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Smoking Joe vs Sat the Hack; Live Wire reviews smouldering holy war over child brides 

It. Just. Got. Flipping. Real!

The Hindu community were supposed to be celebrating Arrival Day—no doubt at public expense too—but Maha Sabha general secretary Sat Maharaj used the occasion to tell Roman Catholic archbishop Joe Harris to get lost instead.

Photo: Maha Sabha general secretary Sat Maharaj. (Copyright Power 102)
Photo: Maha Sabha general secretary Sat Maharaj.
(Copyright Power 102)

“Archbishop, mind your own damn business,” said Maharaj. “(…) If I had only one message, the message is: allyuh go to hell, this is a business of the Hindu community and the State.”

Somewhere in east Trinidad, boxing promoter Boxu Potts saw the video clip on CNC3 and pulled a muscle trying to sprint to the phone.

Everywhere else, onlookers probably winced.

The ‘business’ that Maharaj is defending, incidentally, is the right for Hindu girls to be married,under the Hindu Marriage Act, from the age of 14. So far, so backward.

Now, in case you missed it—maybe, for instance, you were focused on the stuttering economy, bloodletting in the streets, judicial constipation, police disservice, or the ticking time bomb next door in Venezuela—the Inter-Religious Organisation (IRO) head Brother Harrypersad Maharaj revealed, two weeks ago, that local religious bodies rather liked the idea of keeping the option of child brides on the table.

In case of emergencies, of course.

Which kinda begs the question: What sort of problem, save for pending deportation, is a hastily arranged marriage supposed to cure in 2016?

Photo: We're looking at you "Dirty Harry!"
Photo: We’re looking at you “Dirty Harry!”

In a country where the last prime minister, Kamla Persad-Bissessar—a Hindu one at that—felt it necessary to confirm her knowledge of pipe on a political platform; the current prime minister, Dr Keith Rowley, apparently thought “freedom of the press” was either a dare or an exotically named dish when he had a former Express reporter over for an allegedly flirtatious encounter; and the former Local Government Minister Chandresh Sharma was flattening mistresses in public car parks:

Does marriage really cover shame? Or merely increase the number of the humiliated?

Joe’s stock might be rising as we speak. Because, frankly, if Sat thinks you’re awful, then you must be doing something right. Not so?

Still, Mr Live Wire advises caution in looking for the good guy here.

First, if Joe didn’t know about this child marriage thing before, he surely saw it was on the IRO’s agenda for its last meeting. Was he afraid to show up and give dirty Harrypersad and Barbara Backward a piece of his mind?

Didn’t Joe read about when Jesus visited the money lenders’ temple and get on rowdier than Anna Ramdass in the police station? Or what of that bit about hiding your candle behind a bushel?

Photo: Archbishop Joseph Harris. (Courtesy Stabroek News)
Photo: Archbishop Joseph Harris.
(Courtesy Stabroek News)

Only tough in front of your own pew, Joe?

And as we are on the topic of Joe’s candle. Might Mr Live Wire also point out that the Catholic Church is on decidedly shaky ground when talk turns to pedophiles. Something like ex-AG Anand Ramlogan giving the feature address on animal cruelty.

Hey, stand up for what’s right by all means, Joe. But keep it real too.

Maybe Sat would have been more amenable to a chat on the matter if you’d lifted your own robe, is all Mr Live Wire is saying.

And when Sat said ‘go to hell’; well, it might not be quite as bad as it sounds. Hindus, according to wisdom gleaned from a few minutes of ‘Googling’, see hell as “naraka” where souls endure temporary torture while they wait for their next life journey through reincarnation.

In other words, it is like a trip to the local passport office.

Photo: Can... I... Help... You? (Courtesy Disney)
Photo: Can… I… Help… You?
(Courtesy Disney)

We’ve all been there, Joe. Just be sure to walk with a phone charger and some groovy tunes.

As for you, Sat. Can you explain your defiance about this child marriage thing some more?

“(Child marriage critics) could make children though,” said Maharaj, “with old men. Nobody locking up the old men…

“When you are young, you take chances. And if a girl at the age of 14 took a chance and she got pregnant, the two sets of parents will come together, and they will give support, they will send them back to school. And they will take charge of the child.”

Wait… So your defence is if the police are not successfully prosecuting offenders of statutory rape, why not legitimise the act and allow them to keep their victims?

I’m. Eh. But…

Sorry. No words. That’s exactly the sort of idea that, if you let bounce around in your head for a bit, leads to an aneurysm. Mr Live Wire would like to wait until his own daughters are grown before he gets back to that one.

Photo: Wait... Wha?! (Copyright Shuttershock)
Photo: Wait… Wha?!
(Copyright Shuttershock)

The Maha Sabha jefe had some words for US Ambassador John Estrada as well.

“In every state it is a different age, and the age is as low as 13 in the United States of America,” he said. “Mr Ambassador, cure your own evil before you come to tell us how to cure our evil.”

Out of America’s 50 states, one, New Hampshire, allows marriage at age 13 with parental consent, although most start at 16. And the majority of the IRO, apparently, are happy to justify their stance on issues like child marriage, abortion and the death penalty by identifying with global pariahs rather than the mainstream.

Yet, ole Sat was cracking. He, possibly inadvertently, referred to child brides as “evil” after all.

Give it up Sat. In the words of that great philosopher of our time, Machel Monk: “The party done.”

And call off the holy war too, fellahs. It won’t do either of you any good.

This conflict will only show off the frailties of either sect and possibly turn droves of followers into pained, non-believers. Sort of like Batman versus Superman.

Photo: Super confusing? (Courtesy: Mel Lissa)
Photo: Super confusing?
(Courtesy: Mel Lissa)

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  1. what child bride…our hindu position is dont meddle in our business take care of the young black girls getting pregnant and not knowing who the father is..

  2. “Holy War between Catholics and Hindus”, lol, people are so riduculous

  3. I wonder if the curious 13/14 year old hindu boy and his other curious catholic (negro) girl get together and she gets pregnant if he’ll encourage the two families to get togethe,r give support and send them back to school and take care of the dougla child.

    Or the the little hindu girl and and the non religious black boy. Is the support only when its two hindu children or is he willing to go outside the box when the children take chances putting aside religion and race.

  4. Cut away all the hype and examine what Sat Maharaj is saying . This dotish ass is saying AFTER a man rapes a 12 year old we will get them married and everything will be alright. This is what this beast is saying. Mr Al Rawi, Mr Young, Mr Prime Minister you are there to govern, to make, amend and repeal laws not to consult with Sat Maharaj, do not let the population down. Even the women in the SDMS wants the harmonisation of the consent age and the marriage age in Trinidad and Tobago.

  5. RIGHT ON Lasana!!!! and doh forget Sat says NOT child marriage BUT teenage marriage :)0 LOL

  6. Who is you stop misleading your organization for you yes you would you marry your 13yr old grand daughter to youngman from laventille

  7. The hindu and indian women have spoken, so Sat shut your trap!!!!

  8. I haven’t seen on social media a lot of public condemnation of Sat’s comments from people with Hindu sounding names (a term i use purposely), so maybe like Donald Trump when he speaks, he knows exactly who he is speaking to!

    • yea, he know exactly what he is doing. child marriage…ok. dougla marriage…bad.very bad

    • Silence, if there is silence, does not necessarily mean consent though.

      • Silence isn’t consent, Lasana. It’s just that most of us are intellectually smarter than Sat by far, and we realise that his opinions are actually meaningless. Not to mention that trying to teach Sat at his age is like trying to train a chair to jump. 😀

        Religion has brainwashed fools for generations, and will continue to do so … mainly the geriatric males who can only drool over nubile teens with firm bodies. I guess Viagra gave them hope.

    • Lasana Liburd, I disagree, if someone who claims to represent you makes a statement and you stay silent, then by default you agree.

      • If I offer you a dollar for your car and you stay silent, does it mean you agree?

        You statement teeters… especially after you say ” someone who claims to represent you”… I can claim to represent you and make any allegations or claims…

        I hope you see the corner you painted yourself into.

    • A similar argument has been used against Muslims. If a terrorist attack happens and Muslims are not flooding the streets to protest, they must support terrorists.
      It isn’t always that simple. Also looking for “Hindu sounding names” might be far from scientific.

    • The truth is there have been dissenting voices from the Hindu community in any case.

    • A similar argument has been used against Muslims. If a terrorist attack happens and Muslims are not flooding the streets to protest, they must support terrorists.
      It isn’t always that simple. Also looking for “Hindu sounding names” might be far from scientific.

    • The truth is there have been dissenting voices from the Hindu community in any case.

    • Lasana Liburd i dont think terrorist represent Muslims, do you? But Sat Maharaj is the head of the biggest hindu organisation in Trinidad and Tobago…….so when he speaks he speaks on behalf of Hindus.

      My use of “hindu sounding names” was a bit of tongue in cheek as there is no way for me to know who is hindu and who is not.

      • He speaks on behalf of Hindus?

        Geezanages! Never a more silly claim have I heard. What of all those other organsisations that arose because he DIDN’T speak for Hindus, like Swaha, etc.?

        I know Sat does not speak for me (I was born Hindu and consider myself to be a Humanist), but I can’t be bothered to respond to every bit of excrement that he spews.

        Sometimes, life gets in the way. 🙂

    • Do you think I believe terrorists represent Muslims based on what I said?
      Social media isn’t the best gauge for public opinion. You might be right. You might be wrong. Just felt you should keep that in mind.

    • I didn’t think you did but i was just trying to make the point that it isn’t the same thing.

      I agree that social media is not a complete gauge.

  9. I am wondering if critics think that Mr. Sat Maharaj made the law! As far as I know, Mr. Maharaj wasn’t even in the Maha Sabha in those days. Would it be sane to get to the origin of the law and trace things from there? Or that is too challenging?

  10. The kettle calling the pot black. The truth hurts

  11. Why are person’s still acting surprise by Sat behaviour ?!??! Sat is just being himself, true to form….lets not be distracted by the real issues affecting the country

  12. What is the big rush with you all people, It have more important in the country to take care of PNM tricks again for u fools to take up

  13. People like him and many others with his attitude, mindset and toxicity can only propagate in a society like ours. We are tolerant and tolerate bushels of things in Trinbago that neither progress or enhance our country. People like him who get to promote their own ideas because of the office they hold.

  14. Im telling SAT to ..BURN IN HELL!…. like he is pushing a racial war …..and why don t the press/ media block him like when facebook or social media block someone for making offensive and abusive language ?

  15. The law should be changed to eighteen years of age. But you have to agree with sat mind your own business before you mind my own

  16. Why didn’t you say JOE the hack vs Smoking Sat…. your innuendos do not go unnoticed.

  17. Then when it’s suggested that child marriages aren’t simply a Hindu issue, but more importantly a women’s rights issue Sat loses it!


  18. Sat does raise an interesting point (albeit unintentionally ) at what point do we say to religions groups-“your beliefs are irrational and harmful . Apart from child marriage- there are questions of gay rights?- should we tolerate women in burkas? ..should we teach creationism? I don’t think .. we should allow religions to dictate public policy- child marriage is an easy policy to be against- but there are other irrational and harmful beliefs that Trin’s will defend the right to have

  19. No one or no sect is above the law .

  20. Mother INDIA outlawed that a long time ago!!

  21. `Indian arrival day is more than a Hindu occasion-They are Muslims and Christians and other religious ‘Indians” here. I am an atheist who celebrated arrival day.(at no expense to the state) People forget that India is a secular state . India’s first PM was an atheist and the man regarded in India as the greatest Indian ever- Dr. Ambedkar..was a Buddhist….why exactly is Sat and his BJP brand of Hinduism seen as the norm..or as the only kind

  22. All these “elements” are in the way of National Unity. Problem with that is ..that’s their forte, and without it, their status will be diminished to ZERO, so it will be…. “till death do us part”.

  23. Sat reminds me of the village racist pensioner…….that old man who sits in his gallery scowling at black children passing by, occasionally shouting at them using racial epitaphs to “come off mih f%


  25. I don’t understand something.

    Wrong is wrong.
    No matter how you spin it, it wrong. Why then, are people OK with defending Sat? He is wrong. All how he wrong… yet they can still defend his actions, even though he makes the whole look terrible…

    How is this even possible?????
    To say he is wrong is not to denounce your faith. Rather it is to defend it. He is not the whole Hindu religion. He can’t be. Why then is no one lobbying for his removal as one of the biggest voices in Trinidadian Hinduism? He’s racist, sexist, and believes in child marriages… all of which is wrong. It is not a betrayal of your community to stand out against his ill thoughts. It is a defense of it. Can’t people see this???

    • Front of the class for you.
      The persons defending this ass are the persons God couldn’t have intended. They are mistakes, faux pas, surplus to requirements and they live in every part of every community you could ever imagine. We are a failed species, and Sat exemplifies it beautifully.

    • Just adding a bit not All Hindus support Sat, I grew up in a Hindu home and only when I turned adult did I hear about Sat and came to my conclusion he is an ignorant, arrogant sickening man ( I cant even use human being). And not everyone is BRAIN WASHED by him, a lot of followers left his group when they figured out who he really is. Why this excuse for a human being is allowed to speak for an entire Religion is beyond me but Im sure only a minority of Hindus really supports Sat.

    • I know he represents a very small part of Hindus in Trinidad…. what I can’t understand is WHY he is allowed to speak for the whole? Why does he have such power? Why isn’t he removed? Don’t tell me it can’t be done… nothing is absolute. I have many friends who are Hindu… some of whom I consider to be my family… I love them…

    • Sat has been around for a long time and growing up the followers of the pundits were how I could say this ? buffed if they questioned or had a problem with what that leader was doing. as you will see Sat is aggressive and I guess the ones that dont take him on would rather just leave it there and just go on with their own lives. But it is wrong to have him there and the right person to oppose Sat wil do that in time to come

  26. If you listened to the power breakfast show this morning you would have heard the Arch bishop say that he was not interested in engaging in any holy war. He had something to say and he said it and is moving on. The only person/thing smouldering is Sat.

  27. Hey, it’s not worth arguing with people who are old as he. We the women and young ladies are taking our lives back. No more child marriage. Done talk. Oh and legalize marijuana and get the young men out of the prisons

  28. Sat Hindi eh marrying they 12 year old again now is not longtime

  29. this man is an embarrassment tot he Hindu community why do they allow him to speak on their behalf?

  30. Nothing he does surprises me. Sat has been like this for years

  31. Automatic spot as a topic for Dimanche Gras 2017 🙂

  32. Batman Vs. Superman though…..

  33. The way Sat moving you wouldn’t think that the Hindu Women’s Association agrees with Archbishop Harris.


    • Most of the younger, educated, progressive Hindus I know do not agree with Sat. Sat also seems to think Hinduism is stuck in his old days and is an “Indian only” thing. It has long transcended that.

      People are taking away the more universal and philosophical deeper truths of Hinduism along with certain proven beneficial practices like yoga and meditation but rejecting some of the more ritualistic and superstitious and racially clannish aspects of it. We now live in a world where a non-Indian is teaching Kundalini yoga and an Indian Hindu is reading Christopher Hitchens and trying to reconcile scientific evidence with his faith.

      In short, Sat’s world has shifted right before his eyes and he does not even realize it. He is OUT OF STEP with the younger generation and with women within his own religion.

  34. Have they raised the age of marriage to match the age of consent yet or is it still only a promise?

  35. Jumbie’s 5 laws:

    “When you think dotishness cannot get worse, someone will come along to prove it can.”

    “Trinbagonians are consistently the best at picking the worst.”

    “Dotishness has no social barrier.”

    “Dotishness has no shame.”

    “Stupidity (dotishness) manifests in infinite ways.”

  36. I would say Trump is America’s Sat. Because Sat game on point and honed to a fine point.

  37. Would you say he was Donald Trump before we knew Donald Trump?

  38. The more Sat talks the more I think his purpose in life is to teach other people the art of ignoring…