Noble Philip

Noble Philip, a retired business executive, is trying to interpret Jesus’ relationships with the poor and rich among us. A Seeker, not a Saint.

Noble: Should state own shares in media company? The problem with govt’s OCM move

“When politics is involved in business, they don’t thrive. In most of these companies… there is a significant inflow of politics.” Gokool Seemungal, National Enterprises Limited (NEL) shareholder. “We adhere to the philosophy that cash in the shareholders’ hands has greater value than ours.” Ingrid Lashley, chair of National Enterprises …

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Noble: With all the wealth T&T generated, why were there only broken promises for Beetham?

“[…] The last government never did anything like this (the Clean-up and Beautify Trinidad campaign). This is a great opportunity for the residents and the surroundings. “Beetham Gardens was plagued with many health hazards, especially affecting children: the stagnant drains, the mosquitoes, the flies, the non-collection of garbage on time …

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