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Big man for big job? Lawrence on verge of Soca Warriors post after board rejects Fevrier

Former World Cup 2006 defender and Everton FC assistant coach Dennis Lawrence looks to be on the verge of the Trinidad and Tobago National Senior Team head coaching position, after the TTFA board of directors rejected the technical committee’s preferred choice, Stuart Charles-Fevrier.

Lawrence, who spent six years as assistant coach at England top flight clubs Everton FC and Wigan Athletic and is now a scout at the Belgium national team, is believed to be hammering out details with the Football Association.

Photo: Former Everton FC assistant coach Dennis Lawrence. (Copyright Everton Forum)
Photo: Former Everton FC assistant coach Dennis Lawrence.
(Copyright Everton Forum)

Unlike recently departed Soca Warriors head coach Tom Saintfiet—who received a three month deal—Lawrence has allegedly been offered a three year contract that will take him through to the 2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup.

It is almost certainly the longest contract to be given to a Men’s National Senior Team head coach in this millennium.

W Connection coach Stuart Charles-Fevrier had his eye on the post and received the backing of the majority of the TTFA technical committee. Wired868 understands that four of the six committee members voted for Fevrier while two—including chairman Dexter Skeene—chose former Central FC and England World Cup defender Terry Fenwick.

Fevrier and Fenwick are the two most successful coaches in the history of the TT Pro League.

Contrary to claims in one daily newspaper that former World Youth Cup coach Bertille St Clair had walked out on the technical committee, St Clair is understood to have voted over the telephone. The Tobagonian is recovering from recent health issues and has not attended a committee meeting in months.

However, the relaying of the technical committee’s decision took a very different turn to what transpired just last month when Saintfiet was selected.

Then, TTFA president David John-Williams, the co-founder of W Connection, was the only person to negotiate with the candidates. And John-Williams told the board that Saintfiet was the only coach who was available and affordable.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president David John-Williams (second from left) welcomes new National Senior Team coach Tim Saintfiet (second from right) during a press conference at the Marriott Hotel on 7 December 2016. Looking on is new general secretary Justin Latapy-George (far left) and technical director Muhammad Isa. (Courtesy Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president David John-Williams (second from left) welcomes new National Senior Team coach Tim Saintfiet (second from right) during a press conference at the Marriott Hotel on 7 December 2016.
Looking on is new general secretary Justin Latapy-George (far left) and technical director Muhammad Isa.
(Courtesy Wired868)

Once bitten, it seems, and twice shy.

If, as conspiracy theorists believe, John-Williams’ intention was always to oust former head coach Stephen Hart and get someone to act as scapegoat before introducing Fevrier, then it backfired spectacularly.

After Saintfiet’s disastrous, short-lived reign and John-Williams’ refusal to accept any responsibility for the farce, there appeared to have been a concerted effort by the technical committee to take control of the process on this occasion.

So, Skeene and his committee conducted the interviews—rather than John-Williams—and agreed on the financial package, length of tenure and deliverables for the new coach.

And, when the board was called in to rule on the next Warriors head coach, there was now a wealth of information available for the members to make an informed decision.

John-Williams offered to recuse himself from the deliberations, due to his closeness with Fevrier. According to two sources, the TTFA president appeared surprised and possibly annoyed that the board accepted his offer.

Photo: W Connection owner David John-Williams (second from left), coach Stuart Charles-Fevrier (centre) and defender Joel Russell (far left) say a prayer of thanks after securing the 2013/14 Pro League trophy at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)
Photo: W Connection owner David John-Williams (second from left), coach Stuart Charles-Fevrier (centre) and defender Joel Russell (far left) say a prayer of thanks after securing the 2013/14 Pro League trophy at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)

In his absence, TTFA vice-president Ewing Davis chaired the meeting. Joanne Salazar, John-Williams’ second vice-president, remained in the meeting although she worked as a consultant for Connection since 2011. But her presence, according to one source, was not felt to be a distraction to the talks.

The technical committee made Fevrier its first choice with Fenwick as runner-up with four votes to two. However, all candidates were listed in order of preference from one to four—and Lawrence was everyone’s second choice.

The remaining prospective coach was Colombian Francisco Maturana who was also felt to be a capable choice. But members balked at his supposed request for a three to five year deal.

Former National Senior Team head coach and present youth director, Russell Latapy, was ruled out by the committee and the board, as they allegedly felt he could better serve the country in his current position.

Once more, Latapy might be asked to help as assistant coach as he did with Saintfiet.

However, with the polarising figures of Fevrier and Fenwick at the top of the list, the TTFA board decided that Lawrence was the best choice—or, arguably, the safest—although he has never worked before as a head coach.

Photo: Central FC coach Terry Fenwick (right) tries to get a reaction from his squad in the 2015 Caribbean Cup final. Looking on is W Connection coach Stuart Charles-Fevrier. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)
Photo: Central FC coach Terry Fenwick (right) tries to get a reaction from his squad in the 2015 Caribbean Cup final.
Looking on is W Connection coach Stuart Charles-Fevrier.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)

As always, there were concerns about working with Fenwick’s fiery personality while Fevrier’s Connection connection and supposedly lukewarm interview appeared to work against him.

The decision is not yet finalised and Wired868 understands that the six foot seven ex-international defender still has to agree to the terms on offer, which is believed to include deliverables that will allow his work to be assessed periodically.

Although Lawrence was not the immediate favourite, all parties were said to have been impressed by his interview, his successful international career and his time as understudy to Spanish coach Roberto Martinez.

Lawrence, who was interviewed by telephone last Saturday, is said to have shown a knowledge of the job required as Warriors coach in terms of team discipline and fitness. He also reportedly gave an impressive pitch for strengthening the team’s defensive structure.

In another unprecedented move, the TTFA board decided that Skeene, rather than president John-Williams, should be the person to make the announcement to the media.

Skeene is expected to hold a press conference tomorrow.

Photo: Stern John (second from right) celebrates with goal scorer Dennis Lawrence (centre), Kenwyne Jones (far right), Aurtis Whitley (second from left) and Cyd Gray after going ahead against Bahrain in a famous 2006 World Cup playoff contest on 16 November 2005. (Copyright AFP 2014)
Photo: Stern John (second from right) celebrates with goal scorer Dennis Lawrence (centre), Kenwyne Jones (far right), Aurtis Whitley (second from left) and Cyd Gray after going ahead against Bahrain in a famous 2006 World Cup playoff contest on 16 November 2005.
(Copyright AFP 2014)

“I am really happy with the process in [this appointment],” one board member told Wired868, on the condition of anonymity. “We really worked as a unit. I think it was the best meeting I have been involved with under this administration.”

Radio talk show host Andre Baptiste, whose I95.5FM radio station is the official station of the TTFA, posted about Lawrence’s job future this afternoon and it is expected to be a topic for discussion this evening.

By all indications, Lawrence and the TTFA have not yet agreed terms for the big man to take over the big coaching job. But it appears to be his to accept or refuse. It was Lawrence’s headed goal against Bahrain—in a FIFA play off contest in Manama on 17 November 2005—that took the Soca Warriors to the Germany 2006 World Cup. He will now hope to be just as pivotal in getting his country to the Russia 2018 World Cup.

John-Williams, sources alleged, was not amused.

Saintfiet might have been a disaster on the football field. But it appears that, in the TTFA board room, the obscure Belgian might have had a galvanising effect on football stakeholders who were no longer willing to be sit on their hands and be a rubber stamp.

Photo: Former Trinidad and Tobago national coach Ron La Forest (left) makes a point to Pro League CEO Dexter Skeene. (Courtesy Allan V. Crane/Wired868.com)
Photo: Former Trinidad and Tobago national coach Ron La Forest (left) makes a point to Pro League CEO Dexter Skeene.
(Courtesy Allan V. Crane/Wired868.com)

The current TTFA board of directors comprises: David John-Williams (president), Joanne Salazar, Ewing Davis and Allan Warner (vice-presidents), Samuel Saunders (Central FA), Sherwyn Dyer (Eastern Counties Football Union), Karanjabari Williams (Northern FA), Richard Quan Chan (Southern FA), Anthony Moore (Tobago FA), Joseph Taylor (Trinidad and Tobago Football Referees Association), Sharon O’Brien (Women’s League Football), Wayne Cunningham (Eastern FA) and Dexter Skeene (TT Pro League).

The TTFA technical committee comprises: Dexter Skeene (chairman), Dr Alvin Henderson (vice-chairman), Bertille St Clair (former World Youth Cup coach), Errol Lovell (former national goalkeeper), Jinelle James (ex-national player and current administrator) and Muhammad Isa (technical director).

About Lasana Liburd

Lasana Liburd
Lasana Liburd is the CEO and Editor at Wired868.com and a journalist with over 20 years experience at several Trinidad and Tobago and international publications including Play the Game, World Soccer, UK Guardian and the Trinidad Express.

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  1. That’s the question though who ovesees ttfa affairs …do the leaders of the clubs have a vote of ‘no confidence’? …what are the processes in place to have this guy’s position reevaluated? He was voted in so shouldn’t the same group with backing from the clubs have the power to vote him out??

  2. Enough of this beating around the bush nonsense …….DAVID JOHN WILLIAMS ……… is currently the biggest problem with our football now at alll levels!!! The structure this and the structure that and the committee eh have no balls and all that crap … if things are put in place to progress … he utilises his position to undermine it …. if he doesn’t want it he stops it so a vote is not a vote unless its a vote he agrees with …… his knowledge of the game is at a simplistic level (at best) … his powers of bias and manipulation are however on a frighteningly heightened level …. he fired hart, chose tom and blocked Dennis wtf else you need to see who the problem is and what our goals need to be? He needs to be removed ….. first 2nd and 3rd agenda.

  3. The difference between TTFA and the circus is the circus has a cunning array of stunts while TTFA has a stunning array of c–ts! Lol

  4. A few weeks ago, I commented that we in tt need to build a solid corporate structure to run and manage football. So many objected and so many doltish things were said. Well today we have further evidence that My statement had merit. That would never have happened under Sunil Gulati – who never played soccer in his life. One person said football has to be run by people who know football. I’ve been thinking of that and daily it sounds more and more vacuous as no one can define what “knows football” means. Our TTFA board and technical committee have lots of people who know football and are former players at various levels and coaches! Yet they bungle everything! They have no credibility with the government or the private sector. They are useless. Then Keith look Loy had the nerve to compare them with Ringling Brothers – what an insult to Barnum and Bailey. Lol. Some one else said “they don’t know they are clowns”. I disagree, they do know, but they are so inept that they cannot make money from it. This was an opportunity to redeem themselves – make a good decision and do it the right way! That pass back to the goalie went through their legs for an own goal. TT football is at its lowest and it has nothing to do with our small size, lack of money or lack of talent. It has to do with lack of competence and lack of proper moral command at the technical committee and board levels

  5. Obviously! So cohesion and chemistry that is needed is never a quick fix,even the 2006 coach struggled a bit most times also Gallup had a problem with Dwight and Latapy on the field at the same time so this lack of urgency to get the right coach could also be the nail in the coffin because of the time constraint facing him/her?

  6. And it is even worst today because some of the committee members have players representing some of the professional teams eh and their players have to get caps in order to get real professional contracts abroad so that their clubs and owners can make plenty monies when their players are sold eh Them really good yes.

  7. Exactly there’s the problem right there,we always try to give the coach players that the committee recommends

  8. Hence the reason why from a very long time ago Coach Everad Gally Cummings was calling for us to have one style and philosophy of playing our football that all Coaches in our sweet country would have followed, but nobody took him on and that was because of their own personal agendas and look where our football is today eh, they are even hutting up their heads just to nominate the next incoming Coach of our Soca Worries. steeuppsss Them really good yes

  9. Honestly I have played with so many graceful players in the past National league and within the Pro league that I though would go on to have longer international careers with T+T but to many different style coaches are being selected to head our senior team…to make a long story short if the New Coach like Direct football we cannot expect South American style players in the team and vice versa…

  10. I would remove the word biasness for style.lol

  11. I don’t know what you is speaking about when you say biasness nah, because as you know when I use to do my thing back in days in my second sweetest country the players better come well trained already and knows the subject eh, because they wasn’t making my team at all and don’t blame me for being programed that way nah because I was trained by the best Jan Steadman, Everard Gally Cummings, and Kenny Joseph so Irasto Knights, Dwight Yorke, Russell Latapy, Jerron Nixon, Arnold Dwarika, Kerwin Jemmott “Hardest”, Anthony Sherwood, Cornell Glen and David Nahkid, they all would have been playing on my team and at the same time to eh and that is the problem with our national teams, the right players sometimes doesn’t be playing together because of somebody’s agendas and yes the fans wants a culture to our play. Them really good yes

  12. Earl Mango Pierre,Lasana Liburd,Earl Jean Do we favor a certain style of player we like within ourselves and teams,my self included…My opinion is yes!
    Is it fair to say I would select Irasto before Dwight,Nixon instead of Dwarika or Hardest in front of Sherwood and Jones up front before Glen?….I would but….
    Who ever the new coach is and his liking,would he satisfy the majority of fans by results of game or do the fans want a culture to our play?
    Looking for a response ??

    • Anthony Sherwood I played against you many times in ASJA I even played for Pres in sunshine snacks with Branker and others you are indeed a wonderful talent but I am making a coaches point ??

  13. Dennis to Dennis: stay where yuh is padnah. people in this forum seldom wrong. and the overwhelming consensus is stacked against the T&T team going forward in the Hex, and the TTFA will be looking for a scapegoat. You deserve better than a stacked deck.

  14. I believe he is going to do well given the reality check they have all been going through as players,I stand by all my Trini players fighting for their spots overseas??

  15. Lord put a hand! Just when it seems like TTFA was making pragmatic decisions, DJW allegedly threw a spanner in the wheel.
    Dictatorial DJW is allegedly attempting to veto the negotiations of the TTFA Executive Committee by reducing the offer made to Dennis Lawrence.
    The President’s offer allegedly equate to what he offered Saintfiet – a match to match contract rather than one for a three-year period, with reduced compensation although funds are allegedly provided by a FIFA Development grant.
    It is understood that Dennis has requested TTFA to straighten things out within a day or two else he’s not interested.
    It will be interesting to see how much balls the TTFA executive has by whether it can relegate DJW as a figurehead presy, in the greater interest of TT football.
    I imagine, under the TTFA constitution they have the powers. But do they have the balls?!

  16. If Latas don’t get it they have to go back to hart !!! Can’t see the others that remain taking us anywhere!!

  17. hahahahaha Mr. bound not to score eh Them really good yes.

  18. He will never make tata side regularly, he will play tata

  19. hahahahaha Nah right now he has returned to my sweetest second country and is training very hard to represent his new team in the MLS 2017 season eh, so he will be ready to represent our Soca Worries.Them really good yes Trini Don

  20. So his blueprint is clear . Don’t invest in the senior team and fund the under 20s , “his” coach Brian Williams and shop around his W Connection prospects when they tour Colombia for 27 days .

    We are 2 games into a Hex and this man trying to find the cheapest match to match option (Saintfiet) and now when the options fighting back on it being a long term contract he being stubborn . We have 8 games . Eight ! Minimum contract should be a one year as the hex runs through 2017

  21. Which ever coach get selected, and picks Kenwyne jones in the starting team, bet your bottom dollar thats a shithound Coach !!!!!

  22. Hmmm. So. Is. Either. Latapy. Eho. Failed. Arready. Maturana. Who. Fail. Arready. Fervier. Jdw. Palo. Maybe. Fenwick. Or. Eve. Hnmm

  23. Dennis Lawrence just rejected TTFA’s job offer. Good for him! Why risk your career on something that could be a huge career risk!

  24. Dennis Lawrence has rejected the terms of the TTFA’s offer to be Trinidad and Tobago National Senior Team head coach. Wired868 will provide more details of the developments this evening.

  25. BTW DJW agreed to a three-year contract for new TT Women coach, Italian Carolina Morace, whose compensation package is in the vicinity of US $22k a month with housing and vehicle, paid for through FIFA Development Fund.
    Dennis is reportedly willing to accept a lesser pay packet but no less than a three-year contract.
    If the compensation aspects are being accessed from FIFA Development Fund, why is DJW trying to countermand the TTFA Board’s three-year offer with an insulting month-to-month take it or leave it contract?!!!

    • Why should one give Dennis a three year contract? You serious? The women’s coach at least has a track record that suggests she’s deserving of that. What does Dennis have to show on his resume? The man is yet to lead a single team. Zero experience. And who cares where the money coming from. Not sure why that’s important. It’s TTFA and by extension our dollars. Doesn’t mean we go throwing it and every Tom, Dick and Harry.

  26. Siewdath, I understand the sticking point wasn’t the wage structure actually. And that it was not a match-to-match arrangement. I have gotten information and will say more when I am finished writing.
    I should have my story ready for about 3pm.

  27. I do not know of his temperament but I would prefer him over the rest at this time. Whoever gets the nod has to get these guys on a real fitness programme urgently coupled with a proper Nutrition.

  28. I think the Technical Committee should be dissolved. Really disappointed in some of those guys. I had the privilege to work under some of them. Expected much more from them. Their common sense is just non existent when it comes to decision making. Sad because it’s a very educated Tech. Committee. I guess “common sense” will always come before “book sense” right.

  29. From what I gather, Dennis is willing to sacrifice compensation in the interest of developing TT football via a three-year contract.
    He is not that focused on pay per se. He also has his own house in Arima so he’s not interested in TTFA housing. He’d need a vehicle though.

  30. The sticking point is match-to-match contract (insists DJW) v three-year development contract (proposed by TTFA Board and accepted by Dennis)

  31. John Williams love to stick his beak in everything eh. Poor guy, just don’t know when to relax. So clueless. Very pushy.

  32. Tall man stay where you are

  33. Lord put a hand! Just when it seems like TTFA was making pragmatic decisions, DJW had to throw a spanner in the wheel.
    Dictatorial DJW is attempting to veto the negotiations of the TTFA Executive Committee by reducing the offer made to Dennis Lawrence.
    The President’s offer equate to what he offered Saintfiet – a match to match contract rather than one for a three-year period, with reduced compensation although funds are allegedly provided by a FIFA Development grant.
    It is understood that Dennis has requested TTFA to straighten things out within a day or two else he’s not interested.
    It will be interesting to see how much balls the TTFA executive has by whether it can relegate DJW as a figurehead presy, in the greater interest of TT football.
    I imagine, under the TTFA constitution they have the powers. But do they have the balls?!

    • Only a piper coach like Saintfiet would accept that rubbish

    • The betting starts……my dictator president will have his way. Them really good yes. hahahahhaha

    • And I warned my foreign base Trini Coach Hart about some of these third World mentality folks in our sweet country to eh, but fuss he loves our sweet country the same like me eh, he wudda even Coach for free to eh. Them really good yes.

    • And if my Coach Hart was given all the support the same like Coach Leo Benhakker it wudda be a done deal, not try to control him eh and he played right into their hands. Them really good yes.

    • I hope this is not true. Anybody deserves security in their work. And if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. Keith Look Loy this ain’t a racist comment lol

    • DJW knows which tree to climb yes

    • Siewdath Persad All soldiers and my police be it current or ex are brainwashed into always serving our sweet country eh and even if it is mean’t doing it for free Them really good yes. hahahahahaha

    • Boom, Boom. Boom. Hence the reason why eh. Them really good yes.

    • And on the other hand let’s be real, how can anyone in their right thinking minds hire a Coach, who never was the head Coach of any real professional team, have no real professional Coaching experience hence the reason why he isn’t coaching any team at present, and he is being hired to coach our Soca Worries and he wants a 3 year deal best my dictator president apologizes to my Coach Hart and recycle him. Alyuh really feel that my dictator president is ah jokey business man or what and hence the reason why Mr Live Wire cannot really present Dennis Lawrence CV eh. steeuupppss Them really good yes.

    • Siewdath Persad that’s not a good thing! Undervaluing himself

    • Mango, even though he has not been a Head Coach, he was Assistant Coach in the top tier of one of the best leagues in the world, and that speaks very loudly. I do not question his qualifications nor his suitability for position, if anything, I could question his sanity if he allows himself to be dictated by the TTFA and compromise his credibility. I believe he has the balance that can lead us to some respectability in the footballing world. I really hope that the TTFA gives him the reins, and not limit him by number of matches etc to prove himself, the best coach in the world will need time. I wait for decision

    • I understand what you is saying eh Che Abrams but isn’t it the same as the previous Coach Tom, who was hired and never really proved himself as a Coach with respect to winning, and now a Coach Dennis who doesn’t have any stats at all wants to be the Coach of our Soca Worries, let him really prove himself the same like Leo Benhakker and my Coach Hart nah and then get back to the TTFA especially if the plan is still to try to qualify for the 2018 World Cup in Russia Them really good yes.

    • Earl Mango Pierre Russia is a dream, especially under current environment. We need to be realistic, give Russia a chance, but focus on 2022. With the current candidates, even with their Head Coach titles, can their experiences equate to Dennis? Fervier a Head Coach of WC vs DL an Ass’t Coach of Everton. Unless they are bringing in Maturana, the TTFA on wrong track at this time. just saw Lasana post that Dennis rejected offered, happy he will not allowchimself to be judged by a handful of games with a team and structure that is in disarray.

    • Match to match contract he should put the W connection coaches on that system. I bet you by morning he has no coaches

    • Well I wudda done the same thing especially when they want to coach my Soca Worries and have no stats the same like my foreign base Coach Tom eh, ah set ah bootleg Coaches that feel that they entitled to Coach my Soca Worries team Steeuuppss. Them really good yes. hahahahahaha

    • I am not in agreement for no 3yr contract but worst a month to month….give him the World Cup campaign then decide

    • Any local coach for that matter but pay the past coaches and assistant first

  34. MATURAna. Tried. And. Fail. Lately. Also. I. Believe. Tallest. Is. The. Man

  35. If he is chosen … hope he gets a chance beyond just the upcoming qualifiers ..!

  36. Siewdath Persad, what have you heard?

  37. And now that they woke up and realized that we have to build up our local professional players, they should also keep it local with respect to our real professional Coaches eh, well at least for the next three years and then they will decide if they want to return to my foreign base Coaches. Them really good yes.

    • i really want to say something but i would behave myself dis morning

    • Nah man, nah man Shawn Babooram continue to share your wisdom nah man, I am still learning eh, and you guys have the subject down pack, so talk nah.

    • Shawn Babooram u have permission to mash up de place

    • earl if the local players failing i wonder if the local coaching have anything to do with it just asking i not sure nah

    • Oh Gosh man Shawn Babooram today is the bacchanal day eh, so just start to bacchanal them up nah man. hahahaha

    • not all of then eh but most of them

    • So what is the position of the previous assistant coaches if Dennis is giving the 3yr contract?…did he agree that he wants to work with them?.,or did they agree that he should lead them? Before I go further??

    • Being in the business for many, many moons Shawn Babooram our players for some reason gives plenty more respect to the foreign base Coaches and yes although Terry has been living in our sweet country for over 18 yrs he is still considered to be my foreign base Coach and I am 1000% certain that he can get the job done given his chances and on the other hand some of our real professional local Coaches doesn’t get that same kind of respect for some reason and I know why but I won’t say because some folks might say that I am talking like a racist. Them really good yes.

    • Kurtwyn Baird i so some people posting that he turned down the contract the TTFA offered him not sure now ture that is

    • Earl Mango Pierre well said you need someone like TF to inspire players in a dressing room wen you are a goal down at half time some one like him to lift the players an get results i think he is the go to guy at this point cuz we need ah drastic measures now

    • Earl Mango Pierre in my view we are not disciplined in anything that we do and in sports discipline is very important. Natural talent could only take you so far

    • and TF gets dat out of the players nobody not sayin u cant be close to ur players but always keep them in dat fright dat wen it comes to business end on the game day u not jokin u can be mean for results cuz it can benefit team coach player and country

    • And I also agree with you 1000% just imagine that when I use to do my thing back in my second sweetest country I will give my players my rules and regulations and after the season the fines use to be almost $3000 US monies for breaking my rules I use to say to myself but these Trini players really have mental issues eh and I see it continuing to this day with some of the players on our national teams eh Shawn Babooram. Them really good yes.

    • Earl Mango Pierre exactly from my school days playin as the coach tell my teamates or a player he have skills dat is it dey nobody cant talk to dem again dem feel dey bigger dan d game and it still happenin now even at international level

    • You know some folks when I told them that I was returning to our sweet country to live, they was hoping that I really get involved with the football and be part of the TTFA as the manager of the players because of how I know our players and the way that I treat them etc, etc, eh but I said to them not me nah, because the next thing they want to put a gag order on me the same like what they did to my Prof Jamaal Shabazz eh, I am not leaving wired et all, et all, et all nah and I won’t stop singing like a canary eh until they all get their acts together in our sweet country with respect to our players and the beautiful game eh Them really good yes hahahahaha

    • wait nah as i see that name what going on with the elite under fourteen program any up dates on that.

    • Earl Mango Pierre them really good for true lol lets jus see who dey will pick hope its TF i really do

    • hahahahaha Very good question Shawn Babooram Them really good yes

    • So they don’t want to give Terry Fenwick the Coaching job because they just doesn’t like his character and they cannot give my Prof Stuart Charles Fevrier because it will be a conflict of interest because my dictator president is the owner off the professional team W- Connection that he Coaches and has been very successful for many years. Them really good yes. hahahahaha

    • right now i think any one of us could be name the coach the way them going

    • Earl Mango Pierre but yuh seein dat

    • from every thing i have read dis morning those two are the only two still in the running

    • I hear they talking to Beenhakker

    • So now they want to bring back a retiree eh, well best they just recycle Everad Gally Cummings eh Them really good yes hahahahaha

    • Earl Mango Pierre one more thing on the coaches. these coaches that having training one day for the week and taking people money need to get rid of them.

    • Well as you and I know it is always about the monies by anyway necessary eh why do you think that the folks in the TTFA is having so many problems with really getting our football on the right track eh, it is always about their personal agendas and the monies eh like they all want to continue to follow in the footsteps of meh corrupted uncle Jack Warner steeuuppss. Them really good yes.

    • What if the players write and say they don’t want TF eh?

    • Sad but true this is the little game a ring a ring of roses pocket filled of posses???

    • I am all for giving a local Coach the job on a yearly basis.I have coached in the Pro league through youth and senior levels,I have even owned my super league team Couva players United that was very successful before I left Trini,I know how important for Local coaches it is to be giving the chance to guide or country out of this dilemma but our administration need to pay what is owed to others first? Show some respect to all coaches…no one got the job without it being offered to them

    • Just look how the players gather around Terry eh Kurtwyn Baird and as you and I know that it isn’t everyone that will like you as a Coach, you remember what also happened in 2006 when my players finally stood up to my corrupted uncle Jack Warner to finally get their well deserved millions that was promised to them eh it started of with 16 players minus Denzil Theobold and Silvio Reinaldo Spann who said that they was looking for it so they didn’t want to be part, then Russell The Magician Latapy couldn’t either because he knew that someday he wudda be coaching our national teams and didn’t wanted to be black listed along with his partner in crime Dwight The Assassin Yorke who use to always stay by meh uncle Jack whenever he came from Tobago and as you and I know one must never bite the hands that feeds you, then comes the soldiers who could never go against the TTFA Dennis Lawrence, Carlos Edwards, Anthony Rougiere, Clayton Ince, Jason Scotland, then it bolled down to 13 players because Mr. Bound not to score KJ decided to pull out hence the reason why he wasn’t black listed and became the captain and still have to be on the team today, Marvin Andrews, and Chris Birchall hence the reason why he was given that send off by my uncle Tim Kee when he was the president so you see not all the players does stand up for what they know is the right thing to do eh it is always about their personal agendas . Them really good yes

    • Mango i dont get involve in these debates etc. But when my name call i will. Let me correct you. When i just got on the national team with Travis Mulrain and brent sancho them, they decided to strike and i was front and centre with the ones who stood up. This was under Hannibal Najar. We were then all dropped from the team and a certain one went behind our back to najar to play so they can get their caps for work permit. Anyway… I never shy away from what i believe is right and our due as players. Concerning the fight against Mr Warner, as you know i was injured and was recovering in England when Atiba Charles called me and said that they were going to fight for the money they are owed. This was a contract that was signed by the players and me warner prior to the wcup for 33 1/3% of all generated income. From my understanding this contract was amended(unbeknownst) to me since i wasnt there in person, by mr warner verbally to 50%. After he saw the swededn game. I said to Atiba i am with any fight you guys propose. All of a sudden i see the list and my name not on it. Up to this day i have the contract. I never receive 1cent from this generated income and i was heavily involved in the accumulation of it. Im saying this to clear up what you said not for the money. Ok mr. 1luv.

    • I am very happy that you responded to clear the air Silvio Reinaldo Spann hence the reason why I have been calling for the Players Association that I started in 1992 in Brooklyn N.Y. to be up and running in our sweet country to protect and defend the rights of our players. Players cannot negotiate for themselves hence the reason when the ex- corrupted sports minister and the others made a mess of things and yourself and other players didn’t get what rightfully belonged to you all and I have a lot more to say but will end with this the reason why my Coach Hart lost the game against Jamaica in the Caribbean finals was because again for the madness that Mr Bound not to score KJ and others did just before the game negotiating for better salaries which of course was the wrong place and time and when the then General Secretary spoke to them they decided to play anyway as usual and this madness will always continue until the players in our sweet country receives the proper representation to finally stop the continuing exploitation against them once and for all . One Love to you the same my baller for life.

    • that is why I feel proud every day to have coached you and have had a positive impact in your rise to professional football Silvio Reinaldo Spann

    • I totally agree with the formation a a players association and thought that the time we had the game in the red and white FPATT jersey (which i still have btw) was the beginning of said association. Also that a portion of the income thst was generated from the wcup was to go towards this. There are questions to be answered. Again i dont believe that KJ not scoring was the reason. Why? Because at the end of the day professional footballers should be just that; Professional footballers. I do believe however, in the timing for specific matters. But as footballers what do you do when within all your efforts you try to get your justice in the right manner and no one wants to hear you? What do you do when you are asking for the same or similar level of professionalism as the foreign club you’re representing or even close and you arw forced to train with mediocre means? So many questions man the list goes on. Kenwin as the captain is an intelligent person and would of learnt a thing or two under the former soca warriors captain. Some Things i cant say to you here that i speak with Kurtwyn.

    • I fully understand my baller for life and yes the FPATT should have continued and never swept under the carpet and even the ones who started it that had other agendas as we see, somebody else should have taken up the mantle, but all is not lost because it will surely be happening in a timing very soon to defend the rights of all the future generations.

  38. ..I would not last a day in among that lot..

  39. So why can’t they both put aside their differences for the sake of our future football, our players, and our sweet country eh, and make certain that they have a real professional Technical Committee to also lead them in the right direction eh and also include Prof Keith Look Loy on that Technical committee eh. Them really good yes

  40. I don’t mind et all nah the underground betting pool is just getting sweeter and sweeter eh Them really good yes. hahahahaha

  41. i just wanna say the more time dem take to appoint a coach is less time the new coach will have to work with his players cuz march goin and reach up on us real fast

  42. Steve Harvey must be smiling!!

  43. only in Trinidad this mess could happen

  44. I wonder if DJW will say SCF was the second choice in his press conference ?

  45. So the fearless one has to be a little fearful sometimes…. a lil too brave

  46. He’s much smarter than we gave him credit for apparently

  47. Hearing Laurence has turned the job down. Can anyone confirm?

  48. At least they know they are a circus

  49. ..Meantime, USSF fired Klinsmann and Arena was in within twenty-four hours..

  50. ..Meantime, USSF fired Klinsmann and Arena was in within twenty-four hours..

  51. Premature announcement… Now thoroughly expecting to be disappointed with the announcement

  52. Cheyenne Hector I will be shocked if they do. I told you guys it’s a complete shambles. There needs to be a cleansing. Mind you, there are one or two who should be there.. but the rest.. lord have mercy

  53. Please give it to Terry . I really don’t want Maturana

  54. Lol oh god this country . Back to SCF it is .

  55. ..The report of Dennis Lawrence having been appointed national coach is incorrect. There were negotiations. And these have now been abandoned by Dennis..

  56. I hear you Colin. Yes Kelvin. He may be successful, especially if given proper support from management and players.

  57. we in de middle of qualifying..so this news taking the limelight…but we have to fix our football..in the office and the training pitches across tnt…from the youth level…so dennis or whoever have good young football “products” to work with…

  58. Brian.. that’s very true.. Southgate is more experienced than people realise.. he was a premier league manager and U21 manager for a few years.. the FA here has almost groomed him for the role.. it maybe came 5yrs early but he is equipped to do it. Hey.. Dennis may do well.. I really do t know what his role was at Everton.. if he coached the first team, the reserves, youths.. I don’t know. I think he has his UEFA A.. so he is equipped via the text book. But it’s not about badges.. it’s much much more than that.. man management is crucial, strong character, philosophy, tactical and technical awareness, motivational skills, passion, decision making.. the list is long.

  59. well…if DJW vex and annoyed by this…then i LIKE it….

  60. Sheldon Marcus this thing thickening more…not sure what to make of this whole situation bc whoever is the next coach gonna be heavily scrutinized

  61. To be fair. He has a body of work. Dennis does not

    • The ENG u 21 just like the seniors performed poorly in tournament play

      Granted the Southgate example is not the “perfect” cross comparison – it was the only one that came to mind right away. Allan Shearer at Newcastle or Zidane being given Real gig, Neville at Valencia, Whitmore for Jamaica or us giving Latapy the job in 09 – but the focus of the point is lure of most sports teams in picking a former notable player to be a coach once they have some management experience

      They are much more likely to be picked than a non elite manager who maybe wasn’t a former player

  62. Having seen the Under 21s a few times, I know they were pretty good tactically and had pretty decent results man.

  63. Colin. Gareth Southgate was manager of Middlesborough and of the England under 21 before being named .manager of the English senior team, so I don’t think his appointment compares to this hire.

    • Yea but neither was that successful and the British press argument initially was that those stints were not enough experience for him to become England manager – which is basis of any minor opposition against Lawrence becoming TT coach ever since Hart was wrongfully axed

  64. This won’t be too dissimilar to England hiring Gareth Southgate recently if it comes to pass

    Obviously “England” not the most eye catching example – but the logic of teams picking a notable former player who has some coaching experience, with the presumed ability to lift/inspired a team because of playing reputation is very common (albeit slightly controversial/risky) in the sporting world these days – that has a decent success/failure rate

  65. Presently Dennis Laurence is on the move upwards , Just hoping they not bringing him to T & T to spoil him . This country call T & T could spoil a bomb .

  66. Scotty Ranking

    Sad to say, Lasana, but I now miss the genuine and general incompetence of Raymond Tim Kee at the helm of the TTFA. During the Tim Keekeekee era, Trinidad & Tobago was considered a side in CONCACAF that few wanted to play against if advancement relied on defeating us!
    Maybe our players somehow perform better as a team when their main grouse with the president has to do with inexplicable penny-pinching and dubious austerity tactics.

  67. He would have to be mad or foolish to hang his hat with that lot……or his name is Phil Simmons and his employers are WICB.

  68. Great player for my team – Swansea City – and still much respected in Wales! He will to you proud!

  69. Scotty Ranking

    Dennis, I have knonw you for the better part of two decades now. I want to wish you nothing but success with the Herculean task you face if you accept the job. The road is not going to be easy at all but through willpower, strong minds and ability T&T can persevere in the Hex, prosper even!
    One word of warning, though: please tread carefully in what you do as coach. Your selection as the preferred candidate has thwarted King David’s plans for the annexation of W Connection and the national senior team, so I am certain DJW will be looking to pounce on any misstep you might make – inadvertent or otherwise. In which country does the football association president also own and (still) actively administer a professional league team and unilaterally hire coaches and staff from that same team to hold simultaneous portfolios with the national side?
    You find that making any sense? That not making any sense!

  70. y;all just make sure he gets paid just what they would have paid the other whiteboys…

    • Interestingly, from what I gather, Dennis is willing to sacrifice compensation in the interest of developing TT football via a three-year contract.
      He is not that focused on pay per se. He also has his own house in Arima so he’s not interested in TTFA housing. He’d need a vehicle though.

    • well if that is his approach he starting wrong already. beasts of no name have zero value or regard for such high notions. and respect nothing as such they get for free or cheap. these hooligans. but maybe that would work out if dennis wants to be a martyr. it will be more money for those who show up to support and ensure his success, behind the scenes.

      And you know i hate to say it. slave thinking again. I talk about the man being compensated as any other candidate who is white would and you talk to me about the man have a house.
      why do we think so small and picayune. ???

      wow. wow
      Blows my mind

    • them white boys too dont always come with house and houses, in different lands, ??? and cars already. and still get paid out the wazoo, especially when the pr is the have no money to pay anybody?? so wwhy ??? bring that up.

      but thanks eh.. you give me more info.

      Lasana Liburd. all the more reason to do the do.. ..and get Dennis Lawrence all his tools! toolboxes and resources!!!

    • BTW DJW agreed to a three-year contract for new TT Women coach, Italian Carolina Morace, whose compensation package is in the vicinity of US $22k a month with housing and vehicle, paid for through FIFA Development Fund.
      Dennis is reportedly willing to accept a lesser pay packet but no less than a three-year contract.
      If the compensation aspects are being accessed from FIFA Development Fund, why is DJW trying to countermand the TTFA three-year offer with an insulting month-to-month take it or leave it contract?!!!

    • Maven, by white boys you just mean foreign coaches right?

    • Siewdath Persad my point has been made Mr. Persad. Thank you for providing me the means to learn more.

      I read the whole thread and what is amazing to me is that Dennis Lawrence like most black and brown folk is far undervaluing their time and contributions, and if not that, has accounted zero for a budget to operate. Suppose he wanted to hire some people to aid in his mission and move quicker, further toward the teams’ success. Especially as this is a crunch time for the next and fast coming world cup.

      we just dont even know how to think and strategize, negotiate and construct plans.. even for jobs we are charged

      deeply regrettable

    • Lasana, it depends.
      I have no proof as of now that Local whites get paid less than local Black and Brown folks as I know that to be fact and record.

      it is a whole hierarchy you know. and i am not just talking football, but slave colonial racist employment dynamics that are in fact, global…

      unless you know how to negotiate, navigate and demand your equal due

    • I will not underestimate our brother. He is way brighter than what u r crediting him with.
      I believe he is negotiating well and in good faith.
      He has reportedly submitted a comprehensive detailed budget to facilitate hiring needed assistants over a three-year period.
      He is interested in the development of TT football.
      However, if he manages to qualify TT for the 2017 World Cup, I imagine the contract will entail a clause to renegotiate new terms and conditions.

    • key word: “you imagine”
      underestimate? brighter than what I am crediting?
      look at what you reported here for me to learn. you and others.
      Listen, only one person on this thread knows I am behind Lawrence 100%, but this thread does not bode well . if what you said were true, he would not have discounted himself . for any reason, even with his laudable intentions.

      lets let things play out. observe and take our appropriate corners.

      you know there are a lot of books and materials, articles and such documenting and proving how black folk are not very good in negotiating employment contracts and equal pay as with white counterparts. but what has never been written i dont think…is when those black folk need to negotiate with other black folk. that is a whole other kettle of fish that might actually be worse than when not your skinfolk.

      laying off the intense pedal now.

      later boys. thank you 😉

  71. He would have been a good asst to hart if they didn’t undermine hart..he’s not ready for the head coach position. .

  72. About time the stakeholders exercise their franchise. DJW is a dictator masquerading as a democratic leader. He must go! Hopefully, this is a sign of further shakeup to come. Lawrence will bring a nice style of play. I hope he leaves Roberto Martinez’ lack of attention to detail on the defensive side behind when he comes though.

    • What does that mean he will bring a nice style of play? That is assuming he have the talent at his disposal to implement such a system, no?

    • True. Hart was able to get the team to play out the back and break quickly on the counter. Of course I’m making assumptions based on whom Lawrence has learned his trade from. It’s understood that he’ll have to access the talent pool to see if they’re capable of adapting to his philosophy of how the game should be played.

    • He best have a results oriented philosophy if he wants this to go well. Of course it takes a little while for players and coaches to know each other. But top coaches don’t waste people’s time with such excuses. Results are what counts.

    • Not saying he must go out there and beat Mexico eh. But the name of the game is making the team competitive as quickly as possible.

    • I don’t believe we have the talent pool to implement nothing right now. Unless he bringing Lukaku or Hazzard, good luck with them bunch ah pull stones we have.

    • lol…talent pool is not the best that we’ve had. We don’t seem to be turning the heads of coaches from the major European leagues at the moment. That says a lot about the talent, or lack there of.

    • Wait til he brings back Kenwyne Jones and Trini Don chokes to death on his cornflakes! Hahaha

    • The only system we can play is to sit deep and counter. Our players aren’t good enough to match up with the top teams in the Hex. I’m just being realistic.

    • Right. And if you’re playing that way and hoping to nick something, it doesn’t hurt to have a big target for a get-out ball or to swing set pieces at.
      I can hardly see any coach taking this job and not at least trying to get something out of Kenwyne Jones. That’s the reality.

    • KJ has to be part of the setup regardless of what the football public thinks. Half of them don’t know shit about football

    • Brent Bennett Hart knew this & got the best out of KJ despite his limitations

    • Brent Bennett and Colin Benjamin im surprise by this nonsense you all saying about KJ…..do you all smoke weed ????

    • Just because a striker doesn’t score doesn’t mean they aren’t effective. Teams game plan for KJ, you think they game awning for anyone else besides him and JJ? The answer is no.

    • Trini Don The way that Hart used with KJ is used by a few teams who don’t have a proven/consistent goal-scorers – but via their physicality to bring other players into the game who are the goal-scorers:

      – France 98 with Stephane Guivrach
      – England in early 2000s with Emile Heskey
      – Kevin Davies when Bolton was in premier league
      – Duncan Feguson for Everton in the 1990s

      Obviously its not pretty and such strikers are always vulnerable to being dropped – but those aforementioned teams just like TT now with Jones needed such players – hence why Hart was always right to always persist with him because none of local strikers even proved they were consistent goal-scorers

      This discussion is boring & its unfortunate too many fans can’t separate their emotion of disliking Kenwyne’s style of play & not simply accepting his tactical importance to the team …smh

      Brent Bennett Lasana Liburd Kirwin Weston Amiel FullyFocus Mutilal Keith Look Loy Kevin Harrison Terence William Fenwick Roneil K Walcott Stephon Nicholas

    • KJ’s presence is necessary whether off the bench or starting? He definitely was going through a bit of a rot but he can still contribute something imo

  73. I heard he only received expenses. Guess he never got as far as first pay day!

  74. I wonder if the last coach was paid for his short stint.

  75. Tallman, unless yuh have a proven obeahman on yuh payroll……stay wey yuh is brother. De guaranteed in TTFA contract doh mean de same as de guaranteed wey yuh is now nah

  76. Is his choice base on sciring the goal that took us there Whitmore if Jamaica scired in a wirld cup he is present jamican:s head coach check his tracj records jamica failed . Maranodana was one of the world greatest player check his track record as a coach .

  77. Sure right an the backward mentality of the football public blinded by it .

  78. I think the best choice for T&T football is Dennis both for long term and short term at this time but I’m not sure it is the best choice for him professionally. If he accepts I think it will be more of a patriotic move than anything else.

  79. Pacho was the best choice.. Dennis is an asst at best right now..an asst to Pacho or hart.. he needs another 7 years or so under a good manager like hart or pacho in this case.. ttfa are fools and corrupt … imagine they pass up coaches like Suarez and frank ..lol

  80. I support this 1001%… Especially if he is given a 3 Year contract, give him an opportunity to develop the team along the lines he would want. Our Russia journey is certainly uphill, but once there is positivity within structure, I would be happy.

  81. ..The only ‘deliverable”in football is results

  82. “…ex-international defender still has to agree to the terms on offer, which is believed to include deliverables that will allow his work to be assessed periodically.”…… dodgy terms, don’t sign Dennis!!!

    • Dodgy terms? Seriously? You’re hiring a rookie coach and will not give yourself a get out of jail free card? That would be poor leadership.

    • Here you go again with your wild assertions. So he has worked with some of the top brass in Europe but he’s now a scout. So basically if he was worth his silk at least one of them would have asked him to stay on but he has been a second thus far resorting to scouting.
      I can spot a red flag in a contract.most times and this is one time. Deliverables to be assessed periodically in this situation with the personalities involved sounds loaded for do it my way or else….

      Stop trolling post and being myopic. I’d say it again it’s not that we pick on individuals but sometimes you need to look at the common denominator involved.

    • Carlos if Dennis turns it down, why you think that would be?

  83. This is why we needed a person with that kind of ability come in an get the ball rolling one time not a defensive assistant coach .

  84. Thats when you looking to rebuild no time for that in the middle of a crucial qualification time

  85. Ah three year contract kind ah long. No more than 1-year with an option for an extension based on meeting certain performance metrics.

  86. They really trying to avoid Terry yes

  87. An no excuses as he fail get rid of him .

  88. OK I was wrong now read over the article the Columbian guy was third he is actually forth what the

  89. lmao he go get fired lol when he lost one game and then the rightful heir to the football throne will ascend in Steeewups Charcoal! with his messir humpty dumpty pulling his strings!!

  90. Wait what?!?

    What about the three that were in the running that the tech comm. took to the board?? Anyway it don’t matter now.

    Just pick Dennis and let we get on with it man!!!

  91. Scrap the world cup campaign.Concentrate on the younger age groups!!!!

  92. Local coaches like players need to be groomed for that international arena. Two or three seasons with our u-17 / u-15 would have have been great to get mr talls beak wet, then promote him (based on performance of course) to the senior team.

  93. ..Yes If he HAS been appointed.With these people that is possible because they not learning..

  94. Dat man will take we to the world cup twice!

  95. How any of you realize this is the third choice coach I wonder if that will be said when he is being introduce as the new coach.

  96. ..The most interesting developments here are:1) the Pontius Pilate approach of the technical committee, which essentially washed its hands and handed things to the Board, 2) the fact that there is now clearly a percentage of the Board that was/is prepared to stymeThe Cabal’s plans, and 3) the rumoured selection of Dennis in what must be seen as a compromise appointment, and 4) the rejection of Fenwicķ, which speaks volumes about the fact that he is seen as one The Cabal could not control. (And if Dennis IS the new man they will not be able to tell him what to do either)..

  97. Nah boy. I figured you bugged that room where they were meeting. You sure you’re not on the committee? I could ah swear I was reading meeting minutes. lmao

  98. Lol. I don’t deal with moles Carlos. But I do listen out for birdies.

  99. Although I’m happy for Lawrence, I see this as a weak decision by the committee. Fenwick should have been the only logical choice. A good boss would not be afraid to choose someone that would be willing to stand up to them when the time is right.

    Stephen Hart was willing to say no DJW when he felt that he was asking for one too many friendlies. I think Fenwick would have brought proven knowledge and technical experience to the team. Lawrence, although I’m happy for him, is an unproven entity.

  100. Like yuh reading meh mind eh Reyna Kowlessar because it wudda be real bacchanal if either one of the real professional Coaches Terry or Stuarty was nominated eh, oh well leh meh go and collect my big monies on meh underground bet eh and head to the bank smiling tomorrow eh Them really good yes. hahahahaha

  101. Well at least the board made the least controversial decision IF Dennis laurence signed the contract

  102. Dennis please don’t answer ur phone and hopefully ur out of data also. ???? Forest ????

  103. hhahahahahahah Nah let them go to the Treasure Queen boatrides and buss their guns nah man once it is four days before any games eh and they will always beat up their opponents bad bad Them really good yes.

  104. Lasana – like you have ah mole on the Technical Committee? How you get all these confidential details? Whoever it is sharing way too much info???

  105. Dennis Lawrence has to be the bravest or silliest man on this earth to leave his job to come here.Isn’t there monies owed to past coaches still??

  106. who wpuld leave a secure job tp go work for a company notorious for non payment?

  107. Dennis has a chance to be a part of a Belgium National Team that will be a contender to win the 2018 World Cup. I feel like he will bounce his head coming back here at this particular point in time.

  108. I hope he can bring some discipline to the ”Treasure Queen Soca Warriors”.

  109. So Lasana, suddenly some people on the technical committee and the board grow some cajones. So there’s hope yet ? I hope though Dennis knows what he’s doing because they will not over rule or out maneuver the president twice

  110. Where’s Beenhakker? Bring back Leo!

  111. I think this guy should stay where he is in Europe and get the experience to be probably a premier league coach one day instead of coming to accept this post under this current administration.

  112. If he has any sense he would stay where he is.

  113. Dey really dont want the best person for the job

  114. We need a cinderella story boi…. this come back hard…. TTFA messing with the mental of these players

  115. No he’s good at his job but why the team have to go through so much boi

  116. Doh say dah avo give de man ah chance

  117. I think this is a step in the right direction as far as the TTFA process goes. Hopefully, the board continues to do right by football and the country, and all forces align for the common good. Great luck to the new coach, if all terms are agreed.

  118. A potential future tnt national team coach, but absolutely not the man for the current situation. Wrong tool for the current job. Nevertheless – if he gets the nod I’ll be pulling for him and the team.

  119. And I am really hoping that your players that was blacklisted by the TTFA Dennis Lawrence get’s that madness over turned and they are allowed to represent our sweet country. Them really good yes.

  120. I like Dennis as asst coach to hart.. maturana is better qualified to do the job and should have got the go ahead with Dennis as asst since they are so anti hart

  121. Well let’s hope so and good win yesterday Central F. C 3 vs Police 0 and as I have been telling them some of my players doesn’t really understand the subject especially in the defense and that is the same problems that we are having with our national teams. Them really good yes

  122. Mango, I truly hope that’s not the case. Dennis is my boy and too nice a guy to be torn apart by the jackals. I hope he’s strong enough. If he plays the media correctly, those guys will be afraid to mess with him.

  123. Kevin Harrison you should know by now that wouldn’t be happening, he will be controlled the same like Coach Hart or any other Trini Coaches , and maybe he is taking the job just because of the monies and it will also look good on his CV that he coached a national team for future Coaching jobs in the real professional leagues abroad. Them really good yes.

  124. ..If this is valid infornation Dennis will begin his tenure with a lot of public goodwill. Then he has to prove his worth..

  125. Dennis Lawrence would be an excellent choice. He would certainly galvanise the support of players, coaches and supporters. The whole country would feel a lift. He would be forgiven two bad WC results in March ( god forbid) and he would be given time to build. He is a true gentleman and would be loved by the media. BUT, I fear for Dennis for two reasons: it’s a hell of a job to take as your first job in charge and I worry if people behind the scenes with their own agenda would continually undermine him. He has to be strong. A head coach must never be given instructions regarding his managing of the team by anyone. He is the boss. If he fails, he gets fired. But you cannot interfere. LEAVE THE BROTHER ALONE!

  126. It is a risk for him but i think its one he’s embracing because of the many years on Roberto’s coaching staff.
    If/When it is confirmed it will now come down to how badly the players want it.
    It being qualifying for the world cup.

  127. That’s a real risk for Lawrence coming out of a solid gig at Belgium ….real risky ….I do wish him the best of luck if he gets it …tallest real cool.

  128. I love Dennis but I don’t believe he is ready for this assignment. I hope I am wrong though…

  129. So I did say Dennis Lawrence should be the chosen one. And am glad that TTFA pragmatism prevailed. The board members must be commended. The president, too (he’s learning lol).
    Congrats to a true soldier to TT football, newly designated commander-in-chief of TT Senior Men’s team!

  130. well dat is it goodbye russia 2018

  131. Well can somebody tell me what type of license and Coaching experience does he have compared to the other real professional Coaches in order to coach a national team?

  132. His header got us to Germany…will his head get us to Russia?
    Stay tuned….