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Bank ordered to hand TTFA’s money to Futsal Team; DJW-led body spent close to $4 million in three months

This afternoon, First Citizens Bank held on to the token sum of TT$300 from the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association’s (TTFA) eight accounts at the financial institution—for banking and maintenance fees. The local football body’s remaining money, TT$270,871.33, is now property of 15 former National Futsal players and their five technical staff members and attorneys.

This morning, Master of the Court Sherlanne Pierre instructed First Citizens Bank, represented by attorney Shashi Seecharan, to immediately make the payment to the claimants as part settlement for an award of over TT$500,000, which the TTFA should have paid since 13 December 2018.

Photo: The Trinidad and Tobago National Futsal Team pose for a photograph before their CONCACAF Play Off match against Honduras in May 2016.
(Courtesy TTFA Media)

The successful Futsal players listed in the action are: captain Jerwyn Balthazar, Kevin Graham, Adrian Pirthysingh, Colin Joseph, Kerry Joseph, Jameel Neptune, Ishmael Daniel, Anthony Small, Kevaughn Connell, Keston Guy, Kareem Perry, Jamel Lewis, Noel Williams, Bevon Bass and Cyrano Glen—whose elder brother Cornell Glen was one of 13 Soca Warriors who successfully sued the TTFA in the landmark ‘2006 World Cup bonus dispute’.

The technical staff members are: Clayton Morris (head coach), Sterling O’Brian (assistant coach), Perry Martin (goalkeeper coach), Brent Elder (trainer) and Ronald Brereton (manager).

The TTFA, whose legal actions are dictated by president David John-Williams, also owe costs to the Futsal Team’s attorneys, Keston McQuilkin and Melissa Keisha Roberts-John.

John-Williams did not appear in court today and his vice-president, Ewing Davis, represented the football body. Morris, Elder and Brereton turned up to represent the Futsal contingent.

The claimants were stunned to learn that the TTFA banked US$600,000 or TT$4,000,000 from FIFA between mid-December 2018 and January 2019. However, by the time the Futsal Team had a garnishee order accepted by the court on 18 March 2019, the TTFA had less than seven per cent of that largess left in its accounts; and nothing besides.

The TTFA’s office staff of roughly 15 persons, minus its technical director, is paid an estimated TT$90,000 per month—which would account for just TT$180,000 (two months’ salary) from the money received via the FIFA Assistance Programme.

So where did the rest go?

Photo: TTFA president David John-Williams (right) performs a duet with former Calypso Monarch, Cro Cro, at the launch of the National Elite Youth Development Program at the Trinidad Hilton on 14 October 2016.

The Futsal Team were particularly dismayed as John-Williams, through attorney Annand Misir, allegedly promised to pay them from the FIFA funding, only to go back on his word.

“At the time of the judgment [on 13 December 2018], the attorneys on behalf of the TTFA indicated that they were getting money from FIFA,” Brereton told Wired868, “and they said when that money comes they will pay us. So they asked if we would give them 28 days to pay.

“In good faith, we allowed them the 28 days. But according to what was revealed in court today, the money did come; but they opted not to pay us and instead filed an appeal.”

The court also learned of an alleged US$24,000 payment from Concacaf to John-Williams, which was sent to the TTFA’s bank account. The attorney for the football body argued that this sum should not be handed over since it was the president’s money.

However, with no paperwork to substantiate the claim, the Master dismissed the TTFA’s request and offered that sum to the claimants as well. The football body must also pay costs to the Futsal Team’s attorneys for having to return to the courts.

Photo: TTFA president David John-Williams and FIFA president Gianni Infantino at the TTFA headquarters on 27 January 2016.
Infantino was the UEFA general secretary at the time.
(Courtesy TTFA Media)

It is a process that will likely be repeated until the initial judgment is satisfied.

Wired868 can confirm that the TTFA’s office staff have not received salaries for March, nor have they been told when to expect payment.

About Lasana Liburd

Lasana Liburd
Lasana Liburd is the managing director and chief editor at Wired868.com and a journalist with over 20 years experience at several Trinidad and Tobago and international publications including Play the Game, World Soccer, UK Guardian and the Trinidad Express.

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  1. We know that he is not good for football…. however most of the blame has to go to the Board members who support him in his madness …. and the coaches who go along with him…. banana republic behavior….

  2. He could have opened the books ages ago and cleared himself if he was innocent.

  3. The man is delusional. On a hallucinogenic scale.

  4. Did he call himself an incarnation?

  5. He continues to blame past Administrations

  6. He is still being secret. He didn’t say where the $4m went or why he claimed he was being paid $28,000 personally from a football body. He isn’t inferring that there will be more court cases in regard to the futsal matter is he?

  7. “He continued, “Under my tenure as president, it has seemed very controversial (but) I beg to differ. But the old people say when they’re criticising you is when you’re doing something good. At the end of the day, you’ll see who’s telling the truth.”

    Is this fool for real?

  8. ‘The Court learnt of an alleged payment of 24k from CONCACAF to DJW… his Attorney argued it should not be handed over, it was his”…

    HIS???? For what?

  9. If DJW is all ‘above board’ shouldn’t he be calling an emergency meeting to discuss frozen bank accounts and staff payment arrears?

  10. People get locked up every day for much less..smh

  11. Egos….. they are not concerned about the organization…. belly full so why worry….

  12. To this very minute, the following Board members have called for an emergency TTFA Board meeting:

    1. KLL
    2. Rayshawn Mars (NFA)
    3. Colin Partap (CFA)
    4. Joseph Taylor (TTFRA)
    5. Sharon Warrick (WOLF)

    We need two more. Let’s see who, if any, will join these five. Waiting on Selby Browne (VFOTT) and Bandele Kamau (EFA) to show up.

    • Keith Look Loy the only way to get things done – call people out publicly..well done!

    • Selby Browne should be forthcoming! What about Downer?

    • Brian Harry Downer is not a Board member. And Selby? Wait…

    • Selby Browne I strongly suggest that you attend the emergency TTFA board meeting. I know from our discussions over the years you want to see all things in TT well organized. Great opportunity to make a stance

    • Wait a minute wasn’t Selby the guy who recommended “strong reprimand” for DJW (or was that Downer)? Lasana Liburd If I’m wrong please advise …. either way character is required for matters of integrity and change.

    • Malik Johnson That was Downer.

    • Still waiting for Selby and Kamau to join us.

    • The other Board members are,

      Julia Baptiste (TTPL)
      Ewing Davis (VP)
      Sherwyn Dyer (ECFU)
      Anthony Moore (TFA)

      We waiting on Julia too, for that matter. TTPL men reading this (as they are) need to get her to sign up for this.

    • the biggest issue in TT is the crisis and culture of corruption. The average Trini speaks about the corrupt politicians and other persons in high places. What the average Trini ignores is that your choice to speak up also signals your willingness to act with integrity. When other board members say “me ain’t getting involved in that bacchanal”, they are being complicit in the corruption and thus they have lost the moral right to speak against wrongdoing. I called on Selby Browne because a few years ago I went to a TT game at the stadium and he sat one seat immediately in front of me. The TT team played badly! He and I spoke throughout the game about the state of the local game and why teams are not well prepared etc. naturally the convo went into the TTFA. Selby spoke about the way in which the organization is run etc and why things won’t get better. So given that I’ve known him a long time and is a pal and former QRC, I know that I can call on him to do the right thing. And given that he has some views contrary to what we are witnessing, I expect him to go to the meeting and vote out DJW. We must stand behind our words. Trinidad and Tobago is a corrupt country because the average Trini is a corrupt person. When a politician could treat you bad for 4 years and come and give you a t-shirt, bottle of rum or a Roti and you vote for them, that is corruption too. When u go to work and your boss asks a question and you give the answer you think he want to hear but not what you think is right, that is corruption too.

      Sorry this is long but we have to stop playing games

    • Brian Harry Selby cannot lattend a meeting that is not called. HE HAS TO JOIN WITH THE FIVE OF US (NAMED ABOVE) TO FORCE JOHN-WILLIAMS TO CALL THE MEETING. This right here is yet another opporrunity for him and Kamau to pass the proverbial examination of horns. They failed the last two.

    • Keith Look Loy I understand that and I’m simply saying that he should join the chorus of those who want to meet and then attend.

    • Keith Look Loy thanks Keith…stand corrected

    • Malik Johnson When I moved the motion on behalf of FC Santa Rosa I was seen by many as a nuisance. Downer scuttled it. Now, I hate to say it, but…..

    • Keith Look Loy facts are facts whether you say it or not ……

    • Malik Johnson Nah. I won’t be so crass as to say “I told you so”.

    • Keith, you see I have been trained through the following, rules learned from my mentor ( who incidentally worked in TT as an expat for 6 years. And always said “never trust the first answer out of a Trinis mouth”)

      (1) you have an obligation to dissent
      (2) if you don’t speak up then you own the outcome
      (3) you have an obligation to call out your colleague because we go as one

      The board has to step up and kick this man out! Anything less is …….

    • Friendly matches coming up in June. Let’s see who from the Board on the plane.

      Davis and Moore are regular flyers. Quan Chan went Russia. Dyer went to Wales. Let’s see. ?

    • Still waiting for colleagues from EFA and VFOTT to support the call for an emergency Board meeting.

  13. The truth is all he has to do is resign and all this falls on the TTFA organisation he as an individual is devoid of all responsibility and those “nutsless wonders” on the TTFA board too stupid to see that…..leaving the TTFA debt riddled and impotent to help run any of our programs….the fools!!!!

  14. Is DJW and Dave Cameron related in any way

  15. LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO John William’s just dont care about nobody Hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahah

  16. DJW big, bad and bold with his incompetence and dishonesty; I get that. What I can not understand is how an organization with a membership just under 50 and a board can allow this to continue? Do these people go to church, mosque or temple? What do they tell their children about honesty and principle? If this is reflective of the society we in serious kaka.

  17. I have demanded an emergency Board meeting and called on Board members to support my call. If they do not accept this final opportunity to do something to stop this man and to save TTFA then the Board is irretrievably complicit in all that is going on and is completely useless.

  18. This man is a crook. Plain and simple.

  19. The man is a crook. Plain and simple.

  20. Selfish movement leave youth and our future at a loss

  21. Lasana Liburd, If money is being shifted around and hidden, would that be contempt of court??

    • Brian Jordan not only that but Fraud Squad and FIU will soon be involved!

    • Damian R. Scott hmmm.. staying tuned

    • Damian R. Scott will they be able to actually press charges on the actual individual or does it just fall under the TTFA organisation?

    • Malik Johnson the charges will be against the individuals. The organisation isn’t a ‘person’ in the eyes of the law; TTFA can’t make ‘ah jail’. But King David is a different proposition. Comingling of funds is a huge no-no that can also damage FCB’s reputation. I doubt FCB will take a willing drag with him over US $24000…

    • Timothy the organization isn’t a “person” in a human sense, but it’s very much its own entity an can be charged as any individual can. That’s why there are provisions for “corporate” penalties. It’s next to impossible to prosecute individual board members and corporate officers when they act on behalf of the organization. They have to really overstep their authority, or otherwise engage in real malfeasance to even get charged.

    • Nigel S. Scott would it be subject to a ruling or judgement of contempt of court? Would that ruling or judgement be against individual or TTFA or both?

    • Brian the organization certainly could be found in contempt, and the court very well could extend liability to a corporate officer. I think this is the risk that Williams is running when he takes such a personal, hands on, and unilateral approach to running the TTFA. A defense to any personal liability is that you acted in the best interest of the organization. But it’s hard to make that argument when you insist on doing everything alone and shrouded in darkness. Such singleminded bullheadedness cannot be in the best interest of the TTFA, there’s a reason why there’s an Executive Committee. He hurts the organization, and he exposes himself to personal liability. That’s why I said some time ago that the TTFA lawyer stealing money… because he sure ain’t working for it.

  22. Anyway, ent I tell allyuh so, long time

  23. Glad to hear this, its about time they get rid of this man, things will run good.

  24. Hey, Lasana! Do you think this will be a topic of discussion for Prancing Knave? So far they’re discussing Special Olympics.

  25. Time for #fifanormalizationcommittee

  26. The board and he should all resign. The board is complicit! This is time for Harikari

    • Brian Harry I said this months ago…the Board is complicit in this…when KLL took this before the Board the rest of them folded and started to suck on the man toes…. they are the ones that have created this crap….. missing meetings purposely to avoid a quorum…. etc etc

  27. Will administrators be bought in to ensure the futsal team and the lawyers get their money?

  28. Why don’t they jail this man for contempt of court??

  29. Why is “his money ” in the TTFA account? That reeks of, shall I say, “irregularity”.

  30. With barely a quarter of the year gone, King David is already considering 2019 annus horriblis!
    If it were anyone else, they’d be embarrassed into positive action but clearly King David is bereft of guilt and shame.

    Whither goes the TTFA now? How will its day-to-day operations function with capital in absentia?

  31. where the rest ah the money gone?
    Futsal guys have to discover the destination of the balance of the funds.
    Where is the BOARD in all this?
    This is a travesty

  32. Where d WConnection possee now? #fakenews? #NoCollusion? ……

  33. This man bankrupt the TTFA ……. 4 million TT in two months? …….. WConnection Supporters please feel free to defend your angelic boss now …..

  34. How that good for DJW? Is not his accounts under judgements
    It’s ttfa


  36. And you know what the S$%#hound daily media will not report on this…. they are like that…. everyone of them on the take….. they never report anything negative for fear of losing the perks of business class to away games

  37. The Board should immediately call a meeting and get rid of this man. This is beyond anyone’s imagination. The court should have also ordered any additional money coming onto the account be immediately garnished.
    Those who support this crap should be proud of themselves as they had many opportunities to get rid of this individual. How can people still justify working for this man?

  38. What?Yuh lie! YOu see why DJW is failure? It good for him, the bastard!

  39. You know what is sad abiut this situation is there are minions still supporting this man

  40. Now this whole entire thing is sickening. TTFA is absolute crooks, blew through all that money and not a DIME for women’s football!

  41. This means the money for super league and pro league could end up in creditors hands