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Benny’s ball! One on one with T&T U-17 and St Anthony’s ace Che Benny

Wired868 talks to T&T U-17 and St Anthony’s College rising star Che Benny about football, Russell Latapy and his target for this SSFL Premier Division season:


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Allan Powder
Allan Powder is an avid writer currently pursuing his BA in Mass Communications at COSTAATT. He is employed as an IT professional at Republic Bank Limited, and is a freelancer at Wired868. Powder is also a certified photographer.

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  1. Hmm my lil bro boy very happy for u lil bro keep it up g I like that u will play for Manchester United g big side

  2. Keep it up muh brother ??????

  3. Think I sweat with this kid already. He show some good skills, keep it up!

  4. Che boy i am happy for u i will pray an wish u make it to manchester united cuz dat my favourite team also .i watch u play for st Anns rangers wen u was younger i see u have a great future ahead of u i will continue supporting u all de way .

  5. Bang bang…
    Manchester United here we come again… another son of the soil

  6. Che Benny I hope you really come out something good

  7. Really good left foot player. Something that our national teams usually lack.