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Head to head: I95.5FM’s debate between John-Williams, Salazar and Liburd

The following is I95.5FM’s audio clip of the 7 July 2016 debate between Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president David John-Williams, vice-president Joanne Salazar and Wired868 managing director and journalist Lasana Liburd, which was hosted by Andre Baptiste and Roxie Gialdo.

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  1. So here are my views on the audio clip. The majority of the audio clip dealt with “governance” issues. As such persons at the TTFA need to be reminded there is a Code of Conduct as noted in Article 7. It is also obvious from the audio clip, that processes as detailed in the 2015 TTFA Constitution are not being adhered to. If they were, then mention would have been made by the VP and President of the authority given to make decisions. This would have resulted in more meaningful discussion on the way forward for local football being held on I95.5FM. So Lasana, take note of the following: FIRST, that an Emergency Committee (EC) can be appointed by the TTFA Board as referenced in Article 42. The EC comprises the President, 1 VP and 4 Directors with the responsibility to deal with/make decisions on pressing matters between Board meetings. These decisions are then ratified at the next Board meeting. SECOND, in the new Constitution the term “Executive Committee” was replaced with “Board of Directors” and the “Board” is the TTFA’s Executive Body and the powers of the Board are detailed in Article 36. THIRD, the role and powers of the President are contained in Article 39 with the primary responsibility being to implement decisions passed by the General Meeting and Board through the General Secretary. FOURTH, as noted in Article 35, a Board meeting can be held as prescribed or convened any time there is a pressing matter to deal with. This is the same process as in any organization in addition to proposals being approved via the “round-robin” process. The powers of the Board are stated in Article 36 and the decision making process in Article 37. FIFTH, expenses incurred by the TTFA are governed by Article 70 which notes those approved by the Board and in keeping with TTFA objectives. SIXTH AND LAST POINT, mention was made of revising the 2015 Constitution. Since claim was made in the 23rd minute of the audio by the VP to being a person who partially assisted in drafting the 2015 Constitution, then they must have this proposal added to the Agenda for the next Annual General Meeting and to manage the necessary steps to have the changes reach to the General Meeting. Warm regards, Paula.

    • Very informative Paula. This blows away the weak excuses and misleading conduct of the President,VP and indeed the Executive Board. To be clear, the Executive Board therefore are conducting their own business in contradiction to the TTFA Constitution?

    • A Constitution is designed to provide operational guidelines and processes for transparency and good governance. Unfortunately the persons on the panel did not clearly state what processes they were following, hence we are left to speculate on how they are functioning.

    • What a joke, if the corrupted TTFA constitution eh, since in meh corrupted Jack Warner and Oliver Camps reign eh, was really followed eh, do you think that all the madness with respect to our football would be taking place eh, just imagine the corrupted Jack Warner was just the advisor eh, and he was allowed to steal plenty millions eh, and now there is an updated constitution eh, and the current dictator President David John-williams is allowed to conduct business the same way like how it was done before eh, so nutten has changed. Steeuupps. Them really good yes.

  2. Hi Paula, long time, football stil needs good people like you involved? What ya doing

  3. Dear Lasana, thanks for sharing the audio clip. It was painful to listen to it all, but I felt I had to as I love the positive impact the Game has on the youth of a nation and by extension, a country. I also served as Assistant Secretary to the TTFF/TTFA from October 2002 through November 2015 and therefore still feel a bit connected to the organization.

  4. Sean Powder

    I was intrigued how casually we were informed that our FA is 18 million in debt, I hope the next step is published audit reports and tax returns on our FA’s website to truly show transparency.

  5. Don’t you mean head & head to head?