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T&T U-15 women lose 22-0 to USA; Coach: Great experience for the young girls

The Trinidad and Tobago Women’s National Under-15 Team lost by an astounding 22-0 margin to the United States today in the opening day of the 2016 CONCACAF Under-15 competition in Orlando, Florida.

The score was a record for the CONCACAF tournament and a massive humbling for Trinidad and Tobago, as the two island republic finished third in the same competition, two years ago.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago national women's under-15 team head coach Marlon Charles. (Courtesy SPH-SYOGOC/Eddie Chen)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago national women’s under-15 team head coach Marlon Charles.
(Courtesy SPH-SYOGOC/Eddie Chen)

However, Trinidad and Tobago Under-15 coach Marlon Charles described the hiding as a “great experience for the young girls” and insisted that they remain in good spirits.

“We lost very badly today but it was a great experience for the young girls,” Charles told TTFA Media. “It was a very difficult game for them in all areas. Our players looked scared in the early stages of the match and speed of play was the main component which affected our team.

“But the learning process has begun for these players in this tournament. The players, in spite of the loss, are in good spirits which is important for the remainder of the tournament as they understand that the game is about exposure and playing.”

The Trinidad and Tobago starting team was: Aaliyah Alexander (GK), Tianna Daniel (DF), Roshun Williams (DF), Kady Adams (DF), Chrissy Mitchell (MD), Natifah Hackshaw (MD), Aaliyah Prince (FW), Tyanna Williams (FW), Maria-Frances Serrant (MD), Annika Daniel (MD) and Afiyah Cornwall (FW and captain).

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago captain Raenah Campbell in action during the 2014 CONCACAF Under-15 Championship. Campbell helped steer Trinidad and Tobago to third spot. (Courtesy CONCACAF)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago captain Raenah Campbell in action during the 2014 CONCACAF Under-15 Championship.
Campbell helped steer Trinidad and Tobago to third spot.
(Courtesy CONCACAF)

In today’s other group encounters, Mexico defeated Haiti 2-0 while in other matches, Costa Rica beat Jamaica 2-1, Puerto Rico defeated St Lucia 4-1 and Canada beat Venezuela 6-0.

T&T will face Dominican Republic in their second match on Wednesday from 11am.

Stats Summary: USA / TRI

Shots: 36 / 0

Shots on Goal: 29 / 0

Saves: 0 / 9

Corner Kicks: 15 / 0

Fouls: 2 / 4

Offside: 8 / 1

(What they said before the tournament)

Head coach Marlon Charles:

Photo: Ex-Trinidad and Tobago women's coach Marlon Charles (background) instructs his team during an international fixture against Chile in the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games (YOG) at the Jalan Besar Stadium in Singapore, Aug 12, 2010. Chile won 1-0. (Courtesy SPH-SYOGOC/Seyu Tzyy Wei)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago women’s under-15 coach Marlon Charles (background) instructs his team during an international fixture against Chile in the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games (YOG) at the Jalan Besar Stadium in Singapore, Aug 12, 2010.
Chile won 1-0.
(Courtesy SPH-SYOGOC/Seyu Tzyy Wei)

“We started off with 65 players and now we are down to 18 and I must give credit to every player who took part in the preparations… This is going to be a whole new experience for the players, not just on the football field but in so many situations…

“At this level what you will find is players who are still learning and playing for the first time so while the United States will have more resources than us, I don’t want to say that they will be superior or for us to fear them.

“We want our players to enjoy every bit of the experience. We are not putting any pressure on them… But at the same time we will be using it as a learning experience and one which we as coaches can evaluate for the future.

“The preparation was good. The TTFA did what it could to ensure we had the opportunity to prepare well and we tried to maximise the time that we had leading up to the tournament.”

TTFA President David John-Williams:

Photo: TTFA president and W Connection founder David John-Williams.
Photo: TTFA president and W Connection founder David John-Williams.

“We’ve had the Under 15 Girls team in preparation for some time and I know they have been hard at work. This is a wonderful opportunity for the young players in our women’s program to get such an experience at this early stage at the CONCACAF level and we are very pleased to have them heading off to Orlando and we’d like to wish them well in the tournament.”

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  1. “Don’t” or “can’t”… Big difference… Anyway I’m having great difficulty trying to communicate at this level.

  2. I see you are an expert and I don’t deal with experts

  3. Just heard they won 4-0. Good comeback!!

  4. The Dominican Republic does play football eh, hahahaha oh well Congratulations to the young ladies eh, and after the 22 – 0 lost eh, every other team should be getting beat up from them eh, what was the score by the way Bass Cleff?

    • 4-0 but yuh kno Earl Mango Pierre I’m disappointed in someone who’s supposed to be more knowledgeable. What do you mean if they play football? They’re in the tournament aren’t they? Can’t we just give the kids some credit? Do we always have to be so pessimistic? Had they lost to the Dominican Republic would have been another story… According to you self… Dem really good yes

  5. Ummmmm…what was the outcome of the girls U-15 game today against the Dominican Republic??? I heard not a peep… Not even congratulations to the girls… Well I’ll start it… Very good comeback young ladies… congrats on the victory!

  6. the US eats and sleep football. the same team trains for years from juniors to seniors. if we don’t have bacchanal with administrators, or coaches, its money worries. Then we bring teams together weeks before competitions, and expect a miracle. . we continue to do the same thing repeatedly

  7. Wait. That’s a FOOTBALL score?!

  8. Varoon Seepersad great experience? Lol

  9. The problem is that over the years way back then some of our real youth Coaches left our sweet country to greener pastures to my second sweetest country eh, because we does pay our Coaches to develop our American kids eh, then to always beat up our sweet country eh ent Kurtwyn Baird and Earl Carter. Them really good yes.

  10. we in a mess.
    these kids suffer because of our failures

  11. So all of that just died as Keith Look Loy said eh. Them really good yes.

  12. hahahaha this is the reason why I just love wired 868 and my people eh, especially when I need a good laugh Michael Samuel you really good yes.

  13. We had a story on that once that spoke to several youth coaches including Look Loy and Michael Grayson. I will search for that and repost.

  14. Yes Dennis Allen. That system was in place when I was in school. And that is the system that helped produce the awesome players we had in the 1980s and 1990s.

  15. That concept is an old one that was inmplemented back in the 1990s. It was never fully supported by the TTFA and died..

  16. we need to evolve a better youth team programme in T&T
    Perhaps a decentralised model…have several teams in diff regions in each zone and one overriding system, then on a monthly basis bring the kids into a central location for evaluations by the national coaches.
    there has to be some more focus on the strength and conditioning elements of our team prep. that falls apart too easily. too many injuries at youth level.
    just some thoughts on reviewing this thread

  17. In the spirit of Rio, shouldn’t there be some kind of medal for this summary?

  18. I wonder what the trip back home was like. high fives led by the optimistic coach? yeah!!! we sure showed them Yankees

  19. 4 fouls alone and we take 22? Something off with that stat

  20. Wow… that paints a vivid picture! A one-sided picture as one would observe in a backs & forwards practice session.

  21. That’s good stats for the USA know give me the stats about how many shots our gk saved,how many defensive tackles we won,how many turnover in midfield etc!I also coach mistakes too to help in my knowledge of correcting in the future ??so food for thought ??

  22. hopefully this will boost their spirits to face Haiti and MEXICO

  23. Stats showed we didn’t even get a yellow card. And only committed four fouls in the whole game.
    Ian, I bet that one made you choke! Lol.

  24. Those stats are pretty consistent with the result. On a brighter note the girls were 4-0 victors over the Dominican Republic this morning

  25. Well, USA beat Mexico 1-0 today. And we play Mexico on Monday. And Mexico previously beat Haiti 2-0. We play Haiti on Saturday.
    So we will have a good guide soon.

  26. Stats Summary: USA / TRI
    Shots: 36 / 0
    Shots on Goal: 29 / 0
    Saves: 0 / 9
    Corner Kicks: 15 / 0
    Fouls: 2 / 4
    Offside: 8 / 1

  27. Kurtwyn Baird i agree Bass Cleff is time to walk d talk!! And we do have answers there is no one answer to d problem

  28. Bass Cleff no one here really know the right answer to this situation but what we know is that if nothing changes then don’t expect nothing to change

  29. hahahahaha as you know that I have plenty of experience eh since I started it in Brooklyn in 1992 and have defended our players in court amongst other things helping them along the way, but I am waiting on Gordon Pierre to organize the meeting with a few of our concerned citizens eh, and I just want to be an adviser because as I said before I don’t want meh friend Mr. Live Wire to write nutten about me but good things eh

  30. Skipper no one is going to start this and say let Mango run it,you have to start it Boss!

  31. Well the Coaches Association started many moons ago and it was a flop and Keith Look Loy explained the reason why in another discussion some time ago and as all of you know the ex- corrupted Sports Minister, Shaka Hislop, Kelvin Jack, and Stern John started the Players Association in 2006 in order to take the corrupted Jack Warner and his cronies to court in order to get their well deserved millions of monies and look what happened after eh that was swept under the carpet the same eh, so I will be waiting very patiently to see who have the balls to initiate these two things to once more start up again which I have been calling for a very long time now and with out any personal agendas eh. Them really good yes.

  32. I’m willing to assist in whatever capacity…I’m not sure I have the required knowledge and capabilities but I’m quite willing to learn… Let’s not let all these ideas, knowledge and expertise being talked about on this chat go to waste. Its time to WALK THE TALK

  33. I quite like the idea of the “Players’ and Coaches’ Association” but is anybody even on this said chat ready, prepared or even willing to initiate this? I wait!

  34. Then boycott the ttff youth leagues in order for the heads to understand that things must change otherwise private leagues are going to be better supported by all academies and coaching schools going forward

  35. ..and worse yet many of the coaches who are appointed to coach our youth teams do not even coach at that level which calls a different and special approach to coaching…

  36. Coaches and players association would be a start

  37. what stand can we make baird we have no power 2 impliment anything across the country that’s falls under the ttff and min of sport/ education

  38. Keith Clement and that is the problem in our sweet country eh, the corrupted TTFA continues to recycle the same set of Coaches over and over and also I have said this before since our professional league started about 12 yrs ago I think it is the same Coaches over and over, so there is really no others that can do the job or even better eh. Them really good yes.

  39. anybody who is involved in football can see clearly what the problems are when parents bring kids 2 my academy they immediately say 2 me that they have never seen the things we doing not eveb at a pro league club the detail we pay 2 development and technical drills we do so that alone just shows you how backward we are in tnt

  40. In all our sports our best coach “MUST” coach all players under-18..Is Marlon really the best coach for that age group….Is He?

  41. Then we make a stand and stop this nonsense that our young players are subjected too,I hear you Dion but cooperate T+T have to step in and help in providing for the youths regardless to the drugs and guns in the communities

  42. Dion Sosa and that is what I actually mean’t to say eh. either the young ladies just started to play or they are not Coached properly eh and that is what I saw at the tryouts eh, and fuss it was terrible eh I just couldn’t stay for the whole thing eh. Them really good yes.

  43. most of these girls just started 2 play football at their school or learnt at home playing with boys they had no formal training at that age cause there is no girls league in primary school so we will continue 2 fail cause there is no structure anywhere a. bunch of idiots at ttff who just wasting time year after year

  44. Well that is the problem my brother and as I said before if you was here in our sweet country and had attended the tryouts you would have said to yourself, which academies or Coaches that these kids came from eh, are there organized football leagues or primary school leagues for these kids eh, so now after what has happened eh, maybe they all will finally do the right things the same way that it is done in our second sweetest country eh.only time will tell. Them really good yes.

  45. Skipper the solution is to know what to do to prevent this from happening again,that is what is meant by learning experience that all parties involved in football development especially the local Academies or coaching schools that these boys and girls attend,I am always seeing videos of boys doing this and that but i rearly have I seen the next Tasha St. Louis or the other quality women footballers that have represented us well,but we want to beat these little ladies about how they represented us,they trust us as coaches to help them succeed not the other way around

  46. Yeah it seems as though they didn’t even understand about defending farless the game eh, because after the 5th goal eh I wudda tell them to defend for their lives eh, of which I am positively certain that Coach Marlon told them the same thing eh lol

  47. But what is wrong with learning from losing 22-nil how much experience does these girls have compared to America?

  48. This article (the coach )reminds me so much of my big son dad poor choices of words any shit is acceptable mad ppl ??? it’s like failure is acceptable ?

  49. If you all had attended the tryouts in CIC grounds like I did sometime in May I think it was, you all will definitely understand why our team got 22, because of some of the players talent if not all, especially in the goalkeeping department and I understood why meh friend Marlon Charles invited me so that I could have spread the word in my second sweetest country that they were looking for players on the level to represent our sweet country. I said to myself Marlon have plenty belly yes, but for the length of time that I know him, he will never stop what he is doing for the young folks in our sweet country eh, and I can just imagine how long before the tournament started that my second sweetest country Administrators and Coaches was preparing their U 15 team like all the other teams for upcoming soccer tournaments as usual, we don’t stick eh. Them really good yes.

  50. At this stage in our football history we should not be lose 22-0 to anybody at any level, the say it was ah great experience. ..just listening to it is a horror. ..come on

  51. chabeth there never was any plan to impliment any program that was all BS the snake told people who voted for him in the elections just like how he said that he will no longer be involved in his club”s running all lies

  52. This has nothing to do with coaching?

  53. what is the level of competition here in that age group among girls

  54. is it the coaching or the lack of talent

  55. That’s a painful experience sir… nothing great about that geeez

  56. If that was a great experience, I don’t want to think about what a horrible one would be…

  57. If this was US basketball, that coach would have been fired IMMEDIATELY!!!! This is a really tough pill to swallow! Hard luck girls!

  58. Geez!!!!!! When I read statements like this, and I have trouble making sense of what the speaker is saying, I pause, and instead question myself for not comprehending what the speaker is saying. You see, it may well be that the problem lies with me and not them.

  59. I thought this was a rugby score.

  60. thats is big embarrassment to the nation team lack of preparation for the team and a lack or training or training methods and half of these young’s person or girls in our nation teams lack the heart and fight for teh game but if that football was Black and had hair on it they would of wi the game big time but this coach is a mad for for saying that is experience for the team that jus moral breaking to stop play football!

  61. Randy Waldrum was relieved of his duties (in January?) after not submitting a proposal for developing the women’s game on time suggesting that the TTFA considered it to be a crucial document.
    Has any similar proposal been sought from anyone else? Is the TTFA developing the proposal on its own? Some six months or so later?

  62. What exactly does losing at such a wide margin teach you though ?

  63. Only in sweet T&T people will call for you to be fired when “working” for free…. Hahaha. So the statement may be justified if we consider, to whom nothing is given nothing is required. Sadly our players are the ones suffering through it all. SMH

  64. Scotty Ranking

    I must ask this question: is the gap in quality between the USA team and ours really so wide that we warrant a 22-goal shellacking? It will be interesting to see how the other teams fare against the USA to determine how far down the pecking order we may have fallen and give testament to the standard of training and preparation the tea actually received.
    I hope that the team rebounds against the Dominican Republic and gives a much better account of themselves in that game.

  65. Fed up of some of these coaches using such words to cover failure and mediocrity.

  66. How in the hell losing 22-0 is a great experience. They should fire that damn coach, obviously he don’t know how to coach

  67. did t&t even touch the ball…this is beyond embarrassing .. is this being investigated by the ministry of sport or anyone in authority? if not it WILL happen again, only next time will be 50-0!!

  68. That is a mauling from which you do not recover. Clearly an under prepared team again, or the wrong ladies picked. This is not an experience any one would like.

  69. Bryan Bernard how yuh like him now?

  70. I’m convinced that no one can convince me that this team has ever been trained. In fact I’m convinced that they don’t even know what a football looks like and this performance convinced me convincingly :-). That man say it was a “good learning experience” …. allyuh go make me start drinkin yes …. bombo …….. that coach was gone in a second!!

  71. Well Lasana they were certainly not ready and hence should not have been entered to participate.

  72. It was a tournament. So you don’t get to pick your dancing partner. It’s either you’re ready or you’re not.

  73. Coach you are wrong! That certainly was not a great experience for the girls, it was a mismatch! Coaches suppose to know the ability of their team and pair them with another appropriate team. Not one to massacre and demoralize them. They definitely were not ready, now they are crushed mentally!

  74. No comment… I can’t Lasana Liburd… I can’t…..

  75. You better work HARD to keep their moral up because I played football and although no team I played on ever got beaten 22-0, I know it can be tough to want to play after such a loss.

  76. Those girls could never be in good spirits; after 5-6 goals they must have been heart wrecked. Long before the 22nd goal they would have felt demoralized and in shock. I want to see this video; anyone knows if after let’s say 8-10 goals if he pulled all back but 1 to defend? If he made any substitutes? Madness!!!

  77. Let’s be real TTFA has no ladies programme and they really need to stop fooling themselves…..the US never fail to prepare for tournaments such as this…try using former female players who have some coaching skills and get them into the school girl league …but Sorry Marlon it was better you said nothing and cleanout yuh locker…yuh fired again again again…..

    • ..Marlon is my friend, but Hassan, yuh so correct..

    • Keith Look Loy …I know he has given a lot to coaching in the ladies programme and has taken a lot of disrespect from ttfa but this nah man Keith I dont care who anyone is and if they working for free or not and by the way one never works for free but coming back to the issue Marlon should have known better guess he allowed himself to be set up again….. but those funds could have been utilized in the same development programme…. I done talk about football issues in this sweet triniland…..

  78. Must get 22 and erol Fabien coaching ?

  79. something is very wrong here…

  80. The present corrupted TTFA Administration should just step down and new elections needs to be held so that the real folks who really have our players, the beautiful game, and our sweet country at heart run the football. Them really good yes.

  81. This remember me of when we played US and get 11, I first big game.. But 22, that’s Embarrassing.. SMH.

  82. Really nice experience. .I still think about the keeper pick up the ball in the net 22 times

  83. 3-0 outa zone is ah experience ah man walkin in high heels is ah experience dat my friend was rape….???

    • So that means the team hadn’t even started by then.

    • That’s right, Lasana. They sent those girls out like lambs to the slaughter.

    • Smh. Can’t say I’m surprised.

    • This is a new low water mark for Trinidad and Tobago football. I’ve always wondered about our national youth development. For years we’ve had the Republic Cup and that’s wonderful. However, one “national” tournament a year is insufficient. People may point to the Junior Pro league, but that just highlights individuals who are selected to play as juniors for pro league teams. What of all of the other talent that’s out there? Do the scouts follow the “grassroots” (as I would term them) tournaments in the various communities throughout Trinidad and Tobago? Another issue is the quality of the grounds that our young children (and all other players) train and play on. You go to games on various pitches throughout the country and the children are playing on uneven surfaces with stones, clumps of nut grass, sand (we even experienced nails and screws down on Skinner Park and refused to have the children play there). I kid you not, those surfaces at the Disney ESPN Wide World of Sports are really top notch (we went there in July 2015). So much needs to be done here and until it is we’ll just be depending on players with pure talent to continue to take us forward, or anywhere at all in football.

    • I meant where has he coached before, what’s his record, previous national team experience, that kinda stuff…

    • he has coached all national women”s team at all ages for the past 15 to 17 yrs never coached abroad has been a member of ttfa staff for many yrs together with shabazz and corneal he had a decent record in the past but the last few tournaments he get cat in bag in terms of preparations

    • he goes into a war with a toy gun when everybody have missiles and heavy artlllery

    • I think Marlon is one of the very few coaches who does this with the interest of football at heart and not the money…well obviously not the money becoz he’s owed salaries from since Women Soca Warriors were like eleven years old… Yes Marlon was one of the first coaches to work with those girls… And has not been paid to date.

    • good guy with a good heart but they taking advantage of him yrs now

    • And as I said many times and I am going to say it again, the problem isn’t our Coaches and players the problem with our football is the corrupted TTFA and the madness will just continue in our sweet country. Them really good yes.

    • Exactly. We are quick to put blame on the guys who are actually volunteering to jump into the fire with the aim of mentoring the youth to prepare them with limited time ,support and rescources.

    • And i totally agree with him. Every player there never played at that level before. Who’s fault is that? Should the coach be the one to get games for the team? We put very little emphasis on our youth teams. Girls teams. Worse yet. None at all. Im certain we just competed because we had to. These things are never a priority unless we would face sanctions later on. Kudos to a true patriot who continues to give his time and dedication

    • And Jamal Wiggins you are so right… We competed because we would be sanctioned as a country if we didn’t…

  84. How does coach Charles’ resume read?

  85. ..Embarrassment should not be described as a good experience. The TTFA is to be blamed for this humiliation and not for the first time. Friendly opponents should be chosen better and with developmental goals in mind. There is nothing these girls could learn from such a pounding and it makes a ridiculous laughing stock. My good friend Marlon should not try to sell us this nonsense..

  86. In preparation for some time he said? I recall trials for this team about 4 months ago over on St Joseph Convent grounds. Am I wrong? How many games have they played together since then? How many training sessions? The USA has a fantastic youth system. I’m really sorry to hear of this result but to be competitive against the USA at that level the girls needed to play LOADS more football

  87. This is an example of the type of people the public accepts as national coaches.don’t be surprise the next revelation is coming.what then.

  88. you 4 get the nature of the US beast they wanna be the best in the world at everything so dominance and humiliation is tools which they teach and manifest all the time

  89. The US wicked to score that many goals…after 6 or 7 they should have just kept the ball. The humiliation of others should not be the objective of any national team youth coach…

    • Didn’t think of that but you’re right. It almost goes against the spirit of the game here

    • ..What? My team’s objective is to score goals and to win. Goals there to score? Score them. Trini accepted the match and the consequences..

    • Agreed…. However most club coaches would try to avoid embarrassing the opponent in the US but clearly this wasn’t their objective lol

    • So therefore my second greatest team in the universe shouldn’t have scored 7 goals on my greatest team in the universe then in the World Cup eh, if I am the Coach eh, I wudda let my players score 30 goals just to let them know that if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail eh, Them really good yes.

    • Trinidad and Tobago used to give out some mighty cut tails too. Anthony Sherwood, I remember your national under-18 team spanking a couple teams well in the CFU tournament.
      I would have loved to hear you tell Bertille St Clair: Coach, I think we have scored enough goals! Lol.
      America did their job. Don’t play with your food.
      It is up to T&T to clinch or at least put their guards up.

    • Lasana 7 and 8 different to 22 bro… And, in a CFU tournament, goal difference could be a factor so that different…however, at that young age group (U15) – embarrassing a team that is clearly out of their element is unsportsmanlike…now, those kids being sent there is a different story and sometimes coaches need to stand up and voice their objection to being sent into something that is clearly out of their realm. Marlon Charles has been at this a while now – he knows the difference between a team that is unprepared as opposed to a team that should not even be exposed to a team like the US. Maybe he should have been more adamant about protecting these youngsters who are clearly beginners…

    • I agree with you in terms of coaches not setting themselves and their teams up for embarrassment.
      But to me it can be unsportsmanlike to ease up on a team. Once you put on your boots and you cross that line, then you deserve what you get.
      For me, I’d prefer a team give me a total cut tail than they score 10 and then kept the ball for half hour with me chasing shadows.
      That would be even more humiliating.

    • buss the nets.
      i collect 7 in a game from St Anthonys

  90. these idiots at ttff just sit on their lazy asses have 1 set of irrelevant meetings talk a set of shit and then wanna send me to destroy myself and the moral of 23 young players to say they do me a favor sorry not me

  91. John Williams and his “go local”, “recycle the old” coaches campaign. Let’s see where it gets us. 22-0 is unacceptable!

  92. Dion I would take the project. Someone has to help. Here’s the thing tactically you can avoid 22 in a game.

  93. that’s exactly my point I would never take a national team job cause they set you up 2 fail you never get the time or resources needed 2 prepare a team adequately so no way I taking a job where every game your always steps behind

  94. America doesn’t spend years preparing. Their club system for girls this age is night and day to the rest of the world.

  95. Exactly Jay Spency…the coach was appointed not even three months now…what he should have done was inform the federation that these girls are just not ready not just technically but mentally… They have NEVER played anywhere competitively before…what kind of warm up games has the team had? These are the questions ppl need to ask… Jimi Jorsling Dion Sosa you self….if u were following this team before u wud kno they weren’t prepared and if you weren’t then enquire.

  96. I think I know the coach well enough ,he live at St Ann’s so it was much easier to pick a team from area from the mental home we he reside , so do not blames him for his words or action it’s just the moon lol

  97. I have to be dreaming ….. I expect to wake up anytime now ….

  98. jason that is what all national teams call preparation

  99. Errrrr …..is there some other coach these girls can be exposed to???? Even if only to ensure that they don’t start a game against any team looking/being scared. Must have beem a great nightmare even if only from the perspective of being mentally scared. But hey I ain’t no coach.

  100. Did I just see that the team has been preparing for some time now? When the first screening only took place couple months ago? Forgive my confusion. Preparation takes years in youth football.

  101. Come on people,2016 and we hoping the coach know what he’s doing.Results tell the story here.Thank you and bye.

  102. Who coaching him ? D Boxer aka Diarrhea Mouth ?

  103. It’s funny, Dylan Carter won his heat this morning, broke his personal best time swimming with the best in the world. He will probably be a force to be reckoned with in the near future. One could see a joy on his face when he looked back and saw his time. THAT is a great experience .

  104. Dennis Allen you’re a genius lol

  105. That is sadly the TT sporting mentality. National teams are not for development and experience. They’re for competition and winning. Who is going to be held accountable for this?

  106. 22-0 and the Best Response Coach Could of Come Up with is “It was a Good Experience for the Girls”? :v :v :v
    He should be Fired on this Response alone ????

  107. Some people when they have power have no shame no shame

  108. I don’t really have a problem with us losing because it isn’t a shock considering our lack of investment in youth football across the board (development of coaches, development of players , facilities , equipment , administration , preparation etc )

    What I have a problem with is the approach to the game and the statement after conceding 22 goals . Don’t think anyone expected anything other than a loss but surely the preparation for this game is no joke park the bus and defensively organized . Did we go to “out knock” and “take on” USA ?

    I remember Eve taking the T&T u23 team after that same crop qualified for U17 and U20 world cups and tried to “take on” and “out knock” Mexico and we conceded 7 goals and were played off the park . The lesser team has the right to defend . No shame in it and that’s our biggest problem down here thinking we technically good enough or prepared enough to open up and leave space on a pitch against these high class teams who will punish any inch you give them …

    That’s the lesson here .. That should be the quote from the coach “Lesson learnt”

  109. what he know about preparation he too busy running 4 cfu presidency and money

  110. And the coach say it was a great experience

  111. The TTFA president said they had been in preparation “for some time.”

  112. When coaches say that about a team that has clearly regressed, watch out! 22/0 is not a great experience, it usually means greater fear of opponents.
    On the other hand, we’re producing young people with a very tiny view of the big world out there and even if the coach is not totally responsible for reshaping their mindset, throwing the young ladies dangerously into the path of the oncoming bus while standing on the pavement is at best odd.

  113. I feel this country need to start coming down very hard on coaches . Its like they feel all of us like to praise mediocrity ?

  114. You know how hard it is to lose 22-0 as a coach? You have to do everything wrong from pre season, team selection, training regime, team talk, tactics and substitutions. Marlon Charles deserves an award smh

  115. when I was 14 we went 2 canada to play in a tournament and we lost our 1st game 10 nil and everyone cried we were so embarassed and felt like we let our coach country and ourselves down losing big is never a good experience

  116. Sorry to say I am lost for words. First time ever. I wondering about the coach

  117. Well yes…..we lost but it was a great experience of course it was…getting 22 not easy….

  118. He had to say something to justify his salary .

  119. Eh?????
    Last time I heard a score like that it was St. Margaret’s Boys Primary school beating Belmont Orphanage in a Primary School league match plenty years ago.

  120. a goal every 4.09 minutes.
    Indeed a math lesson

  121. D man say a great experience yes… *scandalous laughter*

  122. The coach wicked for saying that it was great experience. Rubbish

  123. Have they never played football before? Yikes…not condemning the girls…just wow…trying to understand their state of unpreparedness…

  124. what possibly can be great about that

  125. Embarrassing would be an understatement.. Hope they can bounce back!!

  126. They sure they got that score right? All yuh sure is not a 2-2 draw?

  127. Not 22 , that’s a typo . They mean 2 , ent?

  128. I would like t see the game and what tactics was used by this coach when the score was 10-0. Ridiculous every woman jack would have been playing in the defence and I am not a football coach

  129. “It was a great experience…” according to coach Charles. 22-0! Wonder what’s next?

  130. Oh geeze! I thinking this is table tennis or something. 22 goals?????

  131. I eh know what to say
    I think all the previous comments sufficiently felt with the matter

  132. Do you all remember what Hood told the senior women before their game against the US

  133. They need to fire him just for that dotish statement

  134. 22-0 is an experience. As to its potential positive outcomes. …thats debatable

  135. I would fire him 22×100. What a moron. ???

  136. Don’t fool anybody 22 -0 is big. More training and passion.

  137. “great experience”???? Does this Coach understand the psychology of sports? the damage that has been done to these young ladies? We continue to go send teams, in particular youth girls’ teams, that are completely under prepared. Upon return from these tournaments, games, where is the Managers’ Reports, the Coaches Reports, what is being done with these reports? Why are these Coaches continuously given the charge of these teams? Better than this………

  138. When you don’t know what to say you stay quiet. This is too embarrassing. The last time we had scores like that was 15 years ago. We have gone backwards in all form of the game….

  139. Rajiv Persad Amir Khan Vinood Maharaj Naresh Rampersad Aaron Nicholas Cooper Rishi Shripat… Man ssy a great experience we

  140. Brian on the ball..please sir lets get together and stop this mockery of our talent

  141. No wonder they lost 22-0, they have a FUKIN MADMAN as the coach, great experience my ass

  142. I’m confused. Was this rugby sevens or football (soccer)?

  143. Um,great experience? Your failure at coaching was a great experience? FOH!

  144. if that’s the actual statement of the coach, he needs to be replaced forthwith

  145. What about a performance can be a great experience

  146. No more national team funding for any NSO that does not have a comprehensive youth development program. None!

  147. It is the same score line over and over for years with no improvement because we spend nothing on development. Do we have any girls youth leagues? What do we expect then?

  148. Years ago,I knew a School that got 21-nil in a League match.That school is now the one to beat.Use defeat as motivation.

  149. Their confidence would be shatterd

  150. I’m sure those girls so embarrassed they probably don’t even wanna see a football anytime soon

  151. And if someone tries to bring in international players and coaches the status quo will be angry. Why should we continue to allow our country to be embarrassed in front of the entire world?

  152. And we have ppl such as Terry Fenwick not even attached to a pro league team

  153. Who appoint these ppl for those coaching jobs

  154. Earl Best

    Losing 2-0 would have been a great experience and would have taught them everything the coach would have us believe they learned from the 22-0 drubbing and more – and their self-belief might still have been intact.

    We shall see how they fare in the subsequent matches but as things stand, who can be optimistic about the next few results? The coach, perhaps?