival 2022 

“[…] Carnival will most definitely be for those who are vaccinated, as most things have or are becoming. “[…] Before the event formally begins, persons will need to wear their Covid-19 vaccination cards and a form of identification around their necks to ensure that they are permitted to partake in …

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Post-Covid-19: Why our next Carnival is likely to be in 2022, and how to plan for it

As the global community grapples with an insidious pandemic, creative and tourism sectors worldwide have already incurred substantial losses due to significant economic contraction, triggered by the suspension of events and the closure of borders. Undoubtedly, stakeholders within the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival industry have already begun to wrestle with …

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